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League Opening - One Replacement Needed - 6th Year Redraft on Yahoo - $40

Posted: Sun Feb 21, 2021 4:19 pm
by jageorge72
I run (and play) in two leagues..... my friends/family/co-worker league, and this "league of strangers".... where no one personally knows anyone else. I'm looking for one solid replacement for that league.

League is on Yahoo, H2H, 10 teams, top 6 teams make the playoffs with the top 2 getting a first round bye. $40 entry fee. All league dues is paid back out to the top 3 finishers. 8 hitting and 8 pitching categories. Maximum of 3 adds per week to limit pitcher streaming. Live online draft.

Message me if interested, or have questions. No drama, no arguments.... competitive league. Everyone actually manages their teams. Thanks!