Razzball / LG 55″ 3D TV Contest – Standings

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Contest rules:
1) Only one entry per person. If you enter multiple times, only your first entry will be counted.

2) You must be 18+ and live in the U.S. (includes Alaska and Hawaii) or Canada (excluding Quebec).

3) Anyone who has written for Razzball in 2012 - as well as their immediate family - is not eligible (sorry writers!)

4) See http://www.thehuntfor3dcontent.com/razzball.html for the official rules.

5) Pick the 10 hitters you think will be most valuable for fantasy baseball purposes for the week of June 11th (Mon. June 11th- Sun. June 17th). Order is not important. Players will receive points based on their rank in the Razzball 7-day Player Rater (https://razzball.com/playerrater-last7dayhitters/). Contestants who pick the #1 player will receive 100 points, #2 player 95 points, #3 player 90 points, #4 player 85 points, etc. ending with the #20 player being credited with 5 points and all other players worth zero points. Please make sure the player's name looks exactly as it does in the current Player Rater ((https://razzball.com/playerrater-last7dayhitters/) - typos or alternate spellings may not be credited.

6) Tiebreakers are as follows:
a) Number of correct answers to the tiebreaker questions
b) If there is still a tie, the winner will be determined by earliest submission date

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