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Tommy Hanson‘s line yesterday was one and two-thirds innings and eight earned runs.  Yes, you’ve been Pwnson’d.  Hanson said he felt dizzy during the game, I’m sure his owners can sympathize.  Hanson has an ERA of 4.18 on the year and back to back bad starts.  Try and put a pine tree air freshener on that and it still stinks.  Going into this year, I steered clear of Hanson.  I was legitimately worried about his innings pitched jump from ’08 to ’09.  So sell fast right now?  Not so fast, Paulo.  I’m going under the assumption that you don’t own him because you listened to me in the preseason.  Hanson has a tremendous K-rate and his walks have been fine.  Even yesterday it was an ill-timed homer to Votto that did him in.  Do I think Hanson could still be a risk because of his innings last year?  Yup, you betcha.  But I’d buy him for 50 cents on the dollar.  It depends how cheap you can swindle his dramatized owner.  It takes alligator blood to check raise to the bed wetter.  Anyway, here’s what else saw yesterday in fantasy baseball:

Brooks Conrad – If you didn’t see the end of the Braves game, you should try to catch the Brooks Conrad homer.  Unlike Nix.

Joey Votto – Hit his 10th homer, a grand slam, and now bats .311 on the year.  Someone asked me yesterday if I thought Votto could keep up his current hitting.  I got flummoxed.  “You flummoxed me, you, ” says nerdy Robert De Niro.  Votto and Longoria?  Legit 1st round guys next year.  No foolin’, gee.

Jacoby Ellsbury – Should return this weekend.  I’m pessimistic about how well he’s going to be on his return, but I guess if he’s up to playing again it means he’s capable of stealing bases.

Adrian Beltre – Hit his 3rd homer last night.  After hitting only 8 homers last year, people were saying his move to Boston would fix all of that.  So far, they’re right.  He’s now on pace for 12 homers.  Drop the confetti.

Mike Cameron – About a week away from returning to the Sawx.  He’s the type of player you add and drop about three dozen times throughout the season.  If you can keep Mike Cameron on your team the whole year, you’re just trying to prove a point to me.

Derrek Lee – Hit his fifth homer yesterday.  Was around this time last year when he went on a tear.  Not saying it’s happening again, but, well, maybe I am.  Okay, I am saying it’s happening again… Actually, I’m not saying that.  But maybe.  Sorry, was just having some hedge fun.

Jose Contreras – Notched his 2nd save, now has a 0.63 ERA.  True fact, his ERA and his age are the same number.

Luke Hochevar – 9 IP, 3 ER, 6 baserunners, 7 Ks vs. the Indians offense.  Offensive is more like it. You can’t even pronounce Hochevar’s name, keep it that way.  Don’t get caught in the Hochevar trap.  Next start, he will drop bombs on your head.

Alberto Callaspo – Hit his 7th homer yesterday.  Has minimal speed and a decent average.  If this were fantasy baseball charades, you’d point at Callaspo and say, “Ooh, I know!  He’s Yunel Escobar!”

Carlos Villanueva – Threw a perfect inning as he recorded his first save.  I wouldn’t drop Hoffman yet, but it could be a while before we see Hoffman again closing games.

Jonathan Lucroy – Gregg Zaun was injured in the game yesterday and there’s speculation the Brewers might call up Lucroy. Let’s see what Stephen said in the Brewers Minor League Review, “(Lucroy’s) plate discipline was impressive…. The GB, LD and FB rates correspond well to developing and continuing power trends towards high teen power potential… One thing to note, his OPS has decreased at promotion besides Rookie Ball to Class-A… And I once ate twelve hundred broccoli florets.”  Oh-kay.  Lucroy probably will be used as a backup since he’s still a bit raw.  He probably won’t matter until next year at the earliest.  George Kottaras will take over full-time duty.  He’s not the dad from Webster.

Russell Branyan – 0-for-13 since his last homer.  Sometimes a guy hit two homers in a game and he goes on a tear.  Other times, a guy hits two homers in a game and that’s it.  Branyan seems to fall in the latter camp.  The latter, get off my team camp.

Trevor Crowe – No disrespect to the Trevor Crowe, Jason Donald, Hafner, Peralta, Branyan, LaPorta, Valbuena and Marson families, but these guys are egregious.  Indians mascot, Chief Wahoo, is the crying Native American in that 70’s littering commercial.

Matt Holliday – 2-for-4 with his third steal.  He’s batting .300 on the year.  I swear to you, his .300 average made me do a double take.  How has he been so yawstipating and he’s hitting .300?  Maybe it’s the 16 RBIs.  Or the 4 homers.  Or the 3 steals.  Okay, guess I answered my own question.

Brian Matusz – 2 1/3 IP, 7 ER as he roofied his owners.

Luke Scott – 3-for-4 with an RBI.  Now batting, like, .700 in the last week.  It’s not going to last forever.  Get in now.

Brett Anderson – Hoping to start his rehab stint on Monday.  He better do some heavy drinking this weekend…. Lose it on ‘ludes is what I say!  Eat the worm!!!  Oh, that rehab.

Ben Zobrist – 2-for-3, 3 RBIs and his first homer of the year.  Here I thought the ‘Brist had the mohel cut off all of his power.  It’s still early enough that if Zobrist goes on a five homer tear over the next week or so, he’d be right about where you’d want him at this point.  That’s assuming he goes on that tear.

James Shields – 7 1/3 IP, 3 ER, 9 baserunners, 7 Ks vs. the Yanks and now has a 3.08 ERA on the year.  I’m sorry the rest of you had to get involved in this; he’s just doing this to get even with me.

Juan Miranda – Hit his 2nd homer in the last three games.  He’s got power, maybe he’s channeling The Spirit of Kevin Maas.

Gordon Beckham – 1-for-4 with 3 RBIs as he had his biggest game of the season.  I wish I were being sarcastic.

Jake Peavy – 6 IP, 6 ER, 10 baserunners, 8 Ks.  The good news is he gets the Indians in his next start and about every third start after that because of the unbalanced schedule.

Jason Vargas – 6 2/3 IP, 3 ER, 7 baserunners, 2 Ks.  This is the kind of performance that elicits comments like this, “You can’t deny Vargas, Grey.  He’s figured it out!  Bask in his Vargasness, or do you fear the Vargas.  Is that problem?  Thank you, I’ll await your answer.”  Yes, the glass is half-filled with Vargas.  Here’s the deal, there’s a lot of pitchers that could be absolutely fine, but that doesn’t mean I’m owning them.  There’s too many pitchers out there for me to sic Chompers on Vargas if I’m not feeling him.  Could Vargas be okay?  Eh, sure.  He’s also been lucky — dancing between raindrops, pitches for a team with one of the worst offenses and he’s in the AL.  It’s passable for me.

Erik Bedard – Word out of the Pacific Northwest is Bedard won’t be back until at least late June.  Wait, there’s a phone call for me.  Hey, June, what’s up?  Bedard is due for a setback and won’t return until late July?  Thanks, June!

Brandon Webb – Changing his arm slot after a visit from Dr. Freeze.  I really hope he returns pitching like Brad Ziegler.

Aaron Heilman – Here’s the thing, and, yes, there is a thing.  If you want to instill confidence in a new closer, you don’t remove the guy with two outs in the ninth inning with Juan Uribe coming up to bat.  Should’ve let Heilman finish the game.  Either hoo, Qualls got the save, but that doesn’t mean Heilman won’t get the save at some point this weekend.

Ricky Romero – 6 2/3 IP, 1 ER, 7 baserunners, 5 Ks.  Now here’s a pitcher I can get behind.  He has 64 Ks in 63 innings.  ‘Nuff said.  Okay, I’ll give you some more.  His WHIP is 1.13.  BAA is .206.  Halladay who?  Okay, maybe not yet, but Romero’s emerging.  A’la George Costanza, “EMERGING!”

Jose Bautista – Hit his 12th homer yesterday.  Of course he did!  Why wouldn’t he?  There was a game, wasn’t there?  He’ll be in the Buy/Sell this afternoon, or as I like to call it, “In three hours so I better start writing.”

Kevin Gregg – 1/3 IP, 3 ER and the blown save.  Was inevitable, wasn’t it?  Gregg is the type of closer to blow three games in a row and lose the job by next Friday.  This could be the beginning of the end.  I grabbed Frasor wherever I could, just to be safe.

Ubaldo Jimenez – 7 IP, 0 ER, 1 Hit, 2 Walks, 4 Ks vs. the Astros.  Not fair.  Now has an ERA of 0.99 on the year.  He left the game with a hammy issue, but it’s not supposed to be a problem going forward.  Ubaldo eats hammys for breakfast.

Jeremy Bonderman – 6 IP, 1 ER, 7 baserunners, 8 Ks.  I wouldn’t own him in an AL-Only league.

Manny Ramirez – Missed two straight games because he accidentally kicked a table and banged his toe.  Here’s what I think happened.  Casey Blake, pulling a goof on Manny, painted a table to look like a soccer ball and Manny kicked it.

Kyle Blanks – To the Disgraceful List with something-or-other.  He’ll miss at least two weeks.  On the bright side, David Eckstein no longer has to ride to Petco in the trunk.

John Maine – Was pulled from the game after one batter because he wasn’t breaking 85 MPH on the radar gun.  I see, the Mets have given up on the pennant race and are now trying to win a jumbo SpongeBob SquarePants at a carnival.

  1. Shoot, I thought Longoria was a 1st rounder this year, I had planned predraft that if I got the 10-12 slot that was my #1 desired guy. Votto’s certainly paying back my trust too.

  2. Terrence Mann says:

    I’ve been hard on Hochevar but he’s doing OK against the crap lineups. He’s on schedule to get the Rangers at home next week which is a not so desirable start.

    But, [email protected]$#! the following week he’s on track to get the Angels and Detroit at home. I’ll come out right now and say the week of May 23rd, Hochevar will be ownable!

    Live it up, because it’s not likely to happen again in the near future.

  3. Contreras may be old, but I think his stuff (Big Heater and Split finger) plays right into the closer slot and hes on the Phils. I certainly trust him more than I do Simon, or Frasor even for that matter.

    BTW after reading this article a couple months ago, I want no part of Heilman.

  4. Ryan Beariot says:

    Anyone starting Lilly today? He hasn’t been looking as good recently, he’s playing in Texas, I clearly learn nothing from not starting Wade Davis yesterday…..

    But I’ve got trepidation! Grey, commenters, any thoughts?

  5. @Ryan Beariot:

    Lilly I would sit. The Chuck Norris offense is finally running on full cylinders and its lethal. Not to mention Lilly is a tater machine and isnt used to pitching vs a DH.

  6. Ryan Beariot says:

    @Elijah: Yeah, that’s what I’m thinking. Plus I’m high on innings, so I’m gonna pass for today.

  7. @Ryan Beariot:

    Innings limits really change the dynamic for start/sitting, as Grey mentioned today. If its unlimited innings my feeling is: if you feel the need to sit a guy more than once a month he doesn’t belong on your team in 12-less team mixed leagues. Instead, use that slot to stream guys with and/or carry an extra SAGNOF closer: someone’s always playing the Astros or Giants. If there’s an innings limit on the other hand, you are foolish not to avoid tough matches.

  8. danimal35 says:

    I take back everything bad I’ve ever said about Big Game James

  9. danimal35 says:

    I’ll just lull him to sleep with a catcher question…

    Cervelli, Pudge, or Jaso?

  10. Steve says:

    I didn’t think it was possible to dislike Shields more than I did last year.

    But it is.

  11. Tony says:

    @Elijah: i almost dealt votto for F-her after Felix’s blow up. Votto is now rewarding me for keeping him. DONT GET DIZZY VOTTO!

  12. Grey — What do you think about trading away Brian Roberts for Ian Stewart? I was planning to hold onto Roberts and shop him after his first SB or two-hit game, but someone approached me.

    Also, what are your thoughts on Freese going forward? He seems to keep hitting and there should be no shortage of RBI chances.


  13. steamer says:

    Adam Jones got an RBI last night! Must’ve been a squeeze play or something. He’s on a tear!

  14. TheEvilEmpire says:

    Romero…rising, like a phoenix from Arizona.

  15. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @Enrique: do that asap, i would think mmd might be about the best you’ll be able to do for roberts the entire rest of the his career.

  16. GopherDay says:


    In line with your previous post….I am about 60 innings over pace in my 12 team league. (1250 IP limit). I am trying not to add on to that, with that said, would you start Billingsley vs DET or Hamels vs BOS? Or both?

  17. Bryan says:

    I know people make a lot of noise about Contreras’s age, but if you are correct it is crazy that it isn’t a bigger deal – I mean he isn’t even 1 year old yet.

  18. pat says:

    what does everyone think of this team in a 10 man league?
    C- Russel Martin
    1B- Joey Votto
    2B- Dan Uggla
    3B- Evan Longoria
    SS- Hanley Ramirez
    OF- Ryan Braun
    OF- Josh Hamilton
    OF- Alex Rios
    Util- Jose Reyes/ Jason Bay/ Magglio Ordonez/ Paul Konerko/ Mike Aviles
    SP- Johan Santana, Dan Haren, Cliff Lee, Ricky Nolasco, Cole Hamels, Carl Pavano, Ervin Santana
    RP- Joakim Soria, Jose Valverde, Brandon Morrow

  19. Buddo Chezuski says:

    I have a free pickup due to a DL trip….who should I pick up? Below are the “best” available FAs (I was thinking maybe Podseknik b/c my SBs have been lacking): Callaspo, J Guillen, Podseknik, Ad Laroche, Krispie, Fukudome, Swisher

  20. William says:

    @Grey – Jason “Downs Goes” Frasor a better speculative saves guy than Frank Frank?

  21. GopherDay says:

    @pat: I say get a deeper league.

  22. Danks Nugs says:

    @Buddo Chezuski:
    Swisher for power.
    Pods for speed.
    Fukudome for AVG and sitting against lefties (you know, if that’s a stat cat in your league…).

  23. Tony says:

    @pat: The fact that you own 3 first rounders says your league isn’t very competitive, and i’d assume you play at CBS…. hopefully its a money league haha.

  24. 101 MPH says:

    Mark Buehrle vs. the Marlins. Start or sit?

    The truth be known, I’m half-way inclined to drop him. Of course, if I do, he’ll get picked up immediately off waivers and proceed to throw a no-hitter for his new owner….

  25. pat says:

    haha actually it is a money league… and yeah i just made a bunch of trades

  26. Howie says:

    @Grey: Possible blockbuster trade…

    Which side do you prefer?:

    A. Chapman


    B. Wagner

  27. Jeff says:

    I’m in a 16 team, 5×5 roto league. We have a small bench (4 spots) and I’ve been decimated by injuries (B. Anderson, Ethier, Furcal, G. Sizemore, and A. Cabrera).

    I’m now starting F. Lopez at 2b, O-Cab at SS, Maybin at OF, and Gaby at U.

    I have Zimmerman at 3B. Would I be crazy to try and trade him for Aramis Ramirez and Ian Stewart?

  28. Quimmy says:

    @pat: why bother…..

  29. Wilsonian says:

    @Howie: I can answer that one…the Utley side. Easy…

  30. Tony says:

    @Howie: ya hands down Utley side. Cargo is the best player in the other deal, enough said.

  31. Jangles says:

    I have Capps, Broxton, Jenks and Wagner. And Unsexy Alexei Ramirez. Should I deal Wagner for Jose Reyes?

  32. Tony says:

    @Jangles: yes

    if thats on the table, you accept, and hope reyes figures it out….

  33. Wilsonian says:

    Seriously long and drawn out question pertaining to the entire friggin’ weekend, so many apologies to Grey and the rest of the Razzball nation for having to succumb to this on their Friday morning…

    16 Team H2H (me in 4th, ‘dis guy in 2nd). Here be our pitching cats: Ws, Ls, Sv, ERA, WHIP, Ks/nueve

    As of posting, I’m currently up 5 Ws, tied in Ls, tied in Sv, up 2.82 in ERA, up 0.33 in WHIP, up 1.23 in Ks/neun and I’m over my minimum innings pitched at this point.

    This weekend, I’ve got Lewis v. CHC; Haren v. TOR; Holland v. CHC; Ely v. DET; J.Johnson @ CWS; Latos @ SEA; Carpenter v. LAA; plus Clippard and Bard in the RP holes.

    He’s got Sabbathia @ NYM; Milwood @ WAS; Bailey @ CLE; Floyd v. FLA; Dice-BB @ PHI; plus Valverde and Rodney in the RP holes.

    Seeing our matchups and where our stats currently are, is there anyone I must sit this weekend? I’m leaning towards sitting everyone until seeing where my stats are on Sunday (where I have the BEST matchups of the weekend in Johnson, Latos and Carp), but I would love some advice, comments, complaints about the ridiculously long post. Thanks Grey/everyone…

  34. Darnell says:

    In a keeper league would you trade Bruce for Lind straight up?

  35. Dingo says:

    Great write-up, Grey! Why is it, though, that whenever you have hedge fun, it always comes at our expense?

  36. Tony says:

    @Wilsonian: Throw your pitchers if you think they’ll do good, sit them if you think they’ll get bombed.

    Thats my John Madden verse of the day!

  37. @Tony:

    Btw, weren’t you needing Fantasy Football help? I could help get you coached up, if anything its simpler than FB, I’ve been working at for years and am rather knowedgeable. (Click my name for the link)

  38. Wilsonian says:

    Much shorter question:

    8 Team H2H Keeper – possible deal of my AJ/Span for his Wright (he’s in desperate need of OF/SP help and has become fed up with Wright’s Ks as we count Ks in this league plus he has Youk at 3rd and a ton of 1Bs). Is this a no-brainer for me? Then who would I pick up for pitching to replace AJ? Kennedy, Leake, Olsen, E.Santana, Cecil?

  39. Tony says:

    @Elijah: nope i dont do football…. wasn’t me.

  40. Wilsonian says:

    @Tony: Ha! That’s basically what I’m looking at. I think the best starts are my Sunday guys anyway, and I think at that point I should know where I stand a lot better. I just hate sitting Haren, he’s been too historically good, but too bi-polar this season.

  41. Just made a bold trade offer, seems pretty fair but there’s some gambling involved. Not 100% sure I want him to accept!

    P Hughes
    A Simon


    J Upton
    J Johnson

  42. @Tony:

    Must have been Eddy. I’ll ask him. I couldn’t remember which of you it was.

  43. Tony says:

    @Wilsonian: ya i own haren in my yahoo H2H league, he’s been so back and forth this yr, stud one outting, destroys my week the next….

  44. dingers says:

    Vacuum -Granderson or Reyes?

  45. cashmoney says:

    12 team league that counts K’s against hitters

    I send Tex – Felix – Ian Stewart for Adrian Gonzalez – cano-Choo.
    Would u do it?

  46. Benfatti says:

    Choo just hit waivers in my league (10 team roto). I have Kemp, Bruce, BJ Upton, and Pence on my squad, along with Granderson on the DL currently.

    If any, who would you drop to grab Choo? Note that I’m in more need of power than of steals right now.

  47. @ThePoonTycoon: What do you (or anyone else who wants to chip in) think of Brian Roberts + Freese for Ian Stewart + Derek Holland? How about Harang instead of Holland?

    The guy who wants Roberts would be without a 3B if he sent me Stewart. I could send him Freese to fill the 3B hole (I’d have some combination of Rollins, Stewart, Aviles and Lopez to cover SS, 2B, and 3B) then who do I ask for in return? He’s really thin on hitters and RP so adding a decent SP with some upside seems like the best bet. Problem is, I’m loaded with relatively unproven SPs with upside, like Ely, Takahashi, Latos.

    (BTW: this is a 20-team roto league, so the pickins are slim)

  48. @Enrique:

    I would move Roberts for Stewart immediately, don’t think twice, but Freese and Roberts seems too much. Maybe package Stewart+Freese+a starter for Stewart and a better starter that you covet.

  49. @Benfatti:

    Id grab Choo over Pence maybe, but it would seem there must be someone else better to drop.

  50. dingers says:

    Grey, you liking Rios any more then beginning of season or still like a chia pet? thanks

  51. Tony says:

    @Benfatti: do you have anyone crappier to drop? not an OF’er? like a craptastic middle infielder? i’d drop them, pick up the extra OF’er then try and package something like Granderson/Upton for a Braun. Probably wont work in your 10 team league, but ya never know….

  52. Benfatti says:


    All my other guys on offense are specific position players. Other options at the back end of my rotation would be Scott Baker, CJ Wilson, and Scott Olsen. Also have Lindstrom and Villanueva in the back of the bullpen. Note that the league counts holds, also.

  53. Well….if you have zero bench guys, I could see adding Choo and dropping Olsen.

  54. Todd says:

    Two Questions:

    Start Olsen vs. the Orioles tonight?

    Keep Luke Scott over the weekend? CBS says he played first base thursday and could continue to do there through the weekend. But then again, that is what CBS sportsline said.

  55. @Tony:

    I told ya, keep Votto!

  56. @Todd:

    Yes Olsen, and night as well keep Scott for the moment. Can always drop him this weekend if you want.

    ARLINGTON, Texas — — After five straight starts, struggling first baseman Garrett Atkins was on the bench for Thursday night’s series finale against the Texas Rangers, and it appears he could stay there through the weekend.

    “Luke Scott right now is swinging the bat well for us. Going in to play the Nationals, where there is no DH, I have to try and find a way to get a lineup where the best eight guys are in there for us,” Orioles manager Dave Trembley said. “I think that’s why you see Luke playing first base tonight in anticipation of him doing that against the Nationals. That does affect Garrett Atkins tonight, and it probably will affect him somewhat when we go play this weekend.”

    In other words, Atkins blows, so Scott will play.

  57. Benfatti says:

    @Tony: @Elijah:

    I’m actually happy that you guys are “struggling” a little bit with the decision, too, because it’s the same reasons I am.

    Yeah, I only have one bench player right now, and that’s the extra OF that I choose not to start on the given day. It’s a fairly shallow 10-team league, obviously. I have been working on some 2-for-1 deals for the past couple of weeks, but until Grandy heals up and Upton and Co. decide to start hitting, no one is biting.

    Thanks guys.

  58. bill says:

    liriano and pence for sabathia? pence is a backup for me.

  59. @bill:

    If you don’t need Pence, its decemt I think.

  60. royce! says:

    @Bryan: I know! Imagine how good he’s going to be in his mid-20s, when his frame starts to fill out!

  61. timSTi says:

    Start Vazquez @ Metco?

    10 team roto, 1300 IP limit.

  62. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Elijah: Yeah, I don’t think Heilman’s long for the job, but I would’ve liked the save last night anyway. But the vulture win eased the pain.

    @danimal35: Cervelli

    @Steve: Ha! That’s very funny.

    @Tony: Ha

    @Enrique: I agree with below.

    @steamer: Ha!

    @TheEvilEmpire: Ha

    @GopherDay: I’d sit Hamels. You might get damned if you do or damned if you don’t.

    @Bryan: Ha!

    @pat: What’s the problem with the team, looks stacked.

    @Buddo Chezuski: Go with Pods.

    @William: Yeah, at this point I would.

    @Howie: Utley side.

    @Jeff: Don’t make that trade.

    @Jangles: I would.

    @Wilsonian: Wait it out until Sunday. Don’t apologize, more info is better.

    @Dingo: Cause you ate my baby.

    @Wilsonian: Kennedy, take the deal.

    @Elijah: It was Eddy.

    @Elijah: I’d want Upton.

    @dingers: Depends on need…Grandy.

    @Benfatti: Choo over Pence.

    @dingers: Nah, I’m liking him. Hurts when you like a player for three years and they disappoint you then when you move on they do well, but cest la vie.

    @Todd: Agree with Elijah.

    @bill: I’d take CC.

    @royce!: Ha!

    @timSTi: I wouldn’t. But I’d actually hope for a good start.

  63. Dough boy says:

    Fielder and rollins for tex and s. Drew. I am pretty sure the Fielder side wins. Any help

  64. Mr. Rickey says:

    Concerned about Dempster ?

  65. timSTi says:

    @Grey: Better use of an open bench spot:

    Colby Lewis or Jason Frasor.

    10 team league. 5 SPs, 3 RPs, 5 man bench. 1300 IP limit.

  66. William says:

    @Grey – Offered Bay, Alfonso Soriano, and AJ Burnett for Francisco Liriano and BJ Upton.

    I have my eye on JD Drew who is a free agent and on fire right now, or I could pick up Ike Davis with the open spot if the trade is accepted. I think at the end of the year, Liriano will be really close if not better than Burnett… I am giving up a bit of power, but I think the loss is minimized in H2H.

  67. xopchipili says:

    Thanks for reminding me of Kevin Maas’ glorious half-season. Those were some dark times for us Yankee fans

  68. and1mcgee says:

    @Dough boy: fielder side wins. and it’s not even close to being close.

  69. genghis chone says:

    wells vs. texas or olsen vs. baltimore?

  70. ASAOK says:

    Which SP would you rather have: Correia, H. Bailey, Medlen or Holland? Thanks.

  71. @Elijah: @Grey: The idea I have is Roberts + Freese for Stewart and either Holland or Harang. Is that fair? Which is better?

    The other idea, similar to what Elijah suggested, is Roberts + Freese + either Ely or Takahashi for Stewart + Billingsly. But Bills is the best pitcher this team’s got, and the manager seems unwilling to part with him. So I may be stuck with the first deal mentioned above.

    It’d be easiest to just go Roberts for Stewart straight up and let him grab a 3B from waivers. But there isn’t much there (La Roche and Keppinger seem to be the best options — remember, it’s a 20-team league) and the other manager doesn’t seem sold.

    Any suggestions on which version of the above deal I should lobby for hardest?

  72. crews says:

    @Grey: Nice blast. Thanks as always. And in advance:
    I like Romero too. Young guy, was pretty impressive last year until he got hurt, great K/9 as you said, 2.71 ERA and 1.13 WHIP are terrific. You think he’s this level of a pitcher long-term?
    It’s a “keeper?” question where my pitching situation is not great. I have eight total slots and my best guys are Jed Weaver and Yovani Gallardo (I also have B. Webb – I’ll have nightmares about the Ziegler comment).

  73. Ron Washington's Stache says:

    Masterson or Richard?

  74. @Enrique:

    You said it yourself, you dont need another back end starter. Doesn’t he have any SP’s other than Bills that would help you? Freese in a 20 team league seems valuable and you would be tossing him aside for a player who doesn’t have a role for you; so I don’t like that first deal so much.

  75. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Dough boy: Fielder side.

    @Mr. Rickey: He was on the risky pitcher list.

    @timSTi: Lewis

    @William: It’s fair, sounds like you’d be better off playing the hot hand with one less guy, can see that.

    @xopchipili: Hehe

    @genghis chone: Olsen… No Wells.

    @ASAOK: Holland

    @Enrique: Harang if you your staff is risky as is, but Holland could be much better if you can afford the upside. You can’t take Bills if that’s his best pitcher.

    @crews: re: Webb – Ha! I do like Romero but it’s too early for me to say over those other two in a keeper. Conceivable, yes.

    @Ron Washington’s Stache: Richard (at home), Masterson, Richard (away)…

    EDIT: Word

  76. dingers says:

    @Grey: thanks grey, i got both Tulo and Reyes.. got an offer of Grandy for Reyes, but i think i would rather have Rios if i make a deal…u?

  77. Rob says:

    Grey – as always your blog keeps butt. Thoughts on Furcal when he comes back. An owner has him on the DL but would have to drop Alex Gonzalez so am thinking about making a move for Furcal. It is a 11team league- NL league teams plus 3 AL teams (NYY, BOS and Tor). We can have three MI. I have Barnes, Desmond, DeWitt.


  78. dingers says:

    @Rob: blog definitely keeps butt!

  79. Howie Met Your Mother says:


    Anyone heard anything/have any thoughts about when owning Carlos Santana and Chris Tillman is going to start to pay off?

  80. Doug Ault says:

    @Grey: I just offered Derrek Lee and Pence for Adrian Gonzalez, and it was accepted.Should I be second guessing myself?

  81. Grey

    Grey says:

    @dingers: Eh

    @Rob: Thanks! Yeah, I’d get Furcal if you can get him cheap which it sounds like you can.

    @Howie Met Your Mother: I’ve been saying I don’t think Santana is going to pay off, as I keep comparing him to Santana. I think Barajas will probably be better this year. Tillman could be okay, tough matchups every week though.

    @Doug Ault: Nah, I’d want A-Gon.

    EDIT: Word.

  82. Eddy says:

    Hey thanks for the advice on the Cole Hamels start. I live on the East Coast so I was already knocked out when you replied. And it IS H2H and I actually DO have a tremendous lead (1.50 ERA to 5.79 ERA). Unfortunately my opponent is a hybrid streamer (has his core guys and mixes and matches a few times a week) and he has 7 pitchers going from today until Sunday, so I gotta rack up the wins and Ks and hope his guys fallout. Point is, Hamels is starting today, so thanks!

  83. Some interesting stats about Chad Qualls:

    “Real” ERA: 6.91

    K/9: 10.05
    BB/9: 3.14
    K:BB: 3.20
    BABIP: .462 (yes – FOUR SIXTY TWO)
    LOB%: 51.6%

    xFIP: 3.17

    Discrepancy between ERA and xFIP is an unreal 3.74. Here’s to hoping Hinch is as smart as they claim he is and that he leaves Qualls alone. Guy’s skills are still great – he’s just suffering from some ridiculous bad luck on balls in play.

  84. Howie Met Your Mother says:


    In a deep 14 team league I’m going to guess they might be a little more valuable than Chris Synder and Gavin Floyd respectively for the rest of this season….

  85. keith says:

    @grey @all

    thoughts on this trade:

    give: tulo, manny, soto, soriano
    rec: hanley, stanton, vmart, wagner

  86. Howie Met Your Mother says:


    Comparing Santana to whom? I thought I remember you saying recently he could be as good as Weiter’s rookie year, and to me, I can get on board with that before I even think about adding Barajas (who actually just got picked up yesterday).

    I think I’m unrealistically enamored with Tillman, but I’ll definitely be spot starting him…

  87. crews says:

    @Grey: Thanks for the feedback.
    Rhetoric: My gut says “not quite…” but yesterday I was offered he, Adam Jones and Neftali Feliz for Justin Upton. My hitting is solid and my pitching weak (plus there’s an innings limit – about 48 innings a week); the long-term goal is two to three SP keepers and Lincecum’s not walking through that door. Adam Jones is talented but makes me seasick and I’m from the Church of SAGNOF.
    I always have a little of the “non-buyers” remorse – like “Ricky Romero will now win the next three Cy Youngs and Neftali Feliz will finish second at the same time because the Rangers finally executed their plan to make him a SP.” I’ll get over it.

  88. papasmuf says:

    Is it wrong to want to throw Chipper in a woodchipper?

    On Wed., I started Pena at UTIL and Chipper has a big game. Yesterday I started him instead of Pena and he goes 0fer 4. Pena jacks 2.

    My own fault for going back to Chipper again. He has had maybe 3 good games all year.

  89. Tom Emanski says:

    Someone dropped Sizemore (not Tom) in my league. Now the loooong wait until my waiver priority is too low to get him.

  90. and1mcgee says:

    @Tom Emanski: I dropped him in one league. He’s

  91. @Eddy:

    Excellent! This was meant for you:

    Btw, weren’t you needing Fantasy Football help? I could help get you coached up, if anything its simpler than FB, I’ve been working at for years and am rather knowedgeable. (Click my name for the link)

  92. and1mcgee says:

    @Howie Met Your Mother: I’m friends with Tillman’s sister, coincidentally enough… and even she doesn’t know.

  93. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Brett: Yeah, the issue is bigger that the club doesn’t trust him. He can fix things, but he needs to do it soon.

    @keith: I’d take the Hanley side.

    @Howie Met Your Mother: Barajas has ten homers, Wieters had 9 through 4 months last year. Not sure how much help you think a catcher is going to give you, but they really don’t matter in the big picture. Luke Scott hit 7 homers in the last two weeks. I own Ramon Hernandez in a 12 team league where I’m in 2nd place.

    @crews: Ha

    @papasmuf: I dropped Chipper the first week of the season in a 12 team league and haven’t looked back.

  94. @Howie Met Your Mother:

    My approach to the game is that I don’t want to burn a valuable roster spot for two months for a guy that’s still completely potential. How do you know he’s not gonna struggle? Not to mention he’s a catcher. Yeah, maybe holding Hanson last year or Straus this year is worth the draft pick and the two months of useless space eating, but even then I wouldn’t do it.

    To me, there are simply TOO many breakout stars you could have grabbed instead and could have already been producing for you all this time. Instead you have to carry two catchers for months in the hopes you might hit the jackpot, which is pretty unlikely in any case; and even more so in the Indians lineup. Every week you run your team out with only 23 or 24 eligible contributers is a week you give your opponents a free advantage.

  95. Howard says:

    Hi Grey, looking ahead to tomorrow:
    [email protected]
    Tigers @ Ely
    Am on a tight innings budget so I would be hesitant to play both.
    Thanks! Looking forward to the Buy/Sell (BS for short) commence Friday tradin’!

  96. GTG says:

    A gets Kinsler, Furcal, Ubaldo, Bailey.
    B gets Utley, Reyes, Smoak, Wandy

    5×5 12-team league — which side do you like?

  97. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Howard: No problem… I’d go with Cueto of the two.

    @GTG: Andrew or Homer? Probably A side.

  98. @Brett:


    As per the club not trusting Qualls, there’s no one else to turn to that’s an improvement, other than making a trade perhaps. I do think its pretty clear from watching him pitch that he’s been unlucky. Most of those blown saves were from fluky Texas leaguers and seeing-eye grounders, which is bound to be evident to the team. He has walked too many guys and he never should have been made a closer in the first place but he’s still likely to bounce back and I expect them to give him a few more chances for lack of a better answer.

  99. ken plane says:

    5×5, 10 team roto, Owner looking for SB’s has offered his Ibanez for my Podsednik. I could some power but Ibanez looks pretty sad right now, slump or is he done?
    Pods is one of my reserves.

  100. Howie Met Your Mother says:


    I completely agree with your logic, however my circumstance is a bit different. This league has like 8 bench spots (don’t ask me why) plus 2 DL spots, so there is always going to be room to roster someone with potential. I’ve only had Santana on my roster for a few weeks now (not two months, definitely not drafted), and thus far I’ve been pretty good at plucking break-out stars (Neftali Feliz, Mike Leake, Mat Latos).

    Yes I realize he might not even be better than Suzuki when he comes up, but “what if”? What’s the downside to rostering someone with that potential when I have a deep bench full of players I rarely start?

  101. Fletch says:

    @Grey Would you trade King Felix for Hanson and Andrus?

  102. @Howie Met Your Mother:

    Well if your league is silly like that, of course you want to hoard guys. Someone’s bound to pay off. That being said, I’d probably hoard pitchers over a catcher who’s gonna be on the Indians. The top 3 catchers on the player rater atm were all undrafted FA’s at the start of the year

  103. Grey

    Grey says:

    @ken plane: I’d take Ibanez, don’t think he’s done, his lineup is too stacked and ballpark too easy.

    @Fletch: Sure

  104. aquahombre says:

    drop qualls for villanueva? the threat of hielman vulturing saves makes me sick…

  105. ThePoonTycoon says:

    on a team with braun, teixeira, bj upton, cruz, zobrist, napoli, rollins, pence, etc., who would have guessed casey mcgehee would be leading my teams in HRs and RBIs

  106. Dom says:

    10 team, AL Only, keeper league, trade help please:

    I give Nelson Cruz, Rowland-Smith, Darnell McDonald, and Asdrubal Cabrera

    I get Joakim Soria, Jack Cust, Fred Lewis, and Chris Carter

    I’m last in Saves with Simon as my only closer. The rest of my team is average even with Gimpy Sizemore and Aaron Hill sucking donkey balls this year.

  107. aquahombre says:

    12 team mixed h2h league i have valverde and qualls as my two closers…drop qualls for villanueva or just sit tight and pray heilman doesnt take over?

  108. crews says:

    @Dom: I’d go for the trade from your side, making the gamble on Carter (if that’s Chris Carter in the A’s chain…God, they’re even both CHRIS C. CARTER…now THAT’S an X-File). Cruz is and COULD continue to be .330 hitter… I don’t see it. Soria’s also doing a bit of sucking this year but is one of the few closers I’d chance in a keeper). How many keeper slots you have?

  109. Chad Billingsley hosting the Detroit Tigers . . . pitcher has the upper hand on a slew of batters that haven’t faced him before, not to mention that Chad’s starting to roll like it’s 1H of 2009 and Migel Cabrera is 0-9, 4k, AND Tigers counter with D-Trainwreck?

    But then again, what’s up with the extreme Left/Right splits this year for Billingsley?

    In the end, it’s just probably how Chad feels on the mound tonight and whether he can get into a good groove/tempo.

  110. Jonathan says:

    Ok, sorry if this is a repeat, but is it time to jump ship on Lind yet?

    And Berkman just got dropped in my 10-team Roto… D. Lee is my 1B…

    do I use my #2 Waiver priority to pick him up?

    I would drop Swisher or Pence.

  111. and1mcgee says:

    I think Luke Scott is both a Buy and a Sell. Cust Kayin’

  112. Grey

    Grey says:

    @aquahombre: Gotta hold for now.

    @ThePoonTycoon: Me! (Not really.)

    @Dom: The loss of Cruz is gonna kill you. Make a smaller deal for a closer.

    @Arthur O: In most leagues, I’d start him.

    @Jonathan: Drop Swisher for Berkman. Too early to jump ship on Lind.

  113. crews says:

    @Jonathan: On Lind, only if you’re benching him.
    I’d drop Swisher for Berkman if you have a DH spot. I think D. Lee will rise to more typical stats for him which mean he’s got some hitting to do.

  114. Donnie Baseball says:

    Try and trade Adam Jones for Sizemore? I can’t take seeing Jones’ name on my team anymore.

    Even if Sizemore is done for the year, do I really lose?

  115. Tony says:

    @Donnie Baseball: i’d rather have a non-injured slumping player than a SLUMPING PLAYER WHO IS ALSO INJURED…..

  116. Donnie Baseball says:

    True, but I’m starting to think Jones isn’t slumping. This is just who he is.

    And at least with Sizemore, there is a possibility of upside.

  117. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Donnie Baseball: Agree with Tony.


  118. crews says:

    @Grey: Finally absorbed the comments on Bondy (answering an unasked question) and Maine – the box score on ESPN said he “left the game in the first inning due to precautionary reasons.” What – in case he sucked? The Mets already did that with Oliver Perez (thankfully).

  119. Buge Hoobs says:

    Kind of like that computer you buy that’s outdated by the time you get it set up and running smoothly, is it time to drop Luke Sott yet? Or play him one more week as the Util?

  120. Bobby Nice says:

    What do y’all think of Manny this year? Staggering average, mamoth HR’s, and a glut of RBI in the middle of the Dodgers lineup. Only to be slowed by the 2 – 3 times he’s put on the DL for toes and pinkies and such. I have a chance to send Hunter Pence over for Manny, waddya think?

    Or do we get a “last year” with the Dodgers Manny, who will play as little as possible, hit an occasional HR, and suck the life out of the OF spot on my roster.

    Or some kind of variation of the two?

  121. William says:

    @Grey – Is Carlos Zambrano a top 50 SP?

  122. martin says:

    votto or youk?

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