Rudy: closer point shares?

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Rudy: closer point shares?

Postby Simply Fred » Sat Sep 19, 2009 8:37 am

Rudy, I was looking back over your ... t-closers/.

Found this: "Based on our 2008 Point Shares, here are the differences between JJ Putz and Todd Jones for ERA, WHIP, and Strikeouts (ignoring Wins here since reliever win projections aren’t very reliable):

ERA – Putz 0.6, Jones -1.1, Difference 1.7
WHIP – Putz 0.7, Jones -0.8, Difference 1.5
K – Putz -0.5, Jones -1.4, Difference 0.9

The total difference in ERA/WHIP/K b/w Putz and Jones is at 4.1 point shares. That’s 4.1 points in the standings. To put that in perspective, it’s the difference between Alfonso Soriano (3.48 point shares) and Nick Swisher (-0.49 point shares)."

Can you provide a little more explanation. From my simple perspective, it doesn't seem as if the 4.1 is a true measure--given the number of IP for closers weighted for the entire universe of pitchers (where starting pitchers get many more innings). If IP for RP is say 20% of a SP, shouldn't the true impact be .08 (4.1 X 20%)?

I have a very vague understanding of the nuances here.

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