We’re at over 1,000 responses on our first poll!

I’ll be sharing the results of that poll soon but really psyched to get that much feedback. It helps us tailor the content as well as provide relevant projections/player values (like Point Shares).

I should’ve asked the below questions as part of the initial poll but brainfarted. Oh well. Thanks in advance for the feedback! We’ll share the results of this poll as well.

  1. Skeptic says:

    For leagues that use greater numbers of categories, the more diminished the value of steals and save stats become. For example my primary league has TB/avg/sb/slg/obp/k/r/RBI and era/w/whip/so/s/k9/l/qs/kbb ratio.

    Ps what are your thoughts on those cats? I don’t much care for them personally but what are some arguments I can make against them?

    • @Skeptic, Grey and I are personally fans of classic 5×5. I think any variant should maintain an equal # of categories for hitting and pitching. And I really don’t think any of the other pitcher metrics out there are worthwhile from a sabermetric point of view. I can see the argument for Holds since Middle Relievers are so important in baseball but the best MRs have real value in 5×5 – no need to use a phony metric like Holds.

      There are solid arguments why OBP is better than AVG and that AVG + HR undervalue DB and TR. And that R/RBI are team-dependent. If I was creating a sabermetric league, I would totally change the categories. But I don’t think that league would be more fun than 5×5 fantasy baseball so what’s the point? :) Re: your league’s format, TB AND SLG? Why both? K’s for hitters seems arbitrary.

      This poll is definitely showing that a lot of people are taking advantage of Yahoo/ESPN/CBSSports’ flexibility in adding new categories. So Grey and I will need to think about if/how we can address this better in our posts/projections.

      • Skeptic says:

        @Rudy Gamble, Thanks for the as always thoughtful reply. I’ve made a ton of arguments for classic 5×5 but these are guys who like to over analyze stupid crap; your slg v tb point is the same one that I made. I ultimately have to go to “whats actually the best proxy for real baseball.” the diminution of relievers in the league infuriates me the most and we have only 5 pitching slots so you can’t have mr if you want to make the innings max each week (and you’re rolling out liriano to get his 3ip of 9era suckitude).

        Anyway, I applaud the effort to accommodate a wider variety of playing styles. I’m trying to convince awesomeous Maximus to create a dynamic pitching tool to try something differen than greys tiers– because liriano really burned me and I want to see if I can track greys quasi point share values ie how many $/pts total does greys pitching strat

        • Skeptic says:

          @Skeptic, …imply and are there different ways to get to the same value. Plus every league drafts differently so a tool that allows you to deal with that would be powerful.

  2. 3FingersBrown says:

    I dig OBP, SLG% or OPS over AVG. Screw singles hitters with no plate discipline…

    QS is a useful metric to give value to innings eaters who may have so-so K rates. Of course it puts an even greater emphasis on starters… I agree, holds are weak.

    I play in both Roto and H2H. The statistics geek in me appreciates Roto but the degenerate gambler in me prefers H2H. So yeah, I’d love to see more H2H content – Hitter match-ups against upcoming pitchers, splits, that sort of stuff.

    • Skeptic says:

      @3FingersBrown, Having only 5 pitching slots, having qs, and only 1/8 of the pitching stats being directly reliever oriented, comPletely removes relievers from our league equation and it’s a travesty.

  3. Disco says:

    One of my H2H leagues this year added OPS for hitters and Outs for pitchers to the standard 5×5 cats. It’s a weekly lineup league, starting 4 SP, 2 RP and 2 P, so outs and Ks can’t be gamed from streaming except by starting 6 SP, and then you’re probably at a disadvantage in Saves. We wanted to add OPS but also had a hard time coming up with a sixth pitching category, didn’t really want to do Holds, and Yahoo didn’t have a Losses+Blown Saves category, so we went with Outs. Also we figured since HR are both a R and a RBI it added some symmetry having a K also be an Out. Any thoughts on this?

    • @Disco, Outs is identical to IP. assuming there isn’t an innings cap, this is okay i guess. But you have to go 6 SPs in a league format like that given the extra counting stat

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