Who to Start? Help!

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Who to Start? Help!

Postby buckfever1974 » Mon May 20, 2013 8:41 am

H2H Points League

Wainwright (@SD) Volquez
Latos (@NYM) HArvery
A. Sanchez (Vs. Min) Hernandez
M. Moore (Vs NYY) Sabathia

Need one more SP from Cobb (@TOR-Ortiz), Griffen (@HOU-Harrell), Estrada (Vs. PIT-Burnett), Garza (@PIT-Rodriguez & @CIN-Cueto) or Liriano (Vs CHC-Samardzja)

Zobrist (3 Vs TOR & 3 Vs NYY) or Marte (3 Vs CHC & 3 Vs MIL) for the OF this week?

Zobrist will get you what he gets you. He rarely puts up a huge week ever but is usually steady and you know what you get. Marte is the more dynamic of the two but he faces all righties this week most of whome he hasn't fared well against. It is a H2H points league.

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Re: Who to Start? Help!

Postby BluePulaski » Mon May 20, 2013 3:54 pm

I'd go with Cobb then Griffin...Cobb is more risk/reward given he's up against Toronto....Griffin pitched well last time out and is facing you know who.

I'd go with Marte... McCutch is banged up...Marte will be relied upon...but...in a vacuum...between two players...go with the upside guy...which is Marte (unless you look at your opponent for the week and you need more stability)...

I think you had to decided already though right?...good luck

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