A. Jackson for Lowrie and Crisp

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A. Jackson for Lowrie and Crisp

Postby algernon » Wed Apr 17, 2013 8:27 am

Standard ESPN 10-team league H2H format
I'm looking to get Austin Jackson for Jed Lowrie and Coco. Good or bad deal? Any other suggestions on moves?
My team is
C Posey
1B Pujols
2B Pedroia
3B Zimmerman
SS Lowrie
OF Alex Gordon
OF Aoki
OF Crisp
UTIL Harper
BN - Ellsbury
BN - Carlos Santana
BN - Espinosa

I got posey and santana by some freak mistake so I can never really decide who to start

King Felix
Homer Bailey

Thanks in advance

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Re: A. Jackson for Lowrie and Crisp

Postby wynams » Wed Apr 17, 2013 9:33 am

If you are going to sell on Lowrie, you should be able to get more back imo.
Also, Espinosa is pretty lame for a 10 team shortstop.
Furthermore, your OF is fine: Gordon, Ellsbury, Aoki ... not sure why you feel you need Austin Jackson.

What needs to be addressed is having 2 stud catchers in a 1 C league.

I would move Posey or Santana for a tier 1 SP/RP. You can never have too much pitching in H2H.
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C- JMontero
1B- Votto
2B- Rutledge
3B- Frazier
SS- Lowrie
CI- Encarnacion
MI- Segura
OF- Choo
OF- JUpton
OF- Bourn
OF- Rasmus
OF- Moss
U- Kinsler

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