The Quick Out

Watching my guys go 1-12 and I want to vent.
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The Quick Out

Postby royce! » Fri Sep 12, 2008 7:49 pm

Watching the Padres host the Giants, and Gwynn noted that next to the area they hang the big K's there's a guy who hangs Q's, which signify quick outs. He also had a sign explaining himself, stating, "We eschew the strikeout..." or something similar, but I was unable to read the whole thing. Has anyone seen this before? I totally dig it.

Oh, and Mudcat is one of the best commentators in baseball. What he lacks in information he more than makes up for in character. Sometimes the tension between him and Vasgersian is palpable. Who knows what is really happening when Matt seems to be giving him the cold shoulder. I remember how much crap Matt gave Mudcat when he first brought in the rally shillelagh, but soon enough it was shillelagh promotional night. Fortunately they opted for plastic inflatable shillelaghs. Although it could have been interesting if the Padres gave out Irish walking stick/ weapons.
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Re: The Quick Out

Postby Grey » Sat Sep 13, 2008 12:11 am

NL West has the best announcers, pound for pound. Which surprises me a bit because their fans seem the least interested. The Mets are also good. I could go on for hours about the bad ones, but it's after midnight here.
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