Building a pitching staff

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Building a pitching staff

Postby Hebrew Hammer » Thu Feb 06, 2014 10:01 pm

I have 8 spots to grab in the auction for my pitching and i project to have about 90 bucks to spend on the 8 spots. ( i am keeping 9 really good hitters--all top 100 players that are at cheap(er) prices. The only pitcher i am keeping is Craig Kimbrel.

Here is an example of what i can draft. What do you think?

p-Felix Hernandez $30
p-David Price $26
p-Danny Salazar $8
p-Tyson Ross $5
p-Corey Kluber $5
p-Grey Flyer $1
p-Trevor Rosenthal $14
p-Grey Flyer $1

other elite arms avail in auction are Kershaw, Lee and Verlaner

second tier guys avail are Latos, Hamels, Cain, Gio, Greinke, Zimmermann, Medlen, Tanaka and Corbin.

Tons of 3's and 4s avail.

I would like to get 1 solid closer to go with Kimbrel.
Uehara, Robertson, Rosenthal, Henderson, Papelbon, Parnell, Axford, Rodney, Grilli, Frieri, Romo, Soriano all avail

How would you go about building this staff?

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Re: Building a pitching staff

Postby Steve » Fri Feb 07, 2014 2:11 am

Not auction related, but is probably worth a look... ... -pairings/

Auction values here though...
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