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Look at my kick ass team! Look at my sorry ass team! Could someone look at my team and tell me what they think is right/wrong?
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holds help

Postby hankg » Thu Apr 15, 2010 5:42 am

I’m in a highly competitive 6x6 roto league (holds+OPS) where every point counts. I’m thinking I can maximize my points in holds by picking up an extra middle reliever to fill in on off days (e.g., D. Wheeler or A. Rhodes) or I can pick up a middle reliever eligible as a starter to fill-in the SP slot (e.g., C. Villanueva). If I decide to pick up the extra reliever, who would you drop on my team? I’m thinking my choices are Willingham, Escobar, Buchholz, or Capps. Or do you think I should hold pat with the middle relievers I currently have (S. Romo and T. Saito)? Thanks.
C: B. Molina
1b: A. Pujols
2b: J. Altuve
3b: M. Cabrera
SS: A. Cabrera
OF: A. Jones
OF: A. Rios
OF: R. Doumit
UT: P. Alvarez
Bench: A. Hill, B. Gardner

SP: Z. Greinke, A. Sanchez, W. Rodriguez, J. Peavy, T. Hudson, C. Capuano
RP: M. Thornton, S. Downs, S. Casilla, J. Russell, M. Boggs, R. Dolis, J. Putz, L. Perez
DL: K. Farnsworth

(6x6 (OPS + Holds) 12 Team Mixed Keeper League)

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Re: holds help

Postby papasmurf » Thu Apr 15, 2010 5:45 am

If you have enough closers, Capps.

But I'd try to deal him first for a MP.

If Sean Marshall is available, target him. The Cubs pen is in disarray and if he can pitch a few more good games, he just might become the bridge to Marmol.

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Re: holds help

Postby havok » Thu Apr 15, 2010 11:00 am

I'd get rid of Dotel well before Capps. I do like this MR strategy but would like to see who all is out there...
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