Week 6: 100(+) Kickoff Return yards

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Week 6: 100(+) Kickoff Return yards

Postby B. Inge Drinking » Wed Oct 10, 2012 2:04 pm

Welcome to my second week of predicting a stat that helps so few. First, let's kick it off by seeing how my last week players fared.

Marcus Thigpen: 30 yards from kickoff returns

Brandon Banks: 113 yards from kickoff returns

Joe McKnight: 141 yards from kickoff returns

Joshua Cribbs: 221 yards from kickoff returns

Overall, a good week. The MIA v. CIN game was a bit surprising. The Red Rocket couldn't effectively pass and The Law Firm had a stat line equivalent to the ball being handed off to a statue. Which equaled a low offensive scoring game that hampered Thigpen's stats. Now, to this weeks players.

Darius Reynaud vs PIT: Titans are actually in a heated race. It's a little known fact, but they are competing with the Jaguars & Browns for the getting the #1 draft slot. The Titans offense is a one trick pony and is horrible at performing it. Chris Johnson might be the fastest to run 3 yards, but what good is it if that's where he stops? Every time I see him run all I hear is Leroy Hoard's quote, "Coach, if you need one yard, I'll get you three yards. If you need five yards, I'll get you three yards." The Steelers have improved on both sides of the ball. They now have a balanced offensive that can run and will score on the Titans. Suisham away game kickoff stats are a little skewed by playing a game in Denver. So, I used his home stats where his average kickoff lands 4.9 yards in the end zone. Reynaud routinely returns kickoffs 8 yards deep when his team is down.

Joshua Cribbs vs CIN: The man, the myth, the returning legend. When he's not being knock out or fumbling he gains return yards like it's his day job. You saw last week what he can do when the kicker can't punch it through the end zone on kickoffs. He'll get that again with Nugent. I don't think CIN's offense is as bad as the Dolphins made them look. Joe Haden returns but A.J Green can only be slowed down but not shut downed. Nugent's average kickoff (away games) lands 6 yards deep and rarely finds the back of the end zone.

Stefan Logan vs PHI: I think this has to be a statement game for the Eagles. If they lose this game and the Giants get past the 9ers they'll be eating their dust in the standings for awhile. The Eagles can move the ball from the air or ground when they remember they have McCoy. This bodes well against a Lions defense giving up 28.5 points a game. Which should benefit Logan when Henery's average, home game, kickoff lands 4 yards deep in the end zone. Vick just needs to learn sharing is not caring in the NFL.

Randall Cobb vs HOU: The Packers will have a difficult task handling the Texans offense. Unlike prior games, they're facing a great running team that has a good aerial attack. The defense is ranked in the middle of the pack while only playing 2 good offenses out of 5 games. With Colts putting 30 points on the board the Texans should have no problem doing the same. Graham is currently holding the worst average for kickoff depth in the league. It lands 0.4 yards in front of the goal line. The word ''touchback'' isn't in his vocabulary or skill set. Also, I would not be surprised if Cobb lines up as RB in some offensive packages due to their current situation.

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