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Jesus's teachings are highlighted on this week's Ditka Pod. Razzball's own Prospect Jesus that is. Us and Ralph Lifshitz discuss a bunch of prospects who could have significant fantasy impacts for 2019 fantasy baseball. First, Jesus shares his prophecies regarding when some of the top prospects in the game will arrive to the big show, including Vlad Jr, Eloy Jimenez, Fernando Tatis Jr, Forrest Whitley, Keston Huira and many others. Then Ralph settles some debates on which prospects are most worth gambling on at their current early draft season ADPs before rattling off some deeper prospects with legitimate 2019 fantasy potential. When Jesus talks, we listen!  Kanye voice, "Jesus talks."
The calendar has flipped to June and the Razzball Commenter Leagues are in full swing.  This is also the time of year where I like to take a look at which RCL teams are killing us in win-rate and which teams have just had some crap luck in the win column.  Now, Rudy will tell you that Wins are actually predictable as shown by his Ombotsman.  While the data and the bots may tell you this, as a human, it still seems like they are luck-based, do they not?  Today we’re going to take a look at “win luck”.  There’s no doubt it takes some luck to win a fantasy baseball league.  Injury luck is probably the biggest factor in winning a league.  As good a manager as we think we are, if your number one pick goes down for the year, you’re going to be at a disadvantage.  That’s just common sense. “Win luck” is another area that is seemingly out of our control.  Let’s face it, wins are brutal.  I’m a big proponent of the mantra, “Make your own luck” and I certainly think that can be applied to “win luck”.  “Win luck” is a term often tossed around to describe a team that is raking in the wins and/or a team that can’t seem to buy a win.  Can you make your own luck in regards to wins?  Of course, you can.  You can stream those valuable middle relievers, especially the ones that frequently work multiple innings in the middle of games (Yusmeiro Petit perhaps).  When a lead change occurs, these relievers are typically the benefactors.  It’s no guarantee of course, but it can’t hurt your luck any.  There are other ways to increase your win luck too.  Let’s take a look at another big one as well as who is getting lucky and who got lucky this week in the week that was, week 9:
If we have learned anything from the first 38+ games of the year, it is that we should always be flexible.  Not, being able to bend over and tie your shoe without pulling an adductor muscle flexible, but somewhere around there.  Isn't it amazing that we, the fantasy community, have learned that there are 163 muscles in the abdomen alone somehow...which makes sense when they are being pulled on a daily basis.  The 13-year old in me would have went with the groin muscle for a joke like that, but I have grown up quite a bit.  Plus, I make that joke with my wife, who then proceeds to call that a "minor" strain, and I cry myself to sleep.  Let me rub the sleep/shame out of my eye and present to you, Week 6:
For a couple nights this week, I drafted prospects with prospectors. Or against prospectors? Both, I suppose. Appreciated the invite from Scott White at CBS, who allowed me to come back and defend my crown from last year’s prospect mocks. That’s a joke. Not a funny one, sorry to say. Nobody wins a mock draft, let alone a prospect mock. 
This week Lance and Lifshitz are back in saddle after a long layover. Not to worry, we pickup right where we left off by diving into some of the callups over the last week, as well as a laundry list of live looks between the two of us over the first month plus. From Wander Franco to Casey Mize and all the looks in between, we give you the low down from the field from the Midwest to the International League. Maybe it's been a month since you last heard the sweet sounds of Bro-Shitz, maybe you've been in coma and didn't miss anything. Who cares? We're back!
Prospect Jesus (Ralph Lifshitz) has plenty of children throughout the Minor Leagues. Players he has a unique affinity for, all of whom generally become stud Major Leaguers. But how many of them actually share a name? Is it Jesus, Jr? In an age rampant with Juniors in the game, maybe we should refer to Jesus Luzardo as Jesus, Jr. There's no denying his talent, so sit back and listen to just how good Ralph's offspring is, and how he can help your Fantasy Baseball teams!
The Dukes are back! Grey and Lifshitz, your favorite perts least favorite perts. Truman, Ford, Hughes, Disney, Jobs, West, Albright. These are innovators of their craft, and it's my honor to talk through Grey's thought process when creating his Top 20 for 2019 Fantasy Baseball. January Grey is Birthday Grey, and everyone loves January Grey, and a birthday boy. In other words it's Albright's month, the rest of us are just living for 31 days. So tune in, and get back on the good foot. THE RAZZBALL FANTASY BASEBALL PODCAST IS BACK for the two dot one 9ine. As always, go and checkout our sponsor and peep all of their recent releases!
I'm Ralph Lifshitz, and I am not on this podcast. It's a strange phenomenon. Work pulled me away from the show for the week, so Lance returned and brought Jason Woodell on to bless us with his top notch insights. The boys talk The Mets, as well as a few of Jason's favorite prospects coming into 2019. They then wrap up the show with some discussion of their mentalities when working on the forthcoming Top 100 list. It's guaranteed to be a classic show so tune in to catch all that. It's the latest episode of the Razzball Prospect Podcast powered by Prospects Live. 
Over 1,500 players took a swing or threw a pitch in 2018. We couldn't cover every single one, so we pinpointed those we thought would be weighing on your minds most for your 2019 rosters. Our 2019 Fantasy Baseball Video Draft Guide begins, right here on Razzball! Andy Singleton (@PeoplezPen) and Ralph Lifshitz (@ProspectJesus) give you 5 quick hitting minutes on why, or why not, you should be drafting these guys. Today we feature Royals SS Adalberto Mondesi.
Well, that’s a wrap everyone.  Twenty-Six weeks down and now we have 26 more until the start of next year’s fantasy baseball season.  It’s perfect symmetry, because fantasy baseball is the perfect fantasy sport. The Fighting Hams weren’t perfect, but they were good enough to squeak out an overall Razzball Commenter League Championship over 1-800-BETTSOFF.  The Fighting Hams won by just 0.2 RCL points, the closest mark since 2014 when Colicky Fuddruckers won by just 0.05 RCL points. The Fighting Hams hung around the top 20 most of the season, entering the top 10 in week 14, but falling back out the following week.  The Hams re-entered the top 10 in week 19 in 4th place overall and wouldn’t fall below 5th for the remainder of the season. In week 23 they took the overall lead and held it for the final 3 weeks to win the title. The Fighting Hams really rake it in, winning themselves a $250 Best Buy gift card!  More importantly though, the Hams get a Razzball T-Shirt and RCL glory. Who can put a price on that? Oh, it’s $25, well then, moving on. I don’t believe The Fighting Hams have checked in via comments at all this year, but I could be wrong. Now would be a fine time to do so either way. It’s time to heap on the praise and accept your congratulations.  The Hams fended off some very tough competitors this year to claim the RCL crown. I gave it a run, LauraHolt was pushing for a top spot for awhile there and Backdoor Cutters and STL Squat Cobblers are some of the best RCL players I’ve played with in my time. This is The Fighting Hams’ moment though, so hopefully they show up, take a bow and soak it up, they earned it.   Here’s what else what happened this year and this final week of the RCLs:
I’m just going to milk his Vlad Jr. thing as long as I can. After all, it’s only a matter of time before he’s out of my hands and off to the world of Grey A.M. writeups, and ESPN highlights. Make no mistake the heir to the Canadian baseball throne is the genuine article, and on the cusp of the majors. After destroying AA for two months, he missed the next five plus weeks with a knee injury. Only to return to the Fishercats lineup for a few weeks in July, before heading off to AAA. In his 8 games in Buffalo Vlad is slashing .455/.581/.682, smacking his first International League homer off highly touted Braves righthander Kyle Wright. In fact he abused Wright yesterday evening, going 3-for-3 with the aforementioned homer, a double, and a single. One of our loyal Crab Army members was in attendance and was nice enough to share the below video. At this point it’s just a waiting game, and unfortunately for those of us wishing on an impending callup it might not be in the cards. That’s not to say it won’t happen later in September. The problem is, after saying all this he could be called up tomorrow. Stash away if you have the room to spare, but I’d be prepared to burn that spot for most, if not all of August.
Is it too early to update my first year player draft rankings? Because we have a battle to replace Alec Bohm at the top of the list. In one corner we have Cardinals wunderkind Nolan Gorman. A power-hitting prodigy, with Herculean raw power, and a bat so quick and compact he could turn on a hollow-point on the inside. At 18 he already has a big league body, and the pretty swing to match. St. Louis was aggressive with him, skipping the Gulf Coast League for the more advanced Appy league. The results have certainly backed that decision, through 33 games the third basemen is slashing .341/.437/.682. In yesterday’s game he connected for his 11th homer of the season, as part of a 4-for-6 performance. He’s in the midst of a 7 game hitting streak and has homers in three straight. Actually he has homers in four of his last five games, slugging two doubles on Tuesday in his homer-less game. So this leads us back to our original question; Is Gorman the number 1 pick in FYPD? The question is yes and no, for me it’s a two man battle between Gorman, and Jonathan India, more on him later. But it’s tough to argue against Gorman’s bat at the moment. If you were to say he was the best hitter in the draft, you might be right. He’s been great so far, and a promotion to the full season Midwest League could come shortly. For now consider Gorman a major mover in my forthcoming Top 500 update.