We finally have a start date for the MLB and that means we also have a start date for our Razzball Commenter Leagues.  FINALLY!  MLB sure doesn’t do anything fast.  I’m starting my mini-season RCL prep with cautious optimism.  I really don’t know how this is going to work if players start dropping out with positive tests.  The way things are going in Florida right now, will baseball even be in an option in three weeks?  In a nine week season, does a DL stint just make a player droppable?  Rosterbation will be at an all time high, that is for sure.  So many questions, so few answers, but we’re along for the ride.  We’ll play this thing out one way or another and have fun trying to make sense of it all.  To say this season will be a strange one is an understatement.  We’ve got 60 games to take home RCL glory and that also comes with a couple of rule changes.  We’ll be pro-rating the MIN/MAX on IP to 370 and 525 and we’ll also be adjusting the maximum add/drops to 185.  Even with increased rosterbation, that should be plenty for everyone…he says before half his team is quarantined and the Marlins have called the season quits in week five.  On a brighter note, we’ve also opened up some leagues drafting in July, so you can draft knowing more about the season than anyone who has drafted thus far!  Click below for the info on those leagues as well as some early season trades that have gone down so far (almost entirely in one league).


We’ve had 13 trades in the RCL preseason so far, four of which have come from RCL #46.  Here they are for your perusal:

3/13/2020 CRAB ARMY Team focusedonjrod traded Joe Jimenez to Knuckle Balls for Justin Turner
3/26/2020 FCL Creative Chaos traded Joey Gallo to A second player to be named later for Zack Greinke
4/2/2020 RCL #39 Team epash00 traded Max Scherzer & Raisel Iglesias to TheHombre for Matt Chapman & Franmil Reyes
4/14/2020 RCL #35 Team ParkBarkley traded Jose Leclerc & Brandon Workman to Team JNewcott for J.D. Davis & Wade Davis
4/18/2020 RCL #46 ParkBarkley traded Manny Machado & Kyle Schwarber to Joe Exotic for Anthony Rizzo & Rougned Odor
4/19/2020 RCL #46 ParkBarkley traded Mookie Betts & Xander Boagearts to Team chuckandmisty for Ronald Acuna Jr., Rick Porcello & Austin Meadows
4/20/2020 RCL #46 Corvid-19 Sucks traded Max Muncy & Mike Minor to Quarantined Escapees for Ian Kennedy & Eric Hosmer
4/23/2020 RCL #46 Joe Exotic traded Jose Quintana, Edwin Encarnacion, Will Smith, Kyle Schwarber & Manny Machado to Quarantined Escapees for Mike Minor, Aaron Judge, Josh Bell, Brandon Kintzler & Justin Turner
4/28/2020 RCL #54 Short Season All-Stars traded Adalberto Mondesi to Goon Squad for Xander Bogaerts & Sean Doolittle
5/1/2020 RCL #17 Zoe’s Boys II traded Jose Leclerc to Park Barkley Auto DL for Zac Gallen
5/8/2020 RCL #54 Goon Squad traded Vladimir Guerrero Jr., David Dahl & Didi Gregorius to Ghost Runner 7 for Bo Bichette
6/27/2020 RCL #61 MarmosDad traded Austin Meadows to Vottoman Empire for Jordan Hicks & Giovanny Gallegos
6/28/2020 RCL #61 Vottoman Empire traded Paul DeJong, David Peralta & A.J. Puk to Ride the Yellie for Joey Votto, Lourdes Gurriel Jr. & Aaron Civale

Honestly, none of these look too crazy, and with a 60 game season, it seems like anything could work.  I will say I think Vottoman stole Austin Meadows there.  Also,  Ghost Runner 7, that is one heck of a team name that is going to give Rudy’s data collection absolute nightmares.  Yikes.  Any chance you can change that to actual text?

You can check on the trades that have happened, as well as look at the ADP data from back in March, if that tickles your fancy, by clicking HERE to be magically transported to my RCL ADP spreadsheet.  I need to catch up with the April drafts and beyond as I fell off the wagon with keeping up once things went batty.  July ADPs will be pretty interesting though and I will definitely be tracking them.  To add to those ADPs, you need to join some leagues!  We have six new leagues drafting in July for your amusement.  Check the sheet below for draft dates and times.  Nevermind the highlighted # column, that’s just an indicator to me that I have updated the league settings to reflect the 60 game season.  Yes, I am doing them by hand.


Click the LINK in the ‘League Link’ column (see below grid) for the time you want and YOU’RE IN.  Damn, that’s too easy.  Oh, I guess I should also mention make sure you’re joining a league for free or for money, depending on your preference.  If you want a league for money, then 1) Click the link. 2) Pay the money.  That’s it!  No pesky third requirement!  Again, Fantrax and Razzball take no money.  You can join as many free or paid leagues as you like.  To quit a league, go to OTHER –> All Options –> Quit League (located at the bottom).  Now go join some leagues!

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  1. return2earth says:

    passed along your note to señor ghost ?

    • MattTruss

      MattTruss says:

      *fist bump* Thanks!

  2. Vottoman Empire says:

    To be fair, the deal was actually Dylan Carlson + Gallegos + Hicks for Austin Meadows, and due to the other GM accidentally countering with an unintended lesser return, the trade ended up broken up into two parts (so when you see Dylan Carlson traded for nobody in RCL 61, that’s the trade being completed). I’m still happy about acquiring Meadows, though!

    • MattTruss

      MattTruss says:

      Ah the old “player to be named later”. I did see that, makes sense, but I’d still want Meadows!

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