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Rubio trade: What to do?

Posted: Wed Nov 12, 2014 7:53 pm
by inertiatic
12tm Roto no TO, Minutes are a category instead
Deep rosters- 16 starters 4 BN
I'm currently in the middle of the pack overall, but top in blocks, FG%, ST, AST. I'm low on 3's, PTS, Minutes
I have cp3 so I can take the loss of assists overall, if there is any.

I give: Rubio, Fournier, Wroten
I get: Kemba, Oladipo

Do I take it? I need pts but Fournier and Wroten could continue to be solid sources of those, even with guys returning from injury. Also losing three rotational guys with good minutes for two is tough cause there are little to no replacements on the wire.