Our daily/weekly MLB projection tools (Streamonator, Hittertron, DFSBot, etc.) will be back for 2017. We are in the process of updating the payment software (our previous vendor, CoinTent, went out of business) so just hold tight for now.

But I do have two good pieces of news to share!

First, we partnered with our friends at FantasyPros to bring you a free fantasy baseball draft simulator where you can: 1) set the league preferences, 2) choose between either Grey or Rudy’s cheat sheets (you can see them when you scroll down from your player selection screen) and 3) see how it compares with the consensus (a decent proxy for ADP).

Second, given the demand from dynasty leaguers and redrafters who like rookie nookie for MLB prospect info, we just launched a new tool called Prospectonator (links for hitters and pitchers) that can now be found in the top menu (under Tools) and linked at the top of all the Preseason Projections/Player Raters.

The vast majority of hitters/pitchers are valued at less than replacement for 12-team mixed (<$1). The reason is fairly obvious – most of these players are not MLB-ready (or ever will be) so they certainly should not project as more valuable than current major leaguers. To get a sense of a player’s value in different league formats, you can click on a player’s name to see their player page. For instance, Manuel Margot has about a $3 $/G value in 12-team mixed this year but it is almost $11 for NL 12-team.

Prospectonator will be free through the preseason and then available for all those who subscribe to our MLB tools (Roto Deluxe, DFS Premium, DFS Premium + Optimizer).

Prospectonator For Hitters

  • 12-team 5×5 mixed league $ value if they were to play in the MLB right now (i.e., current value not projected value if/when they get to MLB)
  • Includes the top most valuable 1000 hitters with no more than 130 MLB PA (the rookie cutoff)
  • Hitter projections are based on 150 Games at a 73/27 RHP/LHP PA split using Steamer rate stats.
  • $/Game are projected in total as well as vs RHP and LHP.
  • Only players with minor league or some international professional experience are included (Steamer does not project using high school/college stats)
  • Some young top prospects may not be on this list because their MLB projected value as of today is too low.

Prospectonator For Pitchers

  • Top 1000 pitchers with no more than 50 career IP and less than 20 Games Appeared.
  • 12-team 5×5 mixed league $ value if they were to play in the MLB right now (i.e., current value not projected value if/when they get to MLB) using Steamer rate stats.
  • Saves/Holds not projected for RPs since there is no clarity on their MLB role. The 5×5 $ values for relievers assumes a couple saves.

Thanks and leave comments here or on the Prospectonator pages with any questions!