DYNASTY LEAGUE needs a replacement owner

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DYNASTY LEAGUE needs a replacement owner

Postby inertiatic » Sat Mar 15, 2014 3:16 pm

10 tm H2H dynasty league looking for a new owner! max rosters (yahoo 30 slots), standard cats plus holds & ops

Drafting this Sunday 3/6/14 9am PST, or possibly bumped to a later date due to the last minute drop out from an assface.

We had an owner with us since the beginning (5th year running) quit. I voted that he be kicked square in the nuts, but thats for another time.

This team is a legit contender. Has a good mix of offensive pieces and young pitching, just need a dedicated manager to take over. There are plenty of prospects available in the draft as well.

Highlights of the Roster: (You can keep as many as you want)

Elvis Andrus
Carl Crawford
Ian Kinsler
Joe Mauer
Y. Molina
Alex Rios
D. Wright
P. Alvarez
M. Wacha

And more! Email me in_ertiatic at yahoo ASAP if you're interested. Thanks for your time.

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