If there’s one thing I’ve learned over my life playing fantasy sports, it’s that you need to be patient in the early going.  We’re two weeks into the season with teams playing 10-12 games.  Would you be worried about a fantasy football player if he had a bad week one?  I certainly wouldn’t be so give your team some time.  When it comes to hockey, I suggest waiting at least a month to consider any major moves to your roster.  I feel the same way in baseball, perhaps even more so.  For the most part, variance when it comes to BABIP, park factors, etc. swamps everything in a two week sample.  This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t make any moves; you should always be looking to upgrade the bottom of your roster through the waiver wire and should use the Buy/Sell columns linked below to help.  If you have a team at the bottom of your standings, like I do in an RCL, all we need is a little patience.  Mm, yeah.  Here’s a look at what everyone posted on Razzball over the last week:

Phil B. gave us his OPS Leagues and I wholeheartedly support his love for auctions.  Once you do an auction draft, snake drafts seem miserable (because they are).

Grey and Dan Pants provide us with Daily Notes.  Highlights include some Braves picking it up offensively, Luis Severino‘s big start (I still think he’s a reliever long-term) and Yoenis Cespedes having anotehr three homer game.

The DFS crew wrote a piece every day giving great information for those who dabble into daily leagues.

Lance gives a thorough breakdown on someone he believes was a steal in drafts.  His name rhymes with Bylan Dundy.  That’s right, Dylan Bundy!

[email protected] updated his Top 100 Hitters and brought us a new AGNOF.  We’ve had PAGNOF, SAGNOF, THRAGNOF and AAGNOF, now we have AVAGNOF!

JB’s Top 100 Pitchers have also been updated along with a nice look at Sean Manaea.

Per usual, JB teamed up with Grey on the newest podcast  that gave us the baseball version of FMK.  I think it has some staying power!

MattTruss gave us a recap of the first week in RCL’s.  Man, my team has been a disaster in the RCL I made but at least my team in the writers league is doing well!  If only I could get rid of my 1’s in HR and RBI.  Like I said above, patience is key.

Malamoney’s Points League post starts by looking at Jharel Cotton before looking at other developments in the early going.  All the guys he highlighted as potential targets have stayed hot!

Kerry Klug provided us with an Injury Report.  Does anyone else have a team that’s getting killed by injuries?  I’m out of DL spots in multiple leagues.  Ambulance Chasers also gives you some nice options for players to fill in.

Lord Tehol Beddict wrote about Disgraces and Delights with the highlight being Eric Thames.  He’s the second best E.T. but that’s still high praise!

JB also updated us on the Razzball Elite League.  Look at those Reds!

Elliot wrote about OBP Leagues with the lede being on Steven Souza Jr.  His family created an underrated instrument!  Don’t fact check that…

Ralph Lipshitz’ Minor League Update is a must for anyone who tracks the minor leagues.  Brent Honeywell is suggested as someone to target in dynasty leagues.

Malamoney’s Batting Contest post for Week Three is live.  Click that link!

Laura Holt posted about Deep Leagues and some players you can target that are <15% owned.  I’m looking at you, Willem Dafoe  Wilmer Difo.

Grey’s Buy/Sell column focuses on Mitch Haniger and I fully support Grey on this one.  If he stays at the top of their lineup, we could be looking at something pretty, pretty, pretty good.

The newest Prospect Podcast came out Saturday and yeah, you should check it out.

[email protected]’s Two-Start Pitchers starts with Andrew Triggs and I’m glad he did.  He was completely off my radar but I can get behind him for this week.


The Streamonator has a few surprises near the top but the biggest one to me is John Lackey.  With starts at home against the Brewers and at Cincinnati, Lackey is the #5 pitcher for the week.

Hittertron doesn’t have much in the way of surprises.  No Surprises, great song.  Anyways, Hunter Pence and Eduardo Nunez are in the top 35 despite having only five games this week.  A weekend at Coors will do that.

DFSBot will be updated daily and is absolutely terrific for those playing daily leagues.  The Lineup Optimizer is a personal favorite once you lock in a few players you like to help you with the rest.

That’s all for now guys.  As always, feel free to ask any questions or comments below and I’ll be sure to answer them.  I hope everyone has a great Easter and can take it some of the sports action.  Thanks for reading, take care!



You can also find Viz on the hockey side of things at Razzball.

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