Corey Hart with 3 homers, 7 RBIs and a pair of sunglasses.  Never surrender, Corey Hart!  In short, you should grab him if he’s on waivers (80% owned in Yahoo).  In shorter, grab him.  In shortest, grab.  He’s streaky like Bret Boone’s hair in the 90’s and this is obviously the start of a good one.  If he’s not on waivers and someone else owns him, you bid him adieu, assuming you’re French.  (I know how much the French are into fantasy baseball.)  Just as I felt in the beginning of the year, I don’t think Hart comes anywhere near his 2010 stats.  Très bummer!  Anyway, here’s what else I saw yesterday in fantasy baseball:

Stephen Strasburg – Threw off the mound for the first time.  His fan club, the House of Strasburg, has time to launder their early-1900s, Austrian officer uniforms as their ordainment of St. Rasburg will probably have to wait until next year.

Drew Storen – 2/3 IP, 3 ER.  Kazaam!

Howie Kendrick – Sat out for his 4th straight day with moans over his hammy.  Sounds like he’s headed to the DL.  Will update you as soon as I read about it somewhere else.

Mitchell Boggs – Sent to the minors.  La Russa said, “I just cut 15% of Razzball’s Cardinal bullpen questions.  You’re welcome, Grey.  Now adopt a kitten.”

Nelson Cruz – 1-for-4 with a homer yesterday.  He’s baaaaack!  Which, for him, is better than “Oh, no, his baaaaack!”

Josh Hamilton – 2-for-4 with his first homer of the season in his return from the DL.  Not to be the bee in your bonnet (say that fast 117 times!), but the Yin and Yang nature of the Rangers injuries means Kinsler will probably be hurt within a week now.

Alexi Ogando – 9 IP, 0 ER, 8 baserunners, 6 Ks.  Murray Chass called and said, “How’s that for a regression to his xFIP?”

Joe Blanton – Will get a second opinion on his elbow.  Come on, there’s gotta be one Phillie fan out there that is crazy enough to go Dr. Rosenrosen on Blanton and pretend to be his doctor to shut him down for the year.  Here’s your lines, “You’ve got a serious case of tennis elbow.”  “But I don’t play tennis.”  “I don’t blame you with that elbow.”

Chase Utley – 0-for-5 in his return as the Phils scored 10 runs.  Ticker tease!  Or is that ticker season?

Edinson Volquez – Sent to the minors.  My ERA and WHIP sends its regards in the form of an extended middle finger.

Sam LeCure – Supposedly, he’ll take Volquez’s rotation spot when it comes up again on Friday.  LeCure was walking around the clubhouse singing, “I don’t care if Monday’s blue, Tuesday’s gray and Wednesday too…”

Bronson Arroyo – 2 2/3 IP, 9 ER.  Almost as bad as his guitar playing.

Jay Bruce – 3-for-4, 3 RBIs, hitting .282 with 12 homers.  We haven’t had a “Grey is a prescient S.O.B.” in a few, so here ya go.  Two weeks into the season, people wanted to drop Bruce because of his season-starting slump.  Then a giant Gallagher hammer knocked me over the melon and I wrote the Bruce Buy post.  (Oh, and Pedro Alvarez was a sell there, when he still had some modicum of value.)

Adam LaRoche – To the DL with a torn LaBrum.  Take that, capitalization Gods!  “YOU WILL FEEL OUR WRATH.”  Uh-oh.

Tsuyoshi Nishioka – Will begin rehab this week.  Oh, joy, I get to spell his name regularly again.  If you’re hurting at MI (and, really, who isn’t?), I’d stash Nishioka now.  He should return in about a week and a half.

Jim Thome – Hit two homers in the same game that Jack Cust hit a home run.  With these guys going deep in the same game, it seems like this game should’ve been shown in black and white.

Matt Capps –  1 2/3 IP, 1 ER.  The only thing worse than Capps recently has been Nathan.  On a real baseball note, the Twins have been dreadful.  Feels like the first time in a while they’re out of it this early.  Oh, and the Indians have the best record in baseball.  Zoinks!

Will Venable – Sent down by the Padres for underperformance.  That’s hard to do with their offense.  That’s like flunking out of the University of Phoenix.  San Diego should move their AAA team to Tijuana.  Then when you say, “He got sent down from San Diego,” it’s actually the truth.

Bartolo Colon – 6 IP, 6 ER.  Sadly, I’m sure he took out a lot of innocent bystanders when he crashed back to earth.

Carlos Villanueva – 5 IP, 1 ER, 3 baserunners, 5 Ks.  I used to like Villanueva when he was on the Brewers.  Decent K-rate, but he’s getting crazy lucky right now on the Blue Jays.  Wouldn’t touch him outside of deep AL-Only leagues.  BTW, his last name goes well with the tune, La Isla Bonita.  Maybe Lady Gaga will write a song about him.

Jose Bautista – 1-for-3 with his 19th home run.  In other news, I don’t know if water is wet or dry because Bautista has changed everything I know about the world.

Kenley Jansen – 2/3 IP, 3 ER and the blown save.  Jansen was called on to close the game last night, and that’s where the good news ends.  I’d continue to hold Guerrier for now if you’re desperate for saves.  Yes, I’m praying I don’t have the audacity to pick up Mike MacDougal.  (BTW, Audacity is on the map just above capacity.)

Asdrubal Cabrera – 3-for-4 with his 10th home run and 7th steal.  You know there’s gonna be a baby boy this summer in Cleveland named Asdrubal.  Then they can hang out with their five-year-old brother, Pronk.

Justin Masterson – 7 2/3 IP, 2 ER, 6 baserunners, 3 Ks vs. the Red Sox.  Sonavabench!  If you had the nads (which isn’t related to Denard) to start him, you earned his stats.

Clay Buchholz – 7 1/3 IP, 1 ER, 6 baserunners, 4 Ks.  Earth to Grey, he’s not sucking like you said he would.  I know, Earth.

Dustin Pedroia – Fell hard going around 2nd base, but reports are saying he should be fine.  If heart and grit were legs and arms, Pedroia would be an octopus and never would’ve fell.

Phil Coke – Left yesterday’s start with an ankle injury, and Furbush replaced him.  First there was Coke, then there was Furbush.  All that was missing was an Asian guy throwing firecrackers and you’d have Boogie Nights.

  1. AL KOHOLIC says:

    utley looked completly healed,made a few plays that tested him and he didnt show any signs

  2. Doc Pounder says:

    I got C Perez,Axford,and Walden. Doing good in saves in a 5×5 11 team league.Should I try to peddle any of these guys then pick up Nathan? Also, would you cut Arrieta,or Stauffer to pick up Latos? Thanks, and get your arses moving in the F& F!!!

  3. AL KOHOLIC says:

    at this point nathan is terrible,hes no use in 11 team league,latos i dropped over a week ago and he didnt do much in his last start either,if you want to grab and see for a week or so thats fine

  4. Steve says:

    I had the audacity to pick up MacDougall, but also the perspicacity to realise what a stupid move that was. Perspicacity is a university town not far from Audacity.

    Oh – and the way I heard it, Pedroia actually tried to climb over 2nd base – but fell off.

  5. Ned Shakeshaft says:

    I suppose the Blue Jays gave the Yankees a ‘Colon cleansing’ …. ugh, if you didn’t like that one, you’re not gonna like my “NYPD Shoe” bit. It’s pretty much the same thing…

  6. matt says:

    3 quick questions:

    who has most saves in minnesota bullpen going forward?

    what do you make of kyle lohse?

    biggest impact rest of the year: rizzo or moustakas?

  7. Tony says:

    my tribe is on fire….

  8. Grey or anyone else: In my 20-team league I’m behind on innings (and, as a result, Ks and Ws) and my WHIP and ERA have taken a beating so far all by virtue of having Volquez and Liriano on staff. I finally cut bait with Volquez but need another starter … so far I’ve been streaming when I can but the pickings are slim.

    Meanwhile, I’m OK in saves but and a guy in my league needs to make up ground in that category and so I offered Melancon for McClellan but he said he wants me to throw in the handcuff, Lopez, who I also have on staff. I think I should get a better pitcher in return for the pair. In addition to McClellan, his starters are: Peavy, Jaime Garcia, Gio, and Price. Now I know he won’t let Price go but from the others, who would be fair for Melancon/Lopez?

  9. Curt says:

    Walden for Morrow??…..I have Feliz and Putz and I need some wins and k’s..

  10. Another possible trade to consider: who’d you rather have for the rest of the season between two Alexes: Gordon and Rios?

  11. De La Rosa for Jimenez ? it is a 4X4 league – no whip

  12. timSTi says:

    Drop Patterson pick up Ibanez?

    I do have more of a need for R & SB, but Patterson looks to be slowing down while Ibanez has a few donks lately.

    10 teamed 5 OF & 2 UT

  13. ivebeenupforthreedaysstraight says:

    two things…

    thing one: storen. dubya tee eff is up with all my closers coming into non save situations and getting kicked in the balls? that’s tres annoying (i know french, too! seriously, though, i do…)

    thing two: at first i completely over-thought the denard-nads bit. if you look at it close enough and have slept as little as i (another night without sleep, admittedly) nads actually looks like span if you read it upside down and backward for the first (last) two letters and continue reading backwards but right side up for the last (first) two. see? nads ~= span… anyone, bueller?

  14. Nomar Mr. Nice Guy says:

    Harts on Fire, Strong Desire. He should do a youtube cover of that classic.

  15. Danks Nugs says:

    HA! Way to close it out with that Coke comment…

    Jansen should take some notes on how to end things on a high note!

  16. Phils Phan says:

    @AL KOHOLIC: Yeah, Utley looked really good for his first game back. If you didn’t see the game, he hit two balls right on the nose to dead center that would have been extra bases or homers to other parts of the park. His presence also seemed to revitalize the entire offense, I would get Utley in your lineup if you have him.

  17. Jangle says:

    Nice props from Peter King, Grey! Aviles or Nishioka as my back up infielder? Thanks.

  18. kangaroo hops says:

    What was the deal with Fuentes? ( I didn’t see the OAK game.) Was he pulled for incompetence after Abreu? Is he droppabable now, or hold on to him until Bailey is–if ever–ready? Is there any other OAK guy to pick up?

  19. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Tony: yes tony your young tribe is playong all in nan,they come to win,you deserve it,the only 1 i own is grady,now get his butt back in there

  20. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @kangaroo hops: sounds like grant bafour will get a shot at the 9th,i thought weurtz might but he screwed that up last night

  21. Salty Balty says:

    (1) Is Denorfia worth a look in a 14 team league? Moves are limited and I’ve burned through half of mine this year, but I think 12/15, decent average, and some runs (which I need) is possible.

    (2) Any chance that Posada bounces back? His BABIP is absurdly low, but I’m not sure if it’s bad luck or a sign that it’s over for him.

  22. Salty Balty says:

    Sorry about the multiple posts, but I just saw that Soto is back Thursday. When he comes back, do I cut Domit or Posada?

    As always, thanks.

  23. Lopes says:

    i get that Madson is a little hurt but for my clsoer role do i get Madson, Gregg or Capps?

  24. Lopes says:

    i get that Madson is a little hurt but for my closer role do i get Madson, Gregg or Capps?

  25. Mhfella says:

    Jansen’s 40.50 ERA and 6.00 ERA last night should make me stop foolishly chasing saves (It felt so good when they brought him in for the opportunity). But I know it won’t…I’m an addict! Have already cycled thru Oliver, Kuo, Boggs, Guerrier and Eduardo Sanchez. But I did end up with Santos and Salas s a result of my unholy quest.

  26. kangaroo hops says:

    @AL KOHOLIC Thanks! Where did you hear that news?

  27. Dominic says:

    What do you think of Jon Jay? Will he continue his hot streak?

  28. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @Doc Pounder: drop stauffer NOW for latos.

  29. ThePoonTycoon says:

    so in a daily lineup league i sat masterson, and streamed vargas, who of course got rocked. awesome.

    also, for those of you that were ready to drop gallardo in april and wondered where the Ks were, well in may he 4-1 with a 2.81 ERA and 36 Ks in 32 innings. i’ve said it once, i’ll say it again, usually guys play to the back of their baseball card over 162 games.

    obviously there are exceptions, *cough* bautista *cough*, or when a guy is young and breaking out. or in the post-steroid era, when a guy is over 30 and starts showing severe regression, it’s probably the beginning of the end, especially if past 32.

  30. joe from point pleasant says:

    @Grey, @Anyone with an opinion:

    12 Team H2H Point League – 5 Player Keeper

    My staff is extremely deep, and I just essentially made a 3 for 1 deal.

    I give: Bumgarner, Beachy, Homer Bailey
    I get: Max Scherzer, Brad Penny(add in)

    How did I do? Tried to sell Bailey while his value was high before he roofied me, and although I love Beachy, I need to win now and obliques can be tricky to come back from…

    My staff now: Felix, Oswalt, Scherzer, B-Anderson, Billingsley, Chacin, Danks, Bedard, Stauffer, Happ…

    There is a 15 start per week max.

  31. Eng says:

    Grey, nice work! Pedroia octopus line was the best, followed by the Blanton doctor scenario. Also, too true regarding Nathan being absolutely useless.

    As an aside (and a nod to your Nishioka post), no matter how I spell Pedroia, I’m always convinced it’s misspelled.

    Keep up the good work, it’s really appreciated and starts the day off well.

  32. CL says:


    10 team Dynasty, holds count. I need to do some house cleaning, and here’s some MRs that I currently own (along with Putz, Salas & Capps):

    Contreas (comes off DL tomorrow)

    Who do people think are worth holding moving forward?

  33. Long Bawls says:

    @joe from point pleasant: That’s maybe a Yankee move in that Beachy and Bumgarner might be winning and putting up big numbers for years for your opponent (though Scherzer’s young too). On the other hand, the Yankees do tend to win. But why’ve you got Happ? He’s hapless.

  34. Long Bawls says:

    @CL: They’ve all got asterisks, but I’d say lose Dotel. Based on performance, you could lose Guerrier/Rauch, but their respective bullpens have enough question marks it might make sense to hold a little longer. Contreras is stew bones, but if Bastardo or Madson stumble (way less fun than Harlem Shuffle), his value gets a boost.

  35. Joe says:

    Stick with Danks in a 10 team league or say see ya and pick up Jordan Zimmermann?

  36. Long Bawls says:

    Dumb to start Cueto, Peavy and Dempster tonight?

  37. Michael Bourne says:

    FU Corey Hart and FU for being on the team I am playing for your streeky week. I have seriously lost HRs to Matt Joyce 2 weeks ago (when I had AGon), last week to Lance Nix and Jason Worth, and now it will be this week to Corey Hart. Ridiculous.

  38. Trevor

    Jason says:

    Grey, would you drop Napoli for J.P. Arencibia? H2H 5×5

  39. CL says:

    @Long Bawls: Stew bones. yum. it would seem logical to dump Dotel when Contreras comes of the DL tomorrow and let the stew simmer for another week and see what floats to the top. thanks.

  40. chata says:

    @joe from point pleasant:

    considering that none of the players involved has any keeper value ,
    this is essentially just a scherzer for bumgarner deal for the rest of 2011 ,
    so i think you did ok .

    if this was a full keeper league , you might have come up short .

  41. Jim says:

    # 35 Long Bawls Says:
    May 24th, 2011 at 6:55 am

    Dumb to start Cueto, Peavy and Dempster tonight?

    Dempster a nice play, cold and wind blowing in.

  42. joe from point pleasant says:

    @Long Bawls: I doubt he will keep any of the three guys that I traded him though, its only a 5 player keeper. Maybe Bumgarner if he breaks out, but his ending stats wont look appealing considering his record is 1-6 to start the year. As far as Happ goes, he’s been pitching pretty well lately, and he was the owner of a 2.93 and 3.40 era each of the last two seasons. Not a world-beater, As a backend of the rotation starter I like his potential.

    @Chata: That was my thinking. I actually would consider keeping Scherzer if he puts up a big year, I like his stuff.

  43. Oilcan Giuseppe says:

    Grey and/or anyone else:any chance Minor stays in the Braves rotation for remainder of the season?

    also:Do you believe Sandoval can hit like he was before the hambone injury?

  44. chata says:

    @joe from point pleasant:

    obviously , felix is a keeper .
    considering that you only keep 5 , to keep even one more pitcher
    is stretching it .
    but , should you keep a 2nd pitcher ,
    chacin would be my choice .

  45. Wilsonian says:

    Ok, I know you’re getting sick of this 8 Team H2H crap, but I gotta do something with my damn offense. I’m consistently getting slaughtered in average (I’m hovering around the .200 mark), but at least my pitching is dominant. With injures to Heyward and Lind I’m being forced to play Dunn and Morrison every day. Here’s my roster:

    C – Wieters
    1B – Fielder
    2B – Uggla
    3B – Longoria
    SS – Andrus
    OF – CarGo
    OF – Kemp
    OF – Morrison
    UTIL – Dunn
    UTIL – Zobrist
    BN – Heyward (DL)
    DL – Lind

    I need to know if any of these options are better than what I have: Delmon, Frenchy, Bourn, Brantley, Gordon, Abreu, Gardner, Rajai.

    I don’t personally think any of those options are better, but I still want your opinion. It’s just tough to have so many players struggling right now and completely underperforming. Especially Dunn, that dude is KILLING me. Thanks man. I will listen to any commenters as well.

  46. Exactly says:

    grey, would you trade wright for ryan roberts and carpenter? or wright for ryan roberts and buchholz?

  47. chata says:


    brantley is a slight up-grade over zobrist ,
    though that swap , alone , wont raise your team batting average much .

    your biggest average drains are dunn and uggla .
    if you can withstand the “potential” power loss , in an 8-teamer ,
    there has to be at least a half dozen 2nd basemen on the waiver wire
    that might help solve your problem .
    same for dunn .

  48. TravestyJones says:

    Trade Asdrubal for Berkman?

  49. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @Wilsonian: i’d sit tight. i’d trust the struggling guys on your roster to catch fire more than the guys on waivers to do much more than .280ish. the way i look at it is that i’m not winning if dunn doesn’t get his 38-100, and i don’t think anyone on the wire is even going to approach 38-100, so i’m putting my eggs in the dunn basket and sinking or swimming. same thought process with cargo. now a less proven guy like morrison is a different story, if he goes into a funk and frenchy still keeps hitting well, i’d make the swap, cause i view them as similar upside for 2011 right now.

  50. Commish Cauda says:

    Pick one to start?

    Duffy @BAL (Britton)
    McDonald vs ATL (Minor)
    Hammels va ARI (Kennedy)

  51. Commish Cauda says:

    Need TWO. Who SITS?

    Liriano vs ANA (Weaver)
    Bailey @PHI (Lee)
    Harang vs STL (McClellan)

  52. trick dad says:

    howard and tabata for teixeira?
    7×7 (5×5 + OPS – K’s) howard strikes out so much…

  53. Rollie Lingers says:

    Hanley for Brandon Philips/Bupton?

    I would be acquiring Hanley. The rest of my OF is Holliday, Lind, Hart, and Quentin…

  54. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @chata: eh, uggla’s babip is under .200. and his K rate is the lowest it’s been since his rookie year. he’s not gonna hit .300, but he’ll have a month or 2 where he’ll probably bat .300 and get his avg up to at least .240-.250. and yeah overall .240-.250 isn’t impressive, but given you’ve already taken it on the chin for the shit portion of the year, might as well reap the benefits of the good months.

    and don’t give me the aj mass bullshit from espn where he tries to argue that guys don’t always even out over the course of a season, i.e. that uggla could maintain a sub-.200 babip. 99% of the time things pretty much even out, and occasionally there is a freak aaron hill sub-.200 babip season out there, but it’s the exception not the rule. and of course young guys break out at some point and old guys get old at some point, and those factors should be taken into consideration.

  55. Wilsonian says:

    @chata: on the wire for 1Bs are: Pena, Trumbo, LaPorta. On the wire for 2Bs are: Hill, Ryan Roberts, Espinosa.

    Would you actually drop Zobrist for Brantley, or would you actually drop Dunn or Uggla for any of the others? I’m thinking Dunn can go. I’ve about had it with him.

  56. Long Bawls says:

    @Rollie Lingers: Nah, unless you’re really dying at SS AND have a good 2B backup. There’s not so much diff between Phillips and Hanley.

  57. Long Bawls says:

    @Jim: Thanks!

  58. Long Bawls says:

    @joe from point pleasant: Fair enough. Scherz has the advantage because he’s more or less proven, so even though you don’t necessarily extract max value in this, you might still end up ahead.

  59. Steve Stevenson says:

    @CL: Not sure how many you’re looking to ditch, but I like Dunn, Guerrier and O’Flaherty the most for a combination of holds/overall value.

  60. paddyman says:

    Ok. It’s May 24th and time to start making a call on Adam Dunn. Or is it?
    Does anyone think he’s gonna hit 30 hrs? I’m getting itchy. Trumbo is available and a new candidate for mini donkey.
    Also being keeping Bailey stashed on my DL. Have Frankie Frank, Melancon, walden and axford. Which of those is most likely to fade?
    Guessing Melancon?

  61. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @Wilsonian: not sure why you are wanting to dump zobrist. he should have 2B eligibility and his ISO is in line with his 2008 and 2009 numbers, maybe showing that 2010 was the fluke? hsi avg isn’t gonna save you, but it’s not gonna hurt. i also think uggla gets going with his improved K rate, and it’s not like his FB rates are high.

    of the 3 guys, i would think dunn might be showing signs of decline (extremely high K rate, even for him, and high FB rate). but given the potential, i wouldn’t drop him, i’d wait for the 5 HR week and then trade him. just too many HRs to dump on the wire for a marginal guy imo. of the guys on the wire, i probably like frenchy the most,a nd he’ll give you the most power to soften the power blow from dumping dunn. he should hit 25ish HRs imo. the rest of the guys will be lucky to hit more than 20. do you really trust a guy like michael brantley over dunn though? i mean, 15-15! whoa, that’s not winning your league.

  62. @ThePoonTycoon:
    You still going to make the arguement that Dunn and Stanton finish with the same numbers? Dunn is hitless off of lefties and looks lost like a midget at a Big and Tall store. I think he is Dunn. Lucky to post .225/25/75.

    @Grey: It’s Friday, I’m in love. You taking Rizzo, Jennings or Moustakas for best immediate impact? Thanks.

  63. Lopes says:

    i want to grab brantley… i have gordon and chris young that i would be willing to drop. should i drop one of them or should i stick with them?

    and as an aside, is choo ever going to really swing around?

  64. Update on the vacated Volquez spot. Reineke seems to be the favorite in Cincy…

    “The upshot of the Reds’ moves Monday is that Edinson Volquez is being sent to the minors to get straightened out. The other moves were all related to that. Volquez and Jordan Smith were sent out to make room for left-hander Matt Maloney and infielder/outfielder Todd Frazier.

    Frazier’s stay could be a short one. The Reds will likely make another move Friday to bring up a pitcher to make Volquez’s start. Either Mike Leake or Chad Reineke will likely get that start. Dontrelle Willis went on the disabled list list Monday with a strained groin.”

    Cincinnati Enquirer

  65. royce! says:

    @Wilsonian: don’t drop Zobrist. Even in an 8 team league u should be able to net something for either him or Uggla. Most importantly, Zobrist should be slotted at 2B, cos otherwise you’re not reaping his full value.

    Just my .2$

  66. @paddyman:
    I see Dunn as this year’s 2010 C. Pena. Horrible average (he would need to hit .300+ going forward to finish with a .260 avg) The splits are horrible like Pena’s, and the power (while lurking in his Louisville) is currently MIA. Dunn may hit 30, but at what cost? I’ve dropped him for Hosomer and G. Sanchez and Trumbo. Don’t forget, we’re nearly at 200 ABs for many players…it’s no longer “early”.

  67. TheBlackWatermelon says:

    Hey God,

    Of the below pitchers, who would you start? (or would you start all?)

    Jurrjens @ PIT (Morton)
    Sabathia vs. TOR (Romero)
    McClellan @ SD (Harang)


  68. ivebeenupforthreedaysstraight says:

    @anybody: how long do we think shields keeps up the hotness?

  69. Grey

    Grey says:

    @AL KOHOLIC: Cool.

    @Doc Pounder: Agree with AL.

    @Steve: Ha!

    @Ned Shakeshaft: Ha

    @matt: Capps, Moustakas… Lohse has no Ks and is getting lucky.

    @Enrique: Doubt you’re getting any of those pitchers for them, but try.

    @Curt: It’s fair.

    @Enrique: Rios

    @JD Hassett: I’d want Ubaldo.

    @timSTi: Sure

    @ivebeenupforthreedaysstraight: Ha!

    @Nomar Mr. Nice Guy: True

    @Danks Nugs: Rudy brought the Boogie Nights fire.

    @Jangle: Thanks…Aviles.

    @kangaroo hops: Bailey’s due back soon, can drop Fuentes if you like.

    @Salty Balty: Think it’s over for Posada… Why are you rotating catchers with limited moves?

    @Lopes: Madson

    @Mhfella: Ha

    @Dominic: No, but can own while he’s hot.

    @ThePoonTycoon: Yup

    @joe from point pleasant: Looks solid.

    @Eng: Thanks!

    @CL: Agree with Long Bawls.

    @Joe: Go with Zimm.

    @Long Bawls: Agree with Jim.

    @Oilcan Giuseppe: Possible…Doubtful…

    @Wilsonian: You need steals? Drop Dunn for Bourn.

    @Exactly: Nope

    @TravestyJones: Nope

    @Commish Cauda: McDonald

    @Commish Cauda: Bailey

    @trick dad: Sure

    @The Talented Mr. Douche Bag: Damn

    @Rollie Lingers: Bit much.

    @paddyman: I’d hold Dunn…Melancon

    @Dr. Stats: Moustakas

    @Lopes: Gordon

    @The Talented Mr. Douche Bag: Thanks for the heads up!

    @TheBlackWatermelon: Start all.

    @ivebeenupforthreedaysstraight: He should be fine. Not quite as good, obviously.

  70. Wilsonian says:

    @ThePoonTycoon: @royce!: I’m not dumping Zorilla. I may try to deal Uggla and/or Dunn once they (hopefully) come around. I may actually try to package Uggla with a solid SP2 or 3 and snag a great bat. My pitching is bordering on ridiculous (possibly 4-5 guys in the running for the Cy).

    It looks like I just have to ride the cold hands for awhile and hope my team turns it around, if I can’t make a deal.

    Thanks to everyone who’s commented.

  71. Danny Tanner says:

    Which side do you like better?


  72. Paulie Allnuts

    Paulie Allnuts says:

    Grey Same question essentiall as Kangaroo hops: Keep Fuentes? If Balfour is going to get a shot at saves, and Bailey coming back, it would seem to be an obvious drop.

    What’s your thoughts on Ackley? Pick two out of four 2B choices: Kelly johnson, Gordon Beckham, Nishioka, or Ack-Ack.

    Thanks for a great column

    BTW, advised my wife, who was loaded with 3B/OF in our H2H league, to trade Joe Bats for Ubaldo. Yes I did! This will go down as the worst recommendation in my long fantasy history. Every time ESPN is about to show another bomb by Joey Bats, I change the channel. If he doesn’t slow down, I am soon be confined to the couch.

  73. mets fan says:

    Grey better year this year moustakas or belt?

  74. Fletch says:

    @Grey: Please rank these closers moving forward: Salas, Bailey & Santos…

  75. @Danny Tanner: almost dead even in my eyes… Kemp for Braun is basically a wash.. Prince is currently hitting a little better (AVG wise) then Tex.. i guess i would go prince/kemp side.

  76. Pigeon Pants says:

    Frustrated owner dropped Carpenter in 10 team mixed. I have the waiver priority, do I use it here? I don’t need a pitcher and would have to drop Kennedy.

  77. chata says:


    does your new wife know that you’re taking advice from anonymous strangers ?

    why aren’t you listening to her ??

  78. shibboleth says:

    bah i’m late!

    Hey Grey, thanks as always. Hoping to get your opinion on this… I’m middle of the pack for hitting stats but have pitching to spare (restrictive IP limit means more benchings than i’d care for). Is Haren for Utley giving up too much? What would you expect for Haren nowadays? My team…

    c- Montero
    1b- Votto
    2b- Prado
    3b- Beltre
    ss- Hanley
    ci/mi- Alexei/(Elliot Johnson, Barney, Reynolds)
    of- the Flying Upton Bros., Werth, Rasmus, Quentin, Joyce, (Morrison, Fowler, Bourgeois)
    sp- Haren, Shields, Greinke, Hudson, Scherzer, Kennedy, Morrow, Kuroda, Cueto
    rp- Hanrahan, Marmol, Putz

  79. DHill Dragons says:

    @ Razzball nation:

    I’m feeling pretty good about a trade I pulled off on Sunday morning.

    I got Ubaldo & Gordon Beckham
    I gave Peavy & Howie Kendrick

    Just added Peavy off of waivers this past week, and I had a surplus of 2B talent: Kendrick, Utley, Kelly Johnson, Lowrie

    Overall I have a pretty good pitching staff but lacked a true ace. Hopefully Ubaldo will turn it around, I know he’s been one of the unluckiest pitchers so far this season, but the walks have to come down.

    My staff now is: Ubaldo, Scherzer, Gio, Pineda, Cueto, Liriano, Dempster
    (Liriano has been on my reserves for the past 4 weeks – I’m waiting him out)

    I’m feeling a little guilty about Kendrick not getting back on the field yet and probably not for several more days. What do you think of the trade? Does everyone still believe in Ubaldo? I know he’s had a few very good games lately but just can’t get on the winning side of them.

  80. bobbo says:

    @Grey: You starting Peavy tonight @TEX? Seems risky… or risque if you’re into that.

  81. Howard says:

    @Grey Do you think Bernadina is a viable play at OF with Ankiel coming back?

  82. shibboleth says:

    @DHill: nice one. you certainly don’t need kendrick as utley is back, hopefully to stay and KJ should stop sucking soon… Nice flip of Peavy, i think Ubaldo is the better option there. Dunno if Beckham was worth it, but like you said you traded from strengths to address a weakness and your team should be more solid because of it

  83. birrrdy! says:

    Thank you for at least some modicum of vindication, Corey Hart.

    Next up, Jason Bay.

  84. JoeyP says:

    Fantasy baseballers…. 12 team keeper, time to cut Napoli and roll with Lucroy or Arencibia, or is Napoli a hold? He is killing me, and I’m not keen on carrying 2 catchers. Por favor

  85. chunk says:

    Mcdonald vs Minor, start 1, both or neither?

    16 team roto, quality starts are real nice

  86. Wilsonian says:

    @chata: because the only baseball players she knows are Albert Pujols and Matt Holliday, and neither of which are on any of my teams. Ha!

  87. Neidecker says:

    Any opinion welcome! Who wins this trade? Bj upton, Justin turner, (insert asshole pitcher) or A. Hill, Lawrie, J Zimmermann. Thanks!

  88. PepeSilvia says:

    Grey, I suggest you immediately call a press conference to distance yourself from Peter King. You need to make it clear that you’re not to blame for his crappy roster.

  89. chunk says:

    @Neidecker: I want upton and turner. But I get along great with assholes

  90. whodat says:

    would anyone add yadier molina and drop carlos santana?

  91. TheBlackWatermelon says:


    Thanks so much for the advice!!

  92. JoeyP says:

    @ whodat

  93. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @Dr. Stats: well it gets easier and easier to make “predictions” the farther into the season we get. that said, yeah, i think dunn ends up relatively close in numbers to stanton. but don’t act like i’m alone in predicting similar numbers for stanton as dunn, shit, most people had dunn being the safer choice of the 2, and i figured i was getting a dunn equivalent on the cheap in the 2 leagues where i landed stanton.

  94. Mr2Bits says:

    Grey/All : Casey Anthony get found guilty for first degree murder or no(sorry I live in Tampa and it’s a slow day)?

  95. Wilsonian says:

    Ok, need some advice on who wins these deals:

    1) J-Upton/Ubaldo for Uggla/Hamels (or Pineda)
    2) J-Upton/one of Norris, Britton, Cueto, Wood for LoMo/Hamels (or Pineda)
    3) Pence/one of Norris, Britton, Cueto, Wood for LoMo/Hamels (or Pineda)
    4) Crawford/Gallardo for Uggla/Hamels (or Pineda)
    5) Crawford/Price for Uggla/Hamels (or Pineda)

    That’s all I can think of for now. Just trying to come up with offers to boost my outfield a little bit.

  96. bravo says:

    Is Victorino and Billingsley too much for Hamels? Thanks in advance!

  97. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @Wilsonian: 4) -> 5) -> 1) -> 2) -> 3) imo

    take norris over britton, cueto, and wood

    sell pineda over hamels

  98. the grate one says:

    based on expectations for future saves, do you think its better to roster salas or adams (with hope that bell traded)

  99. Sweet D says:

    I’m a little heavy at CI with morneau, smoak, and hosmer. Would you trade smoak & Hosmer for stephen drew ( I have Furcal and justin turner at SS and MI)?

  100. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @bravo: yep. OF isn’t as deep as you think (unless you mean a bunch of interchangeable flavors of the week). victorino was off to a great start and is a good bet for 15-30 or maybe better and a decent enough avg.

    yeah, i like hamels more than bills, but not enough more to throw a good OF like victorino the deal.

  101. @Grey: Should I drop Ryan Raburn and pick up Danny Espinosa for my everyday 2nd baseman?

  102. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @the grate one: salas. he’s pretty much locked up the closer spot now. adams is pure speculation still, and might get dealt himself.

    @Sweet D: that’s some good bats with a lot of potential to deal for a blah SS. and yes, i realize blah qualifies drew to be a high end SS, but seriously, he’s on pace for .270-10-95-10. hardly worth overpaying for, you can probably find similar numbers minus a few RBIs on the wire.

  103. Chinaski says:

    Hey Grey, welcome back down to earth ;)

    I am starting Worley tonight and will do the same on sunday against the Mets in Metco regardless of his performance today vs. the Reds. What do you think? I like him, i think this kid can pitch.


  104. dingbat says:

    @The Talented Mr. Douche Bag: Damn – that Gaby Sanchez for Matt Garza trade is starting to look less awesome.

  105. Mike of Swartz Creek, Mi says:

    Furbush dazzles last night. Andy Oliver brought up starting Saturday.

  106. @Grey: Jose Contreras is close to comming back but it looks like Ryan Madison is going to retain the closer roll. Would you hold on to Contreras and see how it plays out or should I pick up Chris Narv?

  107. Clueless says:

    Hey Grey,

    Should AL only guys be starting the Duffman this week?

    @BAL and @TEX for us weekly lineup dudes.



  108. dingbat says:

    @Chicago Mike: Similar question — who’s more expendable: Padilla or Contreras?

  109. Hi Grey — Which side do you like better in this trade: Michael Young + Anibal for J Upton + Alex Gordon? I’d be getting the Young/Anibal side, which answers needs my team has. But it seems that objectively speaking I’m getting the short end of the stick. What do you think?

  110. bravo says:


    Yeah, sounded like a lot. Thanks, Poon!

  111. Grey

    Grey says:

    @birrrdy!: Ha

    @JoeyP: JP

    @chunk: Both

    @Neidecker: Upton

    @PepeSilvia: Ha

    @chunk: Ha!

    @TheBlackWatermelon: No problem.

    @Mr2Bits: Is he a Diamondbacks pitcher?

    @Wilsonian: What Poon said.

    @bravo: A bit

    @the grate one: Salas

    @Sweet D: Agree with Poon.

    @Chicago Mike: Yup

    @Chinaski: Tonight’s much tougher than Metco.

    @Mike of Swartz Creek, Mi: Thanks for the heads up!

    @Chicago Mike: Madson is the closer for now. Depends how badly you need saves.

    @Clueless: Eh

    @dingbat: Padilla

    @Enrique: Upton side.

  112. Trevor

    jason says:

    Grey, would u drop Napoli for Arencibia? 5×5 H2H

  113. herschel says:

    @Grey: 5 x 5 weekly roto league, how do you rank these two start options for next week:

    collmenter (vs fla, vs was)
    mcdonald (@ nym, vs phi)
    wood (vs mil, vs la)
    mcclellan (vs sf, vs chc)


  114. RollieFingered says:

    5×5 H2H league

    Would you play Corey Hart over Adam Jones?

  115. William says:

    @Grey: My first big trade of the year….

    I gave up Mat Latos, Travis Wood, and Domonic Brown for Brandon Morrow and Chad Billingsley. Thoughts?

  116. i’m actually gonna take a stand that colon’s fine, whatever fine means for him these days. no change. bautista homered off him, which i mean join the club, and then he looked just as good as he has been for most of the game and then had one bad inning that featured two dubious intentional walks. he didn’t suddenly stop throwing hard, and his two-seamer was still fooling people (8 Ks in 6 innings). as long as he can still do that it’s not a mirage.

    i refuse to make a shoulder-fat-infusion joke anywhere in this post.

    since people have no faith in him at all based on what happened in 2007-2009 and because he’s old and fat they’re gonna be bailing, so i’d buy him right now if i didn’t already own him everywhere. all pitchers have hiccups now and then. he just needs to drink some water and come back in 5 days. and tell the yankee offense to quit screwing around.

    …meanwhile, my jed lowrie top-5-shortstop campaign is going awesome

  117. Stophe says:

    hey Razzers – people starting Romero tonight at the Yankee softball field?

  118. Zeke says:

    Hey Grey or anyone else who cares to comment.

    Someone my 12 team points league dropped Ryan Zimmerman. I had the high waiver pick and enthusiastically snatched him up while taunting the guy who dropped him and threw him in my DL slot for safe keeping. Since then, I’ve been noticing a lot of the “perts” have been downgrading him signifacantly. Some have him outside of their top 10 3rd basemen now. I know a gut injury is hard to come back from, but there is still plenty of season left to get some productivity out of him, right? Is the timeline the Nats are giving for his return a little too optimistic? I’m sitting pretty solid with Beltre as my 3B, but could still use him in my utility slot. Should I try trading him while he still has some name recognition, or should I hold on to him in case he regains his form? Thanks.

  119. Joel says:

    Grey: I can trade (through 2 trades) Braun, Youkilis and Torrriii for Bautista, Ellsbury and Aramis Ramirez. H2H 12 team. what do u think?

  120. AL KOHOLIC says:

    ATTN;Razzball shirts are cool,just got mine,sparky ankle biter,the wife now wants one but wants me biting something other than her ankles,unless im special there is also a nice little surprise baseball gift included,
    Go to the top left of this page and type in razzball shirts,scroll down a bit and fill in the blanks,its a simple form for us dumb jocks,the idea of expanding the selections and larger sizes is probably based on the initial sucess,so everyone open up your pockets and atleast check the shirts out,and just think,if you run into someone anywhere ever wearing one of these shirts,youve likely met yourself a new found friend that you would have never known without these shirts,Thank you Grey Rudy and the rest of our razzball family(typed with teary eyes)

  121. JohnnyFive says:

    Tabata or Crisp for ROS? Saw a stat that Crisp was running 53% of the time that he’s on base or something insane like that. Love Tabata, but if you could sell him and keep Crisp instead, you think that’d be worth it?

  122. @Zeke: I think you have to grab him. Unless one of your big players gets hurt he is worth that DL spot. I’d be pysched…then again D Wright has broken the back of my team…literally.

  123. Chinaski says:

    @Zeke: I would hold on to him. 3B is not very deep and alot of guys seem to have problems to stay healthy. He is a gifted hitter. I own him too. Dont even think about trading a player of his caliber while he is put on DL, most of the times, you will have to sell low.

  124. Brew Crew says:

    Dealing for an OF (12 Team Roto/Need hr’s/avg/steals in that order) Brantley or Morrison for ROS??

  125. Rob says:

    Is Lidge still a DL stash for closing gig or do you drop and move another body to DL and pick up Lawrie. In this league I have 4 closers and am comfortably first in saves.

  126. Been reading this site for a long time, not sure there has been a better single review then the Phil Coke one today…sometimes the stars just align.

    Couple of questions for the crew, Start Cueto and Peavy today? had the nads (and innings) to start Masterson so I am feeling spry.

    Also is there any reason left to hold onto Nathan?

  127. GMen says:

    @Grey: I need to make room on my DL. Drop Freese or Alvarez? When Freese was healthy, he showed a lot more potential. Thanks.

  128. Mark says:

    Middle Infielders and Jay Bruce are the only thing keeping my team’s head above water considering I own David Wright, Jason Heyward, and Pablo Sandoval. I’ve got Jose Reyes at SS (who I targeted) and Asdrubal Cabrera (who I fell into needing an MI flier late) at MI. Their current ranks at, forget SS, MI, in Yahoo? #1 and #2. You believing in Asdrubal yet? I’ve tentatively had him on and off the block without any takers, and while I don’t think he’ll produce at this level all year, he’s covered my skepticism over with the sweet pine tar and sawdust scent of persuasive production.

    Oh, and the other guy keeping my head above water? The one pitcher you criticized me for drafting when I initially posted my team. Can you guess who it is? I’ll give you a hint: his name rhymes with Mosh Reckett. I almost responded to your comment not liking that pick with a comment about how players don’t change, perception of them does, referencing a post you’d made a day earlier, and then cited his elite SIERA from last year. But then I would have caveated it by saying I didn’t really like the pick either but everyone else I liked besides Jordan Zimmermann was gone already and I wound up with Zimm on my next pick anyway.

  129. @Rob: I would let Lidge go if you are doing well in saves. he is not worth the Whip/Era headaches and nausea he induces when you watch him pitch.

  130. William says:

    @Grey and @Everyone – What are your thoughts on Danks? Will he turn things around?

    Is he better than any of these guys? Colby Lewis, Ervin Santana, and Brian Matusz.

  131. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Stophe: Very risky.

    @Zeke: Gotta grab him.

    @Joel: Eh

    @AL KOHOLIC: Ha….Cool, glad you got it.

    @JohnnyFive: Tabata

    @Brew Crew: Morrison

    @Rob: Can lose him.

    @Shea Sera Sera: I’d bench both. Can lose Nathan.

    @GMen: Freese

    @Mark: No one expected this power from Asrubal, but I always liked him. As for Mosh, I was wrong, but he’s also pitching above his head.

  132. Grey

    Grey says:

    @William: He hasn’t been terrible other than wins. He’s better than Matusz.

  133. @William: listiening to Chicago sports radio. Ozzie says that the “6 man rotation will come to an end shortly” and many are saying that Danks is going to be the odd man out. (since humber has pitched so well)

  134. Chinaski says:


    A good Danks is better than all of them. He hasnt pitched the way he should or could, but as Grey mentioned, he hasnt been all that terrible other than wins. I own him and i always liked him because he has that pitbull mentality to go after hitters. You do what you do but i for my one, i give him all the time he needs to get back on track and win some games.

  135. Chili Davis Con Carne says:

    Grey et al: Got a trade offer to consider…
    I give R.Zimmerman, B.Phillips, and Storen
    N.Cruz, D.Wright, and Z.Greinke.

    I have Zobrist to fill in 2B, so I could maybe fill him in for Phillips. Zimmerman and Wright seems a wash for me. Losing Storen puts me in a SAGNOF place in the near future, but my outfield/Utility would be Kemp/Cruz/Choo/Pence after the trade.


  136. pjtres says:

    grey, hows it going?

    3 questions:

    1. does nathan get a sniff @ closing again?? or is he officially, offically done?
    2. can you rank how you currently would own the dodgers pen going forward (for saves)?
    3. how do you rank howell/hensley/rzep/thornton/benoit for holds heading onward…

    thank you

  137. When the U. of Phoenix Padres! Good stuff Grey! Starting Ex-Padre Peavy in Arlington? Or will Hamilton and Cruz remain healthy thru tonight?

  138. Donald17 says:

    Pick 1: vlad, adam jones, aaron hill. Thanks.

  139. Donald17 says:

    Pick 1: vlad, adam jones, aaron hill. Thanks.

  140. Sorry, didn’t catch the cryptic wording. Start Peavy, or not? Thanks!

  141. CL says:

    trade potential in my 10 team dynasty league:

    I give Cargo and get Votto.

    LF will be tough for me to fill, and do I think Freddy Freeman can be my long term option at 1B?


  142. @Mark: asdrubal hit really well as a really young player, 21yo middle infielder, a few years ago, 2007-era with cleveland. then he broke his arm. people underestimate how much a broken bone will mess a guy up. a lot of times when pro athletes break something – like not a stress fracture or whatever, but actually snapping one of the major load-bearing bones – it really seems to take over a year for them to get back to performing at their full natural level. just projecting asdrubal from what he was doing in the majors so young, to now when he’s older, more physically developed, and healthy again – he’s not going to hit 30 home runs, this is crazy, but it’s very possible that he’s pretty good.

    he’s sure better than lowrie, anyway. top 5 shortstop! ahaha

  143. Mike says:


    A guy in my league is willing to trade me McCutchen but he wants and elite pitcher in return. He won’t take Marcum and thinks Weaver is regressing. I can offer him Haren. Haren for McCutchen a fair deal? Thanks!

  144. the grate one says:

    thanks for the answer grey.

    i have one more for you…

    can you rank aaron hill, barney, lawrie, and turner going forward?


  145. herschel says:

    Matt Garza could be headed to the disabled list due to elbow tightness, reports ESPN Chicago.

    All the Garza-hype last week must have gone to his elbow.

  146. AnotherFalstaff says:

    @Grey – Since acquiring Uggla, he’s made Beckham look good. Pick up Lawrie as insurance or will there be PT issues? Thanks!

  147. Chinaski says:


    Hell no!

  148. Rico says:

    Herrera or Espinosa for 2B going forward?

  149. Sach says:

    I want to pick up Belt, but need to drop one of: dom brown, coughlan, maybin or smoak (prob not him). OF specific positions, have Miggy and belt at 1st and util and Abreu, Rasmus and Quentin as OF starters. Thanks.

  150. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @wily mo: the ball he slapped to left center last night one hopped to the wall,looked like a half swing,he really does have the power to hit some hr,s

  151. Wilsonian says:

    Who do you like better going forward, Ubaldo or Grienke?

  152. Sal says:

    @Grey: Danks or Charlie Morton?

  153. Sal says:

    @Grey: Danks or Charlie Morton? Not concerned about ratios since our pitcher stats are odd. Basically just K’s, ER’s and IP.

  154. Charlie Says says:

    @Sach: Drop Coghlan. He’s playing thru a hurt shoulder.

  155. Daniel says:

    braun or pujols? 20 team keeper league. seems crazy to not accept a 1 for 1 for pujols but i think braun is a legit 35 hr 25 steals guy now that hes running more.

  156. Wilsonian says:

    Johnson, Wiggy, Bloomquist, Herrera for a Wright replacement for awhile?

  157. Salty Balty says:

    I picked up Posada, not for his catcher eligibility, but hoping that he would have a David Ortiz 2010, where everyone says he’s dead, then he rebounds. Dead wrong on that one. I picked up Doumit because I thought he was going to start playing every day or 2 out of 3 after the Pirates put him in the OF for a day or two and he has OF eligibility and wouldn’t make a bad backup OF (if he played in 2 of 3). Neither was a very good move, which is why I believe we could make some money if Razzball would sponsor my fantasy baseball interlock system, which would block moves if you blew over the legal limit. It’s a deep league though, so I only had to cut ties with W. Venable and there’s not much on waivers.

    Still is second place though, due in large part to your advice. Thanks!

  158. The Spaceman says:


    I could see Phil Coke starring in a remake of Boogie Nights. It’s the handlebar ‘stache. Although you know all about ‘staches and their power. Speaking of staches and bushes, do you see Furbush in a starting role or relief? With Detroit’s bullpen in shambles, he’d be a welcome addition.

    That being said, which 2 would you keep; Chapman, Sale, Meek, Jansen, Furbush. And who do you like most of the following; Boesch, Raburn or Dirks. You’re heroic Grey, thanks for everything. Stay cool as always,

    – The Spaceman

  159. William says:

    @Grey – For Standard 5×5 Roto Weekly H2H – Charlie Morton or John Danks?

    I have Morton going tonight against the Braves. I’m excited to see what all the hype is about!

  160. larry says:

    10 team roto
    Been offered Quentin/Markakis for my Stanton.
    Have Braun, Jup, Kubel, Joyce and Morrison in my OF.
    I start 5.
    Pull the trigger?

  161. Ceasar says:

    Offered Bruce for Mo Rivera and Romero in 14-team keeper. Green light, right?

  162. Buge Hoobs says:

    10 team 5X5 h2h 1C league

    When Soto comes off the DL, keep him or Ianetta? Or pick up Lucroy and drop both?

  163. Wilsonian says:

    @Ceasar: yes, yes, and yes…

  164. Rollie Lingers says:

    Hanley or Philips/Quentin?

  165. The Spaceman says:

    @ Grey

    Thank you sir for the swift reply! I’d heard about the Oliver call up, although I believe it’s just a spot start or two. I like him more than Furbush long term, but Det needs bullpen help now and I figure on Furbush being better suited for that role. Although perhaps Coke heads to the bullpen, and Oliver stays? We’ll see. Have a good one Grey,

    -The Spaceman

  166. Grey — In a deep mixed league where pitchers like Vargas yesterday, Worley tonight, and Minor tomorrow were all picked up for spot starts at least two days ahead of time … in a league like that, is Mitch Talbot worth picking up for his Wednesday start at home against Boston? The Indians are playing well, but he’s pitching against Lester who threw a shutout against the Indians last time.

  167. Daniel says:


    have kendrys on my DL, and starting morneau in a 20 team 10 keeper league. does that constitute a need at 1b? thanks for the opinion ahead of time. new reader and i really like the insight you offer. thanks again

  168. @AL KOHOLIC: yeah, the swing he put on the home run last night, seeing the highlight, i was like, wow, that’s asdrubal? he just looks bigger. nice swing too. i was thinking of him as one of those little feathery shortstop body types but he’s grown into it a little bit.

    just wish i’d drafted him somewhere. i was a little into him a year ago on the broken arm theory, but it was still too early, apparently. then kinda lost him in the shuffle this year, was busy going after guys like starlin, aviles, lowrie of course. that’s working out a’ight but asdrubal, wow.

  169. Hola Grey –

    14 team mixed, weekly, h2h league (6×6; holds).

    Which of these starting pitchers do you like going forward for ROS and how do you rank these 4 guys overall?

    Tim Stauffer
    Derek Holland
    Chris Narveson
    Ted Lilly


  170. Brew Crew says:

    Was offerred Tabata for Jed Lowrie (Would leave me w/ Utley, Rollins, Walker) Take it & run or am I missing something??

  171. Shane says:

    @ grey (and anyone else to comment)

    AL Only, H2H, I trade Harren, Lowrie, Quentin, I get Choo, Figgins, Scherzer. Yes/No? Thx!

    Already have Verlander, Gio, Britton, Tomlin for staff.

  172. herschel says:

    anyone know why de la rosa was taken out in col (or at least cbs is showing he was)?

  173. @Grey:

    Interesting; thanks.

    I had it Lilly, Holland, Narveson and Stauffer… Thought you might be more bullish on the Holland upside. Granted he pitches in Texas and its starting to heat up and balls will fly, but he seems to be rounding into form lately. I realize the last outing was vs. Royals, but still I like the high k/9 upside.

    Thx for your take.

  174. frog says:

    de la rosa just left the game against the d-backs in the 3rd inning. bum elbow, looks like.

  175. AL KOHOLIC says:

    delarosa left game in 3rd inning???

  176. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @wily mo: yeah my last pick in 2 leagues,asdrubal or yunell,since dropping yunell ive settled on izturis and elliot johnson till yesterdays injury,

  177. Martin says:

    @grey- who do you prefer cueto or ervin santana?

    Also, if I can swing Pence, Scherzer, and Smoak for Longoria in a 12 team H2H league should I do it?

  178. William says:

    uh-oh… any updates on dLr?

  179. One Man Wolfpack says:

    Start Cueto @PHI??

  180. One Man Wolfpack says:

    In a 12 team Roto…Thanks

  181. Van Hammersly says:

    Grey, would you trade Anderson, Chacin or Kennedy to acquire Greinke right now in a 12-team league? It’s also an 8-player per year keeper league, but I don’t think that any of the 4 SPs would necessarily be keepers for me into next year. Thanks!

  182. ThePoonTycoon says:

    i have wright out right now, starting cantu for the time being.

    i was offered longoria + chapman (irrelevant) for dlr + grienke + farnsworth

    once wright is back i can play him in a util spot.

  183. RZAGZAODB says:

    I just want to say f*ck Mike Scioscia for ruining a breakout year – all for the sake of ensuring that Alberto Callaspo, Erick Aybar, and Maicer Izturis received everyday at-bats. “Hey Howie’s putting up all-star numbers – let’s move him to the outfield…he’s an African American just like Figgins, it’ll be a seamless transition” BOOM hammy problems. FU Sosh.

  184. AL KOHOLIC says:

    grey,would trying to get kinsler for walker and say rizzo or jennings be worth it or do you see a down season and the injury threat of kinsler making this not worth it

  185. Eddy says:


    Whom do you prefer: Pujols or Miggy in an OBP league?

    And just wanted to get feedback on a trade I made yesterday.

    I gave: Haren/Plouffe

    I got: Stephen Drew/R.Romero

  186. Exactly says:

    ROS: Arencibia or Soto?

  187. Paul R says:

    should i drop jorge DLR for matusz with this new elbow thing?

  188. Wilsonian says:

    I know this was asked already about 40 times today, but I’ve got a caveat or two for it…

    Start Peavy tonight? It’s my 8 team h2h league. I’ve got Verlander and Bills tonight, plus I had Hamels last night, and a collection of Lincecum, Pineda, Gio, D.Hudson, and Annabelle still to go this week.

  189. Joe B says:

    @Grey: In a 10 team H2H league with OPS and doubles… Lucroy or Soto (when he’s off the DL) at catcher going forward?

  190. Steve says:

    Curse dlR and his stupid elbow. Run support a go-go.

  191. AL KOHOLIC says:

    cargo is starting to heat up

  192. Wilsonian says:

    Good to see Mr. Gonzalez has joined the party…

  193. vinko says:

    Baker said that Leake will probably start on Friday – johnfayman twitter.

  194. brian recca says:

    If you had to drop one of the following players who would you drop and why.
    Jose Tabata, Alex Rios, Scott Rolen, Kenley Jansen

  195. Exactly says:

    grey, which side do you prefer: pena/t. wood or luke scott/carpenter?

  196. brad says:

    carlos gonzalyes.

  197. friar says:

    In a very shallow mixed league, which side of this trade would you prefer?

    Konerko and Pedroia for Rollins, Gaby Sanchez, and Chacin.

    To reference the league’s depth, Trumbo, Alexei Ramirez, and Jonathan Sanchez are all on waivers.

  198. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @friar: konerko pedroia,i dont know who you have at ss but alexei is nice

  199. chata says:

    @brian recca:

    i’d drop jansen .
    i have too many relievers .

  200. herschel says:

    @Grey: Is Adams the clear handcuff to Heath Bell in case of a trade?


  201. Buge Hoobs says:

    What about dropping DLR for colby lewis at this point?

  202. friar says:

    @AL KOHOLIC: I currently have Reyes and Rollins filling my SS and MI spots (Kinsler at 2B). With Mauer, Wright, and Heyward clogging up my bench, I don’t have a lot of room to add people, but would Alexei be worth making room for (Lowrie’s also available, but I don’t know if he’s even in the discussion)?

  203. Wilsonian says:

    Gordon is heating up a bit. Do you still like Morrison over him?

  204. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @friar: with those other 2 your ok

  205. vinko says:


    The Denver Post reports that De La Rosa was diagnosed with a complete tear of the ulnar collateral ligament in his left (throwing) elbow. Tommy John surgery is almost a definite and De La Rosa and his agent will talk Wednesday to discuss when he’ll undergo the surgery.

  206. black love says:

    I need a hot bat injection.
    I’m thinking about dropping tabata or smoak for the flavor of the week.
    Which one would you let go? Or is it better to stick with them?

  207. chata says:


    rank these , please :

    jim , logan , or , van …… all morrisons .

  208. C.O.C. says:

    MLB just said DeLaRosa probably out for the year with a tear. They are going to get a second opinion, but it doesn’t look good. Anyone know who his replacement would be, and are they worthy of a pick-up?

  209. friar says:

    Another trade that I’d love anyone’s input on.

    Braun and Anderson for Granderson and Lester.


  210. McBainus says:

    @Grey: What do you think Alex Rios will do for the rest of the season? If I was going to trade him for closers (or maybe a player and a closer), what do you think would be a fair trade? The guy I am dealing with has Hanrahan, Nunez, League and Madson. I also have Furcal to throw in as I don’t really have a spot for him right now.
    Sorry if this question is a little vague…

  211. Steve says:

    Oh dear, Narveson.

  212. Wilsonian says:

    @chata: I think you have them ranked correctly…

  213. Steve says:

    @Steve: Just adds some extra sting to the sonavabenching from Romero.

  214. ThePoonTycoon says:

    man, i should get some serious karma back my way from the fantasy gods. i got the offer above this morning (longo + aroldis for greinke + dlr + farnsworth), went to accept it this afternoon at work, saw dlr left injured, so i emailed the guy to give him a heads up. he said he wanted to see the severity of the dlr injury. obviously now the deal is off. but i could have been a complete dick and run accepted the offer. if i don’t win at least 1 fantasy baseball league this year, then there are no fantasy gods.

  215. Grey

    Grey says:

    @friar: Braun

    @McBainus: I’d trade him for one of the first two. Don’t have much faith in him.

    @ThePoonTycoon: You’re a good man.

  216. nick m. says:

    Grabbing Minor, or wait and see?

  217. Hans says:

    @grey reports are that DLR is done for the year full tear and will have to have Tommy John Surgery…..this via ESPN stephania bell

  218. Steve says:

    It’s probably the same every year, but I feel like I own a bunch of pitchers this year who simply cannot get the other pitcher out.

    Livan is 2/2 against Narveson now.

  219. C.O.C. says:

    @nick m.- from everything I’ve read he’s getting at least 2 starts with the senior club….whether or not he’s worthy of starting yet remains to be seen….

  220. Terrence Mann says:

    I should have my head examined for starting Frank Frank.

  221. The Spaceman says:

    @ Grey/Everyone

    ‘Bob Geren says the A’s closer for now is Grant Balfour.’

    An FYI, since folks seem to post such things here. SAGNOF!

    -The Spaceman

  222. herschel says:

    any chance frasor takes over closer duties in tor?

  223. McBainus says:

    @Grey: Thank you – that is what I was thinking, but you generally value offensive talent much higher than closers (at least more than I do), but Rios is irritating the #$^% out of me and my OF is pretty set right now (yes, I am a believer in Matt Joyce).

  224. The Spaceman says:

    @ herschel

    For what it worth; I’d say he’d be 3rd in line after Rauch and Dotel (urgh), but before Janssen/Rzep/Camp. He’s been pretty rad sofar this year…

    -The Spaceman

  225. drew says:

    alex gordon or mark reynolds?

  226. Hardcore Midget says:

    Who do I replace JDLR with- Niese, James McDonald, Humber or Porcello?

  227. Joe B says:

    @Grey: Frank Frank = Frank Stank… should I pick up Rauch or Dotel to hedge my bets?

  228. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @ThePoonTycoon: cool move,im in a league of guys like you,its nice to know

  229. mikeE says:

    So I just lost DLR and I also am definitely in need of HRs and have a lot of speed. I was offered Jair Jarrjens and Beltran for Ichiro. Which side of the trade do you like better?

  230. The Spaceman says:

    @ Grey

    No worries! Figured everyone assumed it was going to happen. Now it’s ‘official’ I guess…

    – The Spaceman

    NB. I intend on buying your (e)book shortly, don’t disappoint ;)

  231. The Spaceman says:

    I think Alex Avilia is for real.

    -The Spaceman

  232. Steve says:

    C’mon Papelbon. Don’t be a dick.

  233. WDE05 says:

    Dangit…Kelly Johnson infuriates me. He was sitting the first half of the d-backs double header so of course I left him on my bench. He’s killing it in the 2nd game though. For the last few weeks, he has had 1 great game a week and I’ve missed all of them with him on my bench. Its hard to guess when to start him because he’ll prob go right back to his typically 0-4 with 3 ks for the rest of the week.

  234. The Spaceman says:

    *spelling error; Avila (Still for real)

  235. chata says:

    damn .
    am i gonna lose quentin’s 2 HR’s ??

  236. Steve says:

    @chata: It wold help my H2H situation if you did.

  237. Terrence Mann says:

    Et tu, Jhoulys?

  238. bogbert says:

    Nice ticker tease going on with Pena. He and Dempster are the only ones without a hit. 0 for 15 now since I picked him up.

    Grey — Pena, Reynolds, or Frenchy until G-Size comes back and I have to worry about who to drop?

  239. Grey

    Grey says:

    @bogbert: Give Pena a few more days.

  240. joe from point pleasant says:


    Just got offered the following:

    I get: Greinke and Axford
    I give: Billingsley and Chacin

    Thoughts? Chacin didnt look so good tonite, no that it really makes a difference in the deal…

    12 team h2h points – 5 player keeper

  241. SwaggerJackers says:

    Miggy-Cab hits a homer tonight but is still one short of the best Cab of them all: Ass-Cab.

  242. ThE sHiT says:

    @Grey: Gotta fill a hitters spot with dlR going down. Rolen, Nix, Reynolds, Elliot Johnson, Adam Kennedy, Ibanez, Juan Rivera, Sands, Betemit, Allen Craig, Bernardina, and Patterson are all available. Which blech player do i scoop up?

  243. Steve says:

    W(ho)TF is this coming in to close for the Dodgers?

  244. herschel says:

    who had javy guerra in the office dodgers closer pool?

  245. nyydj2 says:

    Secret files to beat Tyler Clippards fastball….just released on

  246. John says:

    Was proposed this trade:
    My utley heyward andrus

    his: Hanley Ramirez stanton

    i also have gabby sanchez and that would give me three marlins players if this affects the trade at all

  247. Steve says:

    Best dlR replacement in 12-team H2H?


  248. AnotherFalstaff says:

    @Grey – Soto or JP for Ianetta next week? Ianetta’s horrible on the road. Thanks!

  249. bogbert says:

    Grey, Wright replacement? — Rolen, Callaspo, Izturis, Headley, Reynolds. Thanks.

  250. Steve says:

    Jesus – only Axford could cook up something like this.

  251. Wilsonian says:

    Jesus, Cargo 3/8, the rest of my team is 3/28. Awesome. Throw in a Verlander and a Bills start, plus a Soria outing, and you have one complete shit fantasy day…

  252. MouseRat says:

    In a H2H Points league:

    Miguel Cabrera, Huff, and Bernadina for Pujols and Heyward.

    Fair trade? Which side would you want to be on?

  253. nyydj2 says:

    @Wilsonian: I feel your pain. Justin Beiberlander, Call the Po-lice on Joulis and Joking Soria gave me a big swift kick in the Razzballs ERA, dropped my RCL 3 points.

  254. Fail Fail and Soria combining for 5 ER, 6 hits and 1 K in just 1.1 IP. Doesn’t seem right calling them “closers” anymore… perhaps “blowers” is more appropriate.

  255. nyydj2 says:

    Did the Rapture end up going down in Arlington tonight or what? It’s been hours.

  256. nyydj2 says:

    @Awesomus Maximus: Wayne and Garth would have called them extreme hosers.

  257. Walker, Pittsburgh Pirate says:

    i’m down with setting and forgetting catchers, but in a position where the crap is so close to the good, would it be advisable to try to sell wieters to someone for a decent sp or rp and pick up an arencibia or lucroy or john buck or wilson ramos… and then set and forget them?

  258. Tom Emanski says:

    Awesome. First Heyward and Morrison, now dlR. Hopefully Minor stays up.

    Should I pick up Andrew Oliver or Kyle Gibson. Or Richard/Niese/Vazquez?

  259. pipa says:

    how do you like gaby sanhcez for carpenter?

  260. Steve says:

    @Steve: And is Minor worth a start in H2H tomorrow?

  261. @Steve:

    Axfprd’s having his fun with us.

  262. BTW, I’m actually starting to believe Nolasco is for real this year.

  263. chata says:


    screw the hail in texas !!
    game on .

  264. Steve says:

    @Elijah: I saw it written the other day that “the plate moves around on him” which I thought was a nice way to put it.

    @chata: I do have Quentin on another team so a tiny part of me is glad, just not the part that is up against him in H2H this week.

  265. chata says:

    and why is it that jorge cantu always wears his batting helmet
    pulled down over his eyes , like some sort of back robber ?

    someday a pigeon is going to land on his head and crap all over
    his helmet , and he’s not even gonna see it coming .

  266. chata says:

    bank robber

  267. Terrence Mann says:

    Dr Rosenrosen? Did you start with RosenBautista and edit it because this is a family friendly website?

  268. Back Robber says:


  269. chata says:

    hamilton head-first diving into 1st base …. down a run , in the bottom
    of the 8th …..

    come on !

  270. chata says:

    and steals 2nd base …. with another head-first slide .

    instead of drafting this moron , i want to play against him
    in a money league .

  271. Terrence Mann says:

    Sell high on Stanton or Bruce?

  272. chata says:

    with 1st base open , michael young works a 6 pitch walk .


    ok , who’s paying attention ?
    a) feet-first
    b) head-first

  273. chata says:

    and if beltre hadn’t flied out to right field , for out #3 , on the very
    1st pitch , hamilton might have stole home and broke a record by sliding
    head-first into all 4 bases .

    or something .

  274. ThE sHiT says:

    @Terrence Mann: I would hold both. Bruce is finally breaking out. Stanton is a beast. But if you need to dangle either of them out there for help in other areas, Stanton should go.

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