Thoughts on Jackie Bradley Jr?

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Thoughts on Jackie Bradley Jr?

Postby thefounteeners » Tue Mar 26, 2013 7:07 pm

I am trying to get a gauge for what a reasonable expectation of playing time is for this year. Obviously he has a significant amount of hype but is there any chance he beats out Gomes for the LF job? If I am Boston I don't want him sitting on the bench when he could be getting everyday AB's in AAA. I am assuming he will see time this year it's just a question of when and how much. Any guesses?
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Re: Thoughts on Jackie Bradley Jr?

Postby OaktownSteve » Tue Mar 26, 2013 8:27 pm

Here's how I think about stuff like this. Nobody, including Bradley and Boston brass really know what will happen this year. Fate undetermined. Here's what we know. He's never played above AA, but he projects well and he's got a good fantasy skill set with some speed power mix and the possibility for a plus average.

The number one thing you hear about him is his attitude is outstanding. I heard a guy that does scouting talking about him on the radio. Scouts use a a 20-80 scale to grade player tools (an interesting topic in itself). Red Sox front office and scouting rate his make up an 80, to a man. You don't give 80's. So there's some hype but some reason to believe too.

Bradley was actually not a top prospect coming out of high school. He's the classic hard worker, but there's a distinction here. He's not just making do with the tools he was given. The skill set is improving. He's going about it the right way, is what I hear. The arm strength has improved, the over all physical part of his game has improved.

So I hear all that, I'm interested. I like the whole story. So now what? I start to look at scenarios. First up, he's got to beat Ryan Sweeney out for a roster spot. There are few things baked in there. Sweeney is a replacement level player. Red Sox have to look at the east and decide if they are playing to win so they know if they want to start Bradley's clock. I doubt the decision is final. They are probably talking about it somewhere right now.

If he makes the team, he'll need to perform. Gomes is going to mostly DH to start the season because Papi is out. You have to decide if Papi will come back early, late, not much at all. You might get a month until Ortiz is back and then he's back to the minors. Or he might light the world on fire and be there to stay.

If he doesn't make the team, he's maybe a June call up, maybe a September call up. Maybe an in season injury replacement. Anything can happen. He's a rookie. History says the odds are against a break out.

So if nobody knows, what do you do. This is how I think about it. What kind of league are you in? Deep or shallow? Redraft or keeper? What does your roster need? Do you have holes that you need to fill or can you take a flier? If you can possibly afford to use the roster spot you take a flier. You go get upside early in the season wherever you can. Don't think about what he will or won't do. Think about the opportunity cost of waiting to find out and using up the roster space.

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