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Draft Kings Daily Player Ideas

Posted: Mon May 13, 2013 8:56 am
by Pacochu
Razzball has turned me onto Draft Kings and it is an addicting game. It's a nice little rush when you are in the money towards the end of the night and watching your players as the night games wrap up. I spent Friday night hitting refresh on my browser to see how I was doing in the three games I was playing. I ended up winning the Razzball game (even though I picked two guys who didn't even start), an $11 Double Up game and a $5 Chin Music game. I had three different lineups in those games. I ended up winning a $100 entry ticket and $40 from $26 in entry fees. Had I started the lineup I won Razzball with, I would have won an additional $90. Saturday night was only $4 in winnings and Sunday was a $7 loss.

I'd like to start a thread for my fellow Draft Kings players where we can highlight players we like for that day's games. I hit up daily stat sites and utilize the Stream-o-Nator, but more info is always better.

For today, I like Carlos Gomez. He's relatively cheap at $3,900 and is batting .333 against AJ Burnett. He's scored double digits in six of his last ten games too.

Re: Draft Kings Daily Player Ideas

Posted: Tue May 14, 2013 1:23 pm
by Pacochu
LAst night was a loss all the way around. Gomez did squeak into double digit territory, but barely with 10 points. My big mistake was taking AJ Burnett (Curse you Stream-o-Nator!!) over Marco Estrada. I hit on Moreland, but whiffed on several guys.

Tonight I'm plugging in yet again. I like Marco Scutaro as he's been en fuego as of late. He has a big point streak going in Draft Kings scoring , but the price is climbing as he hits $4,900. That's more than Kipnis, Seager and even Kinsler. You gotta ride the hot bat though. Dickey is not pitching well this year and Scutaro has played for the Jays before and would like to put on a show for the Toronto crowd.

I also like Luke Scott as a super reach. He's crazy cheap at first base for only $3,400. He's 6 for 13 against Lackey with two homers. Here's hoping he get hot starting with this game.

I'm sticking with cheap until I get some coin built up. I'm in a $2 Step game, $5 Chin Music game and $11 Double Up along with the Free Roll.

Re: Draft Kings Daily Player Ideas

Posted: Wed May 15, 2013 8:30 am
by Pacochu
Won an $11 Double Up game, but lost on the others dropping me into negative territory. Scutaro had a productive night, but not points-wise with 11 points. Luke Scott got me excited with 8 points right away, but stopped right there. I finished out of the money in another $11 Double Up game by less than three points. Machado's caught stealing was the culprit.

Today I'll do a couple early games including an $11 Double Up, a Step 1 (won a ticket last night) and a free roll. I need to earn some money back somehow.

Pitchers are the key to this game. Kershaw was super pricey, but gave me over 40 points last night. Today, I'm going with Max Scherzer against the Lastros and Alex Ogando at Oakland. Hamels is an option but when paired with Super Max, it makes it very difficult o fill in the roster due to the $22,500 investment in the two of them.

I'm riding a Moreland hot streak. He is cheap still, so I can spend the money elsewhere.

Who else is playing? I know there are some out there since the Weekly Razzball game always has people in it.