New Dynasty Draft

Who to start, who to bench. Grab that WW guy?
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New Dynasty Draft

Postby Choi1 » Tue Aug 30, 2011 8:07 am


I am in the process of an offline slowdraft for a new dynasty league. It is a 20 team league with the usual categories + 3pt %.

I have the 16th pick... the picks so far have been Durant, Lebron, Drose, Dhoward, CP3, Dwills, Dwade, Amare, Blake Griffin, Klove, Westbrook, Kobe, Curry, Monta, Carmelo.

I've narrowed my pick down to...

Pau Gasol
LaMarcus Aldridge
John Wall...

Who would you recommend? Or if you would take someone else outside of those 3, who?

Gasol has the slight edge in the near future, but for how long? He's in his 30s so should I get someone younger like LMA? Or go for an explosive PG like Wall, who is an obvious breakout candidate...

Thanks in advance...

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Re: New Dynasty Draft

Postby Adam » Tue Aug 30, 2011 2:53 pm

You're instincts are right-on. Gasol is the best player of those three right now, but over the next couple seasons, I'd prefer Wall, LMA and Pau in that order.

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Re: New Dynasty Draft

Postby Choi1 » Fri Sep 02, 2011 11:10 pm

Hey Adam,

Thank you for the response! However, I went with Pau Gasol with my first pick... Wall was picked right after at 17th. It has now wrapped around and it is one pick away from being my turn again. Believe it or not, LMA is still on the board.. If he is not picked next, should I take LMA? Is he just too young and too good to pass up on? I was targetting Eric Gordon with my second pick as there really aren't many good young SGs... It's going to be 30 picks until I pick again so I have to make it a good one..

The following players have been picked after Pau(in order): Wall, Horford, Nowitzki, Brook Lopez, Granger, Rondo, Al Jefferson...

Am I missing anyone that I should be thinking about? What do you think Adam?

Thanks in advance.

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