Investing in RP: What's YOUR take?

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Simply Fred
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Re: Investing in RP: What's YOUR take?

Postby Simply Fred » Thu Feb 20, 2014 1:16 pm

lifebass, i like the way you think--back up opinion with stats! nice comparison.

have to agree that looks like either play can work, somewhat dependent upon league dynamics, AND...
grey and rudy split on the issue.

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Re: Investing in RP: What's YOUR take?

Postby lifebass » Thu Feb 20, 2014 1:59 pm

Thanks, based on Rudy's post below and the fact I'm in a holds league I will be leaning RPs. Barring guys that might fall and become value adds, I'm going heavy hitters with two starters through rd 10, then start adding RP's almost every other round filling out the rest of my roster. This way I'm heavy hitting, heavy solid RPs, and the SP's I do have will largely be studs or ADP disparity's found here that I wont really be paying for. I've spent wayy too many seasons trying to develop a good bullpen and am always clawing back in SV's/Holds when its 10x easier to spend just a few more resources mid-draft and be set for the season.
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