Carlos Santana or Others

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Carlos Santana or Others

Postby Kdonovan » Mon Apr 19, 2010 6:08 pm

Hi, i'm in a 13 team 2 catcher league

I drafted Mike Napoli and Ramon Hernandez. I dropped Mike Napoli because of lack of playing time and dropped Ramon Hernandez cause of lack of production.

I just picked up Kendall and Paulino out of desperation for now. The question i have, when do i pick up Carlos Santana? He's still a free agent in my league, along w/ a couple other catcher prospects (those being Posey, Avila, and Jason Castro).

I would hate having to roster 3 catchers while i wait for the above prospects to get playing time, but should i just bite the bullet and do it anyway? Or should i just roster Carlos Santana in my catchers slot and just take the zero production week after week, until he's called up. These past 2 weeks of Mike Napoli and Ramon Hernandez only netted me 2 runs and 2 rbi's w/ crappy average. Gotta figure Carlos Santana with no playing time can't be much worse.

Just for completeness sake here's my roster...

Kendall, Paulino
Texiera, Wright, Swisher
Jeter, A. Escobar, Stewart
Ganderson, Lind, CarGo, J. Guillen, A. Jackson, Travis Snider, D. Fowler

Nolasco, Wandy, Dempster, Price, Oswalt, E. Santana, Gio, Hocheaver, D. Bush
Street, Bell, Dotel, Madson

For further are the catchers available in free agency...

Varitek, Shoppach, Buck, Zaun, Hanigan, Laird, Rob Johnson, Towles, Adam Moore, Mike Redmond, Matt Treanor

Thanks for anybody's help....

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Re: Carlos Santana or Others

Postby jumphook14 » Mon Apr 19, 2010 6:20 pm

You can scratch Shoppach off the list as he is on the DL and might undergo surgery. You might consider Navarro if he's available and Buck is the only guy on that list that I like right now for you. Tek doesn't play enough to suit me, and I wouldn't roster a third catcher unless he is actually playing.
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Re: Carlos Santana or Others

Postby Shoeless Joe » Mon Apr 19, 2010 7:13 pm

I think I have the other oar to this boat.

I, too, have Napoli and I figure screw it - leave him in and wait to see how things play out. There isn't anything appealing about the players on the WW so I think I'm going to plug Santana in on the radar and wait it out.

Then the hard part: who to cut!

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Re: Carlos Santana or Others

Postby havok » Mon Apr 19, 2010 7:35 pm

Why not can Paulino for Santana? In theory it sounds like a 0 from a roster spot is a bad idea but sometimes you gain a positive by NOT going negative.

Don't like any of the WW options and it's not like Paulino is any great shakes.
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Re: Carlos Santana or Others

Postby Kdonovan » Mon Apr 19, 2010 7:45 pm

thanks for the reply's, think i'll switch out Paulino for Santana and just wait for his call up.

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