18 team league, monster deal, how did i do?

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18 team league, monster deal, how did i do?

Postby youngy_03 » Wed Jan 18, 2012 6:18 am

Pulled off a monster deal last night, how’d I do? 18 team league, H2H fantasy pts, Weekly line ups,

keeper league, we keep 4.

I gave: S. Curry $42, Amare $62, Scola $25, Dorell Wright $16 and Dar-Collison $22

I received: Monta Ellis $36, Dirk $54, Kaman $17, Amir Johnson $12, and Jamal Crawford $17

My starting line up in an 18 team league now:
G-Monta $36
G-Shump $23
G-Paul George $16
F-David Lee $34
F-DIRK $54
F-Amir Johnson
C-Kaman $17
UTL- Either Jamal crawford $17 or Evan Turner $9 depending on the week….

bench- one of the two in the utl slot plus, j. bayless, ed davis, wilson chandler.

My keeps barring anymore trades would probably be a combo of, MONTA36, David Lee34, Shump23, Paul George 16, and Evan Turner 9.

So yes I swapped about my entire line up. I’m very happy with Monta and especially at $36. Curry was supposed to play last night, then maybe tonight, NOW not til maybe next monday, this could go on ALL YEAR. Amare has been underwhelming, dirk and darren collison believe it or not in this ftpts league are scoring = pts per night, but i’d expect dirk to trend up a little more, same could be said for amare, but im scared of his production due to tyson chandlers presence. I dont know. Out of the guys I dealt Curry and Collison would be my only guys i’d consider keeping at the prices. Now I have monta, and still plenty of other good low price guys to keep. It was difficult to give up curry, but also probly the most frustrating year and a half owning him ever. I also gained $30 in cap space to create room for more trades if needed.

Your opinion is appreciated.

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