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When Jim Edmonds was a trending topic on Twitter, I figured he died. Turns out he was just taking the Casino Bus to Cincy, though that might be a riverboat.  Edmonds will continue to be a part-timer, gaining no value.  Maybe one day he’ll garner 25% of a HOF vote and the interwebs will go abuzz with the travesty of it all.  But Jim Rice is in!  This is worst than season two of Lost!  Chris Dickerson goes to the Brewers, but you knew that.  You have the internet or you wouldn’t be reading this.  Dickerson is currently on the DL.  I like him.  In a career 401 ABs, Chris Dickerson has 8 homers and 19 steals with a .277 average and a .369 OBP.  In Triple-A this year, he had 3 homers and 6 steals in 43 ABs.  I say the Brewers should play him, but I don’t make those decisions.  Who is playing?  Lorenzo Cain.  In 331 ABs in Triple-A, Cain had 26 steals and a .402 OBP with a .317 average.  Yes, and thank you.  Carlos Gomez is due back at some point too, but he’s not good at, you know, baseball.  My guess is Cain and Dickerson, when healthy, will see some sort of platoon.  I’d grab Cain right now for speed, then wait to see how this dumbo pot gets stirred.  Anyway, here’s what else I saw yesterday in fantasy baseball:

Drew Stubbs – If you thought his playing time would be squeezed by just sucking on the suckhole, you ain’t seen nothing yet.  Edmonds will definitely take time from Stubbs.  Heisey’s a better batter too (say that fast 45 times).  BTW, Stubbs and Carlos Gomez should be on the same team.  Unfortunately, it’s a track team, not a baseball one.

Travis Wood – Sent to Triple-A.  You’re probably thinking this was to somehow limit his innings.  Pssh to you.  Wood was going to miss a start with off days, so he’s going to take a start in Triple-A then return for his next start in the majors.  See, so he’s going to throw more innings.  Don’t feel like you have to drop him because he was demoted.  Wood said, “I’ll be right back,” a’la Matthew Lillard in Scream, then Dusty hacked off his arm.

Mike Leake – 3 2/3 IP, 6 ER.  I told you to lose him about a month ago.  Now you’ve been Pwnson’d.

Krispie Young – Hit his 20th Krispie fly to become the first player to get to 20/20 on the year.  Love Krispie, but he really shouldn’t be leading off.

Jacoby Ellsbury – He hit ninth and stole 4 bases.  I say hit him 12th and let’s get 7 steals.

Chris Carter – 0-for-3 as he played in the Outer Limits of left field.  Wait, wrong sci-fi show.  He could be an average nightmare, but if you’re giving him a shot, you need to give him more than one game.

Mike Minor – 6 IP, 3 ER, 6 baserunners, 5 Ks.  Pitched well, just had some real bad luck with bloop hits.  I know, it’s hard to factor bad luck into your fantasy standings, but I’d hold Minor for now.

Jason Heyward – 2-for-4 with his first homer since June 17th.  Pretty illustrative of how great a prospect can be and still not provide terrific fantasy value.

Alfredo Simon – 1/3 IP, 1 ER as he blew his 4th game.  Shutdown Sauce is trying to point Showalter in the direction of Mike G.  Now let’s see if he thinks he’s got game. (That was a triple-double pun.)

Ty Wigginton – 2-for-4 with a homer.  Now has five 2-hit games in his last ten with two homers.

Edwin Jackson – 6 IP, 1 ER, 7 baserunners, 7 Ks.  He just needed a league change.  Twice.  No, not really.  This was vs. the Suckie-O’s.  I still wouldn’t touch Edwin.

Brennan Boesch – 1-for-2 with his 2nd homer in 4 games.  He didn’t even start yesterday (or on Saturday), but with the homer he may start to see more time.  I’m not grabbing Boesch again yet, but I’m watching him.

David Price – 5 IP, 2 ER, 9 baserunners, 9 Ks with his 15th win.  Prepare for Keith Law vs. the BBWAA, Part II:  Rick Reilly Voted For Who?

Jeff Niemann – Niemann’s off to the DL with a shoulder strain.  Must have been hard shouldering that huge difference in his xFIP and ERA.

Wade Davis – Also to the DL as he contracted the same dreaded shoulder strain.  I blame the rhesus monkey.

Jeremy Hellickson – As I predicted yesterday, Hellickson will start today’s game.  I’m Nostradumbass!  The over/under for the number of starts Hellickson sees is 4.

Carlos Zambrano – 5 IP, 2 ER, 11 baserunners (7 BBs), 3 Ks.  Cubs should now be able to trade him for Milton Bradley.

Carlos Silva – Underwent successful heart surgery to fix his abnormal heartbeat.  Hopefully his heartbeat isn’t the musical act at the artery block party.

Mike Napoli – The Angels home run leader sat out his 4th of the last 5 games because of the lineup scribblings of the Sciosciapath.

Chris Johnson – 2-for-4, 2 Runs and 3 RBIs.  He’s hitting .356 with 5 homers and 2 steals in 160 ABs since his call-up.  You’re being silly if you don’t own him at this point.

Ryan Braun – Out with a strained wrist and was seen wearing a splint.  Splendid, Splinter.  He’s listed as day-to-day and I wish I could say a few days off will make everything better, but I’m concerned.

Trevor Hoffman – 1 IP, 3 ER.  I have a new AC/DC song for him to enter to, Blech in Blech.

  1. DrEasy says:

    Who to drop for Chris Johnson: Alfredo Simon or Heilman? I have enough brain freezes and they’re giving me a headache.

  2. Steve says:

    “He’s listed as day-to-day and I wish I could say a few days off will make everything better, but I’m concerned.”

    Pleased to meet you, concerned. I’m annoyed. I just traded for him!

    Also – Soto just hit the DL. Only replacements I’m not too ashamed to mention are Ruiz, Torrealba and Jaso. Gotta be Ruiz, right?

  3. knighttown says:

    I’ve got closer messes everywhere…Simon, Heilman and Axford. Simon sits in my SP spot so he’s not a worry (if you exclude the fact that he gives up 2 runs every outing…SAGNOF!) but what to do about Axford. Who gets more saves, him or Hanrahan?

  4. Howard says:

    Morning Grey, I’ve been very Ron Popeil like with Napoli this year. Should I be concerned with the Scosciapathic behavour of his manager and drop him for Montero?

  5. ruah says:

    Bartlett or Desmond at SS?

  6. I grabbed Hoffman to handcuff to Axford — so got the double-dip blown save last night. Thanks, boys!

    Which man-crush do you like better for the rest of ’10” Smashbuckler or Flash Gordon? Flavor of the week or Flavor of ’08?

  7. TJ says:

    FYI- Cubs put Soto on the DL this morning.

    Who is the better pick up to replace him- Torrealba, Jaso or Arenciba?

  8. ThePoonTycoon says:

    i’d really love to hear scioscia give an explanation for benching napoli. i’m trying to win leagues here mike.

  9. tHe sHiT says:

    Damn Scoscia! Hey dont look now, but Jay Bruce is startin 2 come around. If it continues, u guys can all thank me 4 trading 4 him last wk. If Gordon keeps it up n Snider goes on one of his tears that were expecting any day now, ny outfield will be the All Post Hype Sleeper Outfield… Or they might just hit .225 with scattered xbh’s. Toss up with those guys.

  10. Matthew Raynor says:

    Grey you are crazy, Season 2 was an incredible season. Ecko, Desmond, The Hatch, Ben Linus/Henry Gale, The Button…..I demand an afternoon post strictly apologizing.

  11. dave says:

    Hey Grey,

    I need to make up some ground in HR’s and RBI in an 8 team AL only Roto league. Currently in 3rd place but rank 6 and 7th in those stats…but its tight.

    Do you think either Danny Valencia or Chris Carter make an impact ?
    I can shuffle things around to make room for either player… who do you prefer?

  12. Green Sox says:

    hellickson at detroit or Dice-K at toronto tonight?

  13. Ian says:

    Another Soto question (sorry!):

    I too lost him and grabbed Jaso for the time being. I could probably get Arencibia for a pitcher. This is a h2h league and pitching is highly coveted. I was lucky enough to get both Hellickson and Minor. Would you offer up one of those guys for Arencibia? The only other pitcher I could part with is Wandy, but he’s been money of late. Or just stick with Jaso?

  14. TonyD says:


    I need to fill somebody in for Braun for the time being. Who should I pick up for this week? Pedro Alvarez, Luke Scott, Dexter Fowler, Alex Gordon, or Coco Crisp

  15. BryanK says:

    Hey there!

    K-Rod or Broxton rest of the way? I think Broxton is the better pitcher, but man has he been struggling.

  16. TonyD says:


    Should I pick up Montero since Napoli has been riding the bench as of late?

  17. Donnie Baseball says:

    Wow, how did I miss the Scosiapath? When did you come up with that one. Love it!

    I’m actually growing to hate the guy.

  18. How long do we think Han Soto will be laid up?

    And should I be evaluated mentally for picking up the hottest catcher available right now because his name is Ramon Hernandez?!?!? No real other options except Jaso out there….

  19. Ron Washington's Stache says:

    I need a replacement for Soto…Ruiz or Montero?

  20. @ruah: It doesn’t get more even then that…I may go Bartlett, but it is razor thin.

  21. Ron Washington's Stache says:

    @ruah: I’d go with Bartlett
    @Green Sox: Dice-K. He’s been pitching well lately and has great numbers in the Rogers Centre.

  22. Tony says:

    H2H daily transactions 32 inning min pitching:

    Do i throw:

    Cueto vs. STL
    Scherzer vs. TB

  23. Big Nate says:

    @TJ: Arenciba.

  24. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @Ian: i’d deal hellickson for him. with the rays injuries, his value is pretty high. could go higher with another good outing or 2, or could bottom out.

  25. ruah says:

    Thanks guys, I went ahead and grabbed Desmond for now since he’s been hitting/running lately. I can make the swap back again in a week or so if things change.

    1 more: dump Soriano for Wigginton? Im thinking of it since I have a solid OF already and Wiggy’s versatility could help down the stretch.

  26. DoubleJ says:

    Finally ready to give up on Sandoval.

    Who would you rather have in a shallow H2H league, Chris Johnson or Pedro Alvarez?

  27. Mr2Bits says:

    Grey : Would you trade Dyan Viciedo for Jonny Sanchez in a keeper league? DV is in on my minor squad. I’m currently sitting at second place. Should I take it or hold tight?

  28. Art Vandelay says:

    Start Padilla @ Philly tonight?

  29. Adam says:

    Should I be worried about Miguel Cabrera, struggling without protection? Maybe try and trade him for another stud or two?

  30. Chupacabra says:


    Will you be rating Matt Kemp as highly going into next year?

  31. Vince says:

    12 teams, H2H, 5×5, Non Keeper

    Drop Slowey for Hellickson?

  32. @Art Vandelay: I have been having luck just starting him at home…so I would bench him, but that’s just me.

  33. HalLeeday34 says:

    Chris Johnson for my Aramis as a no brainer right now?

  34. royce! says:

    Blech in Blech is brilliant. I imagine the rhythm being just slightly off, or maybe Neil Hamburger can sing it.

  35. amscalone says:

    drop e santana or brett anderson for hellickson?


  36. HalLeeday34 says:

    @amscalone: I wouldn’t drop either unless I knew hellickson would be around longer. I like Anderson better than Santana though if your making the move. Santana is the def of inconsistant. I have him on 2 teams ha

  37. Black Beard says:

    Thoughts on Jake Westbrook? He’s been pretty good in his 2 starts with the Cards. Is the NL + Dave Duncan enough to make this joker a rosterable option?

  38. CMR says:


    Would you drop niese or baker for minor?


  39. bpasinko says:

    12 team keeper, keep 10…Pedro Alvarez, Jay Bruce, Cueto, Chris Carter, Travis Snider.

    Would you keep any of those?

  40. Commish Cauda says:

    Who to start this week H2H-5X5?

    Cecil: vsBOS (Lackey)
    Masterson: vsBAL (Arrieta) & vsSEA (Fister)

  41. kwak says:

    Best stream tomorrow?
    Niese v COL
    Tomlin v BAL
    Francis at NYM

  42. Grey

    Grey says:

    @DrEasy: Simon

    @Steve: Jaso

    @knighttown: Hanrahan…

    @Howard: I’d take Montero.

    @ruah: Bartlett

    @Baron Von Vulturewins: Smashbuckler…

    @TJ: Arencibia


    @tHe sHiT: Ha

    @Matthew Raynor: I almost stopped watching after Season 2, then after the last season I’m not sure if I wouldn’t have been better off stopping after 2.

    @dave: Carter

    @Green Sox: Hellickson

    @Ian: I’d stick with Jaso.

    @TonyD: Gordon

    @BryanK: K-Rod

    @TonyD: Sure

    @Donnie Baseball: Someone in the forums came up with it.

    @XNadyMen: Ha! I’d go with Jaso, btu Ramon’s fine for now.

    @Ron Washington’s Stache: Montero

    @Tony: I would.

    @ruah: Sure

    @DoubleJ: Johnson

    @Mr2Bits: I’d hold.

    @Art Vandelay: I wouldn’t.

    @Adam: As always, depends what you can get.

    @Chupacabra: He’ll drop a little, not much.

    @Vince: Sure

    @HalLeeday34: Yup

    @royce!: Ha

    @amscalone: Nope

    @Black Beard: I’d be careful.

    @CMR: Niese

    @bpasinko: Maybe… No idea who you’re keeping otherwise.

    @Commish Cauda: Neither? Cecil…

    @kwak: None? Niese…

  43. tHe sHiT says:

    @Grey: u startin Jaime @ CIN 2day?

  44. Eddy says:

    Just lettin’ you know that if Hellickson remains on a regular pitching schedule, he’ll face the Orioles on Sunday and the Oakland As on Saturday the 21st. I shed tears of joy upon reading that.

    After that, an offday throws a wrench into things so it can either be @LAA/ BOS followed by possibly TOR/(and please let it be)@BAL.

    And that Hoffman blurb was so simple yet hilarious. Well played, Mauer.

  45. @Grey,

    I have Mike Leake for 5 bucks in an NL-only keeper league, should I just ride it out and hang on to him for next year or is he this bad?


    The Baseball Chick

  46. royce! says:

    @Grey: I stopped watching during season two. We had nexflixed it, and my wife sent the DVDs back after I had a drunken screaming match with the television: “That’s not how you write a story! You’re supposed to limit possibilities!!!”

    By the way, I won the match. The TV was speechless.

  47. It wasn’t until Season 3 that I started wondering if they had any idea where this was going, then Season 4 got me hooked again, then Season 6 showed me that I was right during Season 3.

    Still beats anything on CBS…


  48. royce! says:

    @Eddy: I don’t know how accurate this is, but ESPN at least has Price going Sunday, and Hellickson Monday. I think that this presumes Sonnanstine getting another start instead of pitching everyone on regular rest and, because of Thursday being off, skipping one spot in the rotation.

  49. Child Please says:

    What do you think about Kazmir? Is he worth a gamble in any league?

  50. Eddy says:

    Well, I think we can both agree on Hellickson not starting Monday, but another (unfortunate) tidbit I read was from Pianowski saying he gets the Rangers @TAM instead of the Orioles. Let’s hope the two-faced Rangers play like they have on the road all year.

  51. Howie says:

    @Grey: Saw your recent post regarding Infante… would you take him for two months (retroactive to 7/28) or await Utley’s return from the DL (perhaps 8/28 or so) and have him for just one month? Simply put…Infante for the last two months or Utley for the final month of the season? I am in need of average and SBs. I’ve noted (as you alluded to in your earlier comments) Infante is 20-53 (.377) since 7/28 so at least I would have a flying start in the batting average department vis-a-vis.


  52. Nagurski says:

    the rest of the way, how do you rank wells, hellickson, minor
    6 cat k/bb

  53. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Child Please: Nope

    @Howie: I’d want Utley for a month. Infante’s only good until Prado returns.

  54. Nagurski says:

    the rest of the way, how do you rank wells, hellickson, minor
    6 cat k/bb and qs in place of wins

  55. Black Beard says:

    @Grey: Per Westbrook: in other words a situation not to be acted upon yet, but monitored to see if Dave “Pitching to Contact Runs on” Duncan has sold yet another soul to the ground-ball devil?

  56. Vince says:

    @Grey: Thanks!

  57. Simply Fred

    simply fred says:

    @Eddy: Geez, the Orioles are UN-beatable. Thanks for the headsup. Better drop Hell. :-)

  58. Nuke LaDouche says:

    Throw Romero against the beat up Sawx today?

  59. brad says:

    @Howie: you can get retroactive stats in your league?

  60. Mr2Bits says:

    Grey : Which SS do you like right now?

    Alexi Ramirez
    Álex González
    Erick Aybar
    Juan Uribe

  61. Fletch says:

    @Grey: Chris Johnson – 2-for-4, 2 Runs and 3 RBIs. He’s hitting .356 with 5 homers and 2 steals in 160 ABs since his call-up. You’re being silly if you don’t own him at this point.

    Own him and starting him this week at utility! (at the expense of Crawford who I just simply needed to give a week off)

  62. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Nagurski: They’re all matchup dependent. Hellickson, Minor…

    @Black Beard: You can add him if you like. But there’s about four dozen guys I’d go with before him.

    @Vince: No problem.

    @Nuke LaDouche: Sure

    @Mr2Bits: Alexei

  63. Fletch says:

    @Mr2Bits: Al-Ram

  64. Fletch says:

    @Grey: Hopefully he keeps mashing for the Astros even when he starts playing in pre-season games for the Titans.

  65. danimal35 says:

    Pick up Niese for a spots start against CO…would be dropping Beltran for it?

  66. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Fletch: Still don’t know football.

    @danimal35: Eh


  67. Douchey McDoucheDouche says:

    @Grey Ok, so today my entire ridiculous pitching roster appears to be starting – I can pitch 5 of these characters…..but which 5? I’ve got an idea but interested in what the forum here (and, of course, Grey) think.
    My options:

    B Anderson
    J Garcia

    There is no reason I should have that many good SP in a very tough 20 teamer, but such is the way of life. Who am I starting here, folks?

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