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Peter Bourjos was one of my sleeper picks last year, so here we are doing our fantasy baseball 2012 sleeper posts with more of the same?  Yawn!  Hey, Random Italicized Voice, yawning and sleepers go hand in hand.  I’m going to ignore you said that.  Probably for the best.  You know the Sciosciapath on the top step of the dugout down there in the Los Angeles Suburb of Los Angeles?  He loves these players.  These Peter Bourjos players.  I’d argue — or at least state, as I’m about to do — that he’d give one of ‘these players’ 500 plate appearances even if they’re hitting .220.  Alberto Callapso saw 536 plate appearances last year just for rolling out of bed and getting to the ballpark on time to walk The Rally Monkey around the grounds so it didn’t shat in Scioscia’s office.  To go further, Bourjos’ glove will keep him in the lineup.  Like Michael Bay on a movie set, he’ll have his 500 PAs.  With or without Mike Trout, as the slightly-crazy Angel fan karaokes.  So that preemptively answers your “What about Mike Trout question?”  So what can we expect of Peter Bourjos for 2012 fantasy baseball and what makes him a sleeper?

It’s easy to write off Peter Bourjos as a speed-only guy and move on.  But where are you moving on to?  Is this a metaphorical ‘move on’ like when you go to a bar and put the metaphorical moves on metaphorical ladies?  He’s not a speed-only guy.  Last year, he had a .167 ISO, which would have him sandwiched between Torii Hunter and Billy Butler — Butler, “Did someone say sandwich?!”  Now these two guys aren’t huge power threats, but have some power.  Same with Bourjos.  If Bourjos can bump up his homers per fly ball, he could get to 17 homers.  I know, I know, and if Tom Cruise were taller, he could see the top of Katie Holmes’s head.  Know what else those two other players don’t have?  35 steal speed like Bourjos.  One year in the minors, he stole 50 bags.  That he only stole 22 bases last year is surprising.  He should be able to roll out of bed, walk The Rally Monkey for Callaspo and steal 30 bags.  Next year, I’ll give him the line of 85/15/50/.255/35 with considerable upside for more speed and a bit more power.  Jeepers, creepers how about that sleeper?!  Sorry, I’ll never do that again.


  1. AL KOHOLIC says:

    yeah,nice numbers,nothing sexy but end of year nice

  2. OaktownSteve says:

    Don’t look now but those numbers make him Drew Stubbs. Would that be the most boring Freaky Friday spin-off ever? Drew Stubbs and Peter Bourjos swap identities: “Hey! I feel pretty much the same!”

    Stubbs last year: 92/15/44/40/.243. Currently ADP 75. Bourjos 145.

  3. Grey

    Grey says:

    @AL KOHOLIC: Real nice, maybe even a little sexy.

    @OaktownSteve: I think they made the most boring Freaky Friday ever. I’d like to see the one you’re pitching.

  4. A2K says:

    Would you delight in Bourjos switching identities with Jamie Lee Curtis or Lindsay Lohan?
    What do you think about a possible move to San Hoe?
    And that haul of prospects for Gio??(!)

  5. A2K says:

    @Grey; if I sent you a hot lather shaving cream dispenser, would you make use of it?
    If the moon were made from BBQ spare ribs, would you eat it?

    Happy (late) holidaze Grey. 2011 was my first year of razzball regularity and needless to say, it was mild like soap helpful.

    You still have 10% on the way…

  6. Grey

    Grey says:

    @A2K: @A2K: Merci beau, old champ. The moon’s made of green cheese, for what it’s Wuertz.

  7. OaktownSteve says:

    That would be some pitch meeting. “No no…Bourjos is the plus defender! Stubbs has the higher power ceiling. Try to keep up.” I agree that the numbers are a little sexy. I cringed a bit when I saw the headline. Like to keep Peter a little secret. Of course there are no secrets in fantasy baseball any more.

    A2K the Gio thing is the final signal that the A’s have finally given up the pretense of fielding a contending team. It’s basically an attempt at stadium blackmail. As a season ticket holder, my dream is that I continue to get 25 dollar seats right behind home plate, have only me and about 5000 others in attendance AND see a great team. But that ain’t gonna happen. At least Billy got something for Cahill and Gio, but it’s hard to be fired up for this season. Seeing Willingham go was the one that really hurt. They struggle so much to find right handed power bats. They might suck pretty bad this year.

  8. A2K says:

    Billie Jean Beane (my best friend’s 2011 team name, it bluedolled [have to keep it respectable, 3 female readers] him all year) built a team around Kurt Suzuki and Daric Barton, how much worse could it get?

    Yes @Grey a parentheses inside a parentheses (George Clooney to Vera Farmiga in ‘Up in the air).

    I heard the Giants were going to grant the A’s the rights to San Jose in exchange for the remainder of Barry Zito’s contract.

    In all honesty though, a move to SJ would be good for the franchise, bad for people like you and me.

  9. Grey

    Grey says:

    @OaktownSteve: And cast Willie Ames and Scott Baio.

    @A2K: A move to anywhere but Delaware would be good. And maybe Newark, NJ.

  10. YoMammaSoUggla says:

    Tough crowd.

  11. royce! says:

    It’s interesting to compare Bourjos and Stubbs’ numbers from last year. They had comparable BABIPs (.338 for Bourjos, .343 for Stubbs), and seemed equally suited for power and speed (though it seems Bourjos was given less opportunities to run, perhaps from his position in the lineup?), but Stubbs had a terrible K rate (30.1, second only to Mini Donkey), which is probably responsible for his average being 30 points lower than Bourjos’. I don’t know if I’ll reach for Bourjos, but Stubbs’ numbers will certainly scare me away. Dude could easily hit under .230 with that sort of K rate, and his initial power jump was more a product of luck than anything- his first 6 HR were Just Enoughs, and more than half of his total HR were Just Enoughs. Belch.

  12. TheNewGuy says:

    Thanks for the reply Grey. You said you’d call Latos, Romero, Gallardo and Grienke aces, though aren’t they really no2’s. If they’re aces then whats the top pitchers like Verlander, Doc etc…super aces? :)

    Anyway just to expand on my question from yesterday and clarify it a bit better, do you see any of the above guys (latos, ricky-ro etc) taking another step forward and therefore providing bang for buck on draft day? Or are they what they are.

  13. My well-wishes for your holidays of choice didn’t publish yesterday, so here’s another try today. Wishes of well to you all, and any drought-stricken areas!

  14. A2K says:

    @royce! Thanks for that look into Stubbs’ HR distances, very telling; even in that potent Cincy lineup.

    @Grey; do you live in east Oakland?
    And yes, Delaware’s tax friendly laws are surely making Lew’s Wolff howl at the moon.

  15. Vacation says:

    Okay Grey (or anyone else), my third effort for your advice:

    11 team league. 6 keepers can be carried over each year. Keepers can be kept indefinitely (the same owner has had Pujoles and Hanley on lockdown forever) and no draft rounds are surrendered in exchange for keepers. My keepers are:

    Miguel Cabrera

    Need to pick 2 more from this pool:

    Nelson Cruz
    Brian McCann
    Yovanni Gallardo
    Craig Kimbrel
    Michael Young

    Which two do I pick? Also, am I crazy to consider trading Lincecum for Lawrie straight up this offseason? At some point Lincecum has to fade or get hurt, right? And if Lawrie is everything Grey says he’ll be, shouldn’t I be doing everything in my power to lock him down now?

  16. Tony says:

    @Vacation: I’d go Cruz and Gallardo…. I doubt i’d deal Lince for Lawrie either and Im thinking grey will say the same. Lawrie is liked, he’s also expected to produce a nice line, but so was Heyward last year right? How about dan Uggla’s first half? Lets just put it this way, Lince is proven, Lawrie hasn’t done crap long enough to be dealt for Lince straight up.

    I’d want more for Lince. And I think u could get it.

    Merry xmas hope that helps.

  17. Wake Up says:

    @Vacation: I agree with Tony. Cruz, YoGa. I would try to lock up Lawrie before he breaks out but, you shouldn’t have to give that much.
    @Tony: Heyward’s going to have a big year. Uggla had 36 jimmyjacks. But, I pick up what you’re putting down.

  18. Tony says:

    @Wake Up: haha guess who KNOWS for a fact Heyward will have a monster year but wont draft him, this guy. Took him myself and it was a dreadful yr.

    I was actually the benefactor of picking up Uggla-face in the 2nd half. A guy couldnt take his garbage anymore, dropped him, he’s my arch-enemy so i picked him up just in hopes he’d turn it around and I could rub his nose in the poo. Mission accomplished.

    You’re right those guys are just examples i was trying to throw out that were “locks” and really didn’t pan out, even tho uggla did have a good stat line, especially if you were a 2nd half only owner.

    Lawrie looks great, but he could go either way. Lince has done some work the past few years. He’s earned more respect than to be traded for a “sleeper/upside guy”.

  19. Grey

    Grey says:

    @royce!: I had noticed that stuff on Stubbs but his 40 steal speed makes the medicine go down a bit easier. His K-rate is insane.

    @TheNewGuy: Romero had an under 3 ERA and almost 200 Ks. That’s all you need, no? You don’t need Verlander or Halladay or Lincecum.

    @centralohguy: Thanks! And to you and yours!

    @A2K: Yeah, I’m Bubb Rubb from Oakland.

    @Vacation: What Tony said.

  20. Pabs says:

    Peter is score some serious runs with Pujols in the line up

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