We just passed the 1/4 mark of the season so we’re long overdue to provide a mildly interesting roundup of our ‘expert’ league teams.  It’s been a mixed bag so far.  We’ve struggled in our expert mixed leagues (LABR, Y! Friends & Family) and, at this point, are playing for pride.  We’ll wait until the end of the season for the full post-mortem as the only pick that we’re really torturing ourselves over is drafting Tim Lincecum over Greinke in the LABR league (we still have no idea what possessed us on Lincecum as Greinke was higher in Point Shares and at least I’ve had a bad ownership experience with Lincecum (1st round pick 2 years ago in NL-only).

Luckily, we’re doing better in our single-league teams – most notably our DraftDay high-stakes AL-only league where we’re in contention despite underperformance by high-priced Red Sox (A-Gonz, Lester), a hurt Longoria, and a 1st place team having the craziest power luck season we’ve ever seen (Encarnacion, Hardy, Kelly Johnson, AJP).

Note: All the $ comparisons come from the closest league format covered in the Player Rater.

LABR – 15 Team Mixed (Snake)

Our Place 11th (63 pts)
1st place Fred Zinkie of MLB.com (120.5 pts)
Last place Todd Zola of Mastersball.com (46 pts)
Good picks Madbum (6th, +$4), Anibal (10th, +$7), Colby (14th, +$10), Jim Johnson (16th, +$18)
Bad/disappointing picks Longoria (2nd, hurt), Lincecum (3rd, -$32), Storen (8th, hurt), Marmol (10th, -$20)
Notable Trades & Pickups ($100 FAAB) Tony Campana ($1-FAAB)
140 character summary Why Lincecum over Greinke and Weaver? Where are A-Gonz and Nellie’s HRs? Nice comeback, Rios. Wish we picked Beltran. Feb drafts suck.

Y! Friends & Family – 13 team Mixed (Snake)

Our Place 10th (59 pts)
1st place Andy Behrens – Y! (94 pts)
Last place Derek Carty – BaseballProspectus (53 pts)
Good picks Adam Jones (5th, +$40), Beachy (7th, +$20), Colby (20th, +$18), Moustakas (12th, +$6)
Bad/disappointing picks Cliff Lee (3rd, -$10), Choo (7th, -$10), Berkman (8th, hurt), Alexei (10th, -$25), Marmol (11th, -$25)
Notable Trades & Pickups Josh Reddick (FA)
140 character summary Lee has 0 wins?! Middle rounds killed us-Votto/McCutch/C. Lee/CC/A. Jones solid top 5. Shitty closer luck (1 pt in SV), Walker over Altuve?!

DraftDay – 10 team AL (Auction) (note: I posted an article on their site as well about deep league bench strategy)

Our Place 3rd (66 pts)
1st place Derek Carty – BaseballProspectus (81 pts)
Last place Non-blogger (28 pts)
Good picks Adam Jones ($22, +$25), Peavy ($6, +$30), Milone ($3, +$17), Trout ($4, +$13), Sale ($9, +$11), Colby ($14, +$10), Luke Scott ($5, +$10)
Bad/disappointing picks A-Gonz ($33, -$17), Longoria ($31, hurt), Bourjos ($18, -$24), Lester ($22, -$12), Walden ($12, -$11), Weeks ($14, -$8)
Notable Trades & Pickups ($260 FAAB) Beavan + FAAB $ for Valencia (blech), Casey Janssen ($1 FAAB)
140 character summary A-Gonz/Longo – ugh. Fickin’ Lester. Brutal closer luck (Only 3 SVs! Walden quick axe, F-Cord, Janssen on bench for 4 SVs, K-Rob hurt).

FantasyPros911.com 12-team AL – Tied for 2nd place (2.5 pts off lead).  Great offense so far led by overperformance by Adam Jones, Josh Reddick, and Kyle Seager.  Pitching has been a disappointment so far aside from Milone and Capps.  Need Lester and Scherzer to pitch well and hopefully have surplus Saves to trade at some point between Capps, Bailey, and Janssen.

CBS 12 team AL – 2nd place (1 point off lead) – Miracle pitching led by Peavy, Sale, and Jim Johnson.  Lineup stitched together after string of injuries (Longoria, Morneau, Reynolds, Cespedes, Iannetta).

CBS 12 team NL – 7th place (35 points off lead) – brutal CI luck (Gaby, Zimmerman, Sandoval), SP has disappointed (Anibal, Nolasco solid…D. Hudson + Cahill blech). Casilla saved our ‘pen after Guerra got replaced.

Y! Hero Sandwich 12 team mixed – 6th place (41 points off lead) – Solid offense led by Josh Hamilton, Bruce, Moose, and Moobs overcoming Goldschmidt/Alexei/Choo disappointments.  Pitching has potential but disappointed so far – CC, Romero, Latos, Anibal, Colby, Masterson.

  1. El Famous Burrito says:

    If you had to take one, who do you like out of these pitchers available?

    John Danks
    Ivan Nova
    Phil Hughes
    Ted Lilly
    Daniel Bard


    • @El Famous Burrito, lilly

  2. Webelos Willie

    The Dawg says:

    I give Cj Wilson and drop Lucas duda, receive j heyward and lincecum? 6×6 h2h with w, qs and hits, ops.

  3. MattTruss

    MattTruss223 says:

    Thanks for the update Rudy, it’s nice to see how you guys are doing. I had asked Grey a bit ago if you guys could/would put together a master list of links to your league’s standings pages that were publicly viewable. Is that something you might be able to do?

    Pretty crazy that you nailed the first 5 picks in Y!F&F and sit in 10th. Maybe a nice little run is you future there.

    I’m mostly interested in how you guys are doing in the draftday league. I couldn’t find a standings link there early in the season and so I stopped checking, I see it now though. Unreal that you grabbed Trout for $4! What a steal! I would’ve thought someone in that league would’ve over-paid for him. Have you fielded many trade offers for him? Nice to see you guys doing well there despite losing Longoria. You guys are owning AL-only so far huh? Very cool, keep up the good work.

    • @MattTruss223, Unfortunately, most of the league standings pages aren’t public. Hadn’t realized that they had the public standings link on the ddfantasybaseball.com page – weet.

      We’ve got inquiries so far on Trout but it’s hard to figure out his ceiling right now. We’re not deficient in any one category (can use a SP maybe) so not in any hurry to trade him.

      The Longoria injury has definitely hurt a bit – wish it could’ve linked up with the one week where our CR replacement (Lillibridge) stole 5 bases. Very frustrating that Valencia (who we traded for) shit the bed right after the Longoria injury.

      Oh well…we’re still in contention…hopefully we have a nice run on a few of the teams!

      • MattTruss

        MattTruss223 says:

        @Rudy Gamble, Yea, I figured as much. Not sure why sites wouldn’t let the standings pages be viewable, especially for “expert” leagues, but whatever, no worries.

        The 15 Team LABR Mixer standings page is here, FYI:

        I wouldn’t be looking to move Trout either, just curious if you’d had a bunch of offers thrown at you. It seems like the trade market is pretty active in that league (with Hamilton recently on the move in kind of a silly deal if you ask me, but what do I know).

        Question about the 15 team LABR league, how do the reserve spots work? Are those just bench spots? It seems like you guys have more reserves then some other teams, kinda confused on that. Thanks.

        • @MattTruss223, The DraftDay league has some ballsy traders – comes with the territory when you play with poker players. I’m sure someone would offer something enticing for Trout :)

          For LABR, there is unlimited DL so those players don’t count for reserves. We’ve got 4 DL’d players (Longoria, Storen, Cespedes, Marmol). The other rules involve 1) requiring FAAB for all free agent pickups ($1 min, $100 for season), 2) you must start the player for the first week, and 3) they must be in the majors when you pick them up. Puts a lot more pressure on nailing the draft + your limited FA pickups.

  4. zk says:

    Andy Behrens should be on ESPN nightly teaching fools how to play roto sports. The guy is actually an expert. Why he suffers at the Exclamation Point, I’ll never know.

  5. Buge Hoobs says:

    with the current closterfcuk and all would you drop street or santos from the bench for ozwalt? (two different teams, so please answer for both)

    • Grey

      Grey says:


  6. wakeNbake says:

    Drop Bard for P.J. Walters?

    • wakeNbake says:

      @wakeNbake, also… any idea when we might see Brad Peacock?

    • @wakeNbake, i’d drop bard for a streaming sp spot in 10-12 team leagues. walters is only a streamign play

  7. Jacob says:

    would u trade eithier for cliff lee?he also has strasburg and verlander..
    I need a starter!!
    standard league

    • @Jacob, yes i’d make that trade

  8. Ryan says:

    Dempster,Paulino,Smyly,Voglesong,Bass ROS?
    All on waivers

    • @Ryan, dempster but i wouldn’t be afraid to drop him if he struggles

  9. fitz says:

    Rudy, should I drop Rickie Weeks or LaHair and pick up Bauer in a 10 team h2h league? Do you think Bauer will still be pitching when h2h playoffs start?

    • @fitz, i don’t like stashing minor league pitchers in that shallow of a format. lahair is droppable though

      • fitz says:

        @Rudy Gamble, Rudy, I play in a league where there is oddly no waiver wait time. Somebody just dropped Alex Gordon and I dropped LaHair for him then about 5 minutes later somebody picked up LaHair. Was I an idiot to dump LaHair after his recent slump?

  10. Randy says:

    Rudy – need some help in a h2h 16 team points league with two trades proposed to me –

    Michael Young for Ryan Zimmerman

    Yunuel Escobar for Zack Cozart

    Which side you like in those?

  11. Buge Hoobs says:

    drop lester for any of these?
    Dickey, Bass, Smyly, Bedard, Drabek

    • fitz says:

      @Buge Hoobs, No way dude. If you’re that intent on getting rid of Lester you could get more back in a trade.

  12. Butter Fan says:

    i’ve been offered Hosmer and Matt Moore for Sheilds. I have A-Gonz and need a 1B. Think Hosmer and Moore going to come around? Love the site!

    • @Butter Fan, i don’t love moore this year but this seems like a solid buy low opp

  13. Ken Plane says:

    Lahair is fading, pick up Tatman Roberts for CI?

    • @Ken Plane, eh, not a big upgrade. i’d stick with lahair for another week

  14. Adam says:

    Lee or Strasburg ROS?
    Thanks !

  15. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    Remind me again why I’m rostering Dolis? Oh, right… for all those save opps the Cubs generate. FMFBBL.

    • @Awesomus Maximus, ha – yeah, he’s just keeping it warm for marmol to suck

      • Awesomus Maximus

        Awesomus Maximus says:

        @Rudy Gamble, Seriously… and here I am considering dropping Hank Rod to stash Marmol.

        “Hello, my name is Awesomus and I play fantasy baseball.”

        “This is Masochists Anonymous, sir.”

        “Yeah, I know. Didn’t I just say, ‘I play fantasy baseball?'”

  16. EK says:

    Drop Alex Gordon for Kipnis?
    UTIL spot 12 team H2H pts

    • EK says:

      @EK, Lowrie and Pena also available…

  17. cheese says:

    H2H Each, 5×5 w/ OBP:

    2B: Neil Walker or Ryan Roberts ROS?
    C: Jesus Montero or Alex Avila ROS?

    • @cheese, Ryan Roberts, Jesus Montero

  18. wakeNbake says:

    any idea when we may see Brad Peacock called up?

    • @wakeNbake, I was surprised that Godfrey got the call before Peacock. I don’t think there’s a set schedule – my guess would be mid-June.

  19. interesting says:

    Gotta love your readership. Plenty of comments so far asking for advice in a post where you own up to having minimal success in 2012. And props for that…didn’t even wait to post it on a weekend.

    As much love as we all have for votto, is it safe to say his mvp season was a career year by a good margin? Have a guy on the hook for a potential swap of votto/j montero for tulo/posey. I’d have room for a rizzo pickup if that goes through.

    Is votto too good to trade? Is his ‘brand’ bigger than it should be?
    Is rizzo (or adams) good enough to count on?

    Will take anyone’s thoughts on the matter.

    Curious if you ever considered a message board to corral all the requests for advice. Sometimes after a post it would be fun to read comments that actually pertain to the topic.

    • @interesting, Yeah, we’d prefer that we were dominating all these leagues. Oh well – you can’t let your ego get too high or low based on the expert leagues given how much chance/luck plays a role in success. I put more stuck in pre-season rankings and we did really well (relative to others) in that based on our 2011 test – https://razzball.com/category/testing-projections-player-raters/.

      Re: the trade, it’s about even based on my pre-season projections (Votto minus Tulo = Posey minus Montero). I prefer Votto/Montero because Votto is a lot more steady than Tulo. Doesn’t matter outside of H2H I suppose but I’m slightly concerned about Tulo’s stats if he doesn’t have one of his patented streaks.

      But if you can swap in a solid 1B replacement that’s better than your current SS, this trade could work.

      We do have a forum – razzball.com/forums. You can post there as well. I see your point that the comments should ideally be about the post but we’re open to whatever people want to comment on as long as it’s relevant to fantasy sports and isn’t dickish.

  20. Adam says:

    Peavy or McDonald ROS?
    Would u trade Seager and Young for Peavy?

    • @Adam, Peavy. Which Young? Delmon, yes. Michael, no.

  21. ADAM says:

    chris young and seager for Peavy?
    He has mcdonald and Peavy to trade
    Thinking it might be worth it for Mcdonaldas well as i have chris johnson or chris davis to take seager place?

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