Finally, we come to the end of the 2013 fantasy baseball rankings. (Can we start games already?) A little birdie told me we’re opening up our commenter fantasy leagues on Monday. Then the little birdie pooped on my shoulder and I thought it was blue cheese and I put it on a cracker and– Wait, where was I? Okay, you know that I like Brett Gardner more than Carlos Gomez in the top 60 outfielders for 2013 fantasy baseball. You know I like Alcides Escobar less than Erick Aybar as seen at the top 20 shortstops for 2012 fantasy baseball, but you don’t know how I feel about where these guys fall in the bigger picture. Is Aybar above Gardner? So to show you where I think players fall in relation to each other in 2013 fantasy baseball drafts, I’m putting together a top 400 for 2013 fantasy baseball. This still needs to be taken with a grain of salt. If you have a shortstop already and Aybar is still on the board in the 17th round, you don’t draft him if you see Carlos Gomez and you need an outfielder, even though Gomez is below Aybar on this list. So I might take someone at 200 over someone at 180? Yes, every draft is different. With the top 10, there’s almost no latitude. With the top 100, there’s a decent amount of latitude. With a top 400, there’s lots of latitude. You taking someone at 185 is more or less the same as someone else taking someone at 235. So if you see someone who’s ranked at 250th, but want them at 200, then do what you do. Because of the length of the top 400, there’s no pithy comments with each name, but you kinda do need to know what I’m thinking for each name, so I advise you go over each position in the 2013 fantasy baseball rankings. The top 100 and top 400 is what I would have at my drafts, along with the Point Shares and the top 20 rankings posts. Along with the Fantasy Baseball War Room if I was drafting online (which is hopefully ready on Tuesday). This top 400 for 2013 fantasy baseball will live under that link that also has the 2013 Steamer projections. Finally, see our list of all players with multiple position eligibility. Anyway, here’s the top 400 for 2013 fantasy baseball:

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