I’ve ignored the Padres number 11 ranked prospect long enough, Jedd Gyorko (3B). Do keep in mind he’s playing in the California League (High-A), yet his numbers are still impressive. In 332 at-bats, he is slashing .367/.433/.642 with 53 XBH (18 Hr, 35 2B), 11 steals and a 60:38 K:BB ratio. His swing is a short stroke with good balance and he utilizes the whole field. Defensively, he has a strong arm but limited mobility in his squat frame (5’10” 210 lbs). Projects to be a .290 hitter with plus bat speed. Power ceiling in the majors, due to hitting personality, a bat-wrap before swinging and home park is 12 to 15 home runs. Has been compared to Brett Wallace – a bad bodied hitter who projects to hit for average with more gap power than home run power. Could be a solid third basemen, but not expected to be a star. Double-A will be a real test to his abilities.

Jason Kipnis | CLE | 2B: The Indians number three prospect has continued his strong season. In the last 10 games, he’s 14 for 38 with 5 XBH (3 Hr) and a 12:7 K:BB ratio. At 78 games played, he has hit 11 home runs, stole 10 bases, has hit lefties (.333/.409/.594 in 98 at-bats) and depending on how the Indians play through July, could be up by early August.

Shelby Miller | St.L | RHP (SP): Since being promoted to Double-A, Miller has thrown 38 innings with 38 strikeouts, eight (8) walks, 32 hits allowed and 9 runs allowed. His total innings are up to 91 innings this year. After throwing only 104 1/3 innings last year, I wouldn’t expect more than another seven to nine starts (total of 130 innings), which is disappointing, because I would like to see a September call up. May get promoted to Triple-A. To start the 2012 season, he’ll be just 21 years old and worth the hype.

Brad Peacock | WAS | RHP (SP): Last two starts: 12 1/3 IP, 12 Ks, 10 baserunners (4 walks) and zero runs. Two years in a row he has thrown over 140 innings, currently only at 92 2/3. I would fully expect a September call-up.

Matt Moore | TB | LHP (SP): Last two starts: 12 IP, 12 Ks, 10 baserunners (2 walks), 1 run, and more questions of why he’s slowly getting pushed through the minors. The Rays make every fan and fantasy manager just wanna bash-em on the head with a cricket bat.

Paul Goldschmidt | ARI | 1B: Average has been on a slide. What did you expect from a free-swinging country boy? Up to 25 home runs on the season in 285 at-bats. Hitting equally as well at home (.313/.420/.620, 150 at-bats and 13 home runs) as on the road (.319/.450/.677 135 at-bats with 12 home runs). Rumor is he and Cowgill are getting called-up after the All-Star break. Speaking of which …

Collin Cowgill | ARI | OF: Keep your expectations tempered with this one. He projects as a fourth outfielder with gap-power. Over a full season, if given all the at-bats could put up a .275/12/20 season.

Jose Altuve | HOU | 2B: Has continued raking at Double-A since his promotion with 42 hits (3 HR) and a .365/.383/.565 slash line in 115 at-bats. He’s the epitome of a Sparky Anklebiter; much of his value is in his speed and contingent on a higher average. Personally, looks like a Placido Polanco.

Kyle Blanks | SD | 1B/LF: Has been excellent in the minors this year rehabbing from surgery. Currently has clubbed 6 home runs with a slash line of .390/.462/.780 at Triple-A in 89 at-bats. Between Double-A and Triple-A: .317/.388/.571 with 41 XBH (10 HR) in 259 at-bats. With Anthony Rizzo manning first base, the defensively challenged Blanks will be regulated to the outfield if given the opportunity to play in the majors this year. His stick has definitely proved that he deserves the opportunity again.

Mike Montgomery | LHP (SP): Had a start skipped, with the assumption of limiting his innings as he is currently at 85 1/3 innings and his career high is 110 innings in 2009. Made start on 7/1/11 and had one of his best outings of the year: 6 2/3 IP, 7 Ks, 5 baserunners (3 walks), zero runs allowed. Command has been an issue all year as he has issued 49 walks. Consequently due to the innings and command issues, I don’t think we are going to see Montgomery in the majors this year.

Jesus Montero | NYY | C: The suddenly Mauer-esque hitting Montero hit a home run this past week. His ability to hit isn’t in question, but since playing at Triple-A, his power has dried up. At this point, I think he’s either traded at the deadline, or we don’t see him until September when the rosters expand.

  1. Howard says:

    Hi Stephen, Who do think is the future 3B for the Padres, Gyorko or James Darnell? I’ve been stashing Darnell hoping for a call up.

  2. Clyde Prompto says:

    Howdy, Stephen. If you could switch your prospect maven hat for your Twins fan hat for a second, what do you think Minnesota does with Ben Revere when Kubel and Span are healthy? It’s pretty obvious he can be an everyday player, but Gardenhire seems like he’s loyal to his vets almost to a fault.

  3. Joel says:

    Altuve looks a bit better than Polanco did in the minors. For one, he’s got a lot more power than Polanco ever showed (never slugged >380 even in the PCL).

  4. TomtheBod says:

    Hey Stephen. What do you think about Moustakas thus far? Perhaps he’s a slow starter, but 1 RBI, 63 at bats? I need to clear a spot on the roster for Phil Hughes coming off the DL. You think it’s time to drop him?

    I know the Royals have no chance of winning this season, so they might just continue to roll with him. But Aviles is tearing it up in AAA. Any chance he’s going to get sent back down?

  5. Gumby says:

    How do you think Matthew Adams projects? And is there a chance we see him in 2012?

  6. @howard: I see Darnell as the Padres ong-term 3B option. He plays better defense.

    @Clyde Prompto: I see the Twins using him as a 4th/5th OF. Would like for him to play defense over Youngof Kubel.

    @Joel: Altuve is a doubles hitter riding a high BABIP and a small sample size

    [email protected]: For his year, yeah, you could drop Moustakas if you don’t wanna ride the rookie hiccups/slumps or rolonged ineffectiveness.

    @Gumby: he could start in 2012 if the Cardinals don’t resign Pujols. otherwise, he’ll ride along in Triple-A waiting for injuries..

  7. 626 Jack says:

    any word on what the Padres plans with Blanks? He has never really got a full chance. if Rizzo continues to struggle could Kyle be a potential 1B call up in August?

  8. Mike says:

    What do you expect from Peacock in the Majors?

  9. Mike says:

    Dynasty league question. Skaggs, Odorizzi, Surkamp, or Trevor May. Who do you like?

  10. Nick says:

    @Anyone: With what % confidence would you say the Halos & E Santana beat the Dodgers and Billingsley?

  11. @626 Jack: I have not heard anything specific, but your comment holds some validity.

    @Nick: 40%

  12. 626 Jack says:

    @anyone: Bills is great at home this year and only Aybar and Kendrick have fared well against him. Santana not so much. If its for the win in H2H, I’d go for it. since the blues suck and you always got next week, but if its roto, then wait another day. I have Bills in one league and I’m really bored today

  13. 626 Jack says:

    I meant @ nick

  14. Pops says:


    Awaiting the arrival of Desmond Jennings. Super 2 status has likely passed. What is Andrew Friedman waiting for?

  15. airweino says:

    Would you trade Goldschmidt, Sands or Viciedo for Kipnis in a standard 5×5 mixed keeper league?

  16. yankees2011 says:

    As Pops asked, any word on Jennings? I have been holding him on my Bench, but it is getting extremely tight.

    Thanks and have a great fourth!

  17. ltf says:

    hahahahaha. You were just complaining about his defense last month, not to comment on your thoughts of him as a prospect or a long term option.

    @howard: I see Darnell as the Padres ong-term 3B option. He plays better defense.

  18. Joel says:


    1. Altuve has a career minor league ISO of 154
    2. His BABIP is high this year, but not in previous seasons.
    3. He’s a doubles hitter, but so was Tony Gwynn.

  19. Stephen

    Stephen says:

    @Nick: Not sure what the Rays are waiting for.

    @airweino: Sands.

    @yankees2011: Hold him./

    @ltf: Gyorko’s defense is just that bad. Between the two (Darnell and Gyorko) Darnell’s defense is far better.

    @Joel: Altuve’s power is moderate at-best. 12 to 15 home runs in the majors. You’re correct in everything you said though.

  20. ltf says:

    @Stephen: Right, you’ve proven yourself to be an excellent judge of talent, especially defense…

  21. Remy says:

    Why did you skip #8 & 9?

  22. Stephen

    Stephen says:

    @Remy: Simple oversight while utilizing a phone.

    @Mike: 7.5 K/9 with 3 BB/9 with tier three SP Fantasy value.

    @Mike: Odorizzi, May, Surkamp, Skaggs.

  23. Stephen

    Stephen says:

    @Remy: Thank you for bring it to my attention.

  24. Remy says:

    No Problem, & thank you. But I may disagree, Skaggs and Peacock are killing it!

  25. Stephen

    Stephen says:

    @Remy: You’re welcome. Skaggs has good upside, as does Peacock. Peacock reminds me of Matt Garza.

  26. Stephen

    Stephen says:

    Skaggs is going to be detailed in this weeks Scouting the Unknown. Upon further review, I will still go Odorizzi, May, Skaggs and then Surkamp.

  27. Mike says:

    Well I’m glad i checked back. Thanks guys.

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