The TwinsFrancisco Liriano may actually have a Twin.   Let’s call him Diego Liriano (runner-up choices were Jose, Antonio, Luis Obispo, and Fernando Valley).  Maybe Diego pitched his first 5 starts – the ones where Liriano got shelled to the tune of 24 ER, 18 BB, and 27 Hits within 23 2/3 innings.  How else do you explain a Twin with Liriano written on his back throwing a no-hitter last night?  Okay, I suppose you can look at the stats and see that Liriano threw 6 walks and only 2 strikeouts during his no-hitter.  You know how rare that is?  Really, we need to know because Elias Sports Bureau charges for that kind of thing.  I’d steer cleareano of Liriano and/or sell him if he was on my team – no reason to keep a guy with a WIP of 0.67 (WHIP minus the H) if he isn’t K-ing a ton of people.

On to the rest of fantasy baseball news…

Erik Bedard – Managed 7 innings of 2 ER on only 2 H and 2 BB.  More impressively, he managed to avoid an arm injury.  He’s bringing hope to the Rich Hardens and Ben Sheetseses of the world.

Jon LesterLestah got his 4th win by giving up only 1 ER and 11 Ks versus the visiting Angels.  Looks like someone isn’t liking all that “Weaver for Cy Young” talk.

Cole HamelsIt was a good night for lefties as Hamels threw a complete game victory against the Nats – giving up only one ER with 6 Ks and 6 baserunners.  That’s now 4 wins for Hamels with 40 Ks in 40 IP, a 2.66 ERA, and a 1.01 WHIP.  Not bad for a 4th starter.

Mike LeakeWrong night to be a righty (3 2/3 IP, 7 ER).  We streamed Leake in one of our leagues and Leake streamed all over our ERA and WHIP.  The game might’ve been in Cincy but this sure smelled like a Cleveland Streamer.

Zach Braddock – DL with a sleep disorder.  He had 3 Ks on Sunday but obviously fell short of that on Z’s.  They knew it was bad when he fell asleep in the bratwurst tray during the post-game meal.  Luckily, he was pulled out before Prince went-a-forkin’.

Ian Stewart – Recalled from Triple-A.  If you just lost Kung Fu Panda then Mini Mini Donkey is a decent enough flyer… And if the preceding sentence made total sense to you, you might want to go outside once in a while and smell the flowers.

Jonathan BroxtonBrought into a tie game in the top of the 9th, walks 2 of 3 batters, and Mattingly pulls him for Blake Hawksworth.  Blake Hawksworth stayed true to his WWE character and played the heel – letting them both score on a Geovany Soto double.  Personally, I would’ve brought in a masked Vicente Padilla.

Jon Rauch – Blew his first save of the year via a BJ Upton 2-run HR.  That sucks but he had saved 5 in a row before that.  My guess is he still gets the next save opp vs. Frank-Frank.  It’s an important decision that could be the difference between an 80 win season or an 82 win season for the Blue Jays.

Jose Valverde – Redempción for Jose as he gets the save against the Yanks one game after taking the loss.

Scott Sizemore – Called up and rewards Leyland for his delayed belief in him with a 3 for 4 night.  That’s only one less hit than he managed last May (4 for 34).  I’d joke more about how Sizemore sucked last year but Grey still hasn’t gotten over it.  Maybe he can now stop singing his ‘Say Anything’ tribute to him….Scott Sizemore lies more…when he’s 0-for-four….

Fausto Carmona – Played 8 innings of chicken with Tyson Ross and the A’s and won when Fuentes coughed up 3 runs in the top of the 9th.  He’s been on a roll of late but he’s also had some pretty favorable matchups (@OAK, @MIN, home vs. KC and BAL).  I’d say he’s an okay streamer option in mixed leagues when he has a decent matchup but his low K rate and occasional wildness leaves me wary.

Eduardo SanchezGot his 2nd save of the season by getting Gaby Sanchez to pop up and Mike Stanton to strike out after he had let two get on via a walk and HBP.  He now has 18 Ks in 11 innings and he definitely probably maybe is the new closer of the Cardinals.  You never know with LaRussa.  Speaking of LaRussa, did you hear that his daughter is going to be an Oakland Raiders cheerleader?  I guess cheering for steroided Oakland athletes runs in the family.

Jose BautistaOut for a couple of days with an inflamed neck.  I’m sure it’ll subside once he agrees to live up to the deal and hand over his soul to the devil.

Justin Smoak3 for 4 with 2 RBIs against his old team (the Rangers).  He’s quickly becoming the most feared Mariner hitter (aside from Milton Bradley of course).

Orlando Hudson – All you Hudson owners who were waiting for the inevitable injury that would sadly put an end Hudson’s improbable SB spree, your wait is over.  Strained hamstring.  Even if he doesn’t go on the DL, that’ll put the kibosh on SBs for the time being.  If he does go on the DL, keep an eye on Eric Patterson who could steal bases in bunches.

Nelson CruzCruz came out of the game with a tight quad.  Does he even have to go to the trainer for these issues anymore?  Hasn’t he learned to treat himself by now – kind of like how Swayze’s character in Roadhouse could stitch himself?

Pedro AlvarezHe also left early with a tight quad which still made him the 4th healthiest 3rd baseman to start on opening day.

Jason Bourgeois3 for 5 with 2 doubles, 2 RBIs, and a SB as he filled in for the injured Carlos Lee.  That’s 10 SBs – he’s nearly out-SAGNOFing Bourn.  He’s a must own as long as he’s starting – though Jason resents the implication that ‘owning’ him means he’s part of the proletariat.  You’ve been Marxed!

Luke Scott – Another HR for Luke Scott.  That’s 4 in 6 games.  Luke warm is an understatement.  He’s more like Luke Perry (in 1990)!

Mat LatosThe time to buy low on Latos – if there was a time – may be starting to close.  He gave up 2 ER in 6 IP.  Two key points with Latos:  1) He has 30 Ks in 27 IP and 2) He pitches half his games in Petco.

Carlos Pena – Pena finally got his 1st HR of the year.   Pena can now start attending the weekly HAGNOF meetings (how ya doin’, Mr. Branyan!).  One more HR and he’ll be all tied up with Nate Schierholtz!

Nate Schierholtz – The answer to the unasked question of “Who had the most random slam and legs so far in 2011?”  If only Vegas let you play the Slam & Legs exacta, I could spout that it was 10,000-to-1 odds or something like that.  And Bill Simmons could regale us with stories like, “My buddy and I had $100 on Big Papi for the 500-to-1 exacta and he hits a HR in the 3rd.  That was the easy part.  But in the 9th inning, the Sox are down by two and he walks.  He steals 2nd on the next pitch and they call defensive indifference!  I can’t believe I went to the game over watching an ESPN Classic replay of the 1983 Celtics-Knicks ‘Boston Tea Party’ game where Kevin McHale got the whole Knick team in a headlock and Larry Bird tea-bagged each one.”

Shin-Soo Choo – Arrested for DUI.  Soo Choo?  More like Shochu or Soju!  (that joke would kill if we were a Korean or Japanese blog!)  They didn’t even bother to take out the breathalyzer as Choo’s face gave it away.  Damn you Alcohol flush reaction – aka Asian Flush!  Upon told by the cops that his face looked flush, Choo asked what the f**k that meant and was forced to spend the next couple hours riding a tricycle and getting taken in poker.

  1. Lane says:

    The Choo blurb totally made this morning shift bearable.

  2. AM2 says:

    The first line of the Jon Rauch analysis has these three words in it: “blew” “BJ” and “suck.”

    I have to admit, I was slightly aroused.

    On a different note, why doesn’t Dexter Fowler attempt more steals? He’s got a sexy OBP, he seems to be the no-hitter C-C-C-C-ombo Breaker, and he wills his way to scoring runs (on pace for 126 runs).

    If he could just grab 1 SB per week he’d be a solid OF3, putting up a .275-110-5-45-25 line; as it stands, he’s on pace for a weird .262-126-0-66-12 line.

  3. AM2 says:

    Shin-So Ju …. lulz.

    It still baffles and amazes me that professional athletes (mostly MLBers) 1) go out and drink in-season and 2) EVER get arrested for DUI. Choo paying for a $40 cab ride home would be like me paying for a cab ride in boogers.

  4. BigRedLatrine says:

    Looks like Cueto will be taking a leak on Leake’s rotation spot (thus claiming his territory) when he returns. Seven earned is a pretty good way to go out though.

    @Rudy: Here’s a hilarious question… Would you rather own Chris N Young or Erik Bedard going forward? Part 2: how many strikeouts does poor Erik need to get before you stop replacing that k with a c?

  5. AM2 says:

    One more thing….

    What do we do with Cameron Maybin? He’s available and he’s a tempting pick-up.

    He’s still relatively young (just turned 24), he’s a RH hitter @ Petco (which means less of an effect), he’s finally being given full-season playing time, and he’s playing for a manager who gives everyone a green light to steal (on pace for 40+ attempts). He’s got upside.

    I think he could be equal to B.J. Upton, i.e. ugly BA, a bad-blackjack-hand’s amount of HRs, 25+ SBs and the hardest-earned 80-85 runs ever.

    Something like .255-80-14-50-28 — which would be serviceable in a H2H league if he’s your 3rd OF — with the upside for .275-90-18-70-40 if things click.

  6. AM2 says:


    I’m not sure I get the joke… but are you talking about Chris R. Young v. Bedard?

    I think Chris R. Young is woefully underrated this year. Yeah, the injury/durability concerns are HUGE, but he’s got the perfect pitching style for Metco. He’s got a sub 2.00 ERA and sub 1.00 WHIP so far, with an 8.3 K/9. Yeah, he’ll pitch 100-120 innings this season, but they’ll be quality innings.

  7. BigRedLatrine says:

    @AM2: Oh derp. No joke intended; just too many Chris Youngs +their middle initials to keep track of. That being said, it worries me that he is throwing in the mid 80’s right now (like, where the hell did he get a time machine anyway?).

    And this of course after I poke fun at Rudy for calling Eric Erik.

  8. Tony says:

    I woke up, an offer i’d had rotting away or 4 days was about to expire tonight and the guy accepted: My adam jones and broxton (fresh off another effing loss) for his Carlos Gonzalez?

    I’m thinking I win? Welcome home Cargo, where you belong….

    as for you broxton, good riddens! WOW, what a suckhole!

    What about tossing Corriea tonight @ SD?

  9. Hi Rudy … very nice roundup. A couple of questions today:

    First, for a 14-team roto league, how would you rank these four starters: Beachy, Baker, D. Hudson, and Wolf? Would you take all of them before Liriano at this point?

    And the second (and more complicated) question, what is your criteria for deciding who to start in a league with daily lineup changes? For example, in a 20-team roto league, my picks in the first two rounds where David Wright and Justin Upton. Today, Wright faces Lincecum, who he’s 2-for-15 against lifetime, and Upton faces Chaucin, who he is 0-for-8 against lifetime. Neither one his killing the ball lately, though Upton did homer yesterday. My alternatives are Alex Gordon (facing an underwhelming Jake Arrieta) and the red-hot Robot Jones (vs. Clayton Richard).

    I’d love to have your opinion on this particular dilemma but, more importantly, since this kind of situation presents itself with different players all the time, I’d like to know the factors you consider when making these kinds of decisions on your teams. Do you go with the better player? The hotter hitter? How important is a player’s track record against a specific pitcher?

    Many, many thanks.

  10. Carl Spackler says:

    Ok so rank these going forward Jordan Zimmerman, Bedard, Dempster, Kyle Drabek, Matt Harrison

  11. ivebeenupforthreedaysstraight says:

    seriously, three days. anyway, that’s not important. what i meant to come down here and say was: “liriano-way!” i was so amazed that my cat had to run to the litter box and do the excremental counterpart of what Leake did to your team. except in a box with clay and sand (thinking more about this… how does one micturate _into_ the internet, anyway? it’s gotta be waaaay more than 60 ft 6 inches away from cincy to also: no, this post is not about fantasy baseball, it’s about the twins. how is it that even the spectacular twins moments this season have been mockingly underwhelming. a 2K no-no? at least it wasn’t like the ubaldo-no last year. or U2, starring irish politico-pop sensation bo-no… oh, wait: it was like teh ubaldo-no, except minus 5ks… uh-oh.

  12. Carl Spackler says:

    Also, would you move Liriano for Grienke if you had the chance?

  13. papasmurf says:

    Incredible. I dropped Dempster for Leake after the last outing. Versus HOU, pretty decent matchup right? To rub salt in wound, Dempster has his best start of the year, by far.

    The Latos outing was the first quality start I”ve had in 2 weeks.

  14. RonWashington'sStache says:

    I currently have Alexei and Desmond at SS, and I just received an offer of his Youkilis for my Desmond and Morneau. Should I accept?

  15. Trick dad says:

    Is liriano’s no hitter a sign that he’s back? His strategy of pitching to contact has clearly been abandoned.

  16. ThePoonTycoon says:

    ugh, streamed mike leake last night here. go to drop him this mornign and freaking espn is down for maintenance. i want this guy off my roster asap.

  17. BigRedLatrine says:

    @ThePoonTycoon: ESPN is back up now. Drop it like it’s hot.

  18. Big Mike says:

    Just moved M.Reynolds/League for Bourn/Putz to a guy who lost Zim/Freese to injury. Considering I have Bautista/Youk/Chipper for 3B I thought it was worth it for a closer upgrade. Yes?

  19. tourinct says:

    Third base black hole: Mini Mini or Ryan Roberts?

  20. AL KOHOLIC says:

    sending jansen down after 2 good outings was stupit,broxton is burnt toast,looked scared and he was stalling on the mound ,see if kuo gets another shot and can run with it

  21. Bryan says:

    Liriano’s no-no is the only no hitter since 1919 to have 2 or fewer Ks and 6 or more walks.

  22. 101 MPH says:

    Rudy, I might be able to save you the time and expense of consulting the Elias Sports Bureau to uncover the wackiest no-hitter in baseball history. Francisco Liriano’s accomplishment was decidedly mundane compared to that of Doc Ellis, who remarkably pitched a no-hitter in 1970 for the Pittsburgh Pirates….. while on an acid trip. No joke!!


    (Verbatim from –

    Ellis pitched a no-hitter against the San Diego Padres on June 12, 1970. He would admit in 1984 to being under the influence of LSD throughout the course of the game.[2] Ellis had been visiting friends in Los Angeles under the impression he had the day off and was still high when his friend’s girlfriend told him he had to pitch a game against the Padres that night. Ellis boarded a shuttle flight to the ballpark and threw a no-hitter despite not being able to feel the ball or clearly see the batter or catcher.[3] Ellis said catcher Jerry May wore reflective tape on his fingers which helped Ellis to see his signals. Ellis walked eight, struck out six, and was aided by excellent fielding plays by second baseman Bill Mazeroski and center fielder Matty Alou.[4] During the game, teammates (such as rookie Dave Cash) are reported to have commented to Ellis on the bench between innings that he was pitching a no-hitter, despite the superstition that discourages mentioning a no-hitter while it is in progress. Because the no-hitter was the first game of a double header, Ellis was forced to keep track of the pitch count for the night game.

    As Ellis recounted it:

    I can only remember bits and pieces of the game. I was psyched. I had a feeling of euphoria. I was zeroed in on the (catcher’s) glove, but I didn’t hit the glove too much. I remember hitting a couple of batters and the bases were loaded two or three times. The ball was small sometimes, the ball was large sometimes, sometimes I saw the catcher, sometimes I didn’t. Sometimes I tried to stare the hitter down and throw while I was looking at him. I chewed my gum until it turned to powder. I started having a crazy idea in the fourth inning that Richard Nixon was the home plate umpire, and once I thought I was pitching a baseball to Jimi Hendrix, who to me was holding a guitar and swinging it over the plate. They say I had about three to four fielding chances. I remember diving out of the way of a ball I thought was a line drive. I jumped, but the ball wasn’t hit hard and never reached me.


    Ellis’ line for the evening:

    IP – 9.0
    H – 0
    R – 0
    E.R. – 0
    B.B. – 8
    S.O. – 6

    People can talk about baseball’s unbreakable records like Ty Cobb’s .367 lifetime batting average, Cal Ripken’s 2632 consecutive games played, or Rickey Henderson’s 130 stolen bases in a single season, but no one, and I mean NO-ONE, will ever again pitch a no hitter on L.S.D.!!!

  23. MattW says:

    @AL KOHOLIC: @ThePoonTycoon:

    I’m looking to get Haren from a guy who seems to be weak with outfield of Braun (Awesome), Abreu, Gardner, Span, Callaspo at UTIL. He also has TheRiot at 2B.

    My relevant players are:
    2B: Kinsler, Walker
    OF: Kemp, Dread Pirate, Pence, Victorino, Vlad at UTIL, Brown on BE
    SP: Liriano-no, Oswalt, I. Kennedy, Beachy, Zimmerman, Wolf

    I was thinking of offering Pence and Liriano for Haren (and maybe Gardner)

    Do you think there is a trade that makes sense?…my pitching needs work

  24. Eddy says:

    Eduardo Sanchez or Jon Rauch?

  25. Pretty Toney says:

    @tourinct: I’d go with Stewart–I know Roberts has been producing to date, but you certainly can’t expect him to keep this pace up. Personally I’d take the risk with Stewart.

    @BigMike: I’m not thrilled about your trade, as I’m not the biggest Bourn fan or Putz fan, but I guess that you upgraded closer and traded surplus for a position of need, so I can’t really hate too much.

  26. Pretty Toney says:

    5×5 Mixed Keeper League, must drop one:

    Jed Lowrie (2b,ss)
    Scott Sizemore (2b)
    Ryan Raburn (2b,of)
    Brandon Belt (of)


  27. Johnny Drama says:

    Which Side?

    Pujols and Masterson or Adrian Gonzalez and Pedroia

  28. MattW says:

    @Johnny Drama: Depends somewhat on need, but in a bubble I would take the Gonzalez side.

  29. CT Old School says:

    That’ll never be Leyland
    That’ll never be Leyland
    That’ll never be…
    ever be…
    Don’t you even think it!

  30. MD says:

    Watched the Twins vx. chisox game last night. Liriano didn’t look that good, i know he threw a no hitter, but the sox are really struggling. Liriano was topping out at 93 for the most part (i think he hit 95 once), and he threw A LOT of Balls (123 pitches, 66 strikes). I’m going to sell him today.. I’m putting together this offer, do you think i’m still selling too low?

    I give: Nathan, Liriano, and Felix Pie

    I get: Gavin Floyd, Brett Gardner, and Joaquin Benoit (who i would drop)

    This is a 12 team AL only. My closers at this point are Bailey (DL) and Brandon League. But i think i need to get rid of Nathan while i can. Floyd for Liriano is not that bad of a trade off, and Gardner is obviously a huge upgrade over Pie. Thoughts?

  31. RonWashington'sStache says:

    @Tony: I like your side of that trade a lot.
    @Carl Spackler: Greinke > Liriano
    @Johnny Drama: Agon and Pedroia > Pujols and Masterson

  32. Oregon Nut Cups

    Oregon Nut Cups says:

    I worked/lived in Korea for a little over two years so I laughed.

    Soju tastes like lighter fluid, though, I could never drink much of it. We called it the ‘brain eraser’.

  33. MD says:

    @101 MPH: That is probably the funniest thing i’ve read in a long time… nice work. I wish i could watch video of that game.

  34. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @MattW: i think that’s reasonable. i’d try to get gardner thrown in too. i’m pretty high on haren this year, and until last night he’s be great, and even last night, haren was on fire for 5 innings before getting knocked around a little late.

  35. Tony says:

    @RonWashington’sStache: thanks apparently there’s controversy over it, the commish has been texting me all morning whining, 3 guys complained, our league is supposedly no veto, we all throw down money, we all manage our teams, but this is a new guy and he hasn’t watched much for 3 weeks now he gets on, sets his line up and accepts my deal? What can i do….? Not my fault. PLUS i’ll tell you and everyone this. I proposed Cargo plus a closer or an SP last yr for MATT KEMP like 5 times to an owner, he denied every time, and how did that end up???? Adam Jones is a top prospect, broxton, even tho he’s blown up a few times is a solid closer, however you look at it I’m favored now but when the season ends who knows. Cargo could bomb, get hurt, and jones could surpass him…. the tools are there. People get way to crazy about deals that “they see” as uneven. Ya just never know whats going to happen.

  36. Dirt says:

    Would you trade Heyward and Miguel Cab for Lester and Agonz? I need pitching

  37. AnotherFalstaff says:

    @Rudy – 12 team H2H. I will need to drop a player when ZGreinke, Cueto & Homer come off the DL. Leaguemate has Uggla on the block. I have Hill. For 4 OF/Util spots I have Holliday, Kemp, Berkman, Bruce, Wallace & LoMo(INJ)). Offer Berkman or Bruce for Uggla?

  38. Rob says:

    Sorry but Liriano still will be benched on my teams for his next start.

  39. Dirt says:

    Does it hurt to have too many players on the same team if they are revelant fantasy players (other than on days off)

    For example.

    Victor and Cab
    Pujols and Holliday
    Gonz, Ells, Youk, Crawford???

  40. MD says:

    @MD: one thing to add to that. This is a keeper league, and gardner would be $31 next year (more then i would want to keep him for), i could possible get Bourjos instead for $10. in this instance would you rather have

    Gardner @ $31 for the rest of this year and next year.
    Bourjos @ $10 for the rest of this year and next year (and after that can be extended up to 3 years @ $5 per year .

  41. MD says:

    @Dirt: I wouldn’t say so, all of those players are studs, and they’re going to get their stats no matter what. I guess if you’re in a H2H league, and their team is facing a run of tough starting pitching, it may effect you a little bit. But other then that, all of those players are going to get there stats (regardless of what team they’re on_)

  42. trick dad says:

    @Dirt: in head to head leagues it is definitely risky. they may have games rained out or doubleheaders, or they may get shut out or have big games as a team. so it’s high risk, high reward. i dont see it as a problem in roto.

  43. B-Dub says:

    How dare you talk about Jose Bautista that way. He has, and will continue to prove all of da haters wrong.

    Keep swinging, Joey Bats!!

  44. theguarantee says:

    Drop Carlos Gomez for Nyjer Morgan?

  45. 101 MPH says:


    I’m trying to imagine how whacked out the Doc must have been to think that Richard Nixon was the umpire, and Jimi Hendrix was in the batter’s box with a flaming guitar.

    On the plus side, it must be a little bit easier to spot your pitches when you have a yellow comet tail from the previous pitch to guide you along.

    I’ve never seen video footage of the event, but it would be a real laugh-riot to watch Doc diving out of the way of a dribbling come-backer.

  46. MattTruss

    MattTruss223 says:

    @101 MPH – That’s the part I’d most like to see as well, hilarious. There must be tape somewhere.

  47. Probable Party Starter says:

    Is anybody having reservations about starting Greinke @ ATL (his H2H lifetime #’s against that lineup are not good)? I mean, he wasn’t lights out in the minors/rehab and he’s got to be at least a little rusty. And what about the social anxiety? Oh, and his mental issues too.

  48. OaktownSteve says:

    @Rudy: Solid Revenge of the Nerds reference woven in there.

    Has there ever been a closer who inspired less confidence than Brian Fuentes? Yes of course there has, but man he’s garbageki. Bailey will save us (he said delusionally).

    Does anybody recall that Brad Ziegler has the mlb record for consecutive scoreless innings to start an mlb career? 39 consecutive scoreless. Besides Brad and I that is. Also, in the way too much Brad Ziegler information, he found out he’s allergic to eggs, dairy and wheat and now he feels all better again.

    All this is meant to say, hey deep save speculators, if you’re in the Grey camp of thinking that Bailey lasts about 15 minutes before he’s back on the dl, then one of the following three, pretty much in this order is going to finish this season with 20 saves: Grant Balfour (Billy’s best manager Bob Geren quoted this morning as saying (it sounded strangely weepy in my head as I read the quote) “Grant is just so brave out there, I’m so proud of him”…or some such nonsense), Brad Ziegler, Michael Wertz.

    Because this Fuentes thing must be stopped.

  49. Mr. Rickey says:

    Would you start Chacin (@Ari) and/or Scherzer (home v. NYY) today?

  50. ujoh says:

    Liriano’s xFIP was 5.97 last night, higher than his 5.25 xFIP coming into the game. Ridiculous. It was also the first no hitter to need 3 or more double plays since GIDP was a stat.

    I still wouldn’t trust him.

  51. Danks Nugs says:

    Haha…Ellis, D.

  52. Wilsonian says:

    Who do you like better, Smoak or Wallace?

    I’m assuming it’s Smoak, as no one can assume Wallace will hit .380 all year…

  53. @Trick dad: Why do you think the pitch-to-contact strategy has been abandoned? He only struck out two in nine innings. All of the other 25 outs he made were directly or indirectly the result of someone who put the bat on the ball (counting the three double plays).

    I WISH the strategy was abandoned but I see no indication that it has been.

  54. Will says:

    I have Tabata and Alvarez on my bench. Would I be better served to find replacements like Joyce or Dominic Brown or keep both pirates and hope for the best?

  55. kwak says:

    Drop Oliver for Eduardo Sanchez?

    Using Oliver as a stop-gap, better long-term closing prospects for Sanchez?

  56. Eddie says:

    Rudy –
    Nice roundup this morning. Do you think Jack Hannahan’s fast start will delay Chisenhall’s call up? Everything I read had him pegged as a June 1 guy, once the Indians could avoid Super Two arbitration. They have to know it’s a nice story, but he’s not likely to keep this up. Right…?

  57. AdamH says:

    @Big Mike: Ehhhh. To me, kinda sold low on Reynolds.

  58. @kwak: Absolutely. Feliz comes back Friday, so in all likelihood, Thursday’s game @SEA is the last chance for Oliver to earn a save. The TLR jury is still out on Sanchez, but his shelf life’ll be longer than that.

  59. Jed Smedredroved says:


    16 team, 1 catcher, 5 keeper league. My SS situation is dire… streaming whatever shitshowSS isn’t at a -8 on the ESPN player rater and hoping for the best. Should I trade Carlos Santana for Andrus? I also have Weiters.

  60. G’morning, Rudy. Do you think Hammel is worth a spot start tomorrow in a 20-team root league (@ARI/Galarraga)? How about Tyson Ross (@KC/Francis) on Sunday? I’m falling behind on innings and they seem to be the best candidates between tomorrow and the weekend.

    Same league, would you start Volquez Friday (@CHC/Garza)? He’s already on my roster but he still makes me nervous.

  61. Trevor

    tggq21 says:

    What do we do with Broxton at this point??

  62. Grey

    Grey says:

    @AM2: Ha!

    @BigRedLatrine: Bedard

    @AM2: Eh, he stole three of his 6 steals all in one game. Not sure he gets anywhere near 40, let alone 25.

    @Tony: Wow, nice trade.

    @Carl Spackler: Zimm, Bedard, Drabek

    @ivebeenupforthreedaysstraight: Ha! Take a nap!

    @Carl Spackler: Greinke has edge.

    @papasmurf: Yeah, we thought Leake’s matchup looked solid too.

    @RonWashington’sStache: Sure

    @Trick dad: He clearly pitched to contact last night, but if three of those ground balls go through right after a walk, he loses that game.

    @ThePoonTycoon: We dropped him before the game ended.

    @Big Mike: Sure

    @tourinct: Stewart

    @Bryan: Wow

    @101 MPH: That’s awesome.

    @Eddy: Rauch

    @Pretty Toney: Raburn

    @Johnny Drama: A-Gon

    @MD: That’s a bit low.

    @Oregon Nut Cups: Ha

    @Dirt: Sure

    @AnotherFalstaff: Homer’s low man…That trade looks good.

    @Dirt: Nope

    @theguarantee: Sure

    @Probable Party Starter: Start him.

    @OaktownSteve: Fuentes is one of the few major league pitchers I wouldn’t mind facing. He looks so hittable. Though not sure that matters.

    @Mr. Rickey: Both

    @Wilsonian: Smoak

    @Will: I’d hold for now.

    @kwak: Sure

    @Eddie: Hannahan could go ice cold for the next two weeks and this is moot.

    @Jed Smedredroved: Sure

    @Enrique: Ross..>I’d start Volquez.

  63. bogbert says:

    The post and the comments today have been unbelievably good. What a site. Thanks Rudy and everyone else. Also, @101 MPH: that was hilarious. I’ll be forwarding that on to some people today.

  64. OaktownSteve says:

    @Grey: with apologies to girls, Fuentes kind of throws like one.

  65. mikey boy324 says:

    Grey drop Reynolds for stewart?

  66. Chinaski says:

    Hey Grey,

    I am not starting Scherzer vs. Yankees nor Santana vs. Boston. Right decision?


  67. Mark says:

    You guys buying Garza? Insane strikeout spike, and pretty consistently up start-to-start. SwStrike% through the roof also. BABIP and LOB% actually suggest he could be better, but he also hasn’t given up a HR yet so that could all even out (though his GB% is up quite a bit too, which was my main concern with him moving to Wrigley). Could be partly the NL adjusting to him, but I think its a risk worth taking right now, he looks like a legit #2. Dealt BJ Upton for him last night in a league where my average was hurting bad and I also really needed a good strikeout rate to buffer my staff (roto league so the IP cap basically makes the Ks category K/IP).

  68. DHill Dragons says:

    Any worry about Ogando losing his spot in the rotation when Hunter or Webb are ready to pitch?

    Moving forward does he offer more upside than Brandon Beachy or Bud Norris?

  69. MattW says:

    @Grey: Who are the 5 best buy low SP candidates outside of Liriano?

  70. GTS says:

    Tyson Ross or Mad-Bum?

  71. Shmorgie S. Board says:

    Guy in first in my league put Liriano’s No-No in the “SONUVABENCH!” category.

    I’m wondering if that happened to a lot of people.

  72. Dirt says:

    Sorry to repeat similar question,but who wins the Cab and Heyward for Lester & AGON???

  73. Ffej says:

    I’m in a 12 team mixed league. Someone suggested moving to FAAB for next year. I thought FAAB is more so for fantasy football and AL/NL only leagues. Is FAAB recommended for 12 team mixed? A short explanation would be great…thanks

  74. chata says:

    @ Rudy :

    tyson ross is doing rather well making the temporary conversion from
    long relief to starter .
    i think he had the arm strength to get up to 90-95 pitches last night , had the circumstances been different .

    also , do you think the conversation that you need to have with the big red latrine , (erik/eric) , could have been mitigated if not for your insistence on spelling kibosh as kabash ?

  75. Eddy says:

    SAGNOF alert: Ben Revere of the Twins called up.

  76. Eddy says:


    My SP this week in my H2H league has been quite good, actually. Hamels, Ross, Weaver and Kershaw have helped me to a 2.73 ERA and a 1.08 WHIP. My opponent still has solid guys like Halladay, Cain and Romero yet to pitch, not to mention CC and Lester on Saturday.

    Basically, there’s little room for error here, especially considering he’s overpowering me in RBI and HR.

    Should I start Wood @HOU today? How about Lilly v. CHC?

  77. ivebeenupforthreedaysstraight says:

    @grey: i tried. go to sleep around 9, maintenance dude knocks on the door at 10:30 and says he has come come back and fix the terlet… i’m just glad i didn’t pick up Travis Wood’s brother, Morning, while i was sleeping: woulda been awkward.

    so the real FBB question. to activate The ‘Grank i need to drop a pitcher. my staff: Hamels, Morrow, DeLaRasta, Pineda, B-Anderson (or maybe Bea Arthur), Shields, Gio, Nunez, Farnsworth, Storen, Hanrahan…i’m thinking DeLaR. is that one right, or is C? i hate these stupid bubble tests.

  78. ivebeenupforthreedaysstraight says:

    @grey: i tried. go to sleep around 9, maintenance dude knocks on the door at 10:30 and says he has come come back and fix the terlet… i’m just glad i didn’t pick up Travis Wood’s brother, Morning, while i was sleeping: woulda been awkward.

    so the real FBB question. to activate The ‘Grank i need to drop a pitcher. my staff: Hamels, Morrow, DeLaRasta, Pineda, Ogando, B-Anderson (or maybe Bea Arthur), Shields, Gio, Nunez, Farnsworth, Storen, Hanrahan…i’m thinking DeLaR. is that one right, or is C? i hate these stupid bubble tests.

  79. Joel says:

    At least one Birther had a good week.

  80. Nuke LaDouche says:

    Nice Revenge of the Nerds reference Rudy or Grey! Start Zack Attack today? Swap Liriano for Ubaldo? Seems like about the best I could do for him.

  81. MattW says:

    @Grey: Which side:

    Latos, Starlin and Salas


    Walker, Wolf and Marmol

  82. For those of us why might want to use last night’s no-no to move Liriano, what’s a good tier of pitcher to shoot for?

    Any interest in Braden while he’s on the DL? Maybe Norris? Or at that point are we better off benching him and hoping for some kind of turnaround?

  83. Tony says:

    @Enrique: if youre only getting braden or norris you might as well hope lirianos arm falls off, those trades are pointless… have a little faith the guy might turn it around.

    I’d sit tight if those are your only options.

  84. GTS says:

    Lilly did not fair well last time vs CHC. Should I start him in 10-team H2H?

  85. Nuke LaDouche says:

    @Sugar Tits: Haha! Oh man that is awesome.

  86. EK says:

    Losing trust in McClellan… drop him for E. Jackson, Bedard or McCarthy?

  87. MD says:

    @Grey: Dude actually rejected that deal. I offered him the same deal (Liriano, Nathan, and Casper Wells) and i would get Ervin Santana, Brett Gardner, and Benoit…

    Would you rather have a $10 Bourjos for the next 2 years or a $31 Gardner?

  88. @Tony: That’s the frustrating part. How much higher do you think I can shoot?

  89. papasmurf says:

    I am just the ultimate pitcher jinxer this year. Whoever I touch gets rocked. I mean, it would be hard to do this even if someone tried.

    My luck with pitchers is usually good. So hard to get used to day after day of above 9+ ERA performances.

    Just a warning to every Bedard who sees this. I picked up Bedard again (punted Leake) after dropping him.

  90. Grey

    Grey says:

    @EK: Jackson

  91. Gavin says:

    Which 2 out of 3 rest of way: Beachy, DLR, Daniel Hudson

  92. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Gavin: dlR, Hudson…

  93. chata says:

    having difficulty starting a pitcher whose name is aneury .
    don’t think my heart could take it .

  94. EK says:

    Best option for a spot start?
    McDonald v. HOU
    Humber v. BAL
    McCarthy @ KC
    Bedard v. CWS

  95. exno says:

    I’m not Korean but I got a good chuckle out of the Soju reference, great work.

  96. EK says:

    @ EK
    Make that Humber @ SEA

  97. trick dad says:

    @Enrique: since his walk number was so high, i assumed he was avoiding the strike zone.

  98. Chupacabra says:

    Just here to say woo-hoo, cause I got a Liria-no-no in both my leagues. I had my Drop finger hovering over his head, and put him out there for one more fandango. Liriano is safe for now. Gallardo needs to pick it up now.

  99. 101 MPH says:

    @bogbert: I’m glad you got a laugh out of it!


    That video is hilarious! I had to watch it twice.

    Thanks for putting up the link.

  100. Rudy/Grey–morning boys!
    Going forward: Ike or Smoak?
    Gardner or R. Davis?

    BTW–I managered to deal for Liriano on 4 teams over the last 10 days. Yet, despite my faith in a rebound I benched that baffling bastard. My next ‘unpopular’ trade targets are Pena and Dunn.

  101. Howie Met Your Mother says:


    Do I want Lowrie or Espinosa at MIF right now?

  102. Chinaski says:

    Grey for the first time this year i feel like i shouldnt drop someone. Its Lowrie…you know i dropped him for Beckham but deep down i feel like he is a good hitter and can keep it up…what do you think? Is Beckham gonna prove my concerns justified?

  103. Tony says:

    @Enrique: i dont know, but i wouldnt sell for that, let him throw another good game, or just sit on him if thats all you can get, shoot offers out, it can’t hurt, worst that people can do is say NOPE…..

  104. Chinaski says:

    I mean “shouldnt have dropped” of course!

  105. Ffej says:

    why haven’t the ‘perts recognized Eduardo Sanchez as the front runner for saves yet? Boggs and Salas keep pitching 7th and 8th inning in tie games or down 1. Sanchez isn’t getting that treatment at all. Motte, Franklin and Miller? Please!

  106. GrandSlamSingle says:

    @Shmorgie S. Board: A season-long absentee owner who autodrafted (w/the default rankings) in my H2H league “started” Liriano yesterday.

  107. mikey boy324 says:

    I watched the twins chi sox game last night and besides control liriano looked fine his velocity was 93-95 and his slider looked good. besides his first game in toronto all of his starts have been in the freezing cold including one in the snow. Once it warms up im confident his control will come to him and he’ll be the pitcher we thought we were drafting..

  108. bogbert says:

    @Sugar Tits: @Eng: Or McCutchen is stealing skin color rather than bases.

  109. herschel says:

    @Grey: not sure if you have answered this yet, but thoughts on ben revere getting called up? sagnof?? think he get enough playing time to have value in weekly leagues?

  110. Rob says:

    1) You’re the man, Grey
    2) Drop Mark Reynolds for Ryan Roberts?

  111. Smell The Golve says:

    @101 MPH:

    For the Dock Ellis no-hitter, there used to be some footage of the game online but MLB went to great lengths to have them taken down and won’t release the footage any longer.

    I’ve seen some of it and you can see he’s acting funky throughout the game but the best part is at the end when everyone is coming out to congratulate him and hug him and he’s flipping out pushing them all away cause he can’t take it. It’s almost to the point where he’s running away from his teammates at the end.

    And now for my question. Which closer do you feel is going to lose their job first and when? League, Fuentes, Rauch or E. Sanchez (assuming you feel he actually might be the real closer there)?

    Aardsma had a set back and League has been solid, Bailey is always injury prone but Fuentes is sporting a 5+ ERA right now, Rauch has Frank-Frank breathing down his neck.

    Need roster space for when V-Mart comes off DL and having hard time justifying dropping an active closer.

  112. Eddy says:

    Broxton shut down with elbow pain.

    Pick up The Great Khali if you haven’t done so already.

  113. Mr2Bits says:

    Anyone know if Youk is expected to be in the lineup today?

  114. herschel says:

    @Grey: with repko hitting the dl and delmon young still not back in the lineup, should get some time in the of and supposedly cuddyer might stay at 2b when nishioka gets back as they may shift him to ss.

  115. bogbert says:

    I’ve got Hill on the DL, and The Dribbler filling in. Some owner really wants Marmol, and asks if I want anyone on his team. Espinosa over Asdrubal? I’d have to pick up Storen off waivers. I’m thinking of just rejecting…

  116. Rollie Lingers says:

    Would u trade Liriano for Gallardo or Ubaldo?

  117. herschel says:

    @Grey: are you still liking Kuo over Padilla?

  118. EK says:

    Padilla or Kuo??

  119. william says:

    I dropped Kuo for Eduardo Sanchez last night and just now I picked up Vicente Padilla and dropped Brandon McCarthy

  120. Sugar Tits says:

    @Eng: HA! That’s incredible. Clint is rocking that look!
    @bogbert: I’m cool with him stealing skin color as long as he throws some bases in there.

    As Grey pointed out in a previous post, I think the Dread Pirate and Barmes got off easy compared to Brett Wallace. I mean, what’s his excuse?

  121. 3FingersBrown says:

    @Grey and/or Rudy: My H2H bats are as cold as ice (and not willing to sacrifice). Bosch and Span are down at the bottom of my depth chart. Any of these guys you like better (standard 5 + OBP)?

    O. Cab

  122. Mr2Bits says:


    Padilla running away with it right now.

  123. Cheese

    Cheese says:

    Who do you want in this deal?

    F-Her and Werth for Hanson and Crawford

  124. DHill Dragons says:


    My Liriano & Ogando

    His Ubaldo & Lowe (then I would probably drop Lowe and pickup Beachy)

    Seem like a fair trade and the smart way to approach this?

  125. Bazzrall says:

    Rank these guys going forward: Bourgeios, Brantley, Willingham, Betemit Sands, Carlos Gomez, Seth Smith

  126. jf005 says:

    @Grey: pickup Nyjer for Fowler? … do you think nyjer will be more starting or platooning with Gomez? Fowler is getting on base at a decent clip, but 2 SBs — not exactly sagnof

  127. jf005 says:

    @Grey: pickup Nyjer for Fowler?, do you think Nyjer will be more starting or platooning with Gomez? Fowler has been getting on base at a decent clip,,but 2 SBs – not exactly SAGNOF material!

  128. Nuke LaDouche says:

    How about Liriano for Scherzer? No one is dumb enough to take Liriano for anyone really good. Can’t say I blame them. I really doubt he has much of a year at all.

  129. Big Nate says:

    Offered AGon and Danks for Lind and Scherzer. No brainer, right?

  130. herschel says:

    @Grey: 5 x 5 roto, Laporta, Wallace or Robot Jones?


  131. william says:

    @Grey: Can Miss Cleo predict the reliever who comes in for the Cardinals next save opportunity? Who does Grey predict as the next guy? I picked up Eduardo since Rotoworld seems to be high on him.

  132. trick dad says:

    12 team league with only a 3-man bench. Should i drop broxton for padilla?

  133. jf005 says:

    @Grey: pickup Nyjer for Fowler?, do you think Nyjer will be more starting or platooning with Gomez? Fowler has been getting on base at a decent clip,,but 2 SBs – not exactly SAGNOF material

  134. cruisinkc says:

    Who will be the better player going forward: Markakis or Zobrist?

  135. Stinky Cheese Man says:

    Which side do you prefer?

    Liriano and Krispie Young


    Ubaldo and Dread Pirate

  136. Asdrubal Bastardo says:

    I got offered a trade that is almost too fair. His A-Gonz & Lester, for my Fielder & Stubbs. I am leaning towards no, because I do not want to break up my bash’em bros (Braun & Fielder) and I am higher on Stubbs than most. But getting Lester is too tantalizing (especially with Gallardo as my “ace”). Any input Razzworld?

  137. MD says:

    For the rest of the way…

    McCarthy or Holland?

    I’m afraid holland is going to get booted out of the rotation once tommy hunter and/or brandon webb make it off the Disgraceful list.

  138. Kendrysucks says:

    Thanks for all the comment responses, Grey.

    Who is the better SAGNOF option going forward:

    Davis, Pierre, Bourjos, or Bourgeois

    In a keeper? In a vacuum with no other needs?

  139. 3FingersBrown says:

    @Grey: Done. That’s what I was thinking too… Now if only Donkey and Albert would hit. With all the disappointment this team’s faced (Liriano, Ubaldo, Santana, Albert, Donk, Gardy) I’m still not sure how I’m in first place.

    If Frankie and Ubaldo get on track, the big guys do what they do, we’re going to dominate.

  140. Asdrubal Bastardo says:

    @Stinky Cheese Man: I would take the Bald Pirate side. Unless it is a keeper league, then I would REALLY take the Bald Pirate side.

  141. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Grey: do you see jansen getting brought back up to close for the dodgers

  142. Joel says:

    I JUST GOT A HUGE OFFER in my 6×6 h2h league: I get PUJOLS and Fuld, I give Justin Upton and Dunn. My other OFs are Kemp, Braun, Torriii and Bourn.

    I obviously have to do this deal, right?

  143. royce! says:

    Mattingly said the immediate concern was finding an MRI machine big enough for Broxton. I recommend the one they use on horses– could turn out that Broxton has a case of equine lameness. We know at least that he’s got the latter part down.

  144. The Spaceman says:

    @ Grey

    (18 team, deep stats) Still starting Mad Max Scherzer vs. NYY? Your time is appreciated man!

    (Sidenote; Here’s hoping my boy; Wacko Zacko, returns to his glory days of ’09. Here here!)

    – The Spaceman

  145. Joel says:

    Grey: Just got offered PUJOLS and Fuld/Rajai for Dunn and Justin Upton in my 6×6 h2h league. I HAVE to do this trade, right? (my other OFs are Kemp, Braun and Torrriii)

  146. MattTruss

    MattTruss223 says:

    Sonavabenched Liriano last night, then traded his sorry behind this morning: Liriano, Kuroda, Chacin FOR Gallardo, Latos

    I needed a roster spot too, for Feliz coming back.

    Chacin was gonna get dropped for the roster spot in 2 days anyway. Meh, glad Liriano’s gone anyway

  147. Stinky Cheese Man says:

    No dice on Ubaldo/McCutchen for Liriano/Krispie

    How do you feel about Hanson/McCutchen for Liriano/Krispie?

  148. MD says:

    Grey!!! you boycotting the MD?!?! missed me brotha, on #151!

  149. MD says:

    @MattTruss223: nice trade bro, got 2 great upside pitchers who are struggling right now….

  150. Flunkie says:

    @Grey: @Bazzrall: In response to Bazzrall’s question, where does David Murphy fit in there at.. Between Sands, Brantley, Willingham, and Smith?

    Also: Eric Hosmer or Mike Moustakas in the future? Stashing Hosmer, have opportunity to drop for Moustakas, or should I stash both?

  151. Grey

    Grey says:

    @MattTruss223: Worth it to lose the aggravation. Now for Gallardo and Latos to aggravate you.

    @Stinky Cheese Man: I’d want McCutchen.

    @MD: Sorry, thought you were VD. McCarthy…

  152. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Flunkie: Before Brantley…Just hold for now.

  153. Flunkie says:

    @Grey: Thanks. I just have 4 OF spots and some UTIL and I’ve been mixing and matching, not really comfortable with any combination. Delmon coming back will hopefully give me some stability.

  154. 101 MPH says:

    @Smell The Golve:

    Thanks for letting me know. I’ve looked everywhere on the net for footage of that game, and could never find it. Now I know why.

    I’m not sure why MLB feels compelled to pull the plug on the footage. Bud Selig was at best willfully blind to, and at worst complicit, in the steroid problem of the last two decades. Steroids were considerably more adverse to the integrity of the game than Dock Ellis’ L.S.D. no hitter. Will MLB remove all footage of Barry Bonds’ record breaking home runs?

    It seems a bit hypocritical to me….

  155. chata says:

    lyon comes in , with a 2 run lead .
    looks like he’s trying for another win .

  156. chata says:


  157. AL KOHOLIC says:

    you really couldnt give me lyon

  158. Steve says:

    Lyon is a disgrace to the name.

  159. chata says:

    between rauch , last night , and lyon , today ,
    my h2h era now stands at 135.00 .
    top that >

  160. VinWins

    VinWins says:

    Ethier sitting with sore elbow

  161. Casey Blake's Beard says:

    Looking to trade Liriano. Please rank: Scherzer, E Jax, Stauffer, Yoga

  162. spkilo says:

    Dude, WTH. I lost Panda and Freese this weekend on my keeper league team. I dropped Lowrie right before he got 3B (idiot) for Danny Valencia. Should I go after Betemit or Hannahan, or try to pick Lowrie back up? Or just stick with Valencia?

  163. one says:

    This may have been covered before, but who do you like to take Lyon’s place?

  164. nyydj2 says:

    That is hilarious, the Yahoo McCutch pic. Looks like he got into Michael Jackson AND Smmy Sosa’s medicine cabinet. Yahoo player profile pics are a joke. It is a normal occurence to be following a Phillies/Braves box score and the pitcher has a Royals hat on and the batter has a Yankees hat on, makes ya feel like ole Doc Ellis sometimes. Hell, Chad Gaudin is still wearing a Cubs hat and that was like 5 years and seven teams ago.

  165. Calogero says:

    buying Melancon? I snatched him up in one league where I had room as a SAGNOF. You think he gets first shot in a post-Lyon world or someone else?

  166. Howie Met Your Mother says:

    @Grey, who do you think is next in line for saves after Lyon?

    Also, for everyone looking to cash in while Sportscenter is still talking about Lirano’s no hitter, I just dealt him straight up for Garza. I probably would have taken Colon at this point…

  167. AL KOHOLIC says:

    News/Analysis Headlines Preseason Outlook
    Jansen on his way back?: Dodgers reliever Kenley Jansen was mentioned by manager Don Mattingly on Wednesday as part of a mix of options that might be used while Jonathan Broxton is sidelined with an elbow injury. Mattingly told prior to Wednesday’s game that he would go with a closer-by-committee approach in Broxton’s absence, including using Vicente Padilla and Hong-Chih Kuo. He also mentioned other possible alternatives. “I’m going to deal with what we have,” Mattingly said. “We have [Matt] Guerrier, [Blake] Hawksworth, [Mike] MacDougal. If Kenley [Jansen] comes back, we have him.”
    (Updated 05/04/2011)

  168. B.J. says:


    In a 10 team Yahoo H2H 5×5 league with daily rosters I was offered his Verlander for my J-Up. Should I counter with one of my other OF: McCutchen, Bruce or Sizemore or take it as is. My SP is solid with Hanson, Greinke, B. Anderson, Pineda, Lilly, Bumgarner, Nolasco, Romero, I. Kennedy but I really like Verlander and a top 3 of Ver, ZG and Hanson could be nasty. Do I make a move, he’s desperate for a power hitter as his offense is awful.

  169. Sugar Tits says:

    Who do you like going forward for SP and OF:

    DLR, Chacin, or D. Hudson


    Rasmus or Rios


  170. money man says:

    grey rank these please,chacin,ogando,britton and norris,thank you sir

  171. royce! says:

    @AL KOHOLIC: I also read that Jansen would come up if Broxton needs to go to the DL.

  172. money man says:

    grey,#188,i need to drop 1 of them for either motte or jansen

  173. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @royce!: yeah id like him to get it

  174. AL KOHOLIC says:

    now danks has 8 innings of no k,s today,real good game he screwd up fielding a bunt that ultimatley cost him 2 runs or a gem,with no k,s

  175. william says:

    @Grey and @Everyone: I just added Mark Melancon. In the past 2 days: Vicente Padilla, Eduardo Sanchez, and Mark Melancon have been my adds

  176. william says:

    incomplete comment:

    I wanted to say that those 3 were my adds and wonder which one of those do you predict will have the most saves.

  177. spkilo says:

    i have Putz, Walden, and Padilla. and only 2 RP spots (no Ps). Should I drop Broxton for Eduardo Sanchez?

  178. nyydj2 says:

    Hommy Tanson opens with a shutout inning. Brings my ERA down to 27.00 and my WHIP down to 5.00 for the day after being Lyonized.

  179. Martin says:

    @grey- Do you think a trade of alex gordon and hunter pence for carl crawford is vetoable?

  180. Bazzrall says:

    Padilla, Motte, or Melancon? Pick one!

  181. nyydj2 says:

    Grey @ others:
    Napoli is killing me in my H2H with Longo just back and LoMo and Hamilton still on my DL in a short (21) roster 12 teamer. Not bad enough getting zero counting stats out of him more than half the week but when he does play he is slowly turning Posada on me lately. Should I still hold in this situation or pick up the available Soto?

  182. Grey:
    Everyone is bailing on Liriano, and giving his no-no very little respect. Man, it was still a bloody no-hitter!!. I’m still buying at .80 on the dollar…are you done with him, or do you still believe?

    I found this quote/observation by Cameron over at Fangraphs useful: “Essentially, as soon as the game ended, the “Liriano Throws a No-Hitter” headlines were replaced by “Reasons Why Liriano’s No-Hitter Wasn’t Very Impressive.” The guy’s 15 minutes of fame didn’t even last 15 seconds before his accomplishment was overcome by a wave of explanations on why it was more of an historic fluke than a spectacular pitching performance.

  183. bogbert says:

    Another question about this trade. Someone asked for Marmol; if I give him up I could grab Storen, Walden, or Francisco off waivers.

    Should I ask for Rollins or Uggla (replace my Hill at MI), or J. Garcia or Kershaw (replace my Jurrjens/Morrow/Latos/Gallardo)?

  184. nyydj2 says:

    Hold on tight everyone and take your nitro pill before you finish reading this…….Carlos Pena just went deep!!!!

  185. Rob says:

    Grey et al:

    Just was offered Dan Haren + Michael Pineda for Cliff Lee + Seth Smith. This is tempting because (1) my staff as a whole is WIP/ERA heavy but K weaker (2) Although I like Seth Smith against RH at Coors, I also recently picked up on WW Matt Joyce who has the same strength/weakness (I already have for 3 OF BJ Upton, Ethier, Krispy Young + 2 Util Gardner + Lind with Joyce and Damon as handcuffs)

  186. Grey

    Grey says:

    @william: Sanchez

    @Martin: Nope

    @Bazzrall: Padilla

    @nyydj2: Soto

    @Dr. Stats: Cause it just happened the balls that were hit, were hit at people. He gives up 6 walks and four timely hits with 3 Ks, the game is a mess.

    @bogbert: Storen…Kershaw, Uggla…

    @Rob: Sounds good for you.

  187. Nuke LaDouche says:

    Damnit Lilly!

  188. @nyydj2:
    While I get the humor…I’m buying/picking him up all over the place. (See post #110–written before the HR). I honestly think Pena will still hit between 32-35 bombs (.225–.240 avg hurts), but power is power) Anyone else looking to buy really low on him? After he hits 3 or 4 more over the next 10 games he’ll be the new the new hot pick-up IMO.

  189. Rob says:

    Thanks Grey you agree with me..I like it for me also..

  190. DHill Dragons says:


    Reading through several posts today it seems like you’re not really on board with Ogando despite his early success. What are your thoughts on him?

  191. Wilsonian says:

    The bad offers for Wright continue… same guy offered me Cliffly for Wright AND Krispie… seriously?!? Huh?!?

  192. royce! says:

    Marlon Byrd heard you’ve been talking smack…and it worked! 3 RBI today, almost doubling his total for the season!

  193. Flunkie says:

    Wow.. two HRs in two days for Pena. Time to catch up with all that lost time getting out and stuff.

  194. DHill Dragons says:

    Of Ted Lilly and Ryan Dempster who is most likely to be “over the hill”?
    Both have shown signs of a regression thus far.

  195. royce! says:

    @AL KOHOLIC: Surprised it took you so long to grab Jansen… I would’ve, but I already have a horse in the race with Kuo.

  196. The Burghler says:

    Do you see Nathan getting another shot to close this season? I have Capps and have kept Nathan on the bench the past few weeks but I could really use the spot.

  197. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @royce!: ive been grabbing him and motte then dropping grabbing,its getting old,i see kuo and padilla both threw well today,might nix the jansen move

  198. Carl Spackler says:

    5×5 h2h which side do you like

    Dirty Sanchez, Derek Holland, Kyle Farnsworth


    Grienke, Brandon McCarthy

  199. chata says:

    pitching weather in detroit .
    scherzer goes 7 strong .

  200. Steve says:

    @chata: You just jinxed him.

    Though I’ve probably done that already by deciding to start him.

  201. herschel says:

    @Grey: trying to deal K-Rod for a starter. Do you think any of the following is fair value? Gio, DlR or Morrow?


  202. Steve says:

    I always snigger a little when Neil Walker draws a walk.

  203. nick m. says:

    Drop Broxton for Eduardo Sanchez?

  204. Grey

    Grey says:

    @herschel: I’d want all of those starters over him.

    @Steve: Hehe

  205. Tony Tone says:

    Which side: Elvis for Cahill? I’ve got Starlin so no need for Elvis, and I can’t get rid of him.

  206. Tom Emanski says:

    Who is starting Vazquez tonight?

  207. chata says:


    if you know that i’m about to say something stupid ,
    it is your obligation to remind me not to say it .

  208. Tony Tone says:

    Also, Gordon Beckham, Huff, Abreum and Kelly Johnson are all on wavers, so is it worth dropping any of Aaron Hill, Torii Hunter, or Delmon for any of them?

  209. Steve says:

    Some sparkling defense there from the Padres.

  210. Nuke LaDouche says:

    MLB.TV has Pirates/Padres game for free if anyone is interested. Grey would you try to trade Andrus if you could grab Desmond off of waivers? Some dude just dropped him. That would leave B.J. and Krispie as my steals guys, but right now Desmond is stealing too.

  211. Higgins says:

    Carlos Pena or Garrett Jones?

  212. Steve says:

    Rangers calling up Mark Lowe, Pedro Strop being sent down. Wonder if he threw one when he heard.

  213. Tony Tone says:

    Choo/Elvis/Del tha funky Twin for Kemp in a keeper?

  214. Steve says:

    And Romero has been pushed back to Saturday.

    Has a slight left oblique strain – or something like that…

  215. Nuke LaDouche says:

    The guy I’m going after has tons of good OF’s. Who should I shoot for: Braun(well ok, no shot at Braun), Crawford, Cruz, Werth, Choo? I’m leaning Crawford to start with then probably Choo.

  216. Steve says:

    @Grey: Round these parts, a ‘strop’ is also known as a tantrum (emoticon).

  217. artie says:

    Has anyone noticed that Adam Lind is starting to hit like Adam Lind circa 2009?

  218. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: Ah… Yeah, never heard that.

    @artie: He was due.

  219. Steve says:

    Heyward batting 3rd in the second game.

  220. AL KOHOLIC says:

    not helping greinke,error and catcher int.

  221. Steve says:

    @Grey: Do you go Buck, Olivo or J.P. over Iannetta?

    Or none of the above?

  222. herschel says:

    @Grey: I am sure you have already answered this, but do you think Melancon or Lopez will get first shot to replace Lyon?

  223. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: Really NOTA… But you can try Olivo, not like Iannetta’s gonna get snatched up.

    @herschel: Melancon

  224. Good You? says:

    Got an offer, not really sure, it looks good, looking at your rankings and such and i still got good pitching depth with halladay billingsly and kennedy

    I deal:
    J. Chacin
    my 12th (4th after keepers)
    E Jackson
    his 13th (5th after keepers)

  225. Chris says:


    Drop Alcides for either Barney or Angel Sanchez?

  226. scalez says:

    Good sell high?

    Berkman/Pineda/Madson for Holliday

  227. Good You? says:

    @grey sorry that wass for you brother

  228. Trick dad says:

    Do you think dirty sanchez can start going deeper into games and get some more QS’s? My league counts QS and ive been offered sanchez/hanley for lester/jeter.

  229. Steve says:

    I am enjoying what this Francoeur gentleman is doing.

  230. royce! says:

    Frenchy again?!! He’s just doing this to teach me for trading him for Dan Hudson. Why are these baseball players so obsessed with teaching me lessons? Am I the child of the collective MLB?

    Meanwhile, the Padres are teaching me a lesson about being a fan. It’s a fairly simple lesson: “don’t.”

  231. royce! says:

    @Steve: You’re just the beneficiary of his lesson for me. I guess it’s that whole give/take cosmic thing.

  232. royce! says:

    @scalez: Depends on the league size and depth, ie, who would you be able to pick up with the extra two spots.

  233. Steve says:

    @royce!: I’m on the receiving end of lessons elsewhere, don’t worry about that.

  234. Steve says:

    My opponent has Avila. And that’s annoying me.

  235. royce! says:

    @Steve: Funny thing is that the relationship between my suffering and your good fortune regarding Frenchy is direct: I dropped him in our RCL, and you snatched him up.

    @Steve: Hey, mine too! Now we can both suffer!

  236. scalez says:


    14tm H2H $ lg Im runnin’ away

    would allow to move Vmart freely from the DL and pick a closer off the wire to replace Madson.

    OF will be Braun Heyward Holliday…sick

  237. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Good You?: Not good.

    @Chris: Barney if you don’t need steals.

    @scalez: Sounds good.

    @Trick dad: That’s solid for you.

    @royce!: As child to the MLB, that means the Dodgers are your uncle.

  238. royce! says:

    @scalez: Brilliant!

  239. Trevor

    tggq21 says:

    Well… I had class all day and missed the opportunity to pick up padilla.. and I am now stuck with a injured Jon Broxton… Any recommendations?

  240. royce! says:

    @tggq21: Kuo or Jansen?

  241. scalez says:


    round of Guinness on me

  242. royce! says:

    L-0-4ers. That’s my new team name.

  243. royce! says:

    Light in the L-0-4ers?

  244. Cheese

    Cheese says:

    Sorry I just need to vent somewhere… my opponents stats in our H2H match up today….

    17 for 51, 24 IP, 32K, 1.87 ERA, 1.20 WHIP

    And that’s WITH Lyon in his line up…

    I’m currently batting 5 for 31


  245. Trevor

    tggq21 says:

    @royce!: So def drop Broxton for one of those two?? or is there a chance broxton could come back and continue closing?

  246. royce! says:

    @tggq21: I wouldn’t drop Broxton outright. If you don’t have any other expendable players, I’d hold. But if you do, I’d take Kuo and Jansen in that order.

  247. Flunkie says:

    Which side of this trade do you like in a “keep 14 guys” league (keeper-dynasty mix)? Keep in mind that my hitting stats have been very poor lately, but A-Rod is sliding off and is on his way out. Could use some help on pitching, as my top 3 are probably Lee, Haren, and Hellickson.

    Their Tim Lincecum & 2010 2nd Round Pick for my Alex Rodriguez and 2012 4th Round Pick.

  248. The Spaceman says:

    Al Alburquerque is here.

    – The Spaceman

  249. Steve says:

    @The Spaceman: He better not f*** this up.

    I don’t care how cool his name is.

  250. The Spaceman says:


    Ha! It’s not even just the name, this dude has solid minor league numbers and should see a more prominent role in Det.

    And yes, he’d better not muck this up. I started Mad Max (cheers Grey!)

    The Spaceman

  251. Steve says:

    @The Spaceman: With a name like that, he better have good stuff ;-)

  252. The Spaceman says:

    @ All

    My boy Wacko Zacko pitched decent, no? Shake off the rest of that rust, and BAM. Back to ’09.

  253. Steve says:

    Sorry Chacin owners, but I need him to get bombed tonight.

  254. The Spaceman says:


    Haha! For real, he needs to make use of the unique name bestowed upon him ;)

  255. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Steve: no,i need him,got him in all 3 leagues,oh and your in 2 of them

  256. AnotherFalstaff says:

    @Grey – Soto > Ramos?

  257. Carl Spackler says:

    would you trade gio gonzales and dirty sanchez for Grienke? My starters are Verlander, Mad Max, Liriano, Danny Hudson, Holland, Drabek and Stauffer.

    Am I giving too much?

  258. Wake Up says:

    Time to pick up Melancon?

  259. royce! says:

    @Grey: HA! If that’s the case, I’m willing to commit fratricide.

    Kidding! Even I know this is just a game. With the highest of stakes…

  260. Steve says:

    Uncle Barry!

  261. Trevor

    tggq21 says:

    Are my eyes deceiving me or is Mark Reynolds 3-3?

  262. scalez says:

    good ol Royals

  263. Wake Up says:

    @Grey: cool.just did. cut sands. that ok?

  264. Steve says:

    Screw you Axford, you idiot.

  265. Tony Tone says:

    Is my rotation held up by Haren and Tommy Hanson, and then filled up with middle of the road pitchers Danny Hudson, Kuroda, Danks, and a Ian Kennedy/Scott Baker type in the last slot decent, or should I try to move some offense and pick up another front line starter (Greinke, Marcum, Verlander)? My offense is very solid (Mauer, Prince, Phillips, Starlin, Wright, Choo, Crawford, N. Cruz, Ike, Gardner) and my pitching is doing well but recently had some stars traded away. Would you recommend moving Choo or Cruz for a top starter, or should I be okay?

  266. Wilsonian says:

    I’m starting to wonder if I should drop Dunn for Smoak. Seriously. It’s in my 8 Teamer, I’m not even considering it in my 12 Teamer and my 16 Teamer. I know…I know…be patient…but honestly, he looks lost at the plate, tell me I’m not frickin’ looney tunes.

  267. Tony Tone says:

    Also, which side in a keeper would you like: Choo/D. Young for Jason Heyward/Ricky Romero?

  268. Howie says:

    @Grey: Broxton seemingly is headed to the DL… I’ll probably plug in a starter as I’m in good shape on saves (NL only, 4×4 Roto, no K’s) and could use some wins and bolstering in the WHIP and ERA departments…

    Which starter do you like best the rest of the way from the following?:

    Lohse, Wolf, Moseley, Jurrjens, Correia, Nolasco, Kuroda, Beachy, Marquis


  269. Trevor

    tggq21 says:

    @Grey: hehe

  270. herschel says:

    @Grey: is sanchez, padilla and melancon the correct order for these SAGNOF? thanks.

  271. William says:

    @Grey – Is a healthy Rajai Davis better than Michael Bourn?

  272. scalez says:

    my opponent in one H2H league had both Beckett/Santana dealing before the long delay-now neither will get a decision but combined he gets an 8.1IP 10K 0.00 0.7something WHIP performance. Guess it could have been worse if they stayed dealing.

  273. scalez says:

    @Grey: the delay was probably a good thing since it’s a league with QS, also.

  274. AL KOHOLIC says:

    MY MAN STANTON,i love closer contreversy,especially when i dont own the one getting hit

  275. scalez says:

    how do you make a mistake pitch to Stanton in a tie game when he has the pitcher hitting behind him? Cardinals bullpen is a diarrhea bomb.

  276. Wilsonian says:

    @Grey: ha…I know I know. I just need to be talked off the ledge. I won’t actually do it, but shit it’s frustrating. Especially when I have Dunn on all my teams.

  277. William says:

    Eduardo Sanchez got robbed on 2 strike 3 calls to Hanley. But the homer is still inexcusable.

  278. Flunkie says:

    Okay. I can pick up Melancon. Still available. Good. I own Lyon. Bad. Very bad. I own Motte as SAGNOF. Mediocre, depending on who you ask.

    Drop Lyon or Motte for Melancon?

    My first reaction is “Motte.. obviously.” Then I realize that i have two of the three closing options for HOU and almost puke a little bit. So dropping Lyon, obviously riskier, seems to make more sense for me.

    Please make me stop grasping at straws here. Please!


  279. Steve says:

    @Grey: What’s your take on the closer situation in Toronto?

  280. Steve says:

    Jesus Willingham. I trusted you.

  281. royce! says:

    When Stanton came to bat, he had a look in his eyes such that I immediately thought, “he’s going deep.” When he hit the ball, I thought, “he just went deep.” But then I saw that neither Rasmus nor Berkman were retreating, and for a split-second, I thought it was a routine flyball. When that spilt second was over, I pondered my 54.00 ERA.

    I don’t know if I have the stomach for SAGNOF.

  282. the grate one says:

    grey, does your gut tell you thornton could get another shot, or has his opportunity to close sailed?


  283. Steve says:

    Krispie, Kemp, Morneau, Hanley and Heyward a combined 2/22.

    Thanks fellas.

  284. EK says:

    E. Santana or E. Jackson?

  285. scalez says:

    Deep league, Wells on wire. Hit his 2nd bomb in 3 games, turning the corner?

    drop Freeman/Damon/or Rajai for Wells?

  286. scalez says:

    Fernando Rodney smooches rope. Fail-Rod.

  287. AnotherFalstaff says:

    CJ! CG, 12K’s!

  288. Steve says:

    Not a good day to have Nate McLouth on one’s Fantasy Razzball team. -35 pts!

  289. chata says:


    is that the one with weekly line-up changes ?

  290. Steve says:

    @chata: Yeah.

  291. chata says:


    so , let me get this straight .

    you have the brazz ballz to start scherzer against the yankeez ,
    but , balk at throwing liriano against the white sox … a team which ,
    incidentally , is hitting worse than your own fantasy team ?

    you’re a strange duck , for a plucky kiwi .

    cust kayin’

  292. Steve says:

    @chata: Yeah, but Liriano had been the worst of the lot.

  293. herschel says:

    anyone watching the sox/angels game? gotta love the fenway faithful…

  294. chata says:

    well , misery love company , so ,

    last week , in my h2h $$ league , my hitters rallied on the week-end
    to bring my team average up to .199

    this week , am presently sitting at .133 , but if the sawx game goes
    another inning , pedroia will have a chance to strike-out for a 5th time .

    other hitters of note :

  295. scalez says:

    gotta love Abreu’s laughing at them while driving in a pair lmao

  296. chata says:


    yeah , the sad part is not that the sawx have depleted the pen … to the
    point of having to bring in dice-k , in the 13th , but ,
    that , tomorrow , they’re going to need lackey to go deep vs his former
    team .

    good luck with that , lackey owners !

  297. herschel says:

    @scalez: anyone still at fenway has to got to be highly inebriated at this point…

    love the one guy they were showing with the “lebron is a bitch” sweatshirt.

  298. scalez says:


    yeah…I like how after Abreu gave them little to cheer about, they started cheering themselves for being drunken slobs haha

  299. @scalez: if it matters, the bomb wells hit tonight was off a really flat, slow fastball down the middle of the plate from wheeler. at least he didn’t miss it. but it wasn’t the kind of thing that made you say, “wow, nice piece of hitting by wells there.” it was the kind of thing that made you say, “yep.”

    i guess a lot of home runs are like that though. he might still be more interesting than damon.

  300. scalez says:

    @wily mo:

    yeah I noticed that, still he’s strung together a few games with hits and got a couple out of the yard.
    For the balance of the season in a 16tm league he’s gotta bring more value than one of those schlubs doesn’t he?

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