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USA Today might no longer appreciate the insights shared by Larry King in his long-running column but we at Razzball were thrilled when he accepted our invitation to share his thoughts on Fantasy Baseball….

Hello, fantasy baseball fans in America and abroad! I can’t believe the season is almost half over. Or is it half-full?…. Aren’t the Rangers something? Milton Bradley should add “Fun For All Ages” at the end of his name…. Why can’t Josh Hamilton play every position and call himself a PitCatch1st2nd3rdShortOutman?…. I’m going to live in a bubble so I reach my 200s…. Willie Randolph’s tenure was short but dignified just like Mickey Rooney…. Was anyone else surprised Miguel Tejada made news for lying about his age? Maybe my third wife had a right to be mad…How come they don’t describe tall players like Chris Young as statuesque?…..Go see Sex In The City. Sarah Jessica Parker is enchanted and I like her nose!… Maybe the Middle East should have Jim Leyland coach it through bad times…. I’d like to make a Fearless Award and give it to Jim Eisenreich….I wonder how you say sprained foot in Taiwanese. I bet it sounds delicious…. Joe Torre just called and said L.A. fans are the greatest in the world…. I think there should be Mount Rushmore for Michael Bourn, Juan Pierre and Willy Taveras — they’re fast!…. Why can’t the cable company call me when I’m not home?…. No, I don’t want any additional stations…. Can’t you see I’m in the middle of a post for…. I thought you were Torre calling back to say something else insightful…. I ran into Antonio Banderas the other day, he’s hilarious…. Acorns are my favorite part of trees…. Okay, I’m hanging up on the cable company now…. My fantasy baseball team’s name is Jews Dig The Long Ball and it’s led by Ryan Braun and Ryan Zimmerman…. Why isn’t every color blue?…. I’d love to get stuck in an elevator with Sean Casey and Carol Channing. What a hoot that would be!…. Don’t you think they should go back in time and change the name of marshmallows to yummy-yum-yums?…. Mad About You is the only show I’ll never tire of. If Paul Reiser were a baseball player, he’d be Jorge Cantu because of his inability to do anything wrong….Are grapes and olives related in any way?

  1. Larry King says:

    I sure know how to write good eh?

  2. BigFatHippo says:

    Larry King Live

    News You Can’t Use, dot dot dot.

  3. BigFatHippo says:

    Larry King Live

    News You Can’t Use

    dot dot dot

    Funny shizz Larry

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