Please rate my team please

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Please rate my team please

Postby Gatorboy » Sun Apr 13, 2014 9:39 am

Our private leage just had our head to head 10 team auction draft. Heres my squad.

1B J. Abreu
2B Gyorko
3B Headley
SS Rollins
C Gattis
OF Stanton
OF Cespedes
OF Puig
DH Ortiz

SP Greinke
SP Geo Gonzo
SP Wheeler
SP Cain
RP J.Johnson
RP D. Robertson

P Sabathia
p Grey
P Loriano
P Porcello
P Pineda
OF D. Brown
OF Kris davis

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Re: Please rate my team please

Postby Jester » Sun Apr 13, 2014 10:56 am

Caveat: my experience with auctions is limited (as in, none).

For a 10-team league offense seems a bit light. Would look to upgrade 3B and SS in particular. Think you're going to struggle in SB and avg, power is good but based on the teams your guys are playing on (Marlins, Padres, Athletics) I worry about run and RBI totals.

Pitching you've got some question marks as well - could be ok, could not. Think ratios could be an issue, esp if Cain doesn't bounce back. Who are some of the FA pitchers? Depending on who's available I'd look at getting rid of Sabathia, Porcello, and I'd keep an eye on Wheeler. Need another closer.

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