Since the last time we reported the Razzball standings, there’s been a shakeup at the top.

The big mover – Razzball’s own Grey. He’s shot up from 8th to 2nd and is now threatening to take the lead from Cards In The Attic who has been in the top 3 since the beginning of the year.

Our non-blogger entry DFA has slipped from 2nd to 3rd. I’ve fell back from 1st to 4th as my pitching has upgraded to ordinary. How could Kyle Lohse, Kyle Kendrick, and Jon Garland keep pitching so well?

We’ve got a logjam between 5th and 8th. After seeing Grey jump from 8th to 2nd, no doubt that any of these teams could quickly shoot into contention. My eye is on Fantasy Baseball Generals if they can ever get close to the minimum AB total and avoid the penalty stats.

Click on the below image for the standings. Click here for our Razzball Point Shares player rater to see the best of the worst.

  1. Grey

    Grey says:

    I’ve collapsed in all of my leagues. This is the only one where I’m rewarded for it.

  2. wakeNbake says:

    ****Rafael Soriano on the DL****

    Mike Gonzalez is looking better day by day

  3. This is too funny, injuries even kill you in a league like this! I keep picking up replacements for guys who got injured or are sent to the minors, and my replacement then gets injured the next day. Thanks Josh Barfield.

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