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Scott Baker

Postby dsdonaghy » Wed Apr 28, 2010 7:29 pm

So is the comfort supposed to come from knowing that despite his horrible performance in his first 9 starts last year, things will get better. Cause right now, this man blows. He absolutely killed all all my gains from Lincecum's performance, which sucked even more after stoner got Greinke'd. I'm about ready to get Strausburg and ride four pitchers for the next 4 weeks I can move on
12 team 6x6 rotisserie (w/ Holds and OPS) w/ three keepers. Roster has 15 spots, including 5 bench spots and 2 extra DL

C Doumit
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2B Kendrick
3B C. Davis
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MI Infante
CI Lind, Youklis
OF Cruz
OF Stanton
OF Rasmus
OF V. Wells
Util: Cozark
Bench: Youklis DL
DL: Ryan Howard

P M Adams
P Motte
SP Lester
SP A. Sanchez
SP Coke SP eligible Holds RP
RP Street
RP Balfour
Bench: Detwiller, Bumgarner, Beachy, D. Hudson DL
DL: T. Stauffer

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Re: Scott Baker

Postby Deltron » Thu Apr 29, 2010 1:35 am

Sutcliffe speculated that something is wrong w/ Baker during the Twins/Tigers telecast, maybe he's having arm/shoulder issues? I'm trying to move Ellsbury/Baker in a package deal for a two-player combination out of C. Crawford, P. Hughes, Liriano, Werth, Burnett and Zobrist with an owner that's interested. I think I'll try for Crawford/Hughes or Werth/Liriano.
12-teamer, H2H, points, 4 keepers.
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Pitchers: +1.5 IP, +1 K, -1 BB/HBP, +5 W, -3 L, +4 S, -2 BS, +3 CG, +10 shutout
Start one player at each position + utility, 4 SPs, 2 RPs. 8 reserves.

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