Shortstop Rankings - H2H Points

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Shortstop Rankings - H2H Points

Postby buckfever1974 » Wed Feb 06, 2013 10:23 pm

Points based league, H2H format (2pts per SB, -1 for CS and minus .5 for K)

I'm stuggling in ranking these three guys (Rollins, Andrus & Desmond).

I want to put Andrus ahead of all three followed by Rollins and Desmond because Desmond Ks and lack of walks means that if he doesn't hit 25Hrs like he did last year he drops below these other 2 without blinking. Andrus put up 430 and Desmond 420 which isn't much but I would think Andrus is on the rise and has had a .340 OBP. He has done that for a few years. Even though Desmond put up his points in only 519 ABs....I just think he is do for some regression and at best, he's probably gonna end up with what he had last year. I expect Andrus to do better. Regarding Rollins, I think he is due for regression off last years number considering his age but do we think he drops below Andrus or Desmond for that matter.

I guess, if I have a handful of good power/average guys that are going to provide consistent points each week, having a Desmond who may win me a week on his own may be the better pick over the other two.

Thoughts and better yet, why?

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Re: Shortstop Rankings - H2H Points

Postby Mauddib » Thu Feb 07, 2013 6:05 am

I see it as Andrus, Desmond and Rollins.

Might not turn out that way but that is how I would draft it. Mostly for the reasons you mentioned although I think Desmond has a pretty good shot at keeping his numbers in line of what he did last year.

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Re: Shortstop Rankings - H2H Points

Postby hollywoodnights » Thu Feb 07, 2013 1:59 pm

I'd probably go Desmond, Andrus, and Rollins. Desmond strikes out more than he walks, but he doesn't strike out that much. You only get pegged .5 points for KOs. Andrus struck out 96 times last year. Desmond struck out 113.

I think a 15/20 season is easy for Desmond. 20/20 would be a little harder. Another 25/20 season is not out of the question.

Andrus only stole 21 bases last year. I'd guess that rises again, but by how much? 30 would be my prediction. He absolutely kills you in power. Desmond can give you a dose of Andrus with a dose of Tulowitzki. Personally, I wont pay for speed. I'll pay for power. Even if a lot of it is speculative.

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