Evan Gattis

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Evan Gattis

Postby Hebrew Hammer » Thu Apr 11, 2013 4:15 pm

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Should I drop Al-Al, Santos, or someone else to pick up Gattis and play as my second catcher until Ramos plays more frequently? Or just keep playing Ramos.

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Re: Evan Gattis

Postby BluePulaski » Thu Apr 11, 2013 5:18 pm

seems like you are set at C1 with Perez...limited power...some RBIs...good AVG

Why not rotate any hot hitting catcher in your C2 slot as the season moves along...Buck is hitting hotter but it won't last...Gattis is more the real deal in terms of being a hitter but who knows what will happen when McCann is back...

...I'm thinking that you will always have a hot catcher to pick up for your C2 spot...I wouldn't waste a stash spot and it's tough to see all those HRs just wasted out there ;o)

Ramos splits time with Kurt Suzuki...Suzuki is technically the starter...Gattis will get the lion-share of at-bats until McCann is back, and then? who knows...

I'd go with Gattis at least while he's hot and playing regularly...btw...what other catchers are available on your wire?
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