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Sergio Santos was traded to the Blue Jays for Nestor Molina, no relation to Alfred.  Santos will take over the Blue Jays closing job with Frank Francisco being waved away like a stale fart — Stank Fartcisco, if you will.  Santos was made for this job.  He’s a cyborg.  A cyborg of Ks who was sent here from the future to save games and to dance to the club remix of O Canada.  Only wish he wasn’t traded so less people would be aware of him and he’d come as a bargain in 2012 fantasy drafts.  Alas, he’s still gonna be worth a high (for a closer) draft pick.  Last year he had 92 Ks in 63 1/3 IP.  Who are you, Carlos Marmol?  I love you, Santos, now have my babies and then name them something with a K.  Like Klancy or Kasey or Keith.  Anyway, here’s some more moves for 2012 fantasy baseball:

Heath Bell – Signed with the Miami Marlins to replace Juan Carlos Oviedo, who wants to know why the Florida Marlins can change their name but he can’t.  Heath Bell will be a capable closer that I may or may not have on my fantasy teams, depending on where he’s drafted.  I think he’ll probably be too rich for my blood.  If I get a transfusion, I’ll revisit him.

Luke Gregerson – As of right now he’s going to be the Padres closer.  His K-rate was about as ugly as it gets for relievers.  Easily the worst K-rate for a successful reliever. (No data was shifted through to verify this, but he had a 5.50 K-rate; that’s egregious.  Or Egregerson, if you will.)  Does any of this matter if Gregerson’s on the board late and he’s still the closer in March (the Padres might get someone else or change their minds; it’s their prerogative)?  Nah, I’d draft Gregerson on every team of mine if he’s the closer.

Jon Rauch – Is anyone changing teams besides relievers?  C’mon, Pujols and Fielder, sign already!  For now, we have Rauch to talk about.  Yay.  He signed with the Mets to set-up in the 8th inning and reach things off of high shelves.

Frank Francisco – Hey, it’s Stank Fartcisco!  Long time no hear from.  The Mets brass, “Francisco and Rauch were so good in Toronto last year, let’s get them to close out our wins!”  Janitor overhearing them, “They weren’t good.”  Mets brass, “Hey, Janitor, you wanna manage the team?”  Janitor, “I am.  I’m Terry Collins.”  Mets brass, “Who?”  I’d be more than willing to draft Francisco since he’ll be getting saves, but it won’t be pretty.  I guarantee at least five times during 2012 you’ll hear me say, “Rauch is now the closer.”  Then a week later I’ll say, “Francisco’s the closer.”  Then a week after that I’ll say, “Hey, whatever happened to Bobby Parnell?”

Angel Pagan – Was traded to the Giants for Andres Torres (and Ramon Ramirez).  This trade happens in your fantasy league when two owners grow bored and trade apples for apples.  Neither of these apples are delicious.

Joe Saunders – Stays with the Diamondbacks.  NL West hitters rejoice.

Aaron Harang – The Harangutan brings his ugly mug to the Dodgers.  These are the times when I’m glad I don’t have to do Alyssa Milano’s job of sleeping with every Dodgers player.

Nate McLouth – Goes back to Pittsburgh.  Pirates obviously want to put together a McOutfield.  First one between Tabata and Presley to add Mc gets the starting gig.  There hasn’t been a complete McOutfield since the Federal League’s Boston Bogtrotters in 1915.

Matt Capps – Resigns with the Twins.  Member when Nathan signed with the Rangers and you asked me, “Grey, que paso?  Donde es Twins closer ahora?”  And I said, “Shut the SAP button off your computer.”  Good times we had.  Any hoo!  Capps will be the closer in Minny until he turds up their games and Gardenhire starts picking his bullpen scab.

Jerry Hairston Jr. – Signed by the Dodgers.  First Harang and now Hairston Jr.!  Dodgers look like they’re putting together a team using Groupons.

Kendrys Morales – Has been swinging aggressively and jogging on a weightless treadmill.  Looks like NASA’s got their first baseman!  In the moon league that Kendrys is training for, when you celebrate a game-winning home run, you gently fall down to home plate.

Kevin Slowey – To the Rockies.  That’s like dressing up Tina Turner as a piñata and inviting her to a quinceañera.

Dmitri Young – Lost 70 pounds and wants to get back into baseball.  The last time that much excess Young weight was lost was when the Twins traded Delmon to the Tigers.

Aroldis Chapman – Sounds like he won’t be in the rotation again in 2012.  Him and Joba should commiserate about how their clubs are totally Mr. Bungling their careers and costing them millions.

Bryce Harper – I already went over my Bryce Harper 2012 fantasy.  I wrote it while receiving shock therapy.  Since then the Nats said he might be the starting right fielder out of camp.  If I may read between the lines, what they actually said was, “We are not having Harper start out of camp, but we’d sure like to sell some tickets to our home games in April besides the ones Strasburg is pitching.”

  1. schlitzy says:

    As a Mets fan I was happy that at least we got a decent orange back in our spoiled apple swap. Among Ps with 250 Gs since 2008, Ramon Ramirez’s 2.77 ERA is 6th in MLB behind Rivera, Bell, K-Rod, Papelbon, Valverde. I actually think Ramirez is the best closer we got yesterday. Doesn’t really matter, this team is gonna suck.

  2. Pabs says:

    Good move by the Jays but stale farts linger and Francsco will wind up on someone’s roster making him an unfortunate addition to someones fantasy team. I like Pagan in SF also, think it might spark an extra run or two a week for the midgets.

  3. Tony says:

    Questions to All Razzers:

    Where do you think Pujols ends up?

    Where do you think Prince ends up?

    Personally I think Pujols goes to Miami, the latin magnet of FLA, Ozzie and the Hanley/Reyes/Stanton cast is too much for him to resist.

    Fielder, I’m not totally sold on this because I dont think he’s Theo’s type of player, BUT, who else is theo going to make a splash with and he’s gotta splash! I think Fielders going to be a Cubbie, but I think he should stay with The brewers if he wants to win. Im sure money wins out on this one.

  4. charlie batch says:

    Seriously, love alex anthopoulos. hes fixing the jays. as a fan of the team, i have nothing bad to say about any of his moves the past few years. getting rid of wells, trading for rasmus, kelly johnson, now an actual closer. if only they werent stuck in the same division as the yankees, red sox, and rays… but sooner than later, i doubt itll matter whos in their division.

  5. charlie batch says:

    @Tony: pujols has his rings. he’s going to cash in now. sold to the highest bidder.

    fielder doesnt have those rings. he’s going to sign with a contender. that includes the brewers as a possibility.

  6. The Talented Mr. Dope Man says:

    @ Grey,

    Interested in your thoughts on Shin-soo Choo this year. I think he’ll be a great steal in most drafts (due to his questionable recovery). Have you heard anything on his progress? thing we will get the “True Choo” back?

  7. Wake Up says:

    @Tony: Pujols stays in STL. Let’s not forget Hanley’s attitude. He is not going to welcome Reyes with open arms. This has the potential to turn into a uge turdsandwich.

  8. Tony says:

    @charlie batch: i dont know if the Brewers can afford him but he’d be smartest to resign, unless a SF, or someone with a chance comes calling.

  9. royce! says:

    That Dodgers line is genius. My guess is that their next acquisition is Miguel Tejada. Colletti must not like to fly, because he just keeps on grabbing crappy Padres and Giants.

  10. Racehorse says:

    There’s a report saying Huston Street has been traded to San Diego for a PTBNL…

  11. Grey

    Grey says:

    @schlitzy: Yeah, it’s a decent argument for Ramon. Whole Mets team is still recovering from Wainwright’s curve.

    @Pabs: Ha!

    @Tony: I think Pujols stays in Milwaukee. Valid point about Fielder and the Cubs.

    @charlie batch: They’re looking as good as the Yanks and Sawx right now.

    @The Talented Mr. Dope Man: Yeah, I think he’ll bounce back.

    @royce!: Ha… True…

    @Racehorse: Ah, then he’ll take over closer duties. Thanks for the heads up!

  12. Tony says:

    @Grey: pujols stays in MIL? hmmm

  13. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Tony: Oops… Typo. I think Pujols stays in St. Louis.

  14. SwaggerJackers says:

    Kendrys is one frustrating dood. Why the hell is it taking him so long to heal? He’ll be a latin 45 before he ever gets off his space treadmill.

    I wonder which scrub 1B my Indians will end up with? Derrek Lee? Kotchman? Maybe Pena?

    If Miami got Fielder then a Stanton/Fielder combo would be massive with the speedsters at the top.

  15. Doug Ault says:

    @Grey: All this hype about Fielder coming to Toronto is a non story.He hates his old man,so the last thing he wants to do is have to talk about following him to Toronto in every interview.He would never escape it.

  16. Tony says:

    @SwaggerJackers: go tribe…. you’re thinking too big if you’re thinking derek lee, and pena, and thats sad to say!

    As much as i hate pena and his crappy avg, i’d probably take him for the fact he could put some power in the order and give the indians 30+ and maybe 40 HRs.

  17. royce! says:

    I like the Padres landing Street for 6.5 million for one year.

    I feel sorry for the Rockies fans who might have to watch Betancourt close out games. Just imagining it makes me yawn. But also nervous, what with all the tics.

  18. BookieBob says:

    So good today! Stank Fartcisco, Alyssa Milano, Groupons!

    Albert stays in StL. He (and his wife) are invested there. I’d love to see him go to Miami – just don’t think it will happen.

    Fielder is a possibility for Miami, but he’s NOT going to Seattle. They are just tire kicking, and can’t afford him anyway.

    Love that Hanley is throwing a hissy fit about Reyes and 3B! What if they sign Fielder? The guy doesn’t live up to being the franchise player, then is a baby about it when they bring in players to help him win. Such a puke.

  19. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Doug Ault: Yeah, could be. Don’t think the Jays need him anyway.

    @royce!: Ha! Yeah, it’s a decent enough deal for Street.

    @BookieBob: Thanks! Ha — yup, total puke.

  20. chata says:

    cueto or chacin ?

    why ??

  21. chata says:


    huston street has always been my favorite closer .
    have been following his career since his days at the u of texas .
    believe him to be one of the first true closers …. that’s what he started
    out as … never pretended to be anything more .
    it’s been nice that he’s always been under-valued , it seems , by
    fantasy-baseballers …. so , i’ve always had him on my teams .
    and , on years where he hasn’t been hurt , he has delivered the goods .
    there seems to have been a noticeable increase in his fly-balls and
    home runs (given up) … though some saber guy may dispel my beliefs ,
    as it is based on observation and not research .
    anywho , that san diego ballpark should play right into his hands .
    just tell maybin to be “on his toes” .

  22. Grey

    Grey says:

    @chata: Tomato-tomahto… Chacin, better Ks.

  23. Steve says:

    Olney just told me that Hanley wanted a restructured deal, Marlins told him to piss off and are now looking to trade him…

  24. Steve says:

    @Steve: He wants more money to change positions even after the crap he dished up this year. What a dick.

  25. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: So selfish… And during the Christmas season, no less!

  26. Steve says:

    @Grey: Well, Rosenthal has just tweeted that the Marlins prez says that’s all bullshit. No new contract request and he’s not being traded.

    I don’t know who to believe anymore.

  27. chata says:

    IF the marlins signed reyes with the hidden agenda of giving
    hanley the boot , then maybe a good trade partner would be the giants .
    seems a good fit .

    member that girl that you just couldn’t shake , so you arranged things
    in a way so that she broke up with you … so that you could feel like
    less of a cad ?
    well , if hanley comes up demanding a trade ,
    i’m cust kayin’ .

  28. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: Doesn’t pay for the Marlins if everyone knows Hanley wants out, so they could be lying about wanting to move him.

    @chata: I like that theory.

  29. Steve says:

    Buehrle to Marlins, 4 years, $58m. Jeepers.

  30. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: I blame my genes for not making me a better baseball player.

  31. chata says:


    Jeepers ??

    my aunt helen … a sunday school teacher … knew what you really meant .
    that little out-burst , mister , would get you some serious standing-in-the-
    corner time .

  32. The Talented Mr. Dope Man says:

    Ozzie on Zambrano: “If he wins some games, the fans are going to forgive him… He wants to be in Chicago. If they trade him? I’ll take him.

  33. Steve says:

    @chata: Guess that explains why I never went to Sunday School.

  34. royce! says:

    @chata: Looks like a great fit, and I think ups Street’s fantasy value coming into 2012. Plus, Maybin can handle it. That’s so Maybin!

  35. SwaggerJackers says:

    @Tony: Supposedly they have an offer out now that “people will be shocked about” so I’m thinking Pena. @Grey: They’re getting frustrated with LaPorta so a vet like D Lee is a very real possibility.

  36. Grey

    Grey says:

    @SwaggerJackers: Sounds like Lee doesn’t want to go to Cleveland.

  37. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: Ha! It is one of my favorites.

  38. chata says:


    what are the odds that , when it’s all over , little hantz hunts down
    coach and kills him in his sleep ?

  39. Grey

    Grey says:

    @chata: I don’t know, but I’m three hours behind you and haven’t watched the show yet.

  40. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: Wow, would’ve never have guessed he was still going. Definitely an innings eater.

  41. chata says:


    well , when you catch up ,
    i’m setting the over/under on a little hantz attempted murder charge
    on ‘coach’ , within an 18 month time-frame , at 11% … (1 in 9) .

    if i was ‘coach’ , i probably wouldn’t be sleeping too well …
    for a whole variety of reasons .

  42. DrEasy says:

    “Heath Bell – Signed with the Miami Marlins to replace Juan Carlos Oviedo, who wants to know why the Florida Marlins can change their name but he can’t. ” Best thing I’ve read on the internet in a long while. Well done!

  43. Grey

    Grey says:

    @chata: Hantz are some crazy folk.

    @DrEasy: Thanks!

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