Our daily/weekly MLB projection tools (Streamonator, Hittertron, DFSBot, etc.) will be back for 2017. We are in the process of updating the payment software (our previous vendor, CoinTent, went out of business) so just hold tight for now.

But I do have two good pieces of news to share!

First, we partnered with our friends at FantasyPros to bring you a free fantasy baseball draft simulator where you can: 1) set the league preferences, 2) choose between either Grey or Rudy’s cheat sheets (you can see them when you scroll down from your player selection screen) and 3) see how it compares with the consensus (a decent proxy for ADP).

Second, given the demand from dynasty leaguers and redrafters who like rookie nookie for MLB prospect info, we just launched a new tool called Prospectonator (links for hitters and pitchers) that can now be found in the top menu (under Tools) and linked at the top of all the Preseason Projections/Player Raters.

The vast majority of hitters/pitchers are valued at less than replacement for 12-team mixed (<$1). The reason is fairly obvious – most of these players are not MLB-ready (or ever will be) so they certainly should not project as more valuable than current major leaguers. To get a sense of a player’s value in different league formats, you can click on a player’s name to see their player page. For instance, Manuel Margot has about a $3 $/G value in 12-team mixed this year but it is almost $11 for NL 12-team.

Prospectonator will be free through the preseason and then available for all those who subscribe to our MLB tools (Roto Deluxe, DFS Premium, DFS Premium + Optimizer).

Prospectonator For Hitters

  • 12-team 5×5 mixed league $ value if they were to play in the MLB right now (i.e., current value not projected value if/when they get to MLB)
  • Includes the top most valuable 1000 hitters with no more than 130 MLB PA (the rookie cutoff)
  • Hitter projections are based on 150 Games at a 73/27 RHP/LHP PA split using Steamer rate stats.
  • $/Game are projected in total as well as vs RHP and LHP.
  • Only players with minor league or some international professional experience are included (Steamer does not project using high school/college stats)
  • Some young top prospects may not be on this list because their MLB projected value as of today is too low.

Prospectonator For Pitchers

  • Top 1000 pitchers with no more than 50 career IP and less than 20 Games Appeared.
  • 12-team 5×5 mixed league $ value if they were to play in the MLB right now (i.e., current value not projected value if/when they get to MLB) using Steamer rate stats.
  • Saves/Holds not projected for RPs since there is no clarity on their MLB role. The 5×5 $ values for relievers assumes a couple saves.

Thanks and leave comments here or on the Prospectonator pages with any questions!

  1. Brad says:

    So if I sign up for this “FantasyPros Premium” I will be able to see your and Grey’s “cheat sheets” and even customize for my league’s settings? We are a H2H points league (non-roto) so want to make sure there’s an option for that and your picks will adjust accordingly?

    • You should be able to adjust to your league settings through the ‘Set Preferences’ button w/o paying.

      • Keith says:

        @Rudy Gamble: When you select points leagues it says you must have the pro version.

        • ah, sorry about that. but, my guess is that the ADP won’t change for that league so might as well just use the standard 5×5

  2. Duda Want to Build a Snowman? says:

    This is great! Here’s hoping Tapia is one CarGo/Blackmon trade away from getting that shot . . .

    By the way, what’s Roto Deluxe?

    • Thanks! Roto Deluxe is the ‘season-long’ subscription package that Streamonator/Hittertron are under.

      • Duda Want to Build a Snowman? says:

        @Rudy Gamble: Ah, that makes sense. Thanks.

  3. Jvanslyke says:

    I’ll pour out some for Cointent this weekend. Rudy, any price change coming this year? I’m currently budgeting for MLB at bat, Razz premium and our third child so the sooner I can plug your price into my spreadsheet the sooner I’ll know if I need to pull my oldest out of gymnastics or not


    • @Jvanslyke: Ha. Are you subscribing for Roto Deluxe or the DFS Premium package?

      • Jvanslyke says:

        @Rudy Gamble:

        does the DFS premium package include Streamonator and hittertron ? I’d like both

        • DFS Premiums will include all the season-long tools + DFS tools (inlcuding optimizer). That package will stay at $99.99/season but will cost more on a monthly basis. Roto Deluxe is going to move up from $19.99 to $24.99.

  4. Mickey Maloney says:

    Thanks, Rudy! Great stuff as always. Do you happen to have a resource recommendation for advice on setting up a H2H Points League? Trying to determine best scoring and roster settings. Don’t think I’ve ever seen anything on Razzball, but if I missed it, I apologize. Thanks!

  5. Ralph Lifshitz

    Ralph Lifshitz says:

    Great stuff Rudy! Really excited about the latest edition to the Razzball tool belt. Damn I hope this is right about Tapia!

  6. bossmanjunior333 says:


    Besides following your Steamer/Auction Calculator projections, how else would you prepare for an OBP redraft league?

    Also, considering that Yahoo doesn’t account for the BA/OBP switch for the draft, isn’t this really easy to exploit? Low BA/high OBP guys like Santana, Bautista, etc are all going around 100 overall. Would this make you want to wait on hitters a little more than usual, instead taking pitching a little earlier than usual? I’m thinking that if there isn’t a 5 category stud available by the 4th/5th round, to just draft a pitcher.

    • @bossmanjunior333: I play in one 5×5 OBP league (Tout Wars 15-team Mixed) and can tell you that 5×5 ADP is less informative for drafting hitters. You are right, though, that the drafting never seems to fully incorporate OBP – i.e., a Votto will go early but other strong OBP guys go for surprising bargains throughout the draft.

      Here’s an approach. Take my 5×5 OBP rater and then create a modified $ for hitters by weighting down OBP to something like .8 and the other categories up by 1.05 (1.05*4+.8=5). You can play around w/ the percentages but this is a way to account for the market inefficiency without thinking the market is stupid (i.e., using 5×5 ADP is assuming the draft room won’t adjust at all for OBP).

  7. TheTheory says:

    Sweet! I’ve enjoyed using the FantasyPros draft simulator the past few years and having a one-click entry to integrate Razz rankings is boss.

  8. Bill says:

    Thanks Rudy for the good info. I’m trying NFBC for the first time. In your opinion which draft spot is the best and why?

    • @Bill: We’re about to open up NFBC/Razzball leagues so hold up from joining one if you can! Unless you really love a player whose ADP is bearish, I say start from pick #1 and go down. Last year, I was more bullish on Betts, Altuve, and Bryant so was open to picking later (w/ #1 still my top preference to get Trout). I don’t really feel that way about any player this year but there are a number of 1st round picks that I’d be happy to have.

      • Bill says:

        @Rudy Gamble: NFBC/Razzball leagues?
        Isn’t pick 13, 18 and 43 better than picks 1, 30 and 31 or picks 7, 24, 37?

        • based on my values, Trout’s $ advantage over other hitters is > than the 18th hitter vs 30th hitter. the guy who got to draft #1 in my LABR league ended up with higher projected $ based on my values than I did at #15.

          • Bill says:

            @Rudy Gamble: Thanks!
            What are the NFBC/Razzball leagues?

  9. Clint says:

    This is awesome stuff Rudy. You guys are always ahead of the curve.

    One suggestion with that in mind unless you have something you know of that’s out there I’m unaware of: an app that tracks both major & minor players’ news. I’ve downloaded Fantasy Alarm, Bleacher Report’s player tracker, & Playerline & none of them seem to include many prospect players unless they’re top guys. Seems like a market dynasty crowd guys would flock to.

    Maybe take a key from Grey and call it the ‘HAlpp?’

    • @Clint: Thanks! News apps are great but not our strong suit. Grey’s a writer. I’m a data geek. That involves tech muscle.

  10. HolyGhostClaw says:

    Rudy, this is great! Yet another amazing tool from you. Great work!

    Sucks about Cointent, but hopefully the new vendor will let us link our spreadsheets directly to the Hittertron/Streamonator/etc, without the required delay we experienced with Cointent.

    • @HolyGhostClaw: We will know soon enough if you’ll be able to link directly to spreadsheet! Not really sure to be honest if it’ll work behind the new paywall.

  11. Blind Umps have rights too (seriously their union is that strong) says:

    will this go up in the tools above or just come back to this page each time (the mock machine not the prospector machine, i see that one above)

  12. Alex Norton says:

    I appreciated your tools last year even though i do not play daily leagues. However i was really hoping you could “connect” the various tools to Yahoo leagues to see our rosters and available players.

    Is this in the cards or possible?

    • @Alex Norton: i’ve talked w/ developers about it and it’s too damn costly to hook into people’s leagues + save those parameters. Maybe at some point I’ll find the right developer who wants to do it on the cheap. Until then, would rather keep our prices low for season-long players :)

  13. The Dude says:

    Hey Rudy,
    I tried signing up for the Roto Deluxe package a few minutes ago and got rejected due to a “stripe” timeout. Now I’m afraid if I go back again I’ll get double charged.

    Also, with the change in payee host, I presume I need to setup a new account (my old account info failed).

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