Tampy Bay Bullpen

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Re: Tampy Bay Bullpen

Postby and1mcgee » Fri May 22, 2009 10:29 pm

Vlad & Kelvim rehab report...

Kelvim Escobar
Escobar's bullpen session before the game was impressive. Mixing in his splitter, change, and slider seamlessly. His body looks like what Vlad's would look like if he didn't have those damned knees. Dude's physique is impressive and he looks strong and game-ready.
He pitched 4.2 innings, not sure why not the full 5, but allowed only one hit that was made on solid contact on his 94 mph fastball, laced into right center. He was able to face a major league hitter, Cliff Floyd, who looks like a cage fighter (the guy is a tank!). Floyd did not get a hit, making solid contact only once, which the 5-nothin' 1B put out easily.
I picked up Escobar in my league and stashed him in my DL slot. If I did not have that luxury and I missed out on guys like Price, etc. I would still get Escobar. He looked dominant and has closer stuff with starter endurance. He already said he'd be open to relief pitching and the Angels bullpen has been among the worst in baseball. He will be with the big league club very soon, and should also be on your fantasy roster.

Wow. This guy not only looks like Predator with that hair, but in the on deck circle, he is so impressive, waving that bat around, physically imposing, it seems like the Class A pitchers should just cry and run into the dugout yelling, "MOMMY!!"...... BUT... While Vlad did have a double, he labors extensively on the basepaths. I don't see him playing the field at all this year. At all. And Willits will need to be rostered just to run for him after the 7th inning. The things he can control, like running with his head up and hands flailing, make one scratch their head. He looks so awkward and was even in a tag-up from 2nd to 3rd which he would have been out on had the throw been on line. The best way I could describe it would be if Phil Jackson were to run around the bases, how it would look... On the bright side, he got some swings in and his bat speed looks good. He's going to sit back and hot some jacks this year. I know he has hit some BAD pitches into some seats, but the story remains the same: if he improved his pitch selection, he would have an insane amount of BB's and the Angels would win more. Vlad is about as good as an Ethier, a Lind, or another solid upper-middle OF for the rest of the year. Clearly, his trade value once he comes back and hits a few out will be much more than the aforementioned players.
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Re: Tampy Bay Bullpen

Postby Grey » Fri May 22, 2009 11:23 pm

Thanks for the update!
Grey Albright

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