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Re: Reynolds

Postby inertiatic » Thu Aug 20, 2009 7:37 am

Grey wrote:
inertiatic wrote:Two things really.

1- I decided to lose Reynolds after you said (previously in this thread) that he's a guy that won't be on your team next year. Perhaps I misinterpreted that. Did you mean that he will be drafted extremely high by people and will be overvalued, or is it because he is having a stellar year that will not be reproduced going forward. I took it as the latter, leading to me trying to "sell high" on his value this season.

2- We only keep 6 batters, and I have seven, or even eight, I think deserve to be kept. Braun, Kinsler, J-Up, Sparkakis, Prince, Hamilton, Reynolds and Bruce. Trading the two questionable ones in Reynolds and Hamilton for Longo gives me 6 definite keepers, and adds a young ace to my staff.

I put my roster in my sig, with my definite keepers in red, as this is the team I'm most proud of. Through some luck, a strong draft and some good trades I have assembled a roster that I think can win the title this year and contend always. I say luck because I grabbed Bruce AND Hamilton off waivers after the all-star break. I guess hamiltons owner thought he was done, but I still don't know why he dropped him in a keeper. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and say it was a mistake, not idiocy.

Anyway that's why I'm trying to move those two. I got hamilton for free and I am going to have to let one of them go at the end of the year anyway.

Sorry for being long-winded, just tellin ya the facts jack.

1. Because he's going to go higher than I'll probably draft him. I don't see myself drafting a guy that strikes out 200 times in the first three rounds.

2. Just because you have to let someone go or got them for free doesn't mean you should make a different team stronger. If you can't get a decent deal, drop them over the winter and let someone in the league overdraft then next year. Bruce is not better than Reynolds or Hamilton.

Gotcha. Sorry for needing the fisher price explanation but I still struggle with a players actual value over name value. I hear Longoria and everything gets a little fuzzy after that.

I know Bruce isn't better per se, just saying he deserves consideration for keeping if the other two were gone.
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