112 Points!

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112 Points!

Postby VinWins » Thu Jun 30, 2011 7:04 am

The Pesky Pole Dancers gained another 1.5 points yesterday to run their total to 112. They now have a perfect 60 hitting points and 52 from the pitching side.


The Dancers are in good shape with 85 starts remaining as we reach the season midpoint.

Draft Recap (showing active stats for the Pesky Pole Dancers)

The first 4 picks have provided 75 home runs and 41 steals, along with 221 runs and 204 RBI.

7 Ryan Braun, Mil OF ............ 57 16 60 19 .314
18 Mark Teixeira, NYY 1B ........ 48 24 62 2 .243
31 Jose Bautista, Tor 3B ......... 61 24 52 5 .329
42 Ian Kinsler, Tex 2B ............. 55 11 30 15 .243

The next 2 were starters who have 16 wins and 185 Ks with an ERA of 3.12 and WHIP of 1.17. Grabbed Billingsley early, as his ADP was 102.

55 Cole Hamels, Phi SP ........... 108 K 9 Wins 2.49 / 0.96
66 Chad Billingsley, LAD SP ...... 87 K 7 Wins 3.86 / 1.41

Picks 7-9 have scored 139 runs and added 58 stolen bases. Grabbed Tabata early (ADP: 131).

79 Shane Victorino, Phi OF....... 50 9 31 12 .291
90 Jose Tabata*, Pit OF .......... 38 3 14 14 .267
103 Michael Bourn, Hou OF ...... 51 1 25 32 .283

Took their first closer in round 10. Not great stats, but not a disaster.

114 Jonathan Papelbon, Bos RP ....... 40 K 2 Wins 14 saves 3.90 / 1.17

127 Hiroki Kuroda, LAD SP .......... 77 K 5 Wins 3.10 / 1.25

A 12th-round 2B with 51 RBI sounds pretty good.

138 Neil Walker, Pit 2B ............. 41 8 51 4 .248

Good value for their 4th starter. Hudson's ADP was 129

151 Daniel Hudson, Ari SP......... 92 K 9 wins 3.49 / 1.17

162 Nick Swisher, NYY OF.......... 36 10 43 1 .258
175 Yunel Escobar, Tor SS ......... 43 8 27 3 .291

46 saves from rounds 16 and 18.

186 Craig Kimbrel, Atl RP ........... 65 K 2 Wins 23 saves 2.63 / 1.12

199 Ike Davis*, NYM 1B ........... 20 7 25 0 .302

210 Joel Hanrahan, Pit RP ......... 32 K 23 saves 1.21 / 0.94

223 Jorge De La Rosa*, Col SP .... 52 K 5 Win 3.51 / 1.19

234 Scott Baker, Min SP ............ 5 K 7.20 / 1.80 Dropped after 1 start

247 Nate McLouth, Atl OF .......... 8 0 6 1 .211 Dropped May 2

258 Carlos Ruiz, Phi C .......... 9 2 9 0 .226 Dropped April 27

271 Jhonny Peralta, Det SS .... 28 10 38 0 .327

282 Edwin Jackson, CWS SP .... 67 K 4 Wins 3.39 / 1.42

295 Luke Gregerson*, SD RP ..... 4 0 0 1.69 1.13 Dropped April 13

ADDED Sergio Santos April 17 ..... 38 K 2 Wins 16 saves 3.99 / 1.13

ADDED Alex Avila April 27 .......... 18 7 31 2 .303

ADDED Ryan Vogelsong May 25 ... 34 K 3 Wins 2.20 / 1.22

The Dancers have only made 15 moves through the first half of the season.

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Re: 112 Points!

Postby PeskyPoleDancers » Thu Jun 30, 2011 7:46 am

First, thanks Vin for all the updates you've provided over the course of the season. I've been a lurker at Razzball for a couple years now. Just found out about the RCL before this season started. Thought, well that sounds fun and it's free. I also had entered another league that's based off the FBBC format, and there was a slow draft that ended about when the RCL draft started for Trippin' Baseballs. I had a pretty decent idea of who I wanted to draft out of the chute, and I didn't want to have two totally different teams if I could help it. Hate it when you're happy that this guy in one league helped you, and in the other league he screwed you at the same time. I usually keep to one team a year, but both these leagues were free, so figured what the hell.

The Trippin' Baseballs draft started, and I believe there were 4-5 teams on auto draft, which really ended up being a pain in the ass. Three of those teams were right in a row. While it made for a fast draft, the 60 second clock, combined with lightning fast picks before/after my selection just kinda made things hectic. I tried to keep up with my spreadsheet in the beginning, but kinda gave up on that as the draft progressed and just basically winged it from there. My basic strategy was I wasn't going to draft a pitcher the first three rounds. Braun was the best guy left for me in the 1st round, and I knew I was going to go some combo of 1B/3B the next two rounds. I set aside my Red Sox love to draft Teixeira in Round 2, and then Bautista was the best 3B left for me in Round 3. I didn't want to take Kinsler, but the clock was running out cause of those damned auto picks before me and I was scared what the auto pick was going to give me. Plus 2B was awful thin at that point. I had Hamels and Billingsley in my other league, and I felt comfortable drafting them as my first two starters for the RCL.

After that, I wasn't flying by my spreadsheet anymore, it was just too hectic with all the auto picks. I reached on Tabata, but I didn't think he'd last. He started off great but was a POS since. Now that I dropped him he'll probably come back healthy and bite me in the ass. I basically winged it the rest of the way. Picking off familiar names that I drafted on my other team, filling holes, etc. I had such a good start that there wasn't really any necessity for me to trade or make that many moves right out of the block. I've never been a big trader, so I haven't made any offers. I received an offer of Feliz for Swisher which I almost pulled the trigger on. Decided against it though as I felt good at closer and thought trading Swisher would create a hole in my OF. I thought maybe I could have flipped Feliz for something better than Swisher, but that would require effort on my part and in the end I was just feeling lazy and decided to roll with the squad I had.

Anyways, it's a long season, my team is due for some adversity. And even if the worm doesn't turn, I'm pretty sure the league activity factor will crop up and be a deciding factor. I'm thrilled with how things have gone so far, but lots of baseball left.

Thanks again for all your efforts in posting updates!

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Re: 112 Points!

Postby RandomItalicizdVoice » Thu Jun 30, 2011 9:22 am

Yeah no doubt you are having a phenomenal season so far PPD's. You really hit the draft lottery with Braun+Teix+Bautista. Top to bottom...just an A+ draft. 112 points is an amazing number for a 12-teamer. Once you get to about 95, those additional points start becoming harder and harder to come by. So kudos on that.

Good luck rest of season. Hopefully my team can make a real run at you in the 2nd half.


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Re: 112 Points!

Postby VinWins » Thu Jun 30, 2011 11:08 am

Thanks for posting your draft thoughts, PPD. You definitely had good preparation to come out with that team when you found it hectic.

I'm sure the battle for the overall title will still be interesting, as there are several teams within striking distance. And, as you say, still a long ways to go.

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Re: 112 Points!

Postby MStark » Thu Jun 30, 2011 3:21 pm

I'm comin for ya Pesky. at about 103.5 points right now in Partially Torn RCL, but I've only used 75 starts. My problem is that aside from Weaver and Verlander, I'm stuck starting Bumgarner, Ogando and streamers. Not sure if I'll be able to keep the low ERA and WHIP.

But yeah, I've also got 60 pts from offense, and with a few more wins and K's I should get pretty close to you if I don't run into injuries somewhere along the way.

That said, you're beating me in every offensive category, so catching you stat-wise is going to be tough.

ESPN 12 team, All MLB Auction $260 budget
Draft 3/18/14

C: Brian McCann (kept 1 yr @ $5)
IB: Eric Hosmer (through 2016, $17)
2B: Anthony Rendon ($5)
3B: Manny Machado (through 2016, $14)
SS: Ian Desmond (kept 1 yr @ $8)
MI: Jean Segura (through 2017, $10)
CI: Edwin Encarcion (kept 1 yr @ $27)
OF: Bryce Harper (through 2015, $14)
OF: Nick Castellanos ($7)
OF: Ben Revere ($5)
OF: Curtis Granderson, ($8)
OF: Brett Gardner ($4)
Util: Billy Butler ($13)
P: Stephen Strasburg (kept 1 yr @ $14)
P: Michael Pineda ($4)
P: Danny Salazar (through 2017, $14)
P: Aroldis Chapman (kept 1 yr @ $21)
P: Zack Wheeler (through 2017, $14)
P: Grant Balfour ($13)
P: Nate Jones ($10)
P: Yordono Ventura ($8)
P: Sonny Gray ($14)
B: Miguel Montero ($4)
B: Gregory Polanco ($3)
B: Denard Span ($1)

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