I know it early but!!

Look at my kick ass team! Look at my sorry ass team! Could someone look at my team and tell me what they think is right/wrong?
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Re: I know it early but!!

Postby BKK » Sun Apr 11, 2010 10:44 am

lowertc wrote:A trash heap it is!!!! Seems like no one will trade either... I can try to move Zack g for a 2nd tier pitcher and a power hitter????

Wasn't an indictment of your team but what you have to choose from on the WW.

I don't think you can afford to lose Grienke at this point.

Your signature shows two D. Young's at OF and UTL? Also Kouz as your CI but also on WW. Did you drop him, who is your CI now?

You don't need two catchers in Suzuki and Molina, Maybe you can trade one to the guy that has Napoli or Iannetta for Swisher, Ludwick, Konerko type HR hitter? Although you might get that out of Francoeur.

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