Dynasty Managers Please Help

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Dynasty Managers Please Help

Postby microwave donut » Fri Aug 23, 2013 11:15 pm

I've been league manager for a bunch fantasy leagues including my current baseball league that's done pretty well the last 5 years.Some players in my league, as well as friends who's league has dissolved are interested in starting a dynasty league. I'm looking for advice on what are the best league rules for dynasty.

Here are a few things I've thought of:

1. Every team should have co-managers (at least to start). I don't want people leaving and have to fill spots on most likely less than desirable teams.
2. Auction draft should be a given. We're all local.
3. Major league and minor league rosters. Minors roster should be relatively shallow (~8).
4. What are the +/- between a true dynasty or just a deep keeper (where say you keep 10 majors/5 minors with no penalty)?
5. 6x6 with holds (and some hitting category, BB?) is probably better than 5x5 to give people without personnel more of a fighting chance.

Please dynasty players give your advice. LMs especially.


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Re: Dynasty Managers Please Help

Postby Chrisjen17 » Wed Aug 28, 2013 8:00 am

To be honest, the rules aught to be made and agreed upon by those in the league, or else everyone will have something they hate about the league, and that's what leads to people quitting. And the rules should start out simple... then open it up for suggestions to vote on new rules for the following year at in September. If everyone is local, it should be easy to go see or call guys who quit and try to talk them into staying. But it depends on the managers love of baseball as to how committed they will be.

1- I dont like this rule, as I wouldnt want to find a co-manager for my team....and then who runs it after that?
3- Having the ability to do MiLB rosters adds a lot of fun/research/time to Dynasty Leagues. In my dynasty, we went from 6 man MiLB rosters to 2 because we had guys (with families) quitting due to the amount of time they felt it took away from being productive in, you know, REAL LIFE. The remaining guys talked and thought that researching guys in Low A for a 2016 callup was probably something that led to the "too much time".
4- We actually changed from a large keeper (20, regardless of league) to Dynasty... mainly cause of the time thing. You like Trout in 2011...get him, bench him, and he's yours in 2012. {I said before we get 2 MiLB spots, but most guys use those for guys in A/AA and will keep some AAA guys on the bench}
5- My dynasty is a 15x15! Anything that is an option as a category at Y! is used pretty much. I hate this, honestly... but the categories that really give guys with low budget teams a chance are things like K (for hitters), OPS, CS, IP, K/BB.

I enjoy our league more now as a dynasty than when it was a keeper.... Cause its like a real team year-in, year-out.
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