Well, that took care of the hitters.  They’re done.  That cake is done.  Unless you count Utility-only players, the Hall of Fame committee doesn’t count them, not sure why you do.  Maybe you like players so unathletic that they can’t even play first.  You deal with your own hang-ups, ‘kay?  Now we look at the top 20 starters for 2012 fantasy baseball.  Bee tee dubya, I’m still calling this year twelve after twenty.  Hope you are too, hate to think I started a fad that only lasted for a minute or two right after midnight on January 1st.  We’re gonna take this top 20 to a top 40 then a top 60 then a top 80.  Sounds daunting to you?!  Try being the one writing all this gobbledygook.  I have a pretty off color joke for that last word, but you would’ve had to be in ‘Nam to appreciate it.  You’re not going to find me drafting many of the top tier 20 starters unless they drop to the point where I feel they’re a bargain.  Say two to three rounds past their average draft position.  There’s just too many starters you can grab in the 5th to 7th rounds that are pretty safe to mess with the top, top guys.  I do like to grab at least one starter from the following post, but we’ll get to that.  As with the hitters, the projections are mine and I’ll list where I see tiers starting and stopping.  Anyway, here’s the top 20 starters for 2012 fantasy baseball:

1. Roy Halladay – This is the top tier.  This tier goes from here until Verlander.  I call this tier, “The top tier.  Didn’t I already say that?”  Halladay’s projections can be found in the top 20 for 2012 fantasy baseball.

2. Clayton Kershaw – I saw some ‘perts rank Verlander above Kershaw.  For shame, shame balls.  I saw another ‘pert rank Verlander above Halladay.  Shame ball me once?  Shame balls on you.  Shame ball me twice?  Shame balls on you.  To think I don’t get paid for this astute analysis.  Inconceivable!  Seriously (uh-oh, you know I’m about to get serious), what is there to say about the top pitchers?  Kershaw just slept with your sister in the back of a hooptie, then left her on the side of the 101 in Reseda.  Are you angry or proud?  Proud, that’s how awesome he is.  2012 Projections:  17-7/2.55/1.05/230

3. Cliff Lee – The Adverb had a tough time with walks last year (for him, which is way below normal for any human pitcher), and that lead to a huge step forward in Ks (7.84 to 9.21 K/9).  Doode, I’ll take a full 2.00 BB/9 if it means another 40 Ks.  You feel me?  If you do, could you stop?  It’s making me uncomfortable.  2012 Projections:  18-8/2.50/1.05/215

4. Justin Verlander – The other day I heard a ex-jock, sportscasting announcer guy say, “Verlander didn’t have a good year…. He had a great year!”  Is there any other profession that could get away with such trite shizz?  Imagine your mechanic told you your muffler wasn’t good… It was great!  You’d think twice the next time a Groupon for Jiffy Lube showed up in your Inbox.  You know ESPN et al think they can get away with ex-jocks/idiotic sportscasters because they think you’re dumb.  With that said, Verlander did have a great year.  DAH!!!  2012 Projections:  18-7/2.75/1.08/240

5. Tim Lincecum – This is a new tier.  This tier goes from here until Greinke.  I call this tier, “The aces that once were.”  I’m seeing Lincecum drafted after a couple of guys I have after him on my rankings, so if he were to fall far enough, I could see maybe getting him.  He would have to fall probably much later than he will.  He had a solid enough 2011 to still be an ace.  Don’t love the falling K-rate, burgeoning walk rate or his highest xFIP since his rookie year.  None of it is terrific, but I also wouldn’t yell fire in the theater of Lincecum.  2012 Projections:  15-10/2.75/1.18/230

6. Felix Hernandez – Ready to have your mind blown?  F-Her actually had a better season in 2011 than his dream Cy Young year when he won a whole 13 games.  Thinking about that, Murray Chass just rolled over in casket, assuming he sleeps in a casket to make things easier for his family when he dies.  F-Her’s K-rate was better in 2011, his xFIP was nearly identical (3.14 vs. 3.15) and he won an extra game.  (His WHIP was a little off, but that was due to some rollers finding holes, as they say on the Skee-Ball World Tour.)  2012 Projections:  15-12/2.80/1.14/220

7. CC Sabathia – I’m trying not to be too stupid this year.  In previous years, I’ve said I’m avoiding CC because he has too many innings on his arm.  Then he’s gone out and thrown another 200 innings.  He can throw a lot of innings.  He’s just a dandy Yankee who eats lots of cheese doodles — stick a feather in his arm and call it macaroni and then he’ll eat that too.  2012 Projections:  20-7/3.10/1.20/210

8. Zack Greinke – Okay, I probably will end up drafting Greinke cause I’m ranking him pretty high.  That doesn’t mean I’m taking him in the 3rd round overall.  (I’ll get to the top 300 overall where I rank everyone together; don’t worry your cute little egg-shaped head about that.)  I can’t say I owned Greinke last year when everyone was crazy about him in the preseason because, well, everyone was crazy about him.  Then he went out and had a 3.83 ERA.  Belch called you up and burped.  Obviously there’s more to his ERA than meets the eye.  He had a 10.54 K/9 and a 2.56 xFIP.  *drool*  Everyone’s writing the Brewers off this year, and there’s some reason to, but Greinke used to do work on the Royals.  He’ll be a’ight.  2012 Projections:  15-8/2.90/1.18/220

9. Cole Hamels – This is a new tier.  This tier goes from here until Lester.  I call this tier, “If I don’t have one starter already, here’s where I’m drafting and I’m fine with that.”  Are we going to get the Hamels that gives a 9+ K-rate or the under-2 walk rate?  Doesn’t matter.  He really hasn’t had one bad year when you look under the hood.  Four straight years of 32+ starts and no xFIP over 3.63.  You’ll take it and like it.  2012 Projections:  15-10/2.95/1.10/200

10. Madison Bumgarner – I already went over my Bumgarner 2012 fantasy.  I wrote it while counting my licks to the center of a Tootsie pop.  2012 Projections:  15-8/2.90/1.18/200

11. Yovani Gallardo – I took some flak for ranking Gallardo so high last year.  Well, last year I ranked him 10th and this year 11th.  Correction done.  I don’t know, guys and three girl readers, he had a 8.99 K/9, dropped his walk rate by more than one per nine and had a xFIP of 3.19.  Was it really that bad of a year?  Rhetorical!  If he gives me the same season as last year, I’m all right with that.  (Side note:  Gallardo was on the Verducci list of risky pitchers.  Here’s what I said about that list.)  2012 Projections:  15-9/3.15/1.20/210

12. David Price – I saw one fantasy baseball ‘pert rank Price 11th and Gallardo 18th.  Let’s see what we know from last year:  Price’s K-rate 8.75; Gallardo’s 8.99, Price’s walk rate 2.53; Gallardo’s 2.56, Price’s xFIP 3.32; Gallardo’s 3.19, Price is in the AL East; Gallardo is in a Pujols-less NL Central (which actually sounds painful), Price won 12 games last year; Gallardo 17.  I’m willing to throw wins out the metaphorical window, but is anything else saying Price is that much better?  None of this is meant to disparage Price, bee tee dubya.  I just don’t see the discrepancy between the two.  You know what happens when you feel sick from French pancakes?  You’re having a discrepancy.  Take it, Highlights.  It’s yours.  2012 Projections:  15-10/3.20/1.18/200

13. Jon Lester – I beat myself up a little (no, that’s not a euphemism for something else) on where to rank Lester. His xFIP last year was 3.62.  I’ve seen better.  His K-rate of 8.55 is great, but he’s done better.  Looking inside his months, it’s hard to see why we should penalize him for two bad months (May and September).  In May, he had one start vs. the Cubs where he gave up 5 earned in six innings, but the Sawx had a huge early lead, so he was pitching to bats.  He was then torched by the Blue Jays for five runs in 5 innings, but three came in the 1st and then he settled down.  Finally, he gave up 7 earned vs. the White Sox (obviously he doesn’t like Chicago pizza).  In that game, he gave three early runs then 4 in the 6th to get chased.  Then his bad month of September came when the entire club crapped on the memory of Johnny Pesky.  Am I making excuses for Lester?  Oh, fo’ sho.  But he strikes out a lot of people.  Hmm, guess I could’ve just said that.  2012 Projections:  16-9/3.25/1.22/200

14. Dan Haren – This is a new tier.  This tier goes from here until C.J. Wilson.  I call this tier, “Wim Wenders’s favorite tier.”  With my Haren ranking here, I’m basically blocking a Triple Word score with a solid, yet unspectacular word.  I don’t think Haren is going to be someone who ends up out-performing this ranking (unless he lucks into, like, 22 wins).  He is terrifically solid.  No more, no less.  It’s not a knock.  It just is.  2012 Projections:  17-10/3.30/1.12/190

15. Jered Weaver – This year in and year out exceeding of his xFIP worries me.  It’s like we’re being told to proceed with caution, but continue to ignore it and it works out.  I don’t want the rug to get pulled out from underneath me, but I also don’t want to say he’s garbage because he has a bit of a track record that says he’s not.  I’m going to put my ERA projection at 3.35, but if we get a 3.60 it wouldn’t shock me.  I also don’t think it would make for that awful of a season either.  2012 Projections:  16-10/3.35/1.12/200

16. C.J. Wilson – When he landed in SoCal, I went over my C.J. Wilson fantasy.  I wrote it while juggling fire.  2012 Projections:  14-8/3.45/1.21/190

17. Gio Gonzalez – This is a new tier.  This tier goes from here until the the top 40 starters for 2012 fantasy baseball.  I call this tier, “Am I crazy with these rankings?  Yeah, crazy like a fox!”  You’ll pardon me if I link to my Gio Gonzalez 2012 fantasy rather than reiterating.  This post is already pushing 2000 words and eyes tend to glaze over after the first 125 words.  2012 Projections:  15-8/3.50/1.28/200

18. Matt Cain – He’s the only name in this tier that isn’t crazy exciting just reliable.  If you think this is too high and that I’m crummy with crackers, his ERAs the last three years were:  2.89, 3.14 and 2.88.  Like Harrison Ford’s Jewish roots, those aren’t too shabby.  Need more convincing?  He had more quality starts than Halladay last year.  Sure, his xFIPs aren’t great, but he beats those every year, let’s just accept that.  2012 Projections:  14-10/3.10/1.10/180

19. Mat Latos – Albert went over Latos’s trade to the Reds when it went down.  There he said, “When you think Padres pitching, you assume they get huge bumps from Petco – not exactly the case for Latos. While he has a slightly better K:BB rate at home during the course of his career, his slash lines are virtually identical: .229/.287/.348 at home versus .224/.286/.351 on the road.  Bingo-bango!”  I added the bingo-bango.  To add to that, Latos was facing the Giants and Dodgers a heck of a lot.  They’re, how do I say, terrible.  Yes, that’s how I say it.  Home or away.  He’ll be a bit less the pitcher he was, but he’ll also have an actual offense and could be a sleeper to get 20 wins.  I know, I know, I don’t count on wins either.  Just putting it out there in the ether, no relation to Andre.  2012 Projections:  16-10/3.50/1.20/200

20. Stephen Strasburg – His fan club, The House of Strasburg, better launder their early-1900s, Austrian officer uniforms because we’re about to have our ordainment of St. Rasburg.  I want to watch him more than I want to get in a bidding war to own him.  If you catch my drift… If you don’t catch my drift, stand behind me.  I’d be shocked if he pitches one inning over 160.  For our friends from Latin America, we have a caveat:  I wouldn’t go near Strasburg in H2H leagues, there’s no way he pitches in September.  2012 Projections:  12-5/2.90/1.10/165 in 160 innings

  1. K says:

    What are your thoughts on Daniel Hudson this year? If you had to rank him, what number would he be?

  2. Al Swedgin says:

    Yu Yu Yu Yu Yu

  3. Curt says:

    Ian Kennedy???

  4. Tony says:


    i like it, i can see getting a quality #1 still in the 5th or 6th round.

  5. Marqo says:

    No Kennedy? You cannot be serious…. C’Mon!

  6. Howard says:

    @RIV I would be interested in getting in. How do I contact you?

  7. sandles says:

    I don’t know how to use the PM system. I would like to take over team one if that is still an open team.
    My email is [email protected]
    If you just want to email me the link. So I can look over the whole rules page.

  8. kdringg says:

    A Wenders reference? Serious? You just made all the arthouse film kids pee themselves. I saw Wim at a screening once (Don’t Come Knocking) and at the Q&A this creepy old broad held up a stack of papers that she said had all over her angels stories. Wim did his best to reiterate the fact that he has had PLENTY of angels stories. She chased him down after the event to make sure he has HER stories.

    I want to know WHERE else can a fantasybaseballer get this blend of infotainment? Kudos for giving big Clay the love over CLee as I was just told by my buddy “Lee is number 1 across the board in all formats” Ha!

  9. RandomItalicizedVoice says:

    If you are interested, leave your email. I will send you the forum message board link and you can decide from there. League is mostly recruited from Rotoworld, so it would be great to have some razzballers in there.

  10. pubscout says:

    Great stuff Grey. Looks to me that the value pick here might be Gio – his ADP on mock draft central is 107, and he finds himself behind a list of 9 non-top 20 pitchers including injury risks, guys with limited track records and one closer.

    On a completely different note – how much concern should their be at this point regarding the Bourjos hip injury? Sounds like he’s been playing through it for awhile, but hips seem important to generating power and ah…running.

  11. Hawk says:


    How long would you wait to draft your first pitcher in a 15 team league?

  12. The Talented Mr. Dope Man says:

    Great list, but i don’t see any of these players on my teams… to much $$ for my blood. Looking forward to the 40-60 range… sounds more like me.

  13. Lance Berkman says:

    If I pitched Grey would discount me….and I’d win a Cy Yound award.

  14. Larryjoebird says:

    Kennedy, Kennedy, Kennedy….swiiiiing batter. The Ferris SB commercial has me nostalgic. Hoping Ian Kennedy is #21.

  15. brian says:

    I hope James Shields is in the next group, even if he had his best season last year

  16. Like the depth at SP this year. Lots of high quality arms available in rounds 7-12.
    I can’t tell whom I like more this year: Stasburg, Moore or Kennedy. I see where you stand. Although I’m thinking Moore and Kennedy are ranked in the low 20s.

    I’m all over Jordan Zimmerman this year. I have him as a top 30 SP with upside. Quick thoughts?

  17. Hawk says:


    You asked: The other day I heard a ex-jock, sportscasting announcer guy say, “Verlander didn’t have a good year…. He had a great year!” Is there any other profession that could get away with such trite shizz?

    The answer is yes. A politician.

  18. Terrence Mann says:

    I’m guessing Kennedy was an accidental daiquiri induced omission.

    As far as Latos goes, he may have lost SF and LA but he gained the Stros, Bucs, and Cubs. That’s gotta be a wash, right?

  19. Grey

    Grey says:

    @K: I don’t understand your question.

    @Tony: Yup

    @kdringg: Wow, that’s awesome. And very creepy.

    @pubscout: I wasn’t thrilled when I read that news, hoping it goes away in spring like he said it has before though not last year. It will be something to watch.

    @Hawk: It’s in the post.

    @Larryjoebird: He’s not.

    @Dr. Stats: About what?

    @Hawk: Well done!

    @Terrence Mann: Wasn’t accidental.

  20. byrone says:

    mornin grey. i had tommy hanson as a top 20 starter this year. tell me why i’m stupid and wrong.

  21. pipa says:

    <<<<1/3 girl readers!!!!! YEAH!

  22. A2K says:


    I like the Kennedy omission from the top 20, guy is good, but I’d like to see him maintain those BB/9 and HR/9 for another year.

    Crazy like Erwin Rommel.

    “…and eyes tend to glaze over after the first 125 words”

    Northern California’s 125 words are some fine pieces of ace; I know from experience.

  23. Grey

    Grey says:

    @byrone: I will tomorrow.

    @pipa: Hehe

    @A2K: Actually surprised to hear people so high on Kennedy. I just did a mock draft with other sites and he fell way down. I figured I was in the majority.

  24. Tom says:

    grey you are killing me. I have 11 guys of my 20 that are potential keepers and I cant figure it out. Now you come out with your sp rankings and 3 of my guys are on there…ugh.

    Napoli $7
    Votto $39
    Lawrie $6
    Jennings $6
    Stanton $16
    J. Upton $5
    Morse $5
    Bumgarner $14
    Latos $13
    Kimbrel $7
    Gallardo $26

    I can only keep 5 and it is a $270 cap auction league. I was thinking that I would keep Votto even at $39 but I think it would be more prudent to throw him back and take my chances. I would love to keep Upton at $30 but I think that is around what he would go far as well. Same with Gallardo. Im definitely keeping Stanton at $16.

    So that leaves Napster, Jennings, Lawrie, Morse, Latos, Kimbrel and Bumgarner. I was leaning towards Napster since he is so cheap and our league has TB+BB as our 6th category (holds is the other on the pitching side). Then Jennings and Lawrie and Kimbrel. But maybe I should keep Latos and Bumgarner instead of 2 of those guys? I have too many choices. What do you think?

  25. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Tom: Stanton, Jennings, Morse, Kimbrel, Bumgarner…

  26. royce! says:

    Based on MDC’s most recent ADP trend report, Brad Peacock has risen more in ADP than any other player. Grey the Mustachoied, Kingmaker!

  27. SwaggerJackers says:

    Based on these rankings, all the Razzies out there will end up owning Bum as their ace and Gio as their number two. I’m okay with Bum but not Gio and his lousy WHIP. Last year we all owned Liriano because of you Grey…my trust takes time to earn back.

  28. Big Magoo

    Big Magoo says:

    @Grey: Good stuff. I definitely understand the Kennedy omission, but Strasburg is a little low for roto leagues (I agree to stay away in H2H). 160 IP from him + 5-6 Sept. starts from a replacement starter = top 10-12 #s. Also, why do Weaver’s xFIPs worry you but not Cain’s?

  29. Grey

    Grey says:

    @royce!: Making my presence known!

    @SwaggerJackers: Ha…Understood…

    @Big Magoo: League and park help Cain. Also, Weaver can give up 4 runs a game and the Angels can still win.

  30. Oregon Nut Cups

    Oregon Nut Cups says:

    I like your Greinke call. Alex Gonzalez is going to be a nice addition defensively for the Brewers and its not like they’re losing offense by replacing Yuni with him. Defense is the hidden gem to a great pitching season. Well, that and the NL central has gone to crizzap.

  31. Big Magoo

    Big Magoo says:

    @Grey: Agreed on your league/park points on Cain vs. Weaver to some degree. The only tough division foe Weaver has to face is Texas (Seattle and Oakland are as good as it gets) and LA is more of a pitcher’s than a hitter’s park. While Pujols helps, it’s not like the Angels are an offensive juggernaut now, so I don’t think he’ll be serving up meatballs. Basically, I’d put Weaver at #8, bump 8-10 down a spot, and put Strasburg at 12. I’m curious to see where you slot Darvish, Moore, Beachy, and Luebke, as those are the guys I see as good value in mocks.

  32. RandomItalicizedVoice says:

    I love Latos this year. I think the improved run support as well as having arguably the best bullpen in baseball behind him will get him to the next level. He’s gonna be my ace on many of my teams this year.

  33. RandomItalicizedVoice says:

    Best part about it is most people are gonna get hung up on the change in park factor and he’s gonna be a nice value.

  34. MH says:

    I wonder if there’s a correlation between all the Kennedy lovers and all the Alex Gordon lovers from the Top 20 OF post…..

    I’m not trying to say these guys didn’t increase their stock dramatically, but to call either one top 20 at their position is ignoring this little statistical concept called regression. Could either of them be Top 20? Of course. Is it the most likely outcome? No sir.

    I’ll be much more inclined to have Daniel Hudson on my rosters this year than Kennedy, not to say I think Hudson is better, but I think they’re about the same and Hudson will cost quite a bit less.

    I also think CJ Wilson is being a bit overrated here, though I can see the arguments for him. I’m just worried about his thoroughly mediocre plate discipline numbers. His F-Strike%, SwStrike%, and O-Swing% are all a touch below average, his Contact% and Zone% just a touch above average. Its tough to explain how he made the gains he made last year in his walk and strikeout rates. I do think he’ll be solid, but I’m not sure I see a huge difference between he and, say, Shaun Marcum (who like Greinke will benefit in ERA from the Brewers improved defense but may lose a few projected wins), and I actually think there’s a decent chance the two are basically flipped in next years rankings. Marcum has a much better history of good command and his SwStrike% and F-Strike% are both quite a bit better. Wilson will get a few more ground balls, Marcum will issue fewer walks, and I think when both of their strikeout rates regress towards each other Wilson will end up with an extra win or two while Marcum will have the better WHIP and their ERAs will be about the same.

  35. Grey

    Grey says:

    @RandomItalicizedVoice: Totally agree.

    @MH: Yeah, think regression is getting lost somewhere. You might be right on Wilson. I had him lower at one point and Hudson at 20. Last minute flip-flopping changed things, but I’m happy with what I landed on. I also like Marcum. Wilson was in a terrible park last year so that had me being more generous with him.

    ****THERE’S A NEW POST***

  36. Marqo says:

    Kennedy’s minor league numbers are way too impressive to think of him as a fluke.

    How does this line sound to you?

    Yes, freakin awesome! Kennedy’s stats from last season.
    He’s been a Top-5 Fantasy Starting-Pitcher last year and this year he doesn’t crack the Top-20?
    How old is he? 40? No, wait a minute. 27!!! Upside!?

    Doesn’t make sense to me at all, exspecially when looking at his minor league numbers, which are awesome too.

  37. Raj says:

    Wainwright > Strasburg, you heard it here first.

  38. bill says:

    Who’s better has the better year this year Garza or Zimmermann

  39. Doog says:

    In a dynasty points league, what should I have to give up with Pineda to get Bumgarner?

    Also, is Pineda, Napoli, and Kimbrel too much for Lincecum in a dynasty?

  40. David Bowies Cousin says:

    I just dont know where you come up with all these puns, double entendre`s etc. but they are pretty got dang amusing. Still think that the Bum is getting a little overrated (ie should be in the 21-40 kinda ranking). Couldnt someone with a little more injury risk, although greater proven history ala JJohnson or Tommy H be worth the top 20É(that last character is suppose to be a question mark, but my laptop is dying…)

  41. Grey

    Grey says:

    @bill: You’ll find out tomorrow.

    @Doog: I don’t know what you have to give up. That’s a bit much for Lincecum.

    @David Bowies Cousin: Thanks for the kind words! I think you answered your own question. Hanson and Johnson are injury risks.

  42. David Bowies Cousin says:

    Ah yes the injury risk…oh the injury risk….ye the injury risk. Is the injury risk rated the same for every player every timeÉ (again question mark) if X player is only a non injury season away from a highly likley top 15 performance (based again on recent past results and youth) than shouldnt they be worth a higher rankingcapital french e accent et gueÉ

    Not arguing for arguing`s sake, just looking for a little justification.

  43. Grey

    Grey says:

    @David Bowies Cousin: Certain players are higher injury risk. Josh Johnson is always injured and Hanson has had shoulder issues recently.

  44. David Bowies Cousin says:

    OK sir, we agree to disagree. Seriously thanks for the answers. Great column.

  45. Tom says:

    @Grey Thanks. I like Lawrie a lot so I may flip Morse and Napoli for a different keeper or something. Too bad we cant keep more than 5!

  46. Gary says:

    Franchise Keeper question.. Our league is a 9×9 H2H and if you Draft a player for 2 years hes franchise eligible. We get to keep a player a round later than the 4 letter “mothership’s” average ranking from Tristan Cockring. As of today I can keep Reyes (24th) in Round 3 or FHer(21st) in Round 3. Which one do keep.?
    By the way I love this site as much as Kobayashi loves Nathan’s Famous! Its the holy grail!


  47. David Bowies Cousin says:

    Dont understand the rankings. Do you run this through a mathematical model? If so it appears you favour (I’m from Canada eh? so I add the u) the K’s over, well almost everything.

    ie Lester over Haren

  48. RRoberts says:

    The only pick that really bothered me on a personal level is Gallardo, sometimes you just have to give up on a guy, and with Fielder gone it can only hurt. I probably wouldnt rank Grienke or Bumgarner that high but Gallardo really is confusing !!!

  49. DK says:

    Franchise question – In a SP heavy-scoring H2H league, who do you keep for their career (round I would lose): Strasburg (18th), Bumgarner (22nd), or Stanton (23rd)? Thanks

    • Grey

      Grey says:

      @DK, Stanton — Take follow up questions to my newest post.

  50. Aaron says:

    I’ve really come to love your rankings and insight. In a keeper league of 5-10 players (rotisserie, $280, 10-owners), I have the following pitchers tentatively being kept:

    D.Haren, $5
    J.Zimmerman, $11
    G.Gonzalez, $10
    U.Jimenez, $5

    On offense:
    C.Santana, $5
    E.Hosmer, $5
    S.Castro, $10
    M.Stanton, $5
    J.Heyward, $5

    Needless to say, I like building around young talent. We also have a 3-player farm, and mine includes B.Harper, J.Montero, and J.Profar. Thanks for your hard work. I’ll continue to regularly utilize your site.

  51. LJ says:

    Guy in my league keeps trying to get Bonifacio from me. This is the latest offer – I give:


    and I get:

    CC Sabathia

    Terrible deal for me, right? Would it be reasonable if we took out Pedroia/Kendrick?

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