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Aroldis Chapman is being shut down ‘for a couple of days’ with shoulder fatigue.  Dusty actually admitted  “We’re lucky we got to this point” which made every Cub fan both nod and shake their heads.  To be fair to Dusty, his usage of Chapman seems reasonable.  64G/67 IP this year after 54 G/50 IP last year does not seem abusive.  Perhaps hurling a ball 100 MPH isn’t good for your arm.  In Chapman’s stead, Jonathon Broxton picked up the save.  Broxton should feel comfortable pitching for Dusty as he had the ultimate ‘pen melter in Joe Torre as a coach for 5 years (his 2007 usage – 83 G / 82 IP – makes my arm hurt).  Broxton is a must-own as I think it’s likely that Chapman is shut down for the season or pitches only a couple of times to keep him fresh for the playoffs.  In other news…

JJ Hardy – 4-for-5 with the hungry man’s cycle (single, double, 2 HR), 3 R, and 5 RBI.  Did 2011 Hardy time travel forward for this game?  Only he can solve that mystery I suppose.  Hardy’s counting numbers aren’t bad this year (21 HRs, 74 R, 64 RBI) but that .238 AVG is caused by some awful cold stretches – 3 separate months (April, June, July) where he hit less than .200.  Definitely worth riding the rest of the year in case he gets hot like in May (7 HR, .300+ AVG).

Ian Kennedy – 7 1/3 shutout innings @LAD to outduel Kershaw.  The Dodgers then traded for him, also accepting the mortgage on Chase Field and full cost subsidization of the next ten annual ‘Diamond Racks’ days where the first 1,000 women at the stadium get free boob jobs.

Jon Lester – Continued his recent success by going 5 1/3 IP against the Yankees and giving up only 5 hits and….7 walks?!  Ouch.  He walked 7 different batters.  I haven’t seen someone spread wildness so successfully since Tara Reid’s show on E!  The Red Sox catcher might’ve fared better if he used chicken fingers when calling pitches.

Dustin Pedroia – Sparky Anklebiter continues his torrid 2nd half with a 3-for-4, HR, 2 RBI game against the Yanks.  The hobbit doctors must’ve fixed him up pretty well because he’s hitting .330 with 9 HRs since the All-Star Game (.266 with 6 HRs pre-ASB).  Or maybe Valentine wrapped his injured thumb in some flatbread and it magically healed.

Jake Peavy – 5 2/3 decent innings against DET (3 ER, 8 baserunners, 9 K) but lost his chance at a win thanks to a 3-run 5th inning and a massive pitch count (117 in 5 2/3).  Just missed a chance at tying Jordan Zimmerman at 11 in the unofficial “My offense hates me stat” – Quality starts minus Wins.  Or as Jake calls them “Peave Me’s”.

Lorenzo Cain – 3-for-5 with the Jason Kendall cycle (single, double, triple, HBP).  He’s got enough oil to make it through the rest of September but I’m not drafting him in any league until he sheds his twin DisAbel.

Eric Hosmer – 3-for-5 with his 14th HR of the season.  Now hitting .240 while fellow Royal phenom Mike Moustakas is now down to .250 with 19 HRs.  That said, Erimik Hosmastakas is on pace to shatter the season AVG record at .490 with a solid 33 HRs to boot.

Marco Estrada – Ponch gets his 3rd win of the year with 6 2/3 scoreless innings and 6 Ks.  He hasn’t managed a start with more than 7 innings but his K:BB is nearly 4:1 in his past 10 starts.  Unless he has a horrible matchup, he’s a must-start the rest of the year.

Will Smith – He just sat back and unwound on the Twins with 7 scoreless innings and 7 Ks.  If only his parents understood him.

Brandon Moss – Another HR (#18).  He only has 201 AB on the year.  He also has 71 Ks.  Inside his jock strap are the words “Two Outcomes, One Cup”.

Dan Straily – Won @LAA, going 6.2 IP with 3 ER, 8 baserunners, and 8 Ks.  More impressively, he held Mike Trout to only 3 singles in 4 AB.  I’d hold on to him in all leagues and only drop him if he’s got two awful matchups in a row.

Jerry Blevins – The Bleaver got the save for the A’s after bailing out Balfour who gave up two walks and two singles without recording an out in the 9th inning of a 6-3 game.  Ward, June, and Brian Fuentes are so proud.

Austin Jackson – 2-for-3 with a 2-run HR.  He has a .300+ AVG and a .370+ BABIP.  Unlike with Kid, good things happen when Austin puts his balls in play.

Erasmo Ramirez – The Mariner rookie picked up his first career win at Toronto (7 IP, 7 baserunners, 2 K, 6 K), making his first start since June.  Maybe after this start, the Stream-o-nator will like him more.  It’s typically bearish on any pitcher whose name pronounced backwards is “I’m sorry”.  Maybe he’s Ramon Garciaparra’s lovechild?

Adam Wainwright – He was pitching loud ‘n clear after the ASB but the roof is leaking ever since he got impeached @WAS.  He spoiled a Petco start with a 6 IP, 9 baserunners, 5 R (only 2 ER), 6 K outing – with 3 unearned runs scoring thanks to an error by some hockey player named Pete Kozma masquerading as the Cardinal shortstop.  That’s what happens when you try to cross-check the baserunner instead of playing the ball.

Rajai Davis – 1-for-4 with his 42nd SB.  Despite the gaudy SB total, the Player Rater has him worth about $6 this year.  Juan “$0” Pierre is just glad someone will be around to pass the SAGNOF torch.

Roy Halladay – Got a no-decision win with a mediocre start (6 1/3 IP, 5 ER, 6 K, 10 baserunners).  His ERA is now at 4.01 over 143 IP.  Kyle Kendrick has pitched almost the same amount of innings with a 3.83 ERA.  That’s the craziest Philly throwing anomaly since Michael Vick’s 2010 season.  Not sure if it’s injury, age, or both but I tie Halladay’s mediocre 2012 to diminished fastball/cutter velocity.  He’s lost 2 MPH on both pitches this year and it’s taken his cutter from a consistently excellent pitch to a near average one.  Unless you get inside scoop from Dr. Freeze, take Halladay out of bounceback ace consideration in 2013.

Sergio Romo – 2/3 IP, 2 ER as he lost his opportunity at a @COL save to Javier Lopez by giving up a 2-run HR to Colvin.  Figures that a Romo looked good through most of the regular season and starts to stumble during the important end-of-season games.  (back-to-back NFC East QB retorts….gotta enjoy them while I can still bask in the Giants’ Super Bowl afterglow).

Luke Gregorson – Went 1 2/3 IP for his 6th save and taking his ERA down to 2.32.  I think there’s a reliever muse in San Diego that had a long-term relationship with Trevor Hoffman and, ever since, is afraid to commit.  Heath Bell felt her wrath this year.  Frieri escaped while he still could.  Huston Street tried to escape and got beat down.  Just don’t know yet what she has in store for Luke..

Jimmy Rollins – 2 for 3 with a slam (18th) and legs (26th), 3 runs, and 3 RBI.  It still shocks me that he’s been a .250 hitter for the past 4 years.  He still has speed and hits a decent share of ground balls/line drives but consistently has a subpar BABIP (.260). It’s like there’s a J-Roll shift that’s as effective as the Teixeira shift.  Guess every defense knows how Jimmy roll.

Giancarlo Stanton – Another day, another HR.   He’s now matched last year’s total (34) in 100 less AB.  You can’t stop Giancarlo, you can only sandwich him with ham, pork, Swiss, pickles and mustard and hope the locals devour him before he devours your pitcher.

  1. Chunk says:

    I just pulled a muscle trying to nod and shake my head at the same time.

    • @Chunk, It’s easier for Chicagoans as their neck muscles have been strengthened from eating extremely heavy sandwiches and pizza slices.

  2. Czernobog says:

    Halladay actually got the win with his crappy start.

    • @Czernobog, Duly noted and corrected.

  3. nightpandas says:

    Orgazmo Ramirez worth a look ROS? over Fiers

    • @nightpandas, No. Thought there were rumors the Brewers were going to shut Fiers down but can’t find official word. Looks like Erasmo is set to face the Rangers in his next two starts.

  4. HKevo says:

    Sup Rudy!
    I’m in the midst of the 1st round of playoffs in my Yahoo 12 team 8×8 h2h league, 25 inning minimum/ week
    I have multiple starters going today but none seem overly attractive, can you help me out?

    Gallardo vs ATL
    Maholm vs MIL
    Burnett vs CIN

    I only have 2 innings logged so far and it’s only midweek, but I’d like a quality start if possible before the weekend

    thanks and god bless Razzball

    • @HKevo, Ugh @CIN and @MIL are tough matchups. I like Gallardo best. Not sure how many of the 8 pitching stats are rate stats (e.g., ERA) vs. counting stats (like K’s). I wouldn’t expect anything better than 6 IP, 3 ER, 9 baserunners, 5K from Maholm or Burnett…

      • HKevo says:

        @Rudy Gamble,

        The 8 pitching stats in my league are: W/L/SV/HLD/K/BB/ERA/WHIP

        Yeah I feel you, I’ll definitely go with Gallardo, and maybe Maholm since my opponent already has 21 innings of mediocre pitching stats in the books thanks to Moore, Lester and Balfour’s performances this week.

        Thanks for your help Rudy!

  5. Scott Luke says:

    Re: J-roll’s stale babip: he’s one of the most pop-up prone guys out there. If speedy guys post a crappy babip they usually pop up a lot (~10% IFFB%) Rollins is also hitting more FB than GB for the first time this year and has been declining in GB% for a while.

    • @Scott Luke, IFFB is definitely the case this year (he’s 2nd in MLB with an 18.3% IFFB only bested by Desmond Jennings) but his IFFB rate was about 10% in 2010-2011. Only thing I can say for sure is if this has been his BABIP for 4 years, there’s no reason to think it won’t continue.

  6. dsg says:

    Do you see Giancarlo Stanton as a first rounder next season?

  7. Shaugn says:

    Hey Rudy,

    Drop Kenley to pick up Broxton?
    Broxton over Perez the rest of the way?

    • @Shaugn, Perez>Broxton>Kenley

  8. Wake Up says:

    I extrapolated the name backwards formula to include Rajai and noticed that it is “I ajar.” Alluding to the space between he and first base, I assume. Telegraphing his 42 SBs I guess, !FONGAS…

      • Wake Up says:

        @Rudy Gamble, plurisignification, indeed…

  9. Buddo Chezuski says:

    I have a bye this week in the playoffs but for next week I’m thinking of making a move and dropping Frazier for a different OF. Would you lose him for : Carlos Gomez, Aoki, Tyler Colvin?

    • @Buddo Chezuski, I don’t particularly like either of those OFs b/c their teams are on the road next week.

  10. Wilsonian says:

    Playoffs start next week (shallow league – 8 Team H2H). I should be in. Wondering if I need to make any adjustments to this squad:

    C – McCann
    1B – Fielder
    2B – Phillips
    3B – Longo
    SS – Hardy
    OF – Hamilton
    OF – Bruce
    OF – JUp
    UTIL – Uggla
    UTIL – Reynolds
    BN – Rios
    BN – Cruz
    DL – Tulo

    SP – Doc
    SP – Bum
    SP – Medlen
    RP – Hanrahan
    RP – Soriano
    P – Reed
    P – Perkins
    P – Bastard-o
    BN – Moore
    BN – Anderson
    BN – Chapman

    Stats are: H, R, HR, RBI, SB, AVG, OB+Slug, W, L, SV, Ks, ERA, WHIP, Ks/9

    Available guys are: Rollins, Hunter, Werth, Rajai, Aoki, Crisp, Soriano, Robot, Pagan, Goldy, Colvin

    My pitching I’m ok with, I stream a lot anyway depending on matchups, so I’ll probably sit tight there unless you see something that needs to go. What do you think about the offense? Switch any of those guys out for any of the available bats?

    • @Wilsonian, I’d take a look at team schedules and take guys at Home or an attractive visitors’ park when in doubt. I would think Rios or Cruz would be an upgrade over Uggla.

  11. Chillmodious says:

    Morning, Rooo-deee…nice rundown. Would love your help with a 2-day lineup decision. I’m in my semifinal H2H matchup (concludes Sunday) and Rizzo just went down until (likely) Friday. I need all the offense I can get, but particularly steals & homers (need is equal). So, I’m going to drop Estrada (if I lose this week, season’s done….if I win, I can always scoop him back up to use on Tuesday) for a 2-day batty call (sounds kinky).

    My best FA options are EverCab, Josh Donaldson, LoCain, and Adam Eaton. I was going to go LoCain, who’s been hot, until he got plunked on the head last night. He stayed in the game and said he was ok after, but Yost could very well rest him today. So, now I’m thinking about going all in on steals with EverCab. What would you do, kind sir?

    [PS: The SON is rocking my world this week…I ignored its advice to sit Minor the other day (which worked in my benefit), but took the cheese on streaming Kendrick, Stults, and Estrada. Great ratios and Ks, with 3 wins to boot. I’m worried about the 4 guys I have going on Friday (Anibal, Detwiler, Medlen, Cashner all have good SON rankings, so something probably has to give), but at this point I think I’m throwing all of them. Thanks for devising such a useful tool.]

    • Chillmodious says:

      @Chillmodious, Oh, I suppose DeWayne Wise would also be an option. Not sure he’s better than EverCab/LoCain though.

    • Grey

      Grey says:

      @Chillmodious, I’d go with EverCab

  12. Jon says:

    Rudy, I’m surprised SON doesn’t have more love for Kendrick in Houston later this week?

    Do you agree with SON that Fiers is a great start v NYM? Might consider swapping them on my roster…

    • @Jon, Kendrick scores about average as he’s a below average pitcher (according to FIP) facing a weak hitting team in an okay scoring environment. I like Fiers better at home against the Mets.

  13. Marti says:

    Never too early to look to next year, btw winning my league so thanks guys. In a dynasty league can keep 6 players, who would you keep next year

    1 VMart round 31
    2 T Frazier 31
    3. Billy Hamilton 31
    4. Greg Holland 31
    5. Samardzija 30
    6. Vogelsong 29
    7. Joey Bats 27
    8. J Montero 25
    9. A Craig 23
    10. Rios 16
    11. Andrus 11
    12. Bumgarmer 10
    13. J Upton 5

    Its a 12 team league and you can keep a player as long as you like but he goes up by 2 rounds each year.

    • Grey

      Grey says:

      @Marti, Bats, Bum, Upton, Rios, Andrus, Jesus Montero…

      • Marti says:

        @Grey, you wouldn’t keep hamilton in a dynasty league? you like justin upton in round 5 over allen craig in round 23 and you’ve been saying you don’t trust rios for next year?

        • Grey

          Grey says:

          Ask me the whole question on my newest podcast post with the original question included… Sorry, just on my phone and hard to see the entire question…

    • royce! says:

      @royce!, Sorry, IF, not UTIL, though I suppose it doesn’t matter.

      • Grey

        Grey says:

        @royce!, Belch… Pennington…

  14. thegreater says:

    Can only keep three in 12 team 6×6 (with holds and OPS). EAch player kept is assigned draft round 3 slots ahead of where drafted previously.

    Player and round assigned in next draft listed. Can only keep one player per round assigned, so cannot keep both Votto and Stanton:

    Votto (1)
    Stanton (1)
    Reyes (1)
    Howard (13)
    Freeman (7)
    Bumgarner (3)
    Darvish (11)

    Leaning toward Darvish and Howard, with Stanton as #1 since I *should* have 1B covered already. Thoughts?

    • Grey

      Grey says:

      @thegreater, Those three make sense…

  15. Fister Furbush says:

    Do you start Romo over Matt Moore in shallow league playoffs next week? Romo has 7 games at home while Moore has one start at home against the Blue Jays.

    • Grey

      Grey says:

      @Fister Furbush, Sure, could see that…

  16. Grey

    Grey says:


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