My predictions: 100(+) kickoff return yards

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My predictions: 100(+) kickoff return yards

Postby B. Inge Drinking » Sat Oct 06, 2012 7:18 am

In my league, I receive 1 point for every 10 return yards. Also, a 10 point bonus when 100 yards is reached. This is a combined total of kick off and punt return yards. So, if you're in a league that values return yards I'm here to help. Outside of pre-season rankings there is little info on week-to-week predictions for fantasy returners. Below is my forecast of players going for 100(+) kickoff return yards. Punt return yards are just a bonus as they are too difficult to predict. (Yard depth is in reference to how far in front or behind the goaline the football lands.)

Brandon Banks vs ATL: The Redskins porous defense will be bringing a knife to a gun fight with the high octane ATL offense. Manning the helm of ATL's kickoff duties is Bosher. His average kickoff lands 8.2 yards deep, within the end zone, while at home. Impressive, but remove the home field dome and his kickoffs only reach 4.4 yards deep and are highly returnable. Now some science factors. The Redskin's outdoor stadium is expected to see rain showers during the game. This will increase drag on footballs affecting the kickoff distance. Also, the atmospheric pressure will be a slight factor. The stadium will be under high pressure. What that means is the air will be more dense and coupled with a more downward force.

Joe McKnight vs HOU: A foreseeable slaughter. A massacre General Custard could see a mile away. This game has a great chance of Tebow showing off his WNBA bounce passes and a team that looks like it's running downhill. Good news when you consider Graham has one of the best noodle legs in the kickoff game. His average kickoff lands 4.75 yards deep when on the road. Another wet game under the influences of high pressure.

Joshua Cribbs vs NYG: A QB that can throw for half a grand in yards versus a secondary that defend the pass like a gaggle of double arm amputees. Cribbs is the best in the business. He always has the green light to return kickoffs 8 yards deep because his team is always behind. The best returner against the worst sender. Tynes average kickoff lands 3.5 yards deep on the road. That's actually farther than when at home.

Marcus Thigpen vs CIN: The Dolphins do have an improved defense, but it's better at stopping the run than the pass. Dalton is doing his best Brees impersonation this season. Highly accurate and spreads his love around to his WR depth chart. They will score and Nugent will kickoff. He did have the worst stats on kickoff depth before last week. He improved his average kick off to landing 6 yards deep.

Side note:
Darren Sproles vs SD: This week Sproles will be a curveball for 100 kickoff return yards. Kaeding will be out with a groin injury. Novak is his replacement and has a better leg. Last week he averaged to kick the ball 6.3 yards deep. He played that game outdoors and now will be heading to the Superdome. I do think he will get over a 100 total return yards after punts are calculated.

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Re: My predictions: 100(+) kickoff return yards

Postby Sky » Sat Oct 06, 2012 8:15 am

Wow, nice work!
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