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Postby um4north » Mon Apr 26, 2010 7:41 am

I think I'm going to ask my team to switch to a different sport, because none of them really want to play baseball right now.
Is my team actually not good, or am I super unlucky? I'm 2nd to last in an 11 team roto (rbi/r/sb/av/hr/obp/w/l/holds/k/era/sv), with something like 55 points. I'm hoping the answer is just stick with it and it will come around, and not something else...
I needed to vent.

C - Napoli
1b - Pena
2b - Phillips
3b - Beckham
SS - Hanley
LF - Holliday
CF - Sizemore
RF - Werth
Util - Quentin
Bn - Adam Jones

SP - Haren, Billingsley, Slowey, Hamels, Bucholz,
Cl - Marmol, Dotel, Valverde, Feliz
hlds - Moylan

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Re: Frustrated

Postby chlenko » Mon Apr 26, 2010 9:29 am

Looks like a decent enough team to me. I think you just need to be a little more patient.
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CI - Miggy
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UTIL - VMart
BN - Dozier, Inciarte
SP - Verlander, Greinke, DeGrom, J.Shields, C.Rodon, Bauer
RP - C.Allen, H.Rondon, Giles, Gregerson, J.Smith
DL - T.Ross
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RP-Rosenthal, K-Rod, H.Rondon, J.Smith, Dyson, Kimbral

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Re: Frustrated

Postby linkinpaak » Mon Apr 26, 2010 9:31 am

Your team doesn't look too bad. Your arms could maybe stand to be a little better and you're carrying a lot of relievers when relievers really only stand to help you on H and SV (they add a little bit to the other 4 categories but not as much as a starter). Is there really nobody better than Beckham @ 3B in free agency? I understand the upside but right now his bat is dead. I also probably would've passed on Sizemore assuming you took him in the 3rd round of your draft... he was a big red flag in my book this year.
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BN - Malcom Floyd
BN - Ryan Broyles

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Re: Frustrated

Postby dsdonaghy » Mon Apr 26, 2010 10:15 am

I wouldn't touch a thing right now. Thats a good team in a bad month
12 team 6x6 rotisserie (w/ Holds and OPS) w/ three keepers. Roster has 15 spots, including 5 bench spots and 2 extra DL

C Doumit
1B Votto
2B Kendrick
3B C. Davis
SS Rollins
MI Infante
CI Lind, Youklis
OF Cruz
OF Stanton
OF Rasmus
OF V. Wells
Util: Cozark
Bench: Youklis DL
DL: Ryan Howard

P M Adams
P Motte
SP Lester
SP A. Sanchez
SP Coke SP eligible Holds RP
RP Street
RP Balfour
Bench: Detwiller, Bumgarner, Beachy, D. Hudson DL
DL: T. Stauffer

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Re: Frustrated

Postby havok » Mon Apr 26, 2010 12:58 pm

um4north wrote:C - Napoli
1b - Pena
2b - Phillips
3b - Beckham
SS - Hanley
LF - Holliday
CF - Sizemore
RF - Werth
Util - Quentin
Bn - Adam Jones

SP - Haren, Billingsley, Slowey, Hamels, Bucholz,
Cl - Marmol, Dotel, Valverde, Feliz
hlds - Moylan

Let's see... Becks, Sizemore, Quentin, HRam (for his standards), Jones all off to slow starts. The hitting will come around. Haren/Hamels are off to an unlucky start, Slowey will always be a better real life pitcher than a fantasy pitcher, and Billz just isn't right out there.

Patience with this squad is key right now. Can't sell low on the entire damn farm.
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