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Jimmy Rollins went 0-for-4 in his return from the DL.  After the game, Charlie Manuel said… Actually, no one’s sure because he was chewing a piece of straw at the time.  I wouldn’t just yet start blowing your vuvuzela at your TV set that’s broadcasting the Philly game expecting an explosive 2nd half from Rollins.  J-Roll lost 16 steals from 2008 to 2009 and is now 31-years-old and on a bad set of wheels.  He’s in a great place to succeed — the Philly lineup and hitter-friendly Citizens Flank.  In a half a season, you may only get 10/15 with a .270 average.  It’s nice, but this isn’t your slightly older brother’s NL MVP anymore.  This is a guy that is one poor 2nd half away from plummeting in the shortstop rankings.  Anyway, here’s what else I saw yesterday in fantasy baseball:

Jamie Moyer – 8 IP, 1 ER, 3 baserunners, 5 Ks.  He attributes his success to how well he prepares for each opponent.  Here he is checking the Indians’ scouting report.

Mat Latos – 7 IP, 0 ER, 4 baserunners, 8 Ks vs. the Rays.  Has a WHIP of 0.95 and a 2.93 ERA.  He’s real and he’s spectacular.  Now I’m more concerned about the Padres actually battling for the NL West and putting too many innings on Latos’ arm.  Please don’t do that, I wanna own him next year.

Jose Bautista – 2-for-3 with 2 homers.  I wonder if Aaron Hill watches him, muttering, “I was the toast of Toronto!”

Brett Cecil – 5 IP, 6 ER, 9 baserunners, 4 Ks.  I wouldn’t read too much into this if it hadn’t come right after a 5 earned in 6 inning game vs. the Padres.  Cecil could be going through a tired arm.

Matt Wieters – 1-for-3 with a home run.  A Matt Wieters Fact:  After Matt Wieters last home run, he went 0-for-16.

Jake FoxOrioles made their first move for the pennant chase, trading for Jake Fox.  Now if they can get their hands on 9 hitters, 5 starters, a bullpen, a closer and a manager, they could be unstoppable.  I’m the first one to go caca-cuckoo for Jake Fox, but he needs an every day job and needs to hit.  So for now the “Unathletic Like A Fox” t-shirts are still on the shelf.

Mike Gonzalez – Threw a scoreless inning as he started his rehab.  The O’s are looking for the closer role to be ‘A Mike G. Joint’ before the All-Star break.

Roy Oswalt – 7 IP, 2 ER, 6 baserunners, 5 Ks and a no decision.  Is it me or has this been his line every time out?  No, it’s not me.  It has.

Angel Pagan – 4-for-6, 3 Runs and 4 RBIs.  Are you an angel?  Are you a pagan?  A devil worshiping angel?  And neither names are pronounced as they seem?  It’s all very confusing.  What is not confusing is he’s the Metropolitans’ best hitter.  Can’t bench Pagan for Beltran.  Cannot do it.  People need to show up at Metco with “Benchy Frenchy” signs.  Take some initiative, Mets fans.  You’re our only hope.

Jose Reyes – 3-for-6 with his 18th steal.  Hmm… Let’s see, I’d like him to have 27 steals by the All-Star break.  Make it happen.  Oh, bee tee dubya, Reyes has the same number of RBIs as Jason Bay.  Zoinks!

Justin Verlander – 2 IP, 5 ER, 8 baserunners, 2 Ks.  I recognize this line from somewhere.  I know!  It’s one of his April lines.  June to Verlander, come in Verlander.

Brennan Boesch – 2-for-3, 3 RBIs and his 11th homer.  I’m waiting for the bottom to drop out with Boesch, but I’m enjoying him on a few teams in the meantime, which I guess makes it happytime.

Andy Oliver – Will take over Porcello’s rotation spot for the time being.  Oliver is only 14 starts into his pro career, rocking a 8+ K/9, 3.61 ERA and 1.28 WHIP at Double-A Erie, which makes it scary that the Tigers are promoting him already.  It’s one way to kill a prospect’s confidence.  Another way is to hide “You suck” notes in their locker and sign them, “Love, Mom.”  With his Ks, I’d grab him in deep H2H leagues and AL-Only leagues for a chance at lightning in a bottle.  Or if you feel like it’s a last ditch effort to save an already declining team, add Oliver and the always precocious, Brian Bonsall.

Nelson Cruz – 0-for-3 as he returned from the DL.  I just hope this doesn’t now mean it’s Vlad or Hamilton’s turn to get injured.  Please let the Texas scales of injury tip towards Matt Treanor.

Julio Borbon – Hit his 2nd homer of the year.  Otherwise known as one more homer than Ian Kinsler.

Tommy Hunter – 6 IP, 2 ER, 9 baserunners, 6 Ks.  Hard to recommend him outside of deep leagues because of his K-rate, but he’s pitching well and had a good July last year.  Or so I read yesterday.  Hey, wait, I wrote that yesterday too.  Weird!

Brian McCann – Hit his 8th homer yesterday.  Let me guess, his eyes are better?  Stupid McCann with his stupid eyes.

Tommy Hanson – 3 2/3 IP, 9 ER, 14 baserunners, 0 Ks, now has a 4.17 ERA on the year.  I was criticized pretty heavily in the preseason when I said I was avoiding Hanson in all of my leagues (also in that tier of avoidance:  Vazquez and Scherzer).  Luckily, those critics are back tweeting funny karaoke stories with Matthew Berry.

Carlos Quentin – 2-for-4 with a three-run homer.  And this preseason sleeper of mine hasn’t looked as good.  He really is more talented than what he’s shown, but he has been severely disappointing.  (Hey, who said has been?)  Maybe this is the start of something.  Though I wouldn’t hold my breath.  You could die.

Scott Baker – 6 IP, 5 ER, 9 baserunners, 7 Ks.  Geez, Baker, make up your freakin’ mind.  You turning your season around or aren’t you?  Very frustrating.  (BTW, I saw A. Burnett gave up two runs in middle relief for the Twins and for a second I was like, “Damn, A.J. Burnett is now giving up runs for the Twins on his day off?”)

Jhoulys Chacin – 6 2/3 IP, 0 ER, 9 baserunners, 5 Ks vs. the Sawx.  Sonavabench!

Huston Street – Was activated from the DL, but Matt Belisle got his 2nd career save as Tracy made a point about not rushing Street back into a pressure situation.  This has to be one of the sillier things a manager does.  He’s been a closer his whole career, it’s three outs, just throw Street.  I wouldn’t grab Belisle unless you’re crazy desperate for saves.  I wouldn’t drop Corpas either because who knows how long Street’s going to be nursing from Tracy’s teet.

Matt Kemp – Hit his 12th homer, but no one was on base because he was batting seventh.  TORRE!!!

Bronson Arroyo – 8 IP, 2 ER, 5 baserunners, 1 K.  His lack of strikeouts is obvious, but he’s a 2nd half beast that’s turned it on already.

Coco Crisp – Returned from the DL early and hit his first homer of the year.  Oh, snap! *soft voice* Crackle, pop.

Jason Vargas – 7 IP, 0 ER, 5 baserunners, 7 Ks.  There’s a lot of smoke mirrors going on with Vargas, but his ballpark does end in -co.

Trevor Hoffman – Ken Macha said Hoffman could reclaim the closer role.  Then Axford asked why.  Then Macha said cuz.  Then Axford went out and got his fifth straight save.

Carlos Silva – Start is being pushed until Saturday due to a hamstring injury.  Silva told the media, “This is very disappointing because for many years I’ve shown nothing but love for everything associated with ham.”

Anibal Sanchez – 6 1/3 IP, 3 ER, 7 baserunners, 3 Ks.  I wonder if Anibal and Gaby have ever been on a double date with two girls named, Bill and Kevin.

  1. Byrd says:

    @ Grey:

    What’s your thoughts on James Shields for the rest of the year? I have someone in my league that’s thinking about dropping him, crazy as that may sound.

  2. and1mcgee says:

    Clayton Kershaw – shelled

  3. john says:

    Love the subtle Seinfeld quote.

    And a tiny correction, the Cubbies need everything BUT a closer. We all know Marmol is 10 pounds of Filthy Sanchez in a 5 pound sack. Cust kayin’….(you’re welcome IowaCubs)

    Also, Sonofabench Quentin/Rasmus! I can handle Quentin, I mean he was against a decent pitcher and has sucked worse than Grey’s gf did last night (hi-yo!). But Rasmus with a pinch hit HR? You’re killing me smalls!

  4. Real Tom says:

    Beane must be really bored. Scenario: “We have a guy named Fox? Really? I saw a fox once, after I ran it over. Who else can we get? Hmmm… Butler? Gardner? Sound like harmless toolbags. Is there a Hunter available? Oh wait, Hunter’s first name is Torii? Shit. I’d settle for an Axford…. he available? Damn. Wait, the Orioles have a guy named Wolf? Hell yeah… a Fox for a Wolf. I’m awesome. Brad Pitt aint shit. I’m Billy Fu#@ing Beane. I just turned a Fox into a Wolf.”

  5. Christopher says:

    “I wonder if Anibal and Gaby have ever been on a double date with two girls named, Bill and Kevin” = coffee through the nose! Superb!

  6. steamer says:

    This post doesn’t make me feel good about trading for Rollins. I have a feeling he’s not gonna steal much at all. At least he still has trade value based on his position and line up.

    What are thoughts on Lind? Was thinking of offering Carlos Lee for him, mostly because I can’t stand watching Houston. Is it even worth it?

  7. Child Please says:

    12-team roto 5×5 league, Games start like of 230 (I am at 91)
    Who would you start/sit today?
    Cueto @OAK
    Buehrle vs ATL
    Randy Wells @SEA

  8. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @steamer: it’s not like carlos lee is beating up the world. i’d gamble on a lind turnaround for c lee.

  9. ThePoonTycoon says:

    so i pick up borbon last week in 2 leagues where i am leading the league in bombs, but could use some SBs. plug him into the lineup for the 1st time yesterday. and he hit’s a bomb. appreciate the effort julio, but i would prefer a couple of singles with a couple of SBs. thanks.

  10. steamer says:

    @ThePoonTycoon: I did the same thing with Borbon, was not expecting the HR. Had Quentin in the line up too – it was a good day.

  11. Kid says:

    Thoughts on dropping Cecil for E.Santana, Medlen, or dare I say Arroyo? Any of those better options going forward?

  12. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @Kid: i would take any of those guys over cecil simply because he’s gonna have a brutal schedule and is a candidate to have his innings limited.

  13. Jeff says:

    What are the chances that Hellickson gets called soon? Wade Davis just had another bad outing, throwing 103 pitches in 4 1/3.

  14. Tony says:

    @Kid: who knows, i picked him up after he throws GEMS vs. TB and NYY? and now he gets shelled twice in a row by SD and STL? gimme a break….

  15. joe from point pleasant says:

    Rank these vultures in the order of who you think gets the most saves the rest of the way:

    Sam Demel
    Brandon Lyon
    Brandon League
    Matt Thornton

  16. Jeff says:

    Utley for Zimmerman? Fair trade? Which side do you like?

    If I trade Zimmerman for Utley I would have to start Alverez at 3B, and drop OHud or move him to bench or Utility.

  17. Howard says:

    @Grey Just a littlle tidbit from last night: Jay Sborz became the first Tiger since 1925 to hit two batters in his first Major League outing, and the first big league hurler since 2002 to hit his first two Major League batters faced. Unleash the Sborz!!!

  18. Wilsonian says:

    @Christopher: Yep! Definitely had to wipe the spit off my screen…

  19. Howard says:

    @Grey Do you think that Rajai is still a viable option for steals with Coco back from the DL?

  20. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @Jeff: in a vacuum i’d want utley. but zimmerman should give you similar stats. and given you’d be relying on alvarez as your only 3B, i think i’d have to just stay put with zimmerman until alvarez proves to be more capable of holding down the fort at 3B.

    both guys should end up around .300-30-105-100. utley has more speed, but isn’t running much is really is only a 15-20 SB guy at best.

  21. Howard says:

    @Grey Napoli or Montero the rest of the way? Drop Hill for Kouz? thanks!

  22. Night on Ubald Mountain says:

    @Grey: Reports that Ubaldo left BP yesterday feeling warm and dizzy, but expects to make his start today. I’m getting an ominous feeling…sit him against the Sox at home? Gracias.

  23. @Grey: Family ties really jumped the shark with the birth of Andrew. Adding little kids always ruin good sitcoms (see Different Strokes, The Cosby Show)

    Thanks for the “benchy Frenchy” line. I’m going to use that after his first K, when I go to Metco on Saturday. The Pagan worshipers must be heard!

    The Heston photo for Moyer almost got me to squirt coffee from my nose. Stop! My keyboard is already sticky enough from morning laughs you’ve provided.

    Nice Berry swipe. How does he have a paying job ostensibly talking baseball? I try to listen to his podcast and it’s just insufferable for anyone looking for actual fantasy baseball information.

    Worth noting that the mustached one recorded a two inning save for the Brew Crew last night. Trevor who?

    @Real Tom: Funny tihs dude. Beane’s crazy like a Wolf. Or is that hungry like the wolf and… oh forget it.

  24. For some reason Johnny Quato is giving me the heebie jeebies (did he say heeb? he did! anti-semite! No, it’s ok, I’m one of the tribe) against Oaktown today. Maybe it’s because he just burst out of my stomach to read your mind.

    More likely it’s because his only decent start out of his last four was against the AAAA Mariners. Running +30 against my projected innings limit, should I sit him today? Quato owners, “open your mind” and let your telepathic voices be heard.

  25. thepizzaman says:

    Grey & anyone else-

    Do you see Heyward breaking out of this funk he has been in? Or is it time to start getting concerned and sitting him for Quentin?

  26. @thepizzaman: I might give him a little me time alone on the bench if he’s facing a tough pitcher, but I wouldn’t worry too much. He’s too good not to make the adjustments and he’s still walking and scoring runs.

  27. Terrence Mann says:

    Dang, Grey. Hamilton is playing like a pure stud. Quentin is coming around. A lot of your preseason calls are looking good.

    Too bad your Reyes pick was the worst selection of the Friends & Family draft!

  28. thepizzaman says:

    @3FingersBrown: I’m around +30 myself and I’m benching Cueto. Yes I know, why own Cueto if you aren’t going to start him against teams like Oakland?–my answer to that is I don’t know.

  29. Cheese

    Cheese says:

    Very funny read today, Grey. Thank you!

  30. Future Man says:

    Any news on bumgarner? Should i drop Randy Wells for him?

  31. hoju says:

    Has putting a starter back in after a 90 minute rain delay EVER worked??? I officially hate Jerry Manuel. And rain. And the fact that I was happy about starting Niese at one point last night.

  32. fredaycouples says:

    Thinking about trading for Haren and he wants an OF — I have Crispie Young, Nelson Cruz, Jason Bay, Victorino and Abreu. Who will have the worst rest of the season and how much more will I need to ask for if I do a Crispie for Haren swap.

    Thanks in advance.

  33. hoju says:

    @fredaycouples: Bay’s perceived value is way higher than how good he actually is. To some people anyway.

  34. Well the Posey for Stubbs trade fell through. What do you think of Posey and Demel for Aardsma? Another trade I’m not excited about but saves are saves and it’ll open up a roster spot for me. I have Axford and am a little worried about him losing his spot.

  35. Dan Z says:

    @ Grey:

    What are your thoughts on Ty Wigginton vs. Jose Bautista the rest of the year? I currently am sporting the slumping Wigginton at 3B and looking for alternatives.

  36. hoju says:

    @Frank Kim: Aardsma is likely going to be dealt to a team to become a non-closer.

  37. mgeoffriau

    Mark Geoffriau says:

    Anyone else notice Smoak is hitting .304 / .407 / .551 (.958 OPS) for June?

  38. FD says:

    H2H 12 team yahoo league:

    a) Reyes/Wieters for CC Sabatthia?


    b) Reyes for Cain

    If a) favors the CC side, what about adding a Pence or Jay Bruce type player?


  39. joe from point pleasant says:

    I’m currently starting :gulp: Alex Gonzalez in a 12 team mixed and I’m waiting for the bottom to drop out. He has been awful lately. 3/19 the past seven, all singles. Who should I drop him for?

    Here are my alternatives:
    Alexei, Alcides, Peralta, O-Cab, Tejada, Starlin, and Guzman. Or maybe theres some crazy SS sleeper i am failing to see…

    It is a H2H points league btw so I am not looking for speed power or any particular category, just overall goodness.

    Thanks a ton Grey!

  40. @thepizzaman: Same answer here but I have a lot of pitching depth on this team and need to get my ERA/WHIP down. I’m 2nd best in K and 4th in W’s, so I’d rather sit Johnny while he’s cold now. I also have Carp going today against The Jays. He’s not been pitching at his usually amazing level either, so I don’t want to risk a complete ratio blow up today if he gets hit.

    @hoju: Manuel’s clueless. I bet he told Niese, “you’re gangsta, go out there and get a W kid.”

    Another lousy Wade Davis start and still the Rays say they not considering promoting Hellickson.

    This is getting ridiculous. Hell-Boy is probably the most polished pitching prospect left in AAA and his been lights, while Davis keeps stinking. Of course I’m just complaining because I want Hellickson on my teams now and I don’t want to use a spot to hold onto him.

  41. Slam says:

    Arroyo, harang, jdlr (my DL is taken so he’d be dead weight for a while), sheets, or bonderman going forward?

    Also i have smoak as my util after having dropped borbon and Quentin. Should I stick with it? My team could benefit from some steals but power is king in my league.

    Thanks man

  42. @hoju: yeah I heard those rumors that he might lose his job but i think it might be worth the risk for posey and demel.

    @Grey what do you think?

  43. Slam says:

    Forgot to mention wandy is also available. He’s been real sketchy though.

  44. steamer says:

    Hearing that Mike Gonzalez is back before July. Who is the better DL stash – him or Volquez? Only have 2 closers on my H2H squad.

  45. Kazmere says:

    Please rank: JSanchez, Baker, Lilly, Arroyo, Volquez, Nolasco

  46. Watch it Buster says:

    Which side do you guys all prefer in the below trades:

    Latos for Soriano

    Latos/Morrow for Franklin/Gardner

    I am itching for Latos, and might just pull the Soriano trigger.

  47. Shack says:

    Pull the trigger?

    Get C. Granderson for J.Bay and Soto (got 2 C’s)

  48. Mr2Bits says:

    Anyone ever punt pitching categories, specifically QS/W and K’s? Seems as though I’m going against a guy who has 6 more starts than I do this week and is already 3 for 3 on QS. I’ve reached my IP pitched min and he has no closers so I’d only need about 3 more saves to be safe (already have 2). Guess winning 3 out of 5 categories is better than possibly losing more.

    Any opinions would be appreciated.

  49. Kazmere says:

    @Kazmere: Add Latos to that list.

  50. Grey: in a 20-team redraft league, is Sean Rodriguez worth holding onto? He seems to have gone from unstoppable to unstartable really quickly.

    I just have him on the roster for depth reasons, and it’s not that there’s a lot available on waivers: the most likely substitutes are Fred Lewis, Will Venable, Brandon Wood, Gerardo Parra. Or I’d just use the spot to stream pitchers or hitters on Mondays and Thursdays.

    What do you suggest?

  51. steamer says:

    @Mr2Bits: I have never punted categories & would never consider it in a roto league, but in a H2H league I have considered it this year, but haven’t followed through with it. I didn’t really draft any top closers this year & I really hate it when Gregg or Aardsma screw me over for the week with one of their implosions. I only carry 2 closers, so I’m losing in saves pretty much every week anyways. I could’ve grabbed Heilman but that would just make me more angry. I have thought about keeping one closer just to keep pressure on my opponent, & stacking my offence & SP.

    The 1st place team in my league actually has no closers & pretty much punted SBs. All he did was draft power hitters & top SPs. Though he loses in 2 categories every week, he surprisingly is winning almost every week in all other categories.

  52. @Mr2Bits: Aiming to win those 3 out of 5 is indeed a viable strategy. I do that sort of thing often, switching up my game plan from week to week, based on the number of starts my opponent and I have going, my roster composition and the quality of my opponent’s staff.

    I’m in a similar situation this week in my 6×6 h2h that counts the standard 5 plus QS. My opponent has 5 more starts than me this week and will probably win W/QS/K. I have a better ‘pen (4 closers to his 2) and my pitchers have been hot, while his have been ice cold. I should easily win ERA/WHIP barring any unforeseen blowups (great, I just jinxed myself). With a little luck, I may even pull off W’s as I’m up 1-0 so far.

    We also play with an 80 transaction limit, so I’d rather not burn transactions on shaky streamers and risk losing ratios this week. I’ll save that sort of desperation for the stretch run if I find myself behind the 8-ball. On top of that, I really don’t have anyone I want to cut at the moment in favor of the lousy streaming options available to me this week.

    My offense should trump his in every category aside from SB, so I’m predicting an 8-4 or 7-5 victory this week. Currently I’m winning 7-2.

  53. I should add, that I’m not a punter in Roto or H2H, I’m just play the match up to give myself the highest probability to win the week. Next week’s opponent has fewer starters, so I may see myself add another in an effort to pour it on in the counting categories.

  54. Timequake says:

    Time to bail on Curtis Granderson?

  55. Mr2Bits says:


    Think you and I are in the same situation. No need to stream as I have a transactions cap and with my opponent having 6 more starts, I should be able to snag Saves, ERA and WHIP as Lester paved a good path for me last night and my closers are mostly $8 salads.

  56. @Grey: Well the Stubbs deal is back on and the Aardsma deal is off. Thanks for the help as always. :-)

  57. @Mr2Bits: Yeah, we’re in the same boat. I drafted poorly with my pitchers and made a few glaring misjudgments early on – I drafted Zambrano and Floyd in the middle rounds (keeper league, with many studs already kept, so the numbers are skewed) and Latos and Arroyo late. I dropped Latos when he was reported to have some arm troubles before the season began and dumped both Arroyo and Floyd before they started pitching well.

    With the dubious group of starters that I had early in the season I was streaming match-ups like crazy and still losing the majority of pitching categories, while burning through my transactions fast. Since then I’ve found Jaime, Medlen, Hammel and Cahill, who’ve all combined to really stabilize my staff (the rest of the rotation is now composed of Waino, Hamels, Slowey). Since then, I’ve been able to slow down the streaming and my pitching has been much more successful in recent weeks.

    Of course that leave me prey to the opponent with a huge stockpile of arms, but my thinking this week is to zig when he zags, as opposed to trying to go toe to toe in the counting stats and risk getting blown out. I’m still looking for another solid arm and I’ll get it through a trade eventually I’m sure, but I’m ok with punting the counting cats if needed.

    Thankfully my schedule has me playing the tougher teams earlier in the season, so when the stretch run comes around, I shouldn’t have to stream much to win and make the playoffs.

    For the record, I’m in 7th right now and climbing, 2 1/2 games out of the last playoff spot and a game under .500 after a terrible start. Just a few weeks ago, I was considering going into sell mode but I’m confident that I can make the playoffs now as my teams usually do much better in the 2nd half.

  58. SpiralArchitect says:

    Trade offer received, who wins?

    Team A: Tommy Hanson, Johan Santana

    Team B: Ervin Santana, Chad Billingsley, Daisuke Matsuzaka

  59. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Byrd: Why is it crazy?

    @and1mcgee: Belisario gave up two of his runs.

    @john: I mentioned the Cubbies need something?

    @Real Tom: Ha

    @Christopher: Thanks!

    @steamer: I’d prefer Lind.

    @Child Please: Sit Buehrle.

    @ThePoonTycoon: Yup

    @Kid: Agree with Poon.

    @Jeff: Don’t think he gets called up that quickly.

    @joe from point pleasant: League, Lyon, Thornton…

    @Jeff: Agree with Poon.

    @Howard: Ha! re: Rajai – Yup.

    @Howard: Napoli… Nope.

    @Night on Ubald Mountain: He should be fine.

    @3FingersBrown: Agreed, can’t add little kids. Long live Pagan!

    @3FingersBrown: Cueto’s going to be risky, could see him sitting in certain leagues.

    @Terrence Mann: Yeah. seriously.

    @Cheese: No problem.

    @Future Man: Rumors are that he might get called up soon, nothing else that I’ve heard.

    @hoju: Agreed.

    @fredaycouples: Agree with hoju.

    @Dan Z: I’d go with Bautista.

    @Mark Geoffriau: Yeah

    @FD: They’re both about needs. I’d prefer CC in A and Reyes in B.

    @joe from point pleasant: Alcides

    @Slam: dlR… Stick with him.

    @steamer: Gonzalez if you need saves.

    @Kazmere: Latos, Sanchez, Lilly…

    @Watch it Buster: Latos on both sides.

    @Shack: I’d take Grandy.

    @Enrique: Stream until someone catches on.

    @Timequake: Bail to what?

    @Frank Kim: No problem.

    @SpiralArchitect: A

  60. Slam says:

    @SpiralArchitect: Johan side. Dice k is a disaster every other start.

  61. Eric says:

    Any wisdom in streaming Nate Robertson against Baltimore in a deep roto league?

  62. Fletch says:

    @Grey – Would you drop Cecil for Medlen or DLR? If so, which one would you rather have?

    Also, is it time to dump Tulo (I have Furcal also)?

  63. black love says:

    I have stewart as my 3B right now. I also had tulo as my SS so it kinda off set stewarts suckness.
    right now kouz and polanco are available in my league, and stewarts losing playing time.
    is it time to let the poison out of my system and drop stewart for one of these dudes? or do you think he might have some kind of turn around

  64. The U.S. wins their World Cup game in penalty time!

    Sorry. Back to baseball.

  65. @Eric: I see a decent play there. Charm City stinks and Robertson’s coming off of two not-bad outings against the Rays.

  66. Timequake says:

    @Grey: Bail Granderson for a pitcher. Could choose from Hammel, DlR, Baker, Medlen…

  67. Terrence Mann says:


    Hoffman now worth adding over Simon? Or should I fingercuff both of ’em?

  68. Eric says:

    @3FingersBrown: I was thinking the same thing, and I really need innings (I’m trying not to loose too much behind the innings pace while waiting for Beckett, Volquez, and Bumgarner).

    But I’m a Detroit fan and I get flashbacks when I think about Robertson …. he’s a hard worker but he can implode with the best of ’em.

  69. @Enrique: Meh. I was kind of hoping we’d lose. I don’t want to see this infernal game gain any more traction in America. Also my man at the local Bodega’s an Arab and he was pulling hard for Algeria.

    I don’t hate soccer mind you. It’s just more fun to play than to watch. My biggest issue are all the non-sports fans who’ve studied abroad (I banged an English girl, now I love Man-U), who are huge soccer fans once every 4 years. It’s like a tourist coming to NY and claiming they love the Yanks when they could really care less about baseball.

    Ok game over. Quato sits today in spite of the threat to the Martian populace.

  70. thepizzaman says:

    @3FingersBrown: Oh like me? I think I have watched 4 soccer games in 8 years. Damn that was awesome! USA!

  71. Kazmere says:

    According to Joe Capozzi of the Palm Beach Post, the Marlins have fired manager Fredi Gonzalez.

  72. @thepizzaman: haha! I’m talking about the people who aren’t sports fans at all until World Cup comes around. The kind that will tell you baseball is boring and carry on about the commercialism of American sports.

    It’s to the point where you can’t find a Mets or Yanks game on TV in a Brooklyn bar (unless it’s Puerto Rican or Dominican run), but every douchy hipster in the boro claims to love “the beautiful game.”

  73. GTS says:

    Would you start Hammel vs BOS (Dice-K) in 10-team H2H mixed?

  74. @Eric: Yeah he’s a head scratcher. The weaker NL lineups help him out a bit but I wouldn’t roster him for anything more than an as needed stream against a bad team – like the O’s.

    @Kazmere: On a side note, Hanley says he’ll continue to loaf regardless of who’s managing.

  75. Eric says:

    @3FingersBrown: @thepizzaman: I’m not a huge soccer fan either, truth be told. But I live in Italy and so I’m pleased to have something to brag about at the coffee bar tomorrow morning.

    I had a baseball with me once and they all picked it up and looked at it like it was a moon rock. They only understand soccer here.

  76. chrisbenson says:

    mike gonzalez heads to a rehab assignment…said his latest session was clocked at 90-91…

    good enough to grab him? or you think simon will be the CL?

  77. brad says:

    @3FingersBrown: I hate hipsters as much as the next guy, but dude, quit whining. I only follow gymnastics once every four years, should I not be allowed to watch the olympics and root for Team USA?

    Enjoying a huge sporting event like the World Cup shouldn’t be exclusive to people who are otherwise huge sports fans.

  78. thepizzaman says:

    @Eric: But Mike Piazza coached team Italy?!?! haha

  79. Grey

    Grey says:

    @GTS: I wouldn’t.

    @chrisbenson: See the above post you’re commenting on.

  80. Fletch says:

    @Grey: Unfortunately, I have no DL spot for Tulo. I either have to reserve him and take up a roster spot or I have to dump him all together. Should I hang on or dump him for his fellow Rockie DLR?

  81. timSTi says:

    @Grey: I need SP help. What caliber pitcher could Rollins get me in a deep 10 team 7 keeper roto? I’d have to replace him with Castro or other WW fodder unless I get a lesser SS in return. I desperately need the SP help.

  82. Eric says:

    @thepizzaman: It’s true, he did! I met him during the baseball world cup a few months back. He needed a translator to address his team and the media, and he said his job was mostly just to tell the players to “play hard!” and not much else. Most people here have no idea who he is.

  83. Dingo says:

    @3FingersBrown: Whenever I hear people call soccer that, the only thing I can think of is the beautiful acting that happens when a player writhes in agony in order to draw a foul. I enjoy watching the World Cup as much as the next guy, but I can’t stand the way “simulation” (nice euphemism there, soccer!) runs wild.

  84. brad says:

    @Fletch: don’t dump tulo

  85. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Fletch: Hang onto Tulo.

    @timSTi: Maybe get Verlander after he was hit yesterday. Could try for F-Her. Somewhere in that range.

  86. timSTi says:

    @Grey: Funny you mention those two. Two of the three i was looking into. Haren being the 3rd. How would you rank those 3 and do you think the improvement from say Slowey/Baker to one of those 3 is bigger than the loss from Rollins to random SS?

  87. Grey

    Grey says:

    @timSTi: F-Her, Verlander…. Yes, they’re better than those Twins.

  88. john wehner says:

    kinsler or phillips for the rest of the season?

  89. ThePoonTycoon says:

    how are people hating on soccer? especially after that game. one of the most intense sporting events i’ve watched. ever.

  90. @Eric: I hear that. That’s exactly why I was hoping Algeria would win, so my Arab buddy would maybe be happy and drunk enough to give me a six-pack on the house.

    That’s funny about Piazza. Word is the Italian baseball team will soon give a press conference to state that they’re not gay.

    @brad: Hey do your thing. I just get annoyed when I’m out downtown or in BK and can’t find a bar with a baseball game on. I’m just glad I live around Dominicans, where I can find even Caribbean league baseball on TV in the winter.

    @Dingo: yeah the flopping’s lame. I feel like I’m watching a game full of Pierzynski’s.

  91. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @3FingersBrown: no more flopping than a NBA game. or aroid yelling during pop flies and swatting at guys tagging him out. or a football player getting “injured” in the finals minutes after a big gain so that the clock stops while he’s “helped” off the field and his team gets up to the ball.

    at least acknowledge the US team is pretty adverse to flopping and dempsey took a shot to the face splitting his lip open and stayed in game and helped create the mayhem leading to donovan’s goal.

  92. Eric says:

    @3FingersBrown: I can’t believe you’d turn your back on your country for a six-pack of Pabst.

    Heh heh.

  93. pjtres says:

    grey, do you think dejesus keeps it up? or is he in line for some regression? i have him on my bench but play him on off days…better to grab mike g?

  94. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @pjtres: he’s gotten hot like this before and still finished the same as he ever was

  95. FD says:

    Can you rank the following free agent pitchers, performance for the remainder of the season:

    CJ Wilson, Medlen, Masterson, Ely



  96. Big Nate says:

    @3FingersBrown: I’ll be honest – the longer the U-S-A stays in this thing, the more opportunities I will have for socially acceptable daytime binge drinking…And when U-S-A is out, I’ll pick a new country that I visited once and didn’t hate.

  97. Eric says:

    @ThePoonTycoon: The Italians flop a lot, and they think it’s part of the game. But my coffee bar friends here say they admire the Americans for not falling down so easily. They say the difference is that Italians are soccer players and the Americans are athletes.

  98. Grey

    Grey says:

    @pjtres: I’d grab Mike G if you need saves. DeJesus is pretty bleh.

    @FD: Medlen, Wilson…

    @Big Nate: Ha!

  99. Phil B.

    phil says:

    nolasco or cueto or neither starting today?

  100. Grey

    Grey says:

    @phil: I’d start both depending on situations.

  101. Phil B.

    phil says:

    thanks grey, also big ups to recommendation of Boesch, he’s been a great add

  102. peter says:

    @phil: @Grey: on Cueto… I think it’s a must-start situation. If you can’t start him @Oak – or if he doesn’t do well – then he’s probably not worth rostering in 12 team (or fewer) mixed leagues right now.

  103. genghis chone says:

    What do you think about Cano for Fielder/Zobrist?

  104. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @genghis chone: sounds about as high as you could possible sell cano to me

  105. Kazmere says:

    Edinson Volquez (elbow) allowed one run over five innings in a rehab start with Triple-A Louisville on Wednesday afternoon.

  106. Wilsonian says:

    @Grey; @Anyone: 16 Team H2H Keeper. Mikey G. is on the waiver wire until tomorrow and I’m thinking of putting in a claim on him as I could use some saves down the line (in 11th position on the ‘ole waiver claim). Here’s my lineup in total:

    C.Santana, Dunn, KellyJo, Wright, Alexei, Hamilton, Hunter, Boesch, Lind, Smoak, Carlos Guillen

    Cain, Haren, Lester, E.Santana, Latos, Anabelle, Pinero, Clippard, Capps, Axford, League, Bills – DL

    Who do you drop for Mikey G.?

    Also, has anyone heard anything about Demel taking over the closer’s role in ‘Zona? People keep mentioning him in the comments here, but I haven’t heard of him taking over the job anytime soon.

  107. @Grey: I know you recommended selling Price (Selling Price ha! Maybe he should be refered to via symbol $, like Prince.) if someone chooses to ignore his declining BABIP and believes he’s the “2nd coming of Lincecum”, but would Sabathia also qualify as better than fair value? Thanks.

  108. john says:

    @Grey: My bad…I was drunk when I wrote that and clearly hallucinated a Cubs comment.

  109. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @zombie: i’d do it for cc. cc is a proven 2nd half horse, and i see him ramping it up again for the playoff push in the AL east.

  110. peter says:

    @Grey: Tough love isn’t easy.

  111. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Kazmere: Thanks for the heads up!

    @Wilsonian: Demel’s not taking over the role without some D-Back trades. I’d lose Pineiro… If you can’t afford a SP loss, then League.

    @zombie: I’d take CC for Price. FWIW, I did just trade for Price in one league.

    @john: Ha

  112. Grey

    Grey says:

    @peter: No, it’s not.

  113. peter says:

    @Grey: @peter: …also worth noting that 2/3 of his remaining scheduled starts before the break are against Philadelphia.

  114. royce! says:

    Yeah that Moyer pic was brilliant, thanks for the pregame laughs!

    And regarding Latos– as a Padres fan, I hope that they don’t overload him even if they are in the playoff hunt. We were supposed to be rebuilding this year, not effing over our top pitching prospect. I’d support skipping some of his starts later in the season, and maybe spot starting Simon Castro.

  115. Grey

    Grey says:

    @peter: They do get the Phillies a lot.

  116. Grey

    Grey says:

    @royce!: Thanks! Yeah, I don’t think they will cut him off though.

    @zombie: No problem.

  117. Wilsonian says:

    @Grey: Thanks, sir. I had heard a lot of people talking about Demel, and I knew who he was, but hadn’t heard anything specific about him taking over the closer’s job. I’m always hunting down saves in my 16 teamer. Oh, and keep up the kick ass work with this site. If I ever get un-unemployed, I’ll be sending a daquiri or two your way.

  118. William says:

    @Grey – I’m stuck with underperformers Prince Fielder, Jason Bay, Curtis Granderson, and Matt Kemp…

    I can’t wait forever for these guys, and nobody in my league wants any of them.

    Granderson seems like a drop candidate. The players I have my eyes on are – Nick Swisher, Delmon Young, Drew Stubbs.

    Is Granderson just getting unlucky? His BABIP is pretty low but having said that, it’s right around where he was last season.

  119. Wilsonian says:

    In a vacyoom…Delmon or Robert Abreu for the present time (like next week-ish)?

  120. peter says:

    @royce!: Jaime Moyer is now tied w/ Robin Roberts (HoF) for the most HR allowed by a pitcher with 505.

    We might witness history on Sunday.

  121. Mike says:

    For the rest of the year: Buck or Posey?

  122. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Wilsonian: Ha, thanks!

    @William: Can’t tell you to drop those guys. Either go down with the ship or trade one for less than their value.

    @Wilsonian: Abreu

    @Mike: Posey

    EDIT: Word.

  123. Chris says:


    Uribe or Alex Gonzalez?

  124. Fletch says:

    @Grey: On a side note…the longest sporting event in history is taking place at Wimbledon right now. The 5th set alone is at 5 hours with the tie break at 47 a piece! Amazing!!

  125. Dingo says:

    @ThePoonTycoon: I wasn’t trying to badmouth soccer overall (and especially not team USA) by complaining about flopping. I criticize because I love!

    I just think that the consequences for flopping in soccer are much worse than in the other sports you mention — in some cases permanent loss of a key player and an extremely high percentage scoring opportunity. But despite that, the players all seem pretty nonchalant about it — they acknowledge that it’s cheating, but simply say that everyone does it. A recent Reuters blog post about the subject talked about how diving in soccer is as bad as if not worse than doping scandals, and I think that’s a pretty fair point.

  126. Dingo says:

    @William: For what it’s worth, I recently made almost the exact same complaint about a couple of less flashy names than the ones you mention — Garrett Jones and Carlos Quentin. Grey told me to be patient, and lo and behold, both players started hitting and now I’m starting to receive trade offers.

  127. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @William: agree with grey. sometimes you have to sink or swim. when you have a bunch of guys underperforming, you cross your fingers and hope they turn it around. some years it’s just not in the cards. and you can’t drop them usually because prince fielder is capable of putting up in 1 month what most WW guys are capable of putting up in the whoel season.

  128. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @Dingo: i think diving has actually improved though. mostly it’s a few european teams that are the worst. it also has a lot to do with a large field and the refs can’t be up close and personal for every contact, or even see every contact.

    but it is what it is. i mean baseball has missed how many HR calls before they finally let the umps look at a camera to see if it went out or not? hell you can’t get much worse than blowing a perfect game when the guy was out by 3 feet.

  129. Fletch says:

    @Grey: They are about ready to call the Wimbledon match (Isner vs. Mahut) for the second day because of darkness. I have never watched a sporting event like this in my life. The 5th match tie break is at 49 -49. 168 aces! Now over 8 1/2 hours!!!!

  130. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Fletch: That’s pretty insane. Are those guys good?

  131. aj says:

    which one sits Smoak, Kouz, Barbon

  132. Fletch says:

    @Grey: Isner is ranked 23rd and from the US. They’re both good today apparently. It’s now 50-50 tie break. Showing it on one of the ESPN channels right now.

  133. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @Fletch: jesus. a friend of mine was texting me like 2 hours ago when it was like 37-37.

  134. Donnie Baseball says:

    Reports are that Volquez hit 98 on the gun a few times today! Wow!

  135. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @Donnie Baseball: pays to do roids when the suspension isn’t gonna affect you anyway. hell i’d be pumping my guys full of them if they had an extended rehab and were gonna miss the 50 games anyway. they just know they can’t get caught using after that.

  136. Fletch says:

    @Fletch: This tennis match is better than watching the Godfather trilogy in chronological order in one sitting.

  137. @Fletch: The longest sporting event in history? Cricket matches are often scheduled over multiple days…

  138. @Grey: By the way thanks for talking me out of trading for A.J. and/or Shields. A.J. looks horrible. Another bum start and he might be available on waivers anyway.

    @ThePoonTycoon: I hear that. That’s why I hated the Show Time Lakers and we all know Centaur-Rod is bush league. I give Dempsey credit props for being a mensch.

    @Eric: Presidente’s the cheap brew of choice up here. What can I say, I’m a traitor. You should see the dirty looks I got when I was goofing off during god bless america on my last trip to Yankee stadium.

    @Big Nate: That’s my favorite thing about the game. That and English “Oi” punk bands like Cock Sparrer and The Business.

    @Fletch: That’s bonkers. I can’t seem to find it.

  139. Fletch says:

    @Mark Geoffriau: Tennis matches are not scheduled over multiple days like cricket Mark. I’m sure if you did some research Mark you would find some chess match that’s lasted weeks.

  140. @Fletch: The court time is just under 7 hours so far. One day cricket matches regularly go for 7 or 8 hours.

  141. Fletch says:

    @Mark Geoffriau: Like I said Mark…do some research and I’m sure you could find some chess match that has lasted for weeks….or a Monopoly game for that matter, but that isn’t the point.

  142. GTS says:

    Start Niese vs MIN this Sunday?

  143. @Fletch: I just like saving hyperbole for when you really need it.

  144. Fletch says:

    @Grey: What are your thoughts on Pavano or Kennedy for the rest of the season?

  145. FD says:

    Wieters or Posey the rest of the way?

    Personally i’d like to drop both of them and not have to worry about catchers for the rest of the year. And i’m about 25% serious.

    thanks for input

  146. johny says:

    Who do you like better going forward – Gio Gonzalez or Volquez?

  147. Wilsonian says:

    @Grey; @Anyone: 8 Team H2H Keeper…my team is in “sink or swim” mode. I have a shit-ton of talent that is severely under producing, but through an act of God, I’m still currently clinging onto first place. My guys aren’t hitting, and a few of my stud pitchers have been shizzing the bed lately and totally f-ing my peripherals. I’m looking to move something for a top of the line bat, like of the A-Gonz variety or of similar quality, what would be a good offer from this lineup:

    V-Mart, Glaus, Utley, Longo, Andrus, Kemp, Cruz, Krispie, Wright, Rasmus, CarGo, Delmon

    Doc, Ubaldo, JJ, Verlander, Weaver, C.Lewis, Floyd, Aardsma, K-Rod, Capps, Axford, Mike G.-DL, DLR-DL

    Thank ya gentlemen…

  148. Dig the bizarro biblical showdown this afternoon: DeJesus vs. Big Baby Jesus

    How strange is it that the Royals have the highest team batting average in baseball?

  149. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @Wilsonian: maybe you could try for cargo? or let cruz get going again and then shop him?

  150. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Wilsonian: Not really sink or swim when you’re in first. Trade Verlander, Halladay, Ubaldo or JJ for A-Gon. In that order.

    @3FingersBrown: Ha! Yeah, very strange.

    EDIT: Letters.

  151. Wilsonian says:

    @Grey: thanks! Well, I was up about 15 games two weeks ago, and that lead has slimmed to 4 games over two teams. My avg. last week was around .190 and it’s started off the same way this week, so thought a bat might help.

    @ThePoonTycoon: I’ve actually thought about Verlander/CarGo for someone like Adrian, but think that might be too much.

    I’m just really trying to look at a decent offer that isn’t going to offend someone that might actually net me a helluva bat.

  152. Grey

    Grey says:

    NOOOO!!!! I lost Tommy Manzella for my Fantasy Razzball team to a broken finger. NOOOO!!!!

  153. Steve says:

    @Mark Geoffriau: @Fletch: Cricket ‘tests’ are scheduled for five days. 8 hours is about right for a one-dayer. Twenty20 is starting to take hold now, though and that’s over and done with in about 3 hours.

    @Grey: Isner won a tournament in Auckland earlier this year. Which doesn’t mean he’s good necessarily, but I like to fill in any gaps where I can.

  154. Steve says:

    Oh – and 59-all when play was suspended due to fading light.

  155. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: Can’t really compare a game that is supposed to end after 4 to 5 hours with something that is meant to last several days, right?

  156. Steve says:

    @Grey: Wouldn’t have thought so.

  157. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: I think baseball’s usual time is a fair comparison. Baseball lasts 3 hours on average. If a game went for 8 hours, it would be as crazy. BTW, I don’t watch tennis either.

  158. Steve says:

    @Grey: I asked the Internet and it told me that the average length of a tennis match is about 3 and a half hours.

    We need to broaden your sporting horizons…

  159. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: What’s the internet? Oh, that! So the average tennis match is the same as the average Yankee/Red Sawx game, I get it.

  160. @Steven Strasburg: Nobody F’s with DeJesus!

    By the way I hear he’s a pedarest.

  161. Hammerhead says:

    Grey or anyone, would you start the following pitchers?
    Zito @ Houston
    Tim Hudson @ CWC
    Nolasco @ Baltimore?

  162. tHe ShiT says:

    Glad 2 c Strasburg is human. I’ve grown tired of all the hype. And yes, I do own Strasburg, but not in my money league. I wish they would put him on the All-Star team so he could c how it is 2 face real hitters, not the Nats, Bucs, n Indians. I guarantee everyone will be itching to face him in the All-Star game so they could show him up…

    Strasburg looked like a deer in the headlights after almost beaning Bannister!

  163. Grey

    Grey says:

    @tHe ShiT: Bannister looked like he crapped his pants.

  164. danimal35 says:

    I’ve got 7 spots to fill with 9 OFs today…I’ve have sonofabenched 5 HRs in the last week…please take the decision out of my hands so I can step back off the ledge, my friend…which two do I sit?

    B. Upton
    J. Upton
    Adam Jones

  165. tHe ShiT says:

    @Grey: I don’t know whose turd stain is bigger though, his or Strasburg’s. Zimmerman and Pudge were ready 2 protect the kid though. It woulda been gr8 2 c Bannister charge the mound though…

  166. Grey

    Grey says:

    @tHe ShiT: That would’ve been awesome. Bannister would’ve never made it out of Washington.

  167. @Grey: Lopez, Starlin or EverCab? Got FeLo and EverCab sitting on the DL. Starlin was just dropped.

    I need SB, R, AVG from my MI – preferably at the same time.

    Also Rausch for Dirty Sanchez?

  168. tHe ShiT says:

    @Grey: True dat my ninja! How funny is it that the Royals have hit him good? Although they do have the leagues best avg, from what i read earlier…

  169. tHe ShiT says:

    Zimmerman slowly coming out of that funky slump. He must have been chubby-chasin this wknd.

  170. tHe ShiT says:

    Bad call ump! Bernardina was safe and it wasn’t even close!

  171. Cheese

    Cheese says:

    Zobrist or K Johnson at 2B rest of season and is it close?

  172. Grey

    Grey says:

    @3FingersBrown: Leave Starlin alone. I’d take Rauch.

    @tHe ShiT: Yeah, Royals don’t take no smack.

    @Cheese: Zobrist, not really.

  173. tHe ShiT says:

    @Cheese: Zorilla and not even close. Kel-Jo is 2 streaky… BTW i have both in my infield and am looking 4 a replacement 4 Kel-Jo.

  174. Nuke LaDouche says:

    Throw Romero versus the Cards tonight?

  175. @Grey: Yeah that’s what I’m thinking. I need a low WHIP guy more than another Sanchez walkfest anyway. Parra’s on waivers and he’s like Sanchez-lite.

    This is a good game going on in D.C. I thought Bernadina was safe. Anyone see JWill’s steal? Pitchout FAIL. I think I could have thrown him out.

  176. @Grey: What do you think of Posey and Rausch for Johan? Keeper league, but is it still too much of a lowball offer? I think Johan’s going to pick it up in the 2nd half as he usually does.

    The same guy traded Youk for Price, in what I think was the worst trade of the year so far in this league.

  177. Grey

    Grey says:

    @3FingersBrown: I’d take Johan. It is probably too lowball though. That’s a bad trade. I just traded for Price today too. But I only paid Kelly Johnson.

  178. Steve says:

    @Grey: Take your mask off, robber.

  179. @Grey: Wow that’s a quite a heist that you pulled off there. What about Swisher instead of Posey?

  180. @Grey: Holy crap dude. You gave the other guy the jedi mind trick!

    I really hope it’s all BS. Johan really seems like a good guy.

    After reading that, I just offered Posey and Rausch for Johan. Maybe the other guy will be shook with all the press coverage that’s going to surround him. Johan’s owner has a lousy ‘pen and John Buck catching. His team is falling like a rock and sits second to last, so I’m hoping that he’s playing for next year already.

  181. Grey

    Grey says:

    @3FingersBrown: After reading it, it sounds like nothing. Case’s already been closed. I did Jedi mind ’em.

  182. paulzone says:

    i have an open dl spot…any of these sp’s worth stashing?

    beckett, volquez, bedard?

  183. paulzone says:

    nolasco is effin killing me! is he toast?

  184. @Grey: I agree, but you know how the press is here. With so many papers and so little to write about (like say important stuff the world going to hell in a handbasket) they’re going to be all over Johan’s every move.

    BTW Seinfeld’s in the booth right now, calling with Gary and Keith. Good stuff. Watch out for the second spitter in the grassy knoll!

  185. Grey

    Grey says:

    @paulzone: Depends on your options.

    @3FingersBrown: Oh, they will be all over him, for sure. Yeah, watching it.

  186. royce! says:

    I think we need to raise some $ to buy Nolasco a ticket to New Orleans. He could use a few AAA starts. Also, maybe we could use the extra $ to buy me some new sheets. He’s crapped the bed one too many times.

  187. paulzone says:

    now i have an open spot…hmmm…arroyo?

    my team makes me wanna puke. it was a good apr/may though…


    sps-carpenter, santana, nolasco, hamels, oswalt, vazquez, volquez(dl), simon
    rps-franklin, soriano, guerrier (holds)

    i’ve dropped from 1st to 3rd pretty quick. 20 pts behind the two leaders…and i continue to drop…any advice???

  188. penpen says:

    @royce!: @paulzone: When the O’s are beating up on you, rock bottom’s not far away. God what a disaster.

  189. principal blackman says:

    I need some advice regarding a potential trade.
    I just got offered Pujols and Willingham for Josh Johnson and Brett Gardner in a 6×6 h2h league (the extra stats are total bases and outs). I love albert, but I’m not sure if I really need him. Nor am a sure if I can really afford to give up Josh Johnson. Here is my squad.

    c Napoli
    1b Morneau
    2b K Johnson
    3b Longoria
    ss Scutaro
    if Zimmerman
    of Bruce, Gardner, Span, Granderson
    util Ian Stewart
    bn Quentin, Fra-Gu, Posey
    dl Tulowitzki

    sp Johnson, Buchholz, Price, J Garcia, E Santana, Kennedy, Nolasco
    rp Aardsma, Gregg, Dotel

    Should I pull the trigger on this?

  190. paulzone says:

    avail sps include: arroyo, peavy, scherzer, takahashi, niese, hammel vargas

  191. Donnie Baseball says:


    yeah, they have to try something. Maybe send him down and get his confidence back up. He looks like a defeated man.

    He’s throwing hard though. It just seems like he can’t snap off his curve like he used to. Maybe he’s hurt.

  192. Fletch says:

    @Grey: What do you think of 2 home starts (Pit, Cin) next week for Randy Wells…worth rolling out there?

    Also, you think Medlen stays in the rotation?

  193. and1mcgee says:

    Evan or Hanley for the rest of the year? For a Util spot, net production. Thx

  194. @principal blackman: Dude, there’s always room on a team for the best player in the game. Please hit “accept” now.

    I would then turn around and flip a hitter for a good starter since you’ve got a lot of bench players.

  195. Grey

    Grey says:

    @royce!: Yeah, what a mess.

    @paulzone: Sure, Arroyo, unless you need Ks then Scherzer.

    @principal blackman: Yeah, I’d take Pujols there even though you don’t really need him. Turn around and trade someone else for an SP.

    @Fletch: re: Wells – Sure. Hopefully with Medlen.

    @Donnie Baseball: Longoria…

  196. paulzone says:

    @Grey: i could dump nolasco and add both scherzer and arroyo (yes i need ks, didnt think santana would get 1 per game). do it?

  197. ViagraFalls says:

    Do you let Marlon Byrd, who has a good BA, go against Cliff Lee tonight? My other options to fill the slot are Heyward and Grandy, both lefties going against lefties…

  198. Grey

    Grey says:

    @paulzone: Go for it.

    @ViagraFalls: I would’ve said Heyward, but I think you asked the question too late. Sure, Byrd.

  199. Hey is Larussa back on the sauce? He’s got Nick Stavinoha hitting cleanup tonight?? No wonder why they haven’t scored despite Albert going 3 for 3 so far tonight. *face meet palm*

    @principal blackman: BTW I think I’d try and flip Morneau for another JJ level ace ASAP. I don’t see Frankenstein keeping up this torrid pace. He’s got a .376 BABIP this year while his lifetime number is .294

  200. Grey

    Grey says:

    @3FingersBrown: Where’s all my Reyes owners? Where’s the love?

  201. Steve says:

    @Grey: I have him on three teams. It’s been a rough ride, but I’ve been with you all the way.

  202. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: Rough, really? He’s the number two ranked SS on ESPN’s Player Rater behind Hanley. You expect so much, Steve.

  203. Steve says:

    @Grey: Love the guy!

    You have to admit, though, the early going wasn’t pretty.

  204. @Grey: Man I wish I had him. He’s blazing hot! here he comes now with the bases juiced.

  205. Gah… nice play by Guillen.

    @Steve: He didn’t pick up a bat all spring with that whole thyroid thing. What did you expect?

    Uh oh Pagan was pinch hit for. Not sure why. Me no like.

  206. @Grey: Crap, sounds like an oblique strain. Just when I was hoping to get my wife to put on the Angel wings for Saturday’s game.

  207. @Grey: I think Frenchy poisoned Pagan.

  208. Steve says:

    @3FingersBrown: Yeah, I know, I know.

    I can’t even hit a Wii home run – even if my daughter can.

  209. @Steve: Hey you got a slugger there! Better grab her up in that dynasty league!

  210. Steve says:

    @3FingersBrown: She plays every (Wii) sport with the same stroke – tennis, golf, baseball etc.

    She was playing the other day and hit 7 or 8 in a row at one stage.

  211. Steve says:

    Um – Howard just caught stealing home.

    Can’t have been as simple as that…

  212. royce! says:

    @Steve: Pitcher to first to shortstop to catcher, I think. And Howard was running home the entire time! Hey!

  213. royce! says:

    sorry, actually P to 1B to SS to 1B to C. The rest is accurate.

  214. @Steve: Dang! I’ve never played Wii.

    Howard must have gotten caught in a run down, trying to score while Victorino was picked off of first. It says pitcher to first to SS to first to catcher

  215. Kazmere says:

    C’mon, Ricky… At least give us a W…

  216. @royce!: Haha… I picture them just throwing it around the horn as Howard lumbered home.

    @Kazmere: Of course now the Cards score once Gregg is in the game. Grrrrrr… maybe the Jays can get me a vulture win.

  217. royce! says:

    Gonna be a good day to own some Rangers- Dana Eveland entered the game in the second after Maholm apparently gave up 6 ER.

  218. Fletch says:

    @Grey: What do you think of me trading Verlander and Glaus/Beltre for Josh Joshnson?

  219. herschel says:

    @Grey: suffering from post-tulu depression and trying to make a move for reyes. my fielder and kelly johnson for reyes and kinsler (i have carlos pena to fill in at 1b). thoughts?

  220. @royce!: …and Hamilton got the day off. I really wish I had Michael Young. Guy is undervalued.

  221. herschel says:

    @Grey: does that mean you still have faith in fielder putting together a decent second half?

  222. Grey

    Grey says:

    @herschel: More than Kinsler, sure.

  223. Wilsonian says:

    Who wins?




  224. struggler says:

    Joe Martinez just came in for SF. Looks like wey’ll see Mad Bum on Saturday!

  225. thepizzaman says:

    Don’t you love when you realize you have a batter up and rush to turn the game on only to see him pop up or ground out on the first pitch? Vlad just played me like that

  226. Fletch says:

    @Grey: How about this one Grey: Verlander, J. Upton and Beltre for Youk, A. Huff and Josh Johnson?

  227. Kazmere says:

    Debating about dropping Nolasco.

    Grey, do you think his 2nd half will be awesome? I could probably afford to bench him til post-ASB, but if you think he’s a lost cause, my finger’s on the drop button. Ks not an issue, but I’m last in ERA.
    FAs in my 12 tm roto:

    … Or grab League as Mike G insurance?

  228. Kazmere says:

    @Kazmere: Current staff of Lester, Oswalt, Baker, J.Sanchez (newly acquired), Volquez (DL).

  229. Fletch says:

    @Grey: If it’s Halladay in that trade instead of Josh Johnson does that change your mind?

  230. Steve says:

    Ugh – not a good day for the Bald Man.

    Had to happen, I guess.

  231. thepizzaman says:

    Okay its time to get Quentin in the lineup. 2 run bomb ugh

  232. Wilsonian says:

    What about this one:




  233. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Fletch: Not really, but the trade’s not that far off. If you want, go for it. You’ll probably be sorry you gave away Upton though.

    @Steve: Yup

    @thepizzaman: About time.

  234. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Wilsonian: It’s fair. I’d take A-Gon’s side.

  235. thepizzaman says:

    @Grey: Take away that BA and Quentin really isn’t having too bad of a year at all

  236. Black Beard says:

    Felix for J. Upton? or Haren for J. Upton?

    Keeper league

  237. Steve says:

    In my H2H league, I drafted Quentin. Then dropped him. The picked him up again. Then dropped him.

    And just picked him up again.

    No idea where I’ll put him of course…

  238. Kazmere says:

    @Grey: Kuroda? vs the Yankees? Yeah??

  239. and1mcgee says:

    I give J Upside and Mad Max, I get Longoria. For a Util spot. I win? thanks, fellow keyboard all-stars!

  240. Steve says:

    Typical Parra outing, but I’ll take it.

  241. Martin says:

    @grey- would u rather have clayton richard or volquez from now till the end of the year?

  242. thepizzaman says:

    Kemp looks to be swinging the bat well again. Hit 2 long warning track drives that just missed

  243. Kazmere says:

    Take a flier on Takahashi at home vs DET?

  244. Ugh of course he’s gotta start hitting once I dump him. I had it with San Quentin.

    MMD to the rescue with the jack off of Pap-smear. Took away my opponents Lackey W! BOOYA I don’t even have him but I’m lovin’ the MMD tonight

  245. Steve says:

    @Grey: Who do you hold out more hope for for the rest of the year – Ibanez, Quentin or Lind?

    They’re all LF options on my H2H team. I currently have Boesch there, but assume that party will be over soon.

  246. thepizzaman says:

    @Grey: Quentin just hit another bomb–against my Hudson too. Is there any room left for my head in your oven?

  247. Steve says:

    CQ, you’re effing kidding me.

  248. and1mcgee says:

    @Steve: ditto

  249. @Steve: That was good for him. He only walked two! He’s been going pretty good lately.

    @Kazmere: Sure. Mets are killing it at home.

  250. Steve says:

    @thepizzaman: I have Hudson too – on my H2H team – but I got unexpected wins from Erv-San yesterday and Parra today so I don’t think I’ve got any grounds for complaint.

  251. thepizzaman says:

    @Steve: yeah Hudson still looked pretty good tonight. If Prado doesn’t ruin that double play they are out of the inning and 3 runs don’t score. I’m not making excuses am I?

  252. Steve says:

    @thepizzaman: Now that you’ve brought it up, I’m happy to run with it.

  253. Joe says:

    looking for suggestions, all thoughts welcome. In a roto league that I’m in, I’m doing great in hitting but I’m way down in K’s and projected to come up 150 innings short. So I’m looking to trade at least one outfielder to get a starter. Which of the following OFs would you trade? Josh Hamilton, Nelson Cruz, Jayson Werth, Brett Gardner, and CarGo. Also, what high strikeout pitcher do you think will have the best second half? My only quality pitcher is Lester so anyone you name I probably don’t own.

  254. thepizzaman says:

    @Joe: Wainwright

  255. Steve says:

    @3FingersBrown: Glad I didn’t forsake Corpas just yet, either.

  256. @Joe: How many OF’s can you play at once? I would move Nelson. Dude mashes but he can’t stay healthy. Let him be someone elses problem.

  257. Joe says:

    @3FingersBrown: I can start 3 OF and 2 UTIL but I have at least one UTIL taken up by Miggy. I’m tempted to move Hamilton cause I’m afraid of him getting hurt and he’s as valuable as he’ll ever be. Nelson has been hurt, not sure the degree to which that damages his value. Can’t imagine Gardner fetching much despite his success, and Werth has low value now too. I’m going to repost my question tomorrow since I’m hitting the sack now, but if you guys leave more thoughts I’ll check back then too.

  258. and1mcgee says:

    @and1mcgee: c’mon guys, help me out. Is this a good trade for me?

    give Justin Upton and Max Scherzer, get Longoria

  259. thepizzaman says:

    @and1mcgee: i like it for you

  260. and1mcgee says:

    @thepizzaman: thanks… ok i gotta do it!

  261. xopchipili says:

    Demel just struck out the side against the Yankees. Swish, Tex, ARod, 1-2-3. This guy’s gotta be closing soon, right?

  262. thepizzaman says:

    @and1mcgee: yeah you do…OF is such a deep position and Longoria is a beast

  263. and1mcgee says:

    @xopchipili: I hope so!! (not impressed with the Swisher K, lol) !

  264. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Kazmere: Nah, but you said you could bench Nolasco, so bench Kuroda.

    @and1mcgee: Yup

    @Martin: Richard…

    @Kazmere: It’s okay, but why are you pressing SPs when you said you could bench Nolasco?

    @Steve: Quentin…

    @xopchipili: Maybe, but I’m doubtful.

  265. thepizzaman says:

    @xopchipili: I had some room and just picked him up..i guess it cant hurt to stash him

  266. @and1mcgee: I like the Longo side.

    @xopchipili: Son of Sam strikes! Kid looks nasty. He made Tex and Centaur-Rod look silly. Heilman best protect his neck!

    @Joe: I’d wait for Cruz to rake for a week and then try and move him for someone in the Waino tier. Maybe Haren if you can’t get Waino. Haren’s HR/FB numbers have got to calm down.

  267. Terrence Mann says:


    Time to drop Ubaldo?

  268. @thepizzaman: I got him in my 15 team league where just about every RP with the slightest chance of a save is already rostered.

    If the D-Backs are selling, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them move Heilman

  269. Steve says:

    @Grey: My relievers-only strategy in Fantasy Razzball paid some dividends today, thanks to Gregg and Wood. 27 pts from 1.1 inings of work!

    Keppinger and Adam LaRoche killed me on the hitting front though.

  270. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: Wait a minute, you say Adam LaRoche? You’ve owned him all year?

  271. TastelessGarbage says:

    For rest of season: Kennedy, C. Richard, Scherzer in correct order?

  272. Kazmere says:

    @Grey: Kuroda is one league, Tak flier another league.

  273. Steve says:

    @Grey: Yeah – it was his Ks that attracted me in the beginning.

    It’s probably the time of year to make a change.

  274. DrEasy says:

    Heilman to close…

  275. DrEasy says:

    Or rather “close”…

  276. @DrEasy: My man didn’t let me down, that’s the scrub that I knew and loved in Flushing. God that Yaddy Molina homer in the ’06 NLCS still haunts me.

    Forbes just released a list of the 10 most hated atheletes. Heilman’s definitely up there, along with Charles “dunk the damn ball” Smith.

  277. Beach Ninja says:

    Carlos Quentin…. ohh Carlos….. I’ve played you faithfully, week in, week out. Your suckiness dragging my BA down on a daily basis for almost 3 months….. the slightest hint of a resurgence giving me a reason to keep throwing you out there. Then, thinking that you would have no chance against Braves pitching, I bench you for the week. Now this. HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME YOU MISERABLE TRAITOROUS SONOVABENCH!!!!!!!!!

    And as Posey racks up another DNP and Smoak goes 1/5 in a 13 run game after having sat him last week, my cat watches me writhe in pain and anguish with glee, for all the times I’ve tickled her belly by surprise while exclaiming “ticker tease”!

  278. Steve says:

    @DrEasy: @3FingersBrown: The DBacks had to know that, having got a scoreless inning out of Gutierrez, trouble could not be too far away.

  279. @Steve: Trouble’s Heilman’s middle name. Can’t put him into any pressure situation, guy melts in the heat.

    I’m watching youtube videos of Iron Sheik interviews. To which I say “Faaaak da Heilman!”

  280. DrEasy says:

    Grandy sonavabench! But I’m glad to see that he finally stole a base, especially in a game where others got caught stealing.

  281. DrEasy says:

    I wonder how many at-bats Rivera has had in his career.

  282. DrEasy says:

    Answer: that was only his third at-bat ever.

  283. DrEasy says:

    Crazy thing is, he has a walk and an RBI.

  284. @DrEasy: Dunno. I do remember Frankie walking him in that game against the Mets last year. That was bonkers.

    Also bonkers: Mariano’s 9th on the all-time K list for Yankee pitchers… uh oh D-Backs got Mariano on the ropes…

  285. DrEasy says:

    Now the Rivera vs Mini-Donkey showdown…

  286. DrEasy says:

    @3FingersBrown: You can add two more Ks! He had to throw 40 pitches tonight though.

  287. @DrEasy: Right. That was a bases loaded walk by Frankie. Same series as the Castillo dropped pop up I believe. Mets found new and original ways to lose every day last season

    I’m not a Yankee homer, but damn Mariano’s the man. Unreal how he wriggled out of that one.

  288. xopchipili says:

    you know you’re running good when you get 2Ws from your closers in the same night (Rivera and Corpas)

  289. @xopchipili: In dramatic fashion!

    I’m happy Fuentes held down another one, even though Gregg and Simon spit the bit for me tonight

  290. Terrence Mann says:


    I was praying for them to stick Qualls in there.

    I have him, Simon, and Hoffman in my razz lineup. Missed out on Wood – though I wanted him.

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