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Last week, I told you about some guys you should be adding to your roster. Now said player is sitting there on waivers and you have , say, the 3rd claim. Or say the 7th or the 1st, doesn’t really matter for this exercise. When do you know the right time to grab a player who’s been dropped by another team? Well, here’s how you know when to use your waiver claim:

When it’s someone you need for your roster.

Stop pussyfooting around and grab the player you want/need. Remember the idiot Cowboy Jon from, like, The Real World 2 who was saving his virginity? That’s who you are if you think saving your waiver claim is a wise move. I don’t care if Jesus, Gandhi or Mitt Rommey told you to save your waiver claim. They’re wrong (in this instance only, of course). Do you want to be Cowboy Jon sitting there in August praying that Evan Longoria is finally called up so you can use your claim? Or how about you’re Cowboy Jon and you finally get to use your waiver claim on Jay Bruce in August and by that time you’re out of the race for first? What farkin’ good is Jay Bruce doing you then? Use your waiver claims fast and furious. While your leaguemates are waiting for someone they deem worthy of a pickup, you’ll be grabbing all kinds of other players that are immediately useful.

“I just dropped Abreu for Kory Casto!” Well, I hope that was Tony Abreu, not Bobby, because I’m not saying you drop useful players for waiver wire fodder. Act like you know, MC Lyte! This ain’t rocket science. Use common sense, and your waiver claim. You’re welcome.

  1. scott says:

    Like everyone else who reads Razzball, I’m waiting for the ever-elusive Johnny Cueto to hit the waiver wire in my league. Assuming that he really does exist, I’d love to snag him off waivers. I have E. Velez, M. Bradley, M. Parra and C. Villanueva on my bench. My starting staff consists of C. Young, J. Vazquez, B. Myers, R. Hill, I. Snell and Z. Greinke. I’m currently benching Thome ag. lefties and using Bradley in the utility spot. I planed on holding Velez as insurance in case I start to fall behind in steals (despite having Kinsler, Sizemore, Rios, Guillen on my squad). The question is, oh Great One, who do I drop if Cueto falls to me at number 4?
    BTW, great MC Lyte reference!

  2. Grey

    Grey says:

    I don’t like Bradley, but I know from your past comments you got a love jones for him, so I understand. Maybe I can’t seem to shake the image of him injuring himself arguing with an umpire. Anyway, I think your pitching runneth over so I don’t really think Cueto is a necessary evil for your team. Unless it’s a keeper league, which I forget for sure, but I don’t think it is. With that said, if you absolutely have to snag Cueto to bolster your enjoyment of Razzball, I’d cut Villanueva or Parra, but that means you’re really just going from one upside youngen to another. In your case, I’d hold pat.

  3. josh says:

    yeah i’m also excited to blow my waiver wire load on cueto…

  4. Grey

    Grey says:

    BTW, yesterday I grabbed Cueto in my NL-only keeper league. Woo-hoo!

  5. scott says:

    You’re right…its not a keeper league and I do like M. Bradley this year. Dude is on a one-year deal, in a hitter’s ballpark and hopefully DH’ing him will keep him healthy. And I much prefer the funkadelic “love jones” reference instead of the waaaaay overused “man crush” tag. Thanks Grey

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