Large Auction Keeper Question

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Large Auction Keeper Question

Postby youngy_03 » Tue Dec 27, 2011 9:43 am

didn't know what column to throw this in, but here's my question.

I'm in a large 18 team keeper league, keep 4 players. Due to time restraints we have NOT drafted yet but will be this week.

I'm keeping curry, paul george, david lee, and darren collison

I get to throw out the 2nd guy in the auction to put on the bidding block.

Durant, melo, amare, nash, and some other FA's are available, i need one for sure, hopefully snag two of them somehow seeing how i have around $120 ish dollars to spend. Most teams have between $80-$140 after their keeps. We need to fill an 8 roster team with that money, so i have $120 ish for 4 more players.

Last year a random was thrown out first, and it wasn't til a couple owners in some of the big names were nominated.

Do you think I should throw out a guy I dont want and go with that strategy to suck some of the money out? Or if say I want Amare' throw him out there, bid for him since alot of teams are going to be stashing cash most likely for Durant and make sure I get him? Sit and wait and then bid last min? strategy? ideas?

I see different angles to this I'm wondering if anyone has any thoughts or ideas?

I defly don't want Durant to get thrown out there, boom he's gone, now everyones focused on melo and amare thinking they have to get them......??? If I threw one out before durant I could see alot of owners sitting and maybe me getting a little better of a deal?

If you guys can help at all I appreciate it and leave a link to your Q and i'll return the favor.

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