Keeper League Trade

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Keeper League Trade

Postby CarlWeathers » Fri Sep 23, 2011 2:17 pm

Wow, so I am first to post in this section huh....I dont know what to say...I am honoured and cant wait to see the prize I get :P

Anythewhoo, I have recently been helping (well I hope) my brother with a NHL salaries and cap, keeper league team he took over. He is screwed really as far as competing this year, but will put in the effort top build a solid team for the future. One issue he had was that his goalies were crap and in this H2H league it takes all the GK stats into it. So, somoene offered him Tim Thomas for Chris Stewart.

I suggested that was not good enough (Rask was waiting in the wings), and that he needed more even though he was sooo desperate for GK. I told him to counter with his Geno & Stewart for Thomas and OV. I dont really trust Geno to play close to 82 games most years was part of my justification. He was also without a decent LW heading into the draft (where not much is left after all 20 teams keep 10 guys). Trade was accepted.

Was this a good deal to do for him?

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Re: Keeper League Trade

Postby Dan » Fri Sep 23, 2011 9:40 pm

I don't think I like it... For THIS year alone I'd rather have Tim Thomas and Ovechkin, but not in a keeper league that you say he has no shot at winning this year. A rebuilding team in a keeper league should not be trading for Tim Thomas, no matter how horrible his Goaltending is...

Give me the rest of his team if you want, I'll concoct a brilliant plan so he can compete THIS year... LOL.

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Re: Keeper League Trade

Postby chlenko » Sat Sep 24, 2011 8:09 am

You can still make the trade work if you are able to flip Thomas to a competing team for a top-tier keeper.
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Re: Keeper League Trade

Postby CarlWeathers » Sat Sep 24, 2011 4:26 pm

Well shouldn't have said he has no shot of competing this year - but its a real long shot to me, and so he wanted the goalie and I already mentioned to him I would be telling him (my bros.) to trade Thomas at a high point this year. He just thought (and is likely right) that the draft would have no real GK options for this year, a big league. I dont think either of us had fully understood how good Stewart is likely to be, at the time of trade, and knowing the shallowness of LW - we were all for this at the time (also Geno's cap hit is equal to OV's).

His roster of 10 keepers - draft to fill out 25 man rosters is tomorrow night:
Cap Hit in Brackets (this year / next)

GK - Thomas (5M / 3M), Montoya (600K / UFA)
C - Mikko Koivu (7.2M / 5.4M), Grabovski (3.1M / UFA)
LW - OV ( 9M / 9M), E. Cole (4.5M / 4.5M), Ladd (4M / 4.5M)
RW - Hornqvist (3M / 3.2M), Clarkson (3M / 3M)
D - Orpik (3.7M / 3.7M)

Roster Cap Hit so far = 43.2M, Team Cap for 25 players rostere must be under $68M.
Forwards Categories - Goals, Assists, Power Play Points, PIMS and +/-.
Goaltender Categories - Wins, Fewest Losses, Save %, GAA, and Shutouts.
20 Team League

I can update after the draft goes down, but maybe there is some draft strategy he should think of or guys to target that should be avail. - if you guys manage to read and respond in time for tomorrow nights draft.

Many thanks for any help.

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